and then they rode off on the horse

Tears in his eyes, aflame with Gallic ardor, Lafayette threw his arms around Washington and kissed him on both cheeks. That shocked everyone, because no one ever touched His Excellency.

Lafayette rode to Morristown on the tenth. Washington went out to meet him and, Hamilton remembered, his ‘eyes filled with tears of joy… a certain proof of a truly paternal love.’ The young man threw his arms around his adoptive father and kissed him on both cheeks.

The marquis heard on the fourteenth that Washington and his party were approaching town. He leaped out of his bed, into his clothes, and onto his horse, galloped full tilt toward his adoptive father, jumped off the saddle, and ran, his arms outstretched, toward the general. Virginia militia major St. George Tucker told his wife that 'the marquis 'caught the general round his body, hugged him as close as it was possible, and absolutely kissed him from ear to ear once or twice… with as much ardor as ever an absent lover kissed his mistress on his return.’ Reunited at last, they were both in tears.’


May 1st, 1778 // May 10th, 1780 // September 14th, 1781 

 Various reunions of the Marquis de Lafayette and George Washington; Adopted Son by David A. Clary

the princess stayed in the tower and read books about better girls, where their hands learned how to hold swords, where they rode in on horses. i gave her books as often as i could. she devoured them.

her princes saw her and pretended to be scared off by dragons. got too lost in the thicket. didn’t want to handle it.

“tell me what it’s like, out there,” she whispers to me for the millionth time. i take her from The Throne into her bed, tucking her in and making sure her feet are covered. 

“boring without you” i say as always, “but i did bring back a great story.”

i tell her about how the stars change beyond the equator. how there are places it looks like there are twin suns. how the desert crawls into you but so does snow. i talk about the taste of fruit and promise to bring her back some. she falls asleep while i murmur about rivers, and then in the morning i bring her from bed to Throne, even though she can do it on her own. sometimes she likes help, is all, and i’m happy to give it. 

she doesn’t want help getting dressed. the men come for me, blindfold masters i have almost befriended. the path we take away from her is always different, carefully manufactured so i don’t know exactly where she’s located. after all, a lady might get ideas about things.

they let me go in the queen’s room. i report findings, ask for fruit in the next week’s supplies, am told not to spoil the princess, that she must be kind and waifish and wanting when the prince comes. i spend an hour suggesting that fruit might turn the blood sweeter and am allowed six oranges.

in the next week, she marvels over them. turns them in her calloused hands. smells them. holds them until she can’t control her curiosity, devours them. i bring her books about rivers. i bring her books about deserts. 

“when is our birthday?” she asks me tonight. i’m knitting her a scarf for it.

“soon,” i tell her, “i’ll come by.”

she rolls onto one side, looks up at me in the dimming light. “I’m glad they chose you to be mine,” she says, and i drop a stitch. my heart sings against the inside of my wrists. i blow out a candle so she can’t see the blush and i can’t see her lips. i know what she means, i say. i know what she means.

it’s twenty-three for both of us. i bring her a cake we both eat, her on her throne and me on the floor. i am in the middle of laughing when she falls silent in the still night. “nobody else ever comes for me,” she whispers. i say nothing.

we have more cake, we go to sleep. i don’t know if she knows i’m awake, but i hear her crying.

the men come, the men take me. the one that smells like cedar always laughs at my jokes. the queen half-hates me because i remind her of “that nasty thing” they forced on their daughter. 

“the left wheel needs oil,” i mention, “she’s having trouble turning again.”

the queen’s nose goes up. she never reacts when i mention her daughter’s wheelchair by name - doesn’t find it funny we call it a throne, thinks it’s well enough to leave alone.

“well, she’ll have a prince in this next month coming for her,” says the queen, “i’ve arranged it all,” says the queen, “he’s … had the situation explained to him first this time. i thought it would be best,” says the queen. “we’re paying him…. quite a lot for his effort,” says the queen.

situation. she means that her daughter can’t walk very far. she means the situation of towers. i excuse myself. i find my girl books about turning down marriage. i’m not sure why. it’s all she’s ever wanted.

they blindfold me and take me. cedar laughs at my jokes. the sawdust one is here this time, even he chuckles at a few. we ride horses through places i’ll never see clearly. 

“so according to the queen this is the last time i’m needed, huh?” i ask them as they walk me blindly up too many stairs for my girl to make it down, “i’m sorry i never made your acquaintance.”

cedar laughs. he takes off my blindfold and for a second, lets me see his face. “it’s been an honor,” he says, shaking my hand, “you’ve been a perfect lady.”

i spend the day with my princess pretending i am not peeling apart from my bones. i just want her to be happy. to get to come home. 

it’s late. “do you think in a past life i was a mermaid?” she asks.

“almost definitely,” i tell her. 

it’s quiet for a while after. “what if,” she whispers, “i don’t want to leave?”

i sit up and look at her from across the room. 

“it’s just,” she says, “i have you here and all the books i need and nobody makes me walk too long and i don’t feel like… like i’m wrong here.”

i want to tell her she’s never been wrong. that she’s always fit into my heart like a puzzle piece. that, more importantly, the leadership i see in her glows like a fire - that, no matter her body, she’s always been kind and gentle and smart and sweet. a princess that could bring a nation to her feet and do so lovingly.

