and then they made out

right, so:

the police brutality video. i don’t think it was just made for shits and giggles. skam don’t waste time like that. there’s a reason why it was made.

hear me out. it’s wild. but all things are. so, hear me out:

  • the battle thing must have been a joke to start off with, that got super super serious.
  • to the point where, even might have done something, propelled by yousef to maybe say “okay i dare you to do this”, and so even did, 
  • and … it turned out to be so huge that the police ended up getting involved. and the police thought that it was the balloon squad who did the thing. 
  • and even must have felt so guilty in that, that he couldn’t be there anymore and face them. that’s how everything connects. 

the only thing that doesn’t, is where in all of this, would even have written what he did on the FB revue page.

….if anyone ever decides to leave the fandom, to completely move on with their lives and leave this behind, just know I am so so glad to have had you as a friend, to have gotten to know you over the time we spent on this dumb site together. That even though we never met, that we never spoke in person, that I saw you as a friend and hope nothing but the best for you.

Just know there is a dork on this site that cares about you and is so so thankful for getting to meet you within this fandom. I love you and thank you for being apart of this crazy fandom and being my friend ❤️

“SomeBODY once told me.. .” Well, I just had the BEST year of my life and I’ve got the mile-marker Shrek to prove it!

It took me 7 years of hard work to even get to DreamWorks–here’s to 70 more years of doing my best!!!! (Haha, the years start coming and the don’t stop coming) I’ve made so many amazing friends out here and I am so happy I didn’t give up when school got tough or the when the endless job rejections were so crushing. Forget dreams, set GOALS y'all. Work at it everyday and you’ll get where you want to go. Now GET OUT OF MY SWAMP!

I present my birdo. Octavio the birdie.

Candles, Pillows and Phone Cases

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Why the weird ass title Amanda?

Good question my friend, wonderful question actually because I have some exciting news.

My sister and I have decided to do business together. (Outside of working at dominos together). 

We want to start making and selling those three items. They are basic items that we enjoy and know that they are three itmes that everyone else will/do enjoy as well.

Right now we are in the middle of pricing and searching for products to use. If this works out we will make an Etsy page/shop (whichever you fancy).

We need your help with getting the word out and with ideas. 

We know that the candles will be sold first. We want to know what kind of candles people are looking for. We can’t sell them without knowing what people are wanting. Would rather have a basic idea than just willy nilly sell some and it not work out for us. Nothing has been made yet and we don’t even know prices. It’s basically only an idea and all the tools sitting and waiting to be made. We really really hope these work out and that’s why I’m here with this post for you guys. 

We will have come up with three categories of candles to chose from:
Basic, Custom, and Fandom. 

Okay, Amanda, that’s nice and all but I need more information about these categories. I want a candle to smell like Sam. Make it happen.

Want a candle to smell like Sam? Okay. Well, what specifically, Cedar, Musk, and Leather or Books, Gunpowder, and Oak? Because those are my best guess at what he would smell like…

That’s why we need your help. Sent me a charater and scents you would assosiate with them (that could be purchaced at hobby lobby or online) send me a spesific location like The Bunker or Hell and we can have those basic background candles made too. We want this to be fun and to actually make some kind of profit from it. 

So we won’t limit ourselves to just the Supernatural fandom. The Marvel fandom as well. (As we actually make money off these candles more fandoms will be added to the list)

Basic candles will be simply as stated. Basic colors and scents, but scents that linger and actually work. Like Lavender, Vanilla, and Sea Breeze. (these are ones that I know I personally like and that actually fill the air unlike a lot out there) 

Custom candles we want you to tell us what specific color and scent you want and we’ll make it. Also straight forward. If you want a blue candle that smells like cinnamon we’ll do it. 

The more I explain the longer this post gets, but I’m excited I’m sorry >.<

The Pillows and Phone Cases will be set up the same way as far as we have planned. These two will be made later on down the road after the sucsess of the candles.

That’s something else. We don’t have a name for these products. We need that more than anything. I laughed at my weird and not going to happen name. ‘AA Aroma’ (my name being Amanda and my sisters name being Ashley) but like I said that isn’t happening. 

Send me ideas for a product name guys. Remember we will have pillows and phone cases later on down the line so the name as to fit with those two items as well.

14 years ago I drunkenly made out with one of my best friends after we were a bridesmaid and groomsman for a friend’s shotgun wedding. We’ve been together ever since. ❤


Roma, staring a little too intently at the pages: Danny, you’re smarter than you give yourself credit for. You know how to say the alphabet backwards, for one.

Danny, smirking: That doesn’t give me good grades, Ro.

Roma: No, but dwelling on the “what if’s” doesn’t either. You’ll graduate, Danny. You’ll be fine. And if you don’t, you’re with me for another year, and is that so bad?

With that side smile that gets Roma every time, Danny shook his head slowly, his hands wringing as he prepared himself to speak again.

Danny: It’s not bad at all, Ro. You’re probably the best thing that ever happened to me, actually, but my point is that I cannot live with my mom anymore. She treats me more like a friend than a son, y’know? I gotta explore my options and move, even if it’s just to the other side of the city.

Ro, nodding: I get it…Don’t worry. Enough studying for one night, yeah? This entire conversation has stressed me out more than my dad dancing in his underwear.