and then they made out

Keith’s entire existence has No heterosexual explanation

smoke from the chimney, log cabins on the moon

I carved a hollow place in the moon for you; I built a log cabin where a spaceship should be. When you arrive,  you will never have to swallow the poison of oxygen – never be told to hold your breath.

The craters are good places to play. When you fall, Gravity won’t curse you. When you speak, the words will float into expansion and you will be heard across the universe. 

We will build a home where love is not disrupted by satellite signals. You will understand what it is like to orbit something only beautiful from a distance. I will give you history books and religious texts

and teach you that fear is the murderer of millions. We will laugh at the lovers laying on blankets and staring at us, promising our home to one another.

When it is cold, we will burn rocket fuel but never tell ghost stories. We will vacation where the sun cannot pollute our skin cells. The arch of constellations will be meaningless 

until we create our own shapes. 

I try to make it a goal to post stuff and be on tumblr but then my friends and my Padre constantly drag me outside so there is that!!!! I am hiding in my bathroom atm to type this out and I hear them yelling at me lmaoo!!! So I find myself only having time in the wee hours of the night!! AND ALSO THANK YOU CUZ NOW THERE ARE 650+ PEEPS PART OF THE FAMBAM AND I’M SO SHOCKED YOU GUYS ARE STILL FOLLOWING THIS INCONSISTENT BLOG OF MINE!!! :* MY GIFT TO YOU WILL BE A NEW AND IMPROVED STORY!!! ((w/ Bunny and Kerri of course!!!)) SEE YOU SOONNN!!!

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more probably unnecessary in the red lion close up legs

had a not so great day at work today but one good moment: a group of kids heard me doing my whole “do you have a sec for lgbt rights?” thing and came over, super excited, asking if they could learn, and around halfway through my script i asked them if they knew what lgbt meant and one little kid, probably like 11 years old, very quickly & proudly explained it to all his friends, and like ¾ of these little middle schoolers immediately go “oh i’m part of that!” or “i’m bi!!” or “hey i’m gay!!!” and it was so heartwarming to see all these kids already proudly identifying as lgbt