“it will be okay,” i say, “there’s more fruit to discover.”

she doesn’t say anything. i think i’ve ruined something by accident, but i don’t know what. i don’t really sleep. i don’t say anything when the men come take me.

the world outside without her is boring. no mermaids. i put my hand in a river once a day, just thinking about her. 

two weeks later i am awoken by my name, and a voice i recognize perfectly. cedar stands above me in the darkness. “i know two things in this world,” he says to me, “and one of them is about love.”

this time we make the trip without blindfolds. i see the squalor they keep her in. i see the waste surrounding her castle, the terrible place she’s in. rage fuels my footsteps even when they start flagging. 

the prince is already there. he has dropped her twice, cedar tells me. i am already running up the stairs even though i can barely breathe. i hear her crying through the door and i don’t need to get ready - the fire that starts in me burns so brightly.

i roar inside. turn dragon and beat back prince with girl made rage. the bruises on her body turn me into giant snake. i eat the man alive, or at least i chase him from the place, never to be seen again. later i will hear a rumor about a demon that stole the princess from him.

she cries into my arms. i take her down every single stair. i hear her murmur her thanks into my hair and then i kiss her, because i can’t handle it, because i have places to show her and she has my heart to lead.

my house isn’t much but it’s near a river. she likes putting her hands into it. i take her places when she is able, and otherwise i bring the places back. we read books together. cedar no longer works for the queen, but he’d rather live with the man of sawdust making tiny wooden figurines.

i lie in bed next to her, stroking her soft hair. “do you think i was a centaur in a past life?” she asks.

“definitely,” i tell her, and kiss her, gently. she holds my face and pulls herself closer to me.

“will i be a good queen? i mean, in this life?”

“i’m certain of it,” i reply. i can hear the truth ring in it. the bone-deep certainty.

she’s quiet for a moment. “you saved me,” she whispers, “and usually we’d end up married. but…”

i don’t know how to answer that. i feel ice down my spine suddenly.

“i’m not demanding, is all,” her voice shakes, “i’m asking this time. for you to choose me. for me to be yours, i mean. and for you to be mine. permanently.”

the next birthday we celebrate, we are both queens.


The children of Queen Daenerys I and Jon, King in the North

I Prince Jaeherys/Prince of Dragonstone/King Jaeherys III of the Seven Kingdoms

Jaeherys was born during the Long Winter, the only one to be born in Winterfell. He was truly his mother’s child, ambitious, intelligent, cunning, not fond of war and battle, but skilled at tactics.Out of his 6 siblings, he was closest to Aelinor, and many people though they were twins. In his youth, he traveled the Free Cities where he met the ill-fated Kara Rogarre. She was the grandaughter of a wealthy merchant, a great Valyrian beauty, but extremely wilful. The young Prince fell in love in her and demaned marriage. Relucantly, the Westerosi monarchs agreed, but as his mother predicted, the marriage was dreadful. Kara hated Jaeherys’ beloved Dragonstone and the dragons themselves, which caused straign and their marriage resulted in one heir, Princess Rhaenyra, later Queen Rhaenyra II. Kara died in a shipwreck when her daughter was 9, thus never becoming Queen consort. As King, Jaenerys annexed the two thrones and mended the Seven Kingdoms forever. He was a great King, but a heartbroken man.Jaeherys was tolerant, kind, he supported the Great Reformation and the introduction of Parliament his mother started. He rode a silver dragon named Aellyx.

II Princess Aelinor/ The Lady of the Bay of Dragons/The Spring Princess

Aelinor was born in spring,which made sense considering her kidness and beauty. Known as the Pearl of the Realm, she a was great singer and a sought out bride. She was crowned Queen of love and beauty by many, charismatic and lovely, but her fate was different. Her mother and father recognized her talents and sent her of to take care of the Bay of Dragons which her mother conquered in her youth. She created a new system and reigned as Lady of the Bay for many years. Her ideas and reforms were used by many leaders after her. She returned to Westeros many times, to serve as her brother’s Hand, to try to mend his marriage, for weddings and namedays, but she found her true home in the Bay. When it came to marriage, she married twice. She first married Illio Magyr of Volantis but that marriage wasn’t as happy as she thought so she got an annulment. She later met Domeric Dayne in Westeros and would eventually marry him and have three daughters and a son: Daenerys, Daena, Eleana and Aenys. When she was young, Ser Davos joked with her father how he would need to send her off to the other end to the world to keep her suitors at bay, and so it happened. She eventually rode Meraxes, a burgundy dragon hatched by herself.

III Prince Eddard/Duke of the North/The Wild Wolf

A Stark through and through, Eddard was the wildest of his siblings, leading expeditions beyond where the Wall once stood. As a child he was close with his father and aunt Arya as well as his cousin Robb Baratheon. Ned enjoyed pulling pranks on people, his favourite targets were his sister. When he was 5, his uncle Brandon named him as heir, so when he turned 16 Brandon renounced his position and left, never to be seen again. Young Eddard was an efficient duke with the help of his paternal aunt, Princess Sansa. But, he had a bad habit of womanizing which his mother dissapproved of. He had numerous mistresses until he met Alyssane Blackwood, which caused him to stop. He loved Alyssane deeply and she was kind and loving to him, they had four boys, Jon, Brandon, Rickard and Torren. He was afraid oh heights and thus never even tried to come near one the numerous dragons. Winterfell was his most beloved place, where he was burried alongside his Alyssane.

IV Princess Lyarra/ The Artist/Duchess of the Riverlands

Lyarra was a gifted artist from early childhood. She painted many portraits and was fond of large companies, she enjoyed her friendship with Tyrion Lannister’s daughters. Lyarra designed Summerhall again, made numerous sketches for King’s Landing which were turned later into reality by her mother and brother, her ideas and solutions were used for hundreds of years after her death. She married Hoster Tully, Duke of the Riverlands. They had three children, Minisa, Bryden and Jonnel. She was a briliant mathematician and spokeswoman, an accomplished rider and talented dancer. Lyarra rode Greywind, a kind dark grey beast. Greywind died before her in a spear incident, breaking her heart. Lyarra enjoyed parties and people and her people loved being in her company.

