and then they lived happily ever after okay bye

Anyone: Why are you single 

Me: I just haven’t found anyone yet

Me to Me: No one will ever be as perfect at my bias ever they just haven’t noticed me yet so I’m just waiting for my own little cute korean drama scenario where the most perfect person comes into my life and they love me like Jung Joon Hyeong loves Kim Bok Joo and we live happily ever after where the sunset falls on the horizon and I stare into their eyes forever and ever

said God, Love covers a multitudes of sins

Summary: Louis is sixteen years old when he realizes that his father is still alive.

this is like. the most self-indulgent bittersweet fluff i have ever written in my whole life but there was no two ways about it, i had to. anyways, note that i have played so utterly fast and loose with historical accuracy that it’s not even funny, but also note that these characters deserve to be happy and to raise a good son because they are actually made by god to be parents this is like, canon, okay, anyways i hope anne and aramis live happily ever after into the sun and aramis gets to tell as many dad jokes as he wants. love u bye. much love to @hansolosbutt, @emilybrontay and @elsaclack (who hasnt even watched this show but proofread for me anyway because shes the real mvp).

When Louis is five, he quickly realizes that Aramis is not, in fact, going to be his new servant. Aramis is in the palace a lot more than he was before – before, when everything was a little different and Papa was still around. But he wears pretty blue clothes and Mama says he is the First Minister of France, and that that is an important position, and that his job is to help her rule Louis’s people until Louis is old enough and wise enough to do so himself.

Louis wonders if he will ever be wise. He is not wholly sure what the word means, only that it is something that makes you a person people like, and that Madame d’Chevreaux, who has been hired as his new governess, says it is a word that describes Mama well. Wise despite her youth, is what Madame d’Chevreaux had said, helping to button him into his tunic in the morning, three weeks after Papa stopped coming to wake him in the mornings and he had his adventure with Madame d’Artagnan in the streets of Paris. You would do well to learn from her, your Majesty.

Madame d’Chevreaux likes Mama very much, which is why Louis supposes she is his new governess. His old governess, Mademoiselle Dufraimont, always went tight in the lips when Mama was in the room. Papa liked her, but Louis thought her smiles were too pinched.

Louis likes it when people have nice smiles, and Aramis has the best of smiles. He is not always smiling, Louis knows. He has seen him talking to the council, standing taller than everyone with a snap to his voice and a clench in his jaw. He has seen him speaking extra quietly with Mama, sometimes, their heads bent over important state papers. He has seen the crease between his brows when he carried him the first time, through the streets of Paris with Mama on his other side. But he is always smiling at Louis, it seems, with a twinkle in his eyes that Louis likes very much. And when Aramis is smiling, Mama is also smiling, so Louis supposes that even if Aramis isn’t his new servant, he would very much like him to stay a long while, just so that Mama smiles more. She didn’t used to smile nearly as much, before when Papa still woke him up in the mornings, unless she was smiling at Louis. Mama always smiled when she looked at Louis, just as Aramis always smiles at him now.

But now Mama smiles when she looks at others as well. Louis likes Mama dearly when she smiles. It lights up her whole face; it’s such a nice smile.

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“I’m still in love with you.” Hunter purred, his eyes tracking a hungry path over every inch of your body - tracking in a way that caused a nauseating flip to permeate at the very bottom of your abdomen. “You know that, right?”

“Is that supposed to be romantic?” You growled, balling your fists and shooting him a hard glare. “Because last time I checked, you’re a few fries short of a happy meal.”

Hunter’s chest jerked through a short snort before cocking his head and flashing you a sharp-toothed grin. “Come back with me.”

“You’re kidding…” With a frown, you rolled your eyes and asked, “Do I look like the type to just get lured into a dark and scary cave? Or maybe I just forgot to wipe stupid off my forehead…” 

“Wasn’t it beauty who killed the beast?” He countered, crossing his arms over his broad chest and running his tongue between his teeth. “I need you.”

“You need help, Hunter…” You responded through a broken whisper, shaking your head as your eyes roved over the shell a man you thought you knew.

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/whispers/ cut and bruised college freshman sk8erboi jeongguk who is found by studying to be a veterinarian tae in the park seconds after guk wiped out hard and is all dazed and confused and who is this angel fussing over him, did i die and go to heaven?

sk8erboi jeongguk who is completely emo and only wears black– black beanie, black shirt, black (preferably ripped) skinnies, timbs, optional black sweater– and doesnt talk to anyone, just moodily skates around the campus and the park bc #aesthetic. 

and puppy enthusiast and consequently vet-in-training taehyung who likes to feed the birds seeds at the park (bc bread is bad for birds holy shit!!) and often gets to pet dogs as they go by with their owners on their walks. 

and jeongguk is being emo as usual and sk8ing through the park and sees tae and holY shiT he’s so fuckin cute?? and gets distracted and trips over a fuckin crack in the cement and goes flying like one of those damn birds tae feeds every day. tae watches it all happen and for approximately thirty seconds all he can do is laugh hysterically because that’s everyone’s knee jerk reaction lbr. but afterwards when he notices that guk isn’t moving he runs over right away and assesses the situation (he only really knows how to treat injured domestic animals but guk looks like a bunny and tae figures it’s close enough).

guk blinks open his eyes and he sees tae leaning over him, head blocking the sun so it looks like there’s a halo around him and guk, lacking a brain-to-mouth filter due to his tragic injury, blurts out “did i die?? am i in heaven???” and tae is like :O. guk continues, reaching up to touch tae’s face and is like “are you an angel? you’re an angel right? i’ve never seen a human so beautiful.” and proceeds to spew out romantic sonnets and confesses his love about three times over. 

and tae let’s him talk for a bit because sk8rboi is super cute and it’s flattering to have all this attention on him. guk doesn’t seem to have a concussion or any serious injury so tae asks him if he’s okay to stand up and guk freezes because he realizes the actual situation. he’s spectacularly mortified, and stumbles to his feet with wobbly knees, and wow tae is that much cuter from an upright position, but now guk’s totally blown it since he’s such a massive loser, but tae is just smiling kindly up at him and guk feels like passing out all over again. 

“i’m taehyung, do you want me to walk you home?” tae asks super nicely and jeongguk is even more embarrassed because he’d literally been quoting shakespeare to a random (cute) stranger but tae doesn’t even look phased. 

jeongguk just let’s out a massive scowl and says no and grabs his skateboard before speeding away and tae is like… okay then bye and goes back to feeding the birds. 

but the next day guk rides by again and makes sure to maneuver away from the crack this time and stops in front of tae. he’s blushing furiously and takes out a flower (crushed and missing a few petals) and shoves it at tae and is like “thank you for saving my life” 

It’s so very hard to say goodbye to someone you love.

Can you imagine, Kagome having to choose between both worlds and telling Inuyasha goodbye and he hesitantly lets her go and she looks back one last time all teary eyed and she jumps through the well for what she thinks is the last time.

But then her mother sees her and goes, “You want to stay back there don’t you?”

And the portal is closing and Kagome’s like “don’t be ridiculous, I belong here in the modern world”

and mama goes “but you love him.”

and Kagome’s like-