and then they had to go buy a new television

Talk it Out (And a Maybe a Little More)

It had been a month since you’ve seen Harry last. You kept the last words he said over in your head, “A real answer, huh?”. What did it mean? a real answer, you didn’t know but you wish you could a fly on the wall right now because tonight is the Another Man party. All about Harry and how great he is and how great he looks and how great he’s going to be.

You learned about the magazine like everybody else did so now when you go to buy new books for even food, his face (your focus was mainly on his lips and his different hair styles) was at the check-out line and in the windows of the shops. Gemma had asked you to go but you denied because you couldn’t risk ruining his night, his own night. 

You avoided Twitter and Instagram, you didn’t get on Tumblr or anything. You didn’t turn on your television because there was a chance that somebody, somewhere would be talking about Harry. Instead you just shoved your face into another novel which you had gone through many in the past four weeks just trying to keep him off your mind. The characters were boring and so was the story but it somehow made time pass by like nothing.

When you peeled your eyes from the page it was almost one in the morning. You closed your book and shuffled into your room and flopped onto your bed, you didn’t need to change, You had been in the same shirt and shorts for the past week. You pulled your duvet out of underneath you and rolled yourself up in it which was another habit you had been doing for the past month.

You laid face first into the pillow until you couldn’t breathe anymore then laid on the side of your head. Then you’d flip and toss until you found a spot to sleep, it was a time consuming task now. Before, all you could think about was Harry kissing you and now that it’s happened all you can think about is if he’s kissing someone else. 

Would he kiss them because he was drunk? Or would kiss them because they were sober? Maybe because he like them? Or because he wanted to take someone home?

Another round of questions but no goddamn answers. You sigh and force your eyes shut until you feel yourself drift off somewhere else, somewhere Harry didn’t exist and neither did any of those feelings. You did drift somewhere, you were in your old house, before you had moved to London and your family was there sitting at a table. 

There was one seat left and you went to sit down in it but your mother stood up from the table, “No” and sat back down. Before you could question anything Harry popped up and walked past you and sat in the chair. He turned to you “A real answer, huh?” he said and then the rest of the table began to repeat the phrase.

“A real answer, huh? a real answer, huh? a real answer, huh? a real answer, huh?” it was all pilling together, the words making a loud cluster of gibberish until nothing. You were sweating and you were awake, you look over to your clock and see that it was blinking 00:00 at you. 

You groan and flop back onto your back, now you were having nightmares about him. You just can’t seem to get away from him. You pull back your sheets and place you feet on the floor and walk out of your bedroom. You couldn’t go walking because it was too dark and it was an odd hour of the night. 

You shuffle into your small kitchen and get yourself a glass of water, you couldn’t read that book again of you tried so you were going to try focus on drinking water instead. You gulped down the water without any trouble, you went back to the sink and began to fill up the cup again when you suddenly hear a knocking at your door.

You sat the half-full glass down on the near by counter and walked over to your door. You look through the peephole to see who the midnight hero was. In the odd shaped glass, you could see Harry in a black jacket and suit, a loose black tie around his neck hangs down sitting where his exposed chest was. You grip the door handle but you don’t open it.

Maybe he’ll go away

But do I want that?

“Y/N?” and he knocked on the door again, you wanted to jump away from the knocking but you didn’t move. A whole month had passed and now here he is again. He does look good. You turn the knob slowly that it doesn’t catch Harry’s attention until the click of the door being opened.

You stood in front of him in a big T-shirt from a trip for church that your mother had forced you into going and a pair of old shorts. And he was in a black suit and was wearing velvet black dress shoes from what you could see. But you had a feeling that they were actually boots.

“What?” you whispered, you had barely said a word for a whole week so your voice was a bit rough. Harry didn’t say anything, though, he just stood there, gazing at you, his eyes were a bit glassy from the drinking at the party and now he was here.

“Well if you’re just gonna stand there then” and you stepped back from the doorway and began to close the door when Harry had stuck his foot in between the door and its frame. “Ah fuck,” he muttered “It looks a hell of a lot easier in the shows,” Harry said as he reopened the door and stepped inside the apartment. 

“Well?” you said, “I-uh-I wanted to come by and tell yeh-” you interrupt him “tell me what, Harry?”. It was an honest question, what was he going to say now?

“I wanted to talk it out with yeh and I-" 

"then talk Harry because I’ve waited all month to hear you ‘talk it out’ and you think righ-”

And his lips were on yours and you were kissing him back. Your hands found his hair and his found your hips. His tougue swiped at your bottom lip and you allowed entrance. The only noise was heavy breathing and the sloppy sound of your mouths meeting and seperating. Harry’s mouth left yours and began to move down your neck, you were stumbling back and against the couch where you almost fall back but Harry caught you before you could.

He moved you to the wall  "Jump"  and you did and wrapped your legs around his waist. His hands started up your shirt and were quite happy to find that you weren’t wearing a bra and began to pull your shirt off. When it was off of you, he threw it somewhere you didn’t care about right now. Harry then wrapped his lips around your nipple and began to gently tug on it.

You let your head rest on the wall and make small whimpers then Harry’s large hand slipped into your shorts and began to rub you through your panties. You were beginning to moan, “Please,” was all you could say and Harry began to oblige. He settled you back down on the floor and you grabbed his hand and lead him into your bedroom.