V Prince Aemon/Prince of Summerhall/The Wind

Just like the rest of his siblings, Aemon was educated in self defence, but he enjoyed war. He loved battles and horses and whenever there was a rebellion he’d be the one to kill it off. Aemon was nickanamed The Wind after he stormed a siege in a minute with his dragon Sunfyre, a large yellow beast. He was hot-headed and impulsive, but he looked up to his father and wanted to be a great warrior, just like him. He traveled with his Aunt Arya. He led a happy life, married Serena Dondarrion and left 6 children: Daenys, Rhae, Aegor, Daeron, Visenya and Maekar. He was close with Eddard and enjoyed spending time in the North, but after they re-built Summerhall his family moved there. Aemon’s best friend was Jason Lannister. The two men waged war on the behalf of the Westerosi monarchs many times. 

VI Princess Rhaella/The Historian/Princess of Dorne

Rhaella and her fraternal twin Alyssa were an untter surprise to her parents. Tyrion Lannister joked how the King and Queen went out with a bang for their last two children. They were a surprise, but they were beloved. Rhaella was a shy, well-read girl, profficient with a bow and arrow like her older sister Aelinor, but she preffered reading about history. Rhaella wrote 35 books historical pieces that are used as a source now, without her so much histrory would be lost. She and her sister were close until she married Mors Martell, son of Princess Nymeria, who she met as a child. They’d eventually have 3 children, Arianne, Oberyn and Loreza. Arianne and Rhaella were always close, and little Oberyn idolized his grandparents. Rhaella’s value as a historian is unmeasurable. She rode Valarr, a small tope dragon, but after an injury she retrieved from riding and focused on writing everything down in her beloved Watergardens.

VII Princess Alyssa/The Wise Princess/Goldhands

Alyssa learned to read at the age of 4. She was an avid learned and wanted even to join the Citadel, considreing she spent time ther ewith her Uncle Sam who was Archmaester there. But, she realized the Citadel’s flaws and decided to found Westeros’ first university, which she was named Alyssaniaum in her honour. She opened many school for everyone during her life, reforming education and making it mandatory from age 7 to 18. She wrote many laws and critiques, believed in knowlegde and valued it above else. Alyssa’s library contained over 5000 books which were open for the public at every time. Alyssa rode Rhaenys, a beautiful red beast and waged wars with her siblings. She refused to marry, but rumour had it she kept paramours such as Talia of Myr and Rohanne Webber, even rumour had it she had an affair with Alyssane Blackwood’s younger sister Asha. Her greatest achievment was increasing the number of literatte people, dividing the sectors of education for maesters and opened the Citadel for women. She was the biggest influence in Princess Rhaenyra’s life after her mother’s death. She was close with her father and Aunt Sansa. Many men proposed to her but she used to say if there’s anyone who can impress her with his wit she’d marry that person. Alyssa was called Goldhands after her ability to make money, which she inherited from Tyrion Lannister.

Jon won’t father a bastard. He’ll lose an eye.

Jonsa and predictions for Jon’s arc (mostly book canon) below the cut. This is a sad meta but I think the foreshadowing is really compelling.

I believe there is enough clues in the books to suggest that Jon will come out of the series alive, either missing an eye, blind in one eye, or blind altogether. I believe that this will be one of Jon’s “costs” he has to pay, either for loving Sansa, betraying D*ny, or both. The books are littered with one-eye clues.

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Commoner Dick Grayson falling in love with a Princess

•Dick was known to be a flirt around town.

•With an easy going personality and a charming smile he was quite popular throughout the towns.

•He was also really smart and even though he wasn’t brought up royally he knew a lot of manners.

•His good looks eventually got him noticed throughout the royals and within time he got employed to be an advisor

•As a princess you didn’t really follow the typical guidelines.

•You refused to let a man guide and instruct you.

•And you actually had more women employed in your castle than men.

•Upon meeting you, Dick was advised of your behavior and to accommodate that he did not flirt with you.

•But when he saw you, oh dear, it was so hard not to.

•For a princess you had a down to earth vibe and you had a basket of ribbons that he later found out was for the younger girls that worked in the castles.

•You were beautiful and kind.

•And he was at a loss for words.

•When he kissed your hand he may have kissed it for too long.

•He was distracted on how soft and warm your hand was.

•He quickly perked back up and with a nervous grin returned to his work.

•You gave him a curious glance but didn’t ask more.

•Dick’s feelings only grew as he saw you more and more each day.

•You weren’t afraid to get your hands dirty and frequently rode your horse around in the afternoons.

•One day before Dick rode off to town you quickly galloped your horse to his direction.

•"Mr. Grayson may I ask where you’re going?“

•"Princess Y/N! I was going to ride to town.”

•"May I join you?“

•This caught Dick by surprise

•"Certainly, would you like me to fetch a carriage for your passage?”

•You scoffed, “Plush seats don’t nearly give you as much pleasure as riding on a horse.”

•Dick grinned, “You are correct Princess.”

•On the ride there Dick’s thoughts were swarming.

•What should he say? Does she have to say anything?

•"I heard you have younger siblings Grayson.“

•"Yes princess.”

•Y/N gave a soft look, “Call me Y/N, princess is a too much to handle.”

•"Certainly Princ- Y/N"

•"How many siblings do you have Mr.Grayson.“

•"I have three younger siblings named Jason, Tim, and Damian.”

•"Ah, do you they miss you? You are gone frequently.“

•Dick smiled glumly, “I must do to support them.”

•"They can be employed to work for me. It must be hard to be apart.“

•Dick realized right then that this is what you wanted to talk about.

•You wanted to help him out.

•"Ah no! Prin- Y/N It’s fine!”

•"Dick it’s fine. I know it’s tough and people keep telling me I need more male workers in the house.“

•You casually got off your horse and walked to the lights of the town.

