and then they made eric dumb instead


A/N: Happy October, guys! You ready for the first day of my autumn and Halloween madness? You better be because here goes the first Imagine! Enjoy everyone!

1st October: Stupid leaves. 🍁 | feat. Eric (Divergent). Request from @jasonmccannsgirl8699. (Anything with Eric, right? 😉)

Words: 1005
Warnings: none

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Warning political post

Ugh I have to vent about this because it seriously bugs. I’m not talking about my followers or anyone I follow here. Mainly from FB.

What I find disturbing is ppl complaining about the inconvenience of the protests the last couple of weeks. Epitome of white privelege. Several ppl I know have done so.

Or saying things like, oh they’re so dumb or they’re assholes for blocking traffic or they made me late or I had to wait. Sorry. Try being black. Try not being able to worry about those things and instead having to worry about some racist cop shooting or choking you

Yeah it sucks you were late but seriously you just sound like a douche complaining about it. And you are just confirming white privilege.