Harry shut the door and you fell back onto the bed, your legs dangling off the side. He smirked and walked in between your legs and widen them a little bit. Harry dropped down on you, his arms on either side of your head supporting him as he looked at you. His eyes were dark and hungry looking.

Harry then pushed his hips against your, you could feel how heavy his member was and you lift you hips to push against it. It was Harry’s turn to moan and he does. He then trails kisses down your neck and torso until he is met with the waist band of your shorts. Harry nips at the elastic band while looking at you through his lashes.

“Just. Take. Them. Off” you say through gritted teeth and he chuckles and pulls down your shorts and lets them sit on your feet. Harry then sighs you look down at him “What?” you asked somewhat concerned. “I hope you don’t mind but” and he rips your panties off you, they were old anyway.

Harry then buried his face into you, licking, nipping, lapping over and over again until your curling your toes and searching for his head so you can tug on his hair. When you do find it and tug Harry lets out a moan/roar and the vibration make you almost shake. there is popping and slopping noises then you feel nothing.

“WHY?” you cry and look to find him undressing, Harry looks at you and smirks “Well, doesn’t it seem a little unfair for you to be bare and I don’t?” he asks. You shake your head and readjust to where you’re laying the right side up in the bed. Harry climbs on top of you, he was gazing at you again. He takes your hands into his and gives you this look of permission, you nod. Harry then presses into you and then slowly begins to move.

Thank god for the pill

Harry was grunting and you were letting out small but encouraging whimpers. His pace began to speed up as you both get closer and closer to your highs. Harry’s face pinches, trying to contain himself he buried his face into your neck and soon you feel him fill you but he still gives you a few more sloppy thrusts which sent you off the edge.  
You stay like that for a little bit, Harry eventually pulls out of you and lays next to you. “Hey,” he whispers “Yeah?” you ask him still staring up at the ceiling.
“I’m really glad yeh didn’t take it back, Y/N”



when I was younger my mum had this friend who was materialistic as hell like she would buy all this needlessly expensive shit and anyway she gets this new leather sofa and chairs for the family living room and she won’t shut up about how great it is and how it just really completes the living room.

anyway about five months later my mum visits her and brings me and they’re chilling out in the kitchen and I’m hanging out with my mum’s friend’s daughters, and we’re between the ages of like idk 7-9. we go into the living room to watch tv and the daughters just… sit on the hardwood floor? like that shit can’t be comfortable so I’m like hey why don’t you sit on the sofa? and the eldest daughter just looks at it so fucking wistfully, and is like “we’re not allowed to sit on the sofa”.

I’m like alright, we’re kids, kids aren’t really clean or careful. fair enough, like, it’s only five fucking months old, but the damn thing probably cost more than my mum’s car so I just sit my bony arse on the floor and try and pretend like it’s not really fucking weird to be in such discomfort while there’s a perfectly good sofa right there. we watch TV for a while, and then my mum comes in and sits on the sofa, because she’s an Adult™ and they don’t make messes, ever. 

her friend comes in with two glasses of wine (it’s 3pm, they go hard) and she just like. fucking. freezes in the doorway, and the atmosphere changes so suddenly that me and her daughters just whip around and stare at her. she’s standing there, gripping the wine glasses so tightly that it’s a miracle she didn’t snap them, and in the beat of silence I just hear her youngest daughter whimper “oh no!”

my mum finally notices something is up and looks at her questioningly, right at the moment her friend lets rip. “you can’t sit on the sofa!” she shrieks, and my mum is obviously confused, because in our house we like… sit on the furniture specifically designed and purchased for sitting. “you have to sit on the floor!” her friend continues, and my mum is sort of like what the hell. “that sofa is so expensive! it’s real leather! if just one skin cell gets on it it’s ruined forever and I’ll have to sell my car remortgage the house and put my kids up for adoption–”

(she didn’t really say that part but you get the idea. the selling/remortgaging/kids part. she did say the skin cell part, though.)

somewhere during this speech my mum has realised she’s serious and has sort of… slunk down onto the floor with me and the daughters. her friend literally just stops ranting at that second and immediately becomes the perfect host again, and hands her her wine. then she also sits on the floor.

a few hours later, her husband gets back from a hard day at work, and comes in and relaxes… on the hardwood floor. so that’s the story of how three kids and three fully grown adults all crammed onto the floorspace in one room, despite there being six perfectly comfortable, cushioned seats available, and that’s also the story of why you should only buy things you fucking use. we spent nearly a week there and I’m pretty sure my tailbone hasn’t recovered.


Nearly a minute left and the score was 3-2, he had a good enough chance to make a goal, have the game go into overtime with a tie, and win there. Rocket League was no joke. “I did it because you deserved it.” Ben spoke calmly, looking toward the TV. He was over it, the damage had been done to his memory of walking in on Alma and Dan fornicating on their apartment’s couch. He made an impulsive decision to buy a new couch to compensate the trauma, and now he felt inclined to admit what he’d been doing to Dan’s toothbrush. “Now could you please move? I have a reputation to save.” What? it was a ranked match. 

Virtual Reality or Escaping our