•Dick was in awe of your generosity and before he could think grabbed you in and pulled you in for a hug.

•His hug was warm and when he pulled back and his face was so close to yours.

•He inched closer so that his lips gently touched yours.

•It was so enjoyable before the realization came in and he shoved you back.

•"I am SO sorry! I- I didn’t know what I was think I can’t -”

•"It’s okay!“ You quickly stopped him.

•You tried to come towards him but he backed up.

•"You’re a princess Y/N I can’t kiss you… or love you.”

•"Status doesn’t matter.“

•Dick refused to look at you.

•So you walked right up to him and lifted his head to meet yours.

•"Status doesn’t define anything.”

•And with that you kissed him.

•Enamored by you, Dick wrapped his arms around your waist to bring you closer.

Gotta be quiet // Shawn Blurb

Shawn knows he shouldn’t hold your waist like he is. He shouldn’t touch your sides and tilt your chin up like he is. But he is. Shawn was the stable master’s son and you were the princess to the four kingdoms. He had no right to touch you the way he did, but you’d be a liar if you said you didn’t like it.

“Down you go,” Shawn says and puts his hands on your waist to help you down off of your new black horse your father got you for your birthday last month. It was only the fourth time you’d ridden him and you hadn’t even picked out a name for him yet. You just couldn’t decide. “Did you have a good ride?”

You nod, a blush tinting your cheeks. Shawn had ridden behind you, his hands on your hips the entire time, occasionally he would tilt your head up when you started looking down to see where his hands were. He insisted that the new horse was too unpredictable and he wanted to make sure you didn’t get bucked off. The ride had been smooth and it was just another day of you taking the horse around the corral to get him used to the way you rode. However, Shawn being behind you with his hands on you was very distracting from your usually relaxing ride. “It was great. I think he likes me.”

“Oh, he does,” Shawn smirks and you aren’t sure if he means the horse or himself because the way he’s smiling insinuates himself. “You should come by and see him everyday.”

“Should I?” you ask with a little smile and he nods. “Do you want to see me everyday boy?” you ask your horse, petting his nose and he just remains still. “Is that so?” you ask, acting as if the horse was telling you something. “Shawn likes me? He talks about me all the time?”

“P-Princess!” Shawn’s cheeks go pink and he pulls the horse’s reins to lead him away.

“I was only teasing you Shawn! No need to get so embarrassed! I think you’re cute too!” you call after him but he doesn’t turn around. “Shawn, come back!” He stops and leads the horse into his stall. He turns to look at you and you smirk at him, “That’s an order, Shawn.”

Shawn locks the horse’s stall and comes back to you. He walks you back against the side of an empty stall next to the corral doors and pins you in. “You think I’m cute?” he asks and your heart races. This wasn’t like the usual quiet Shawn you knew. “You think it’s easy for me to see you everyday and be around you but know I can never have you?”

“Sh-shawn…” you mutter and he licks his lower lip. This was just how you dreamed of Shawn finally making a move on you.

“I see how you look at me. I’ve seen the way you ogle my ass when I’m washing the horses, the way you think I don’t see you watching me when I change into my riding clothes in an empty stall. I know you’ve seen it all. I know you want me.”

You’re bright red. You thought you had been clever, sneaking glances of him changing and hiding behind the trees around the corral when he washed the horses out in the field. You were so sure you had been discreet. Apparently not. “So what if I want you? You know it’s forbidden for the staff to have relations with the royal family.”

“I know. I just don’t fucking care,” he grins and presses his lips to yours. Your hands go to his back and he grabs your hips, pulling you against him, You open your mouth and he licks in hungrily. Your nails dig into his back and he bites your lip, causing you to yelp. His hand flies to your mouth and covers it. “Gotta be quiet, princess. Don’t want anyone to find out about us.” You nod and he moves his hand away. “It’s going to be hard, but I promise if you stay quiet I’ll give you everything you dream about at night.”

The 5 kinds of rides you have with your horse

1) you fall off

2) you cry

3) you thought you rode really well, but then you watched the video

4) you thought you rode really bad, but everyone says you looked great (you don’t believe them)

5) you rode PERFECTLY and your horse was AWESOME (this only happens once a year and never at a show or in front of your trainer)

The Runaways - The Funny Twist of Fate (1/3)

As many of you might have guessed, I did not especially like the episode in Helwater. I certainly hated when Jamie and Geneva were together. You all know this and you know why. I won’t get into a debate about it here. What I will do, however, is write an alternate story! Because what else does a good fanfic writer do, but fix the things the authors mess up? So! This is my idea for what should have happened. It’s a canon departure and a few things had to change so that this story would work.

  • Jamie is quite a bit younger than he was in canon, early to mid 20′s, as is Claire. 
  • Lamb is Claire’s father, elder half brother to Lord Dunsany.
  • Lamb is a widower who travels all over the world with his daughter at his side, coming back to Helwater for Christmas.
  • Jamie is known around Helwater as Mac.

@outlandishchridhe was a massive help in getting this idea hammered out and down on (digital) paper. I kid you not, it’s 50 pages on our Google doc. @diversemediums helped polish it up and make it a strong, compelling story that I’m, quite frankly, in love with. So, buckle up! It’s a bit of a read.

Jamie carried the sack of grain into the barn, pausing when he heard wheels coming up the road. After setting the sack down, Jamie walked to the far corner of the barn where he could catch sight of the road. Sure enough, a small coach headed for the estate. Odd. It wasn’t a rig Jamie recognized.

Moving quickly, Jamie rushed to meet the coach, coming to a stop just before it did. The driver climbed down and opened the door, helping a tall, slender man out. Jamie recognized him as Lord Dunsany’s elder half brother Quentin Lambert Beauchamp.

Something about his arrival felt off, though. Any time he’d come to visit, he’d ridden his own horse, not hired a coach. Assuming the presence of a second passenger, Jamie rushed to the door and offered his hand.

A graceful, slender hand came out of the shadows to grip his. Holding himself up to his full height, he helped the young woman out of the coach. She appeared to be near to his own age, though he couldn’t be sure. The only thing he knew for certain was that she was beautiful.

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anywhom tbt when i had a dream i was in this beautiful meadow and beyonce rode up to me on a white horse and told me she was dropping an album on friday the 13th and i was like “:O thanks beyonce!” and she rode off and disappeared behind a waterfall and when self titled dropped i was like “why is everyone freaking out she announced this months ago?” because i genuinely forgot that i did not encounter beyonce in some mystical realm for a one on one press release. better times 

Robb Stark - Lady Wolf

Originally posted by snows-os

Summary: The young wolf and the King in the North, Robb Stark has been away from Winterfell for quite some time. However, his mind kept wandering back to the castle and to his brothers and to one very special lady. The girl they called his lady wolf. He wonders if they will ever be reunited. One day, his prayers are answered and he is reunited with his lady wolf.

Pairing: Robb x Fem!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Robb Stark, Grey Wind, Edmure Tully, Catelyn Stark. Bran Stark, Rickon Stark, Ned Stark, Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Theon Greyjoy (Mentioned). Jamie Lannister, Osha, Hodor (Briefly mentioned)

Warnings: Mentions of death, fluff

A/N: So, I’ve been crushing on Robb Stark/Richard Madden recently and when this idea came to me, I just had to write it.

A/N/N: A huge thank you to @mo320 and @pollaluci for being my wonderful betas for this. Another thank you is in order for @mo320 for helping me with the title.

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"Worth It All"- Jonerys Drabble

Author’s Note: This isn’t the smut fic I’ve been talking about. That shizz is 1400 words long and counting. So, I’m working on cutting it down. BUT, here’s some fluff drabble.

I mean it’s eventually fluff even though it may not seem like it at first.

I’m merely a drama ho. 

Just stick with it. It gets sweet.

The castle was in chaos. Every hand in Winterfell who could manage was working to aid their ailing queen. Daenerys, nearing full term with the child she carried, had suddenly excused herself from a meeting of council, much to the concern of all in attendance. Once out of the Great Hall, she had complained to Missandei that she was in immense pain. Only with her councilwoman’s help was she able to walk until she collapsed against a wall, straining in agony. 

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All I've ever wanted

request: none

warnings: none


“Where is he!” You shouted as you rode your horse up to the castle.

Everyone’s heads snapped towards you as gasps rang out. You nodded towards the villagers as you jumped off of your horse as they bowed to you.

You had planned on coming to save Belle but some sort of curse had been broken and now you remembered everything. You remembered your status, your brother, and your love.

You ran through the crowd and up the stairs. You spotted your brother as you called out,
“Brother I’m going to kill you!”

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Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy (Faraday x Reader) NSFW

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“How much?”

“Two bits for the cheap stuff, three dollars for the good stuff.”

You were too busy cleaning the aftermath of a fight to bother looking up. The voice didn’t sound familiar, but then again, most didn’t. People were always drifting in and out of town. It was rare to see a face stick around for more than three days, and even rarer for you to bother recognizing it.

“Hey Johnny, you got two bits on ya? Gonna buy me a whore for the night.” The stranger could barely finish his sentence without bursting into hysterics, and you could hear a few others join in. It wasn’t the first time you’d heard the joke, and it wouldn’t be the last, but it still stung.

“Either drink or get out,” you replied coldly as you continued wiping down the bar, careful to avoid the broken glass.  

“She’s got some fight in her! I like it. A buck. I think you’re worth a whole buck.”

“Alright now listen,” you hissed as you finally stopped what you were doing to meet his eye line. He was an ugly looking guy, just as you expected. His beard was long and mangled. He was missing a few teeth. You weren’t sure when the last time he bathed was. Disgusting. “I think it’s best you leave.”

“Oh yeah?” He stood up, placing one hand on his gun, and grabbing your wrist with the other. You winced a bit as he tightened his grip. He’d pinned your hand down hard against a large shard of glass. “How about no money but instead I let you keep that pretty little head of yours.”  

“Fuck,” you mumbled as panic started to set in. Men made lewd comments all the time, and on nearly a daily basis they got in fights with each other, but never had one gotten physical with you. In all honesty, you considered yourself relatively lucky. With the trash that drifted through here, you were surprised nobody tried anything sooner.

“ ‘Scuse me, but I’m gonna need you to move aside. I’m trying to order a drink from this here lady.”

The man blinked and turned his head. Resting against the bar was yet another man you didn’t recognize. This one seemed calm and collected, but you still caught a spark of wildfire in the corner of his eye.

“The hell you think you’re doin’, Faraday? You’re lucky I didn’t shoot you dead after you cheated back there at poker.”

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The Importance of Longclaw

To begin, Longclaw’s history is murky. It came into possession of the Mormonts a hundred years before Ice came into the possession of the Starks. The Mormonts have long been a poor house, and would not have been able to afford such a weapon. This meant they would have needed to come into it through battle, like similar poor houses, or that is was given to them or found, but the chance of them giving it to their liege lords is actually quite high.

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It’s rather interesting that such a poor house with a sword that was given to the main character had no story shared about its origin. It must be interesting. Maybe too interesting and spoilery. Perhaps it is a mystery even to the Mormonts. Perhaps it was given to them by the Starks. Perhaps it isn’t a valyrian sword, but the first important sword made in similar fashion - Lightbringer. We don’t know.

But this isn’t a meta about Longclaw’s creation or its heritage. No, this meta is about Longclaw’s future with the Starks – with Jon and Sansa specifically.

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@ofhealinglove You don’t know me and I don’t know you well, but I know you like MadaSaku and life can suck, but MadaSaku always makes things better for me. Story is inspired by the folktale of the Lindworm. I hope you like it.

Once upon a time a queen fell into despair after many years of being unable to carry a child. Her kingdom was without an heir and her home devoid of sweet children. She was weeping in the garden when an old woman approached her, asking about her tears. When the queen told the old woman it was because she was barren the old woman held out a pair of pruning sheers.

“Go into your garden and you will find one red rose and one white rose. If you eat the white rose you will bear a girl, the red rose will give you a son, but be warned, you must only eat one of these roses, to devour both would be unwise.”

“The queen does as the old woman instructs and finds the roses in her garden. Thinking it over, the queen plucks the red rose and eats it, thinking of her future son. But then her heart begins to long for a daughter, and before she can remember the old woman’s warning, she devours the white rose as well.

“Nine months pass and soon comes the time for the queen to deliver her child. Heavy with child, she labors for many hours before she is able to push her child free, but a babe does not greet the midwives. With a roar like that of a fire’s, a lindworm slithers from her room and snakes out the window in wings of long leather. Following the worm, the queen discharges a healthy human boy, wailing in crying. The queen swears her midwives to secrecy and all is well in the land for seventeen and a half odd years.

But then the noble prince grows up and is taken with the heart for adventure of the most rewarding kind. He wishes to find a wife to make his heart sing. With his father’s blessing, he prepares to depart on such a journey when on the road the mighty dragon blocks their path. With the words of moral men the dragon demands a bride as is his birthright. The prince tries three more times, and the same even occurs. Bringing this news home, the queen finally breaks down and reveals her treachery. Yes, the monster is truly her son, and her first born. The young son may not marry until the eldest is taken with a bride.

The king sends for princess of far off kingdoms to please his worm son, but one after the other, they are eaten by the monster on their wedding night. Distraught and in a panic as to what they can do with their son, the king and queen begin kidnapping girls from nearby villages to wed to their son, praying one will break the curse and satisfy his desires.

“And that’s how I ended up here, isn’t it?” Sakura asked with a wicked smirk.

Staring wide eyed, the chancellor gaped openly for a good solid minute before recovering. Pushing his glasses up, the dark haired man squeaked. “Rumors being what they are, there is always exaggeration to be found-“

“Cut the bull, Iruka, I don’t buy it.  Get to the point of what you wanted to say earlier.”

Iruka, to his credit, looked ashamed. “Beg your pardon, but I suspect the allure of marrying into royalty would not move you to give yourself over. I’m sorry, but you are the only one of our staff that does not have a father to speak for her. You’ve been with us only a month, but you’ve never had post or visitors and you don’t go into town. You won’t be…missed.”

Sakura frowned, crossing her arms over her chest and staring out to the side at the gardens she was tending. Her hands were dirty, and her dress was little more than rags fit for working in. She hadn’t tried to look nice in her new office of employment, in fact, she had purposely tied up her hair and kept it wrapped under and scarf so that no one would see it and remember her for it. She liked to remain unnoticed and be the person people forgot about first. It made travel from one place to another easy. 

At least, that’s how she felt when she was working on jobs. When she was freelancing, she was a whole other story.

“Do I have a choice in any of this, or are you going to seize me in the night and drag me gagged and bound before his highness?”

Iruka stuttered. “I-I am so sorry, my good lady. Isn’t there anything you might want? To live as a princess for even a day is more than some girls can hope for.”

“Ah,” Sakura mused, exaggerating the tapping of her chin in thought. “But it is only for one day. To live for one more day, what would I trade for that?”

Iruka looked off to the side and Sakura followed his line of sight to the guards who patrolled back and forth on shifts that rotated ever four to six hours. Poor Iruka, to be the man who strong-arms the girls into this deadly fate.

“I guess there are some things I want. If the king will give these to me, I will consent and marry his worm of a son without complaint.”

“You will?” Iruka’s eyes were almost as wide as when she first recounted the story that had been so closely guarded. Not even the kitchen staff could speak or hear of it, and the kitchen staff knew nearly everything. “W-w-whatever you want, it is yours, the king will surly grant you your wish.”

Sakura held up three fingers. “First, I want seven dresses, each one a half a size larger than the last so that I might wear them all at once. These are the dresses I will wear on my wedding night so I can’t marry him until then. Secondly, on the night of our wedding, in the room where bride and groom consummate their vows, I want a copper basin filled with milk from a cow that is without spot or blemish.”

“Those are…” he struggled to find the words, “odd requests if ever I’ve heard them. What is the third thing you ask for?”

Sakura smiled, cheekily. “I’ll let the king know that myself, since it depends on how the night goes. Once my dresses are made, let me know and I will come for the prince, until then, leave me to work in the garden.”

“You don’t want a room fit for a princess?”

Sakura snorted, turning her back on Iruka and picking up the ho she had been using. In a simple move, she swung the ho out and buried its metal into the dirt. The lines in her back stood out, betraying the secret strength that coiled under her skin. She was a delicate looking creature, but Iruka suspected there was more to her than such a fragile frame. No one else thought to look twice at her, including him, but now he thought better of it. She was a tricky woman, one that set him off balance, and one he was all the better leaving to her own devices.

“I will leave you to your work then, my good lady,” he said with a nod, turning to let the king and queen know of his good news.

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Like Father, Like Son

Part 3 of 4

Find the previous two installments here: Revelations, Discovery 


In less than a blink of an eye, she was gone. I sprinted the rest of the way to the stone she had touched, the screaming intensified then stopped. The wind had been knocked out of me and I found myself laying on the ground looking up at the orange streaks of dawn.

I groaned and rolled to my side, shakily trying to stand.

“Mum?” I croaked, the roaring in my ears seemed to echo off the stones, drowning my attempt to call out to her.

“Mum!” I tried again. Again nothing but the screaming roar reverberating from the stones. I scrambled to my feet and took off at a run down the hill towards the car, except it wasn’t there. The car was missing, as was any visible sign of a road. Trees grew in sparse patches across the grass of the rolling hills toward the water.

“Mum?” I whispered realizing with a sickening realization, she wasn’t there.

“Christ,” I groaned dragging my hands down my face. “What to do now? Think Brian, think! Where would she have gone?”

The momentary sunshine quickly disappeared behind clouds of gray and white, a storm was brewing. My pacing turned into a single direction run to a small cobbled, dilapidated cottage situated at the base of the hill. I made it inside the shelter of the cottage just as fat raindrops solidified and turned into snow. The air held a wet chill that seemed to seep into every crevice of the room, even the heavy wool of the clothing didn’t seem to be enough to stop a violent shudder from enveloping me.

I searched the room for any source that could be used to create a fire and saw a broken stool crumpled into a corner. Sighing in relief, I scrambled to the roughly hewn fireplace and sent up a prayer in thanks that mum took the time to teach me how to start a fire without modern conveniences. ‘A necessary skill,’ she’d always remarked.

“Where have you gone, mum? We don’t even know where Jamie went, let alone if he was still alive in the time we’ve arrived.”

Staring into the fire a sudden epiphany hit me like a sledgehammer. “Lallybroch.”

I didn’t know how many days ride or walk it would be to get to Inverness, let alone Broch Tuarach, but I wasn’t going to get there freezing in a hovel. Looking through the cracks in the stone, I watched as the snow fell then melted as soon as it touched the ground. I may just have a chance of making it down to the village before nightfall. But how to pay for what I need? My pockets were empty, but I patted them down anyway, as well as the cloak. A small jingling noise came from a hidden inner pocket of the cloak.

“Mum, you think of everything,” I said to the crackling fire as a poured small battered coins from a black leather pouch and a small roll of paper fell on top them.


I understand if you decided not to follow me immediately, but if you do find yourself going back, these will be of use to you. I’m sorry I couldn’t procure you more, but if we find your father and our family, we shouldn’t need to worry overmuch about funds.

I hope you decide to find us, my darling boy.

All my love,


My eyes burned with tears that were threatening to form. Why couldn’t she have waited just a few seconds longer for me to catch up to her?

The walk to Inverness was longer than I anticipated. Dark had fallen and if at all possible, it got colder thanks to the persistent wind. I hobbled into the first establishment I saw, hoping I could find something warm, a place to sleep, and a horse to make this journey easier.

A frail-looking hand shot out and grabbed my wrist, squeezing tighter than I believed possible, “Ain’t ye a wanted man?”

I shook my head. “No, I’m not.”

“Sassenach filth!” The man spat, “Be gone from here!”

“I’m not English if that’s what you mean, I’m from Am–the colonies.”

“Yer as good as ‘em. Crooky won’t serve ye, so be gone!” He threw my arm back hard enough that I stumbled into the door frame.

“Gibbons! What are ye doin’ to my customers?” A menacing man yelled from behind a bar.

“He’s a Sassenach, an’ claims to be from the colonies.” Gibbons spat at my feet, glaring. “It’d be better if he was that bastard of a wanted man. At least then he’d be worth a pretty penny.”

“A sassenach! Is tha’ so? Do ye have coin, lad?”

“Yes,” I said with surprising confidence. “Do you know where I can find something to eat, maybe a place to rest, and procure a horse? I will not be staying long, just ‘til morning.”

“Och, aye. I can help ye wi’ all of these, but it’s no going to come lightly.”

I pulled out a few of the Stirling pieces and handed them over. “Will this due?”

The barman’s eyes widened. “Aye, lad, tha’ll do nicely. What’s yer name, I didna catch it before.”


The man’s eyebrows disappeared beneath shaggy dark hair. “Fraser ye say? O’ Lovat?”

I nodded tersely.

“Yer a ways from Beauly.”

“I’m not headed to Beauly. My family isn’t too far off from here, Broch Tuarach?”

“Ach, yer wi’ the Fraser-Murray clan then. Good folk there.” He said, slapping a tankard down before turning around to snag a bowl of something from a passing barmaid. “Drink, eat. It’s no an easy ride in this weather to Broch Tuarach.”

I coughed at the sting of the whiskey, stronger and more bitter than I was accustomed. The warm burn met my stomach as the rich taste of meat broth met my lips. I wouldn’t be shocked if I fell asleep at the bar for all to see, nor did I care. My legs ached from the walk, my fingers felt as though they were frozen into a curl, and my head pounded from the whirlwind of events from today. Tomorrow would only increase the pain and unease.

The following morning, my head still pounded, but my body didn’t ache from the cold, yet.

“Here ye are lad.” Crook, said holding out a wrapped parcel and the reigns to a gorgeous brown mare. “Sorry I canna give ye my best stallion, but Butternut will get ye where ye need to go. She’s strong and hearty. This weather will no deter her.”

“Thank you, sir. For the hospitality and the horse.”

He let out a bark of a laugh, “Dinna thank me lad! Ye paid for the hospitality as ye say. I’m gaining a mighty better price than ye are wi’ my grub and horse.”

I shook my head and smiled back at the jovial man as I mounted the mare. “Thank you all the same.”


I turned in question.

“If ye see a Gwenalin Crook, tell her Archie sends his love. Can ye do that for me?”

“Of course,” I said puzzled, he nodded then slapped the hindquarters of Butternut and we were off.

As the days wore on, I was struck by the landscape before me. The mountains and the sky, such contrasts to each other were something from the imagination. The size and beauty could not be contained with meager words or thoughts. I felt as though I had stepped into the epics of Tolkien, White, or even Lewis. I could fully understand the magical beliefs and wariness of these people, and the stories that the land inspired.

I was so lost in thought that I missed the sound of hoofbeats and a man’s call until he was right upon me.

“Can I assist ye?” The man, who couldn’t have been much older than I, said as he stared quizzically at me.

“Oh! Yes, do you know if I’m close to the place called Lallybroch or Broch Tuarach?”

The man’s face lit up in a laugh, “Aye, but what business do ye have there?”

“I’m looking for someone and I believe she may have come here.”

“Do I ken ye? Ye look familiar,” He said not acknowledging my statement.

“No, we have never met. Brian Fraser,” I said holding out a hand. The man’s face went pale.

“Brian Fraser has been dead longer than I’ve been born. So who are ye really?”

My eyes went wide this time, of course, he wouldn’t know about me but his knowledge of my grandfather meant he must be family as well. “Are you by chance Young Jamie Murray?”

He went rigid in his saddle. “Aye, and answer me now, who are ye?”

“I’m your cousin, Brian James Lambert Beauchamp Fraser.” I said reaching out my hand, “James Fraser is my father.”

Young Jamie’s mouth fell open as he grasped my hand in a handshake. “Damned if he isn’t! That’s why I thought I knew ye! Christ, ye have the look of him. I’m surprised ye weren’t stopped by the redcoats on your journey here!”

I laughed, “I was accused of being a wanted man at a tavern in Inverness.”

Young Jamie let out a bellow. “That doesna surprise me in the least. Come on, Mam isna going to believe this.”

We rode in companionable silence to the estate, and I gasped in awe. The house, no longer dilapidated and condemned, was full of life and movement.

“Come on,” Young Jamie said, nodding toward the stables. “Ye can leave yer horse there, but I’m sure ye’ll be wanting to ride again soon. Ye said ye were looking for someone, but no one but trouble has been through these doors in a while.”


He cut me off with the shake of his head. “Ye’ll see soon enough. I canna wait to see how this unfolds.”

He leads me through the house to a study where a woman, hair dark and streaked with gray sat beside a man with a wooden leg, pouring over papers on the desk before them.

“Mam? Da?” Jamie said. They turned, eyes wide, and mouth agape, as though they were looking at a ghost.

weesta  asked:

Via IRC fundraiser - Steve & Clint bonding - Steve took Clint at his word immediately after Clint shook loose of Loki's spell - Clint will never forget that.

Steve discovered, his second week in Wakanda, that the fishing there was amazing, and T’Challa had said he could fish so long as he threw the little ones back unharmed and brought his catch to the palace kitchen to be cooked. Nothing was wasted in Wakanda, and hunting was for food, not for sport. (Though T’Challa admitted with a grin that you could have good sport from hunting for food.) 

To Steve’s shock, after the jailbreak, Clint actually took Steve up on his invitation to go fishing with him. He wasn’t bad at it, either; by the time the sun was up Clint had landed a big catfish-looking creature, and had helped Steve pull up a second. 

“Can I ask you something?” Steve said, as Clint re-baited his line and tossed it out after losing his bait to a fish smarter than either of the ones they’d caught so far. 

“Sure,” Clint replied, leaning back in the boat, sipping from a canteen. 

“I get why you retired,” Steve said. “Good neutral response to the Accords, and you had a family to think about. But why’d you come down on my side when I called? You didn’t have to.”

“No, I suppose not,” Clint agreed. 

“But you didn’t even object. You just saddled up and rode in.”

Clint smiled. “I like that image, me riding in on a horse like the Rohirrim at dawn.”

Steve blinked at him.

“Too nerdy?” Clint asked. 

“Shockingly nerdy,” Steve agreed.

“I mean…” Clint felt a tug on his line, tested it, then shrugged it off as a current. “I owed you one.”

“From when?” Steve asked, brow furrowed.

“Well, maybe not…” Clint glanced away. “I didn’t owe you one, like, you did me a solid and you’ve got credit. It’s more…you put your trust in me, and I owed you that back again. When Natasha pulled me back from Loki. I said I could pilot a plane. You said okay. You didn’t know me from Adam.”

“Natasha trusted you, that was enough for me,” Steve said. 

“That’s what it looked like from your angle, sure. From my angle, Captain America just told me that despite all the terrible shit I’d done, he knew it wasn’t me who did it, and he knew I could saddle up.” Clint smiled at him. “When someone trusts you like that once, you owe it to ‘em to be worthy of the trust somewhere down the line.” 

“Huh,” Steve said. “Got you in a hell of a pickle, Clint.”

“Bah, I been in worse,” Clint replied. “It’ll all sort out. In the meantime…” he reached over and hooked a finger on Steve’s line, testing it, “I think you got a bite. Give it a reel, see if we can get one more before we pack it in.”

First Meetings - Legolas x Reader Drabble

Authors Notes: Thanks for this request, hun! 

Gif: used

Sent by: @lauxeyson

Notes/Warnings: All the fluff!! Unless you count those gorgeous elvish eyes as a warning lol

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  You had joined the fellowship in a less dramatic way than the others. Gandalf approached you in your home months before inviting you on an important journey. He had been very mysterious about the whole thing, only telling you how vital your assistance would be and that you needed to meet him in Rivendell in a few moon cycles.

 When you finally arrived the fellowship was gathering their belongings in the night and preparing the horses for the journey ahead. You approached quietly as not to spook the beasts.

 “Lord Aragorn,” You spoke up.

 The dark haired man turned to you. “And who might you be?”

 “I’m (Y/N). Gandalf sent for me to-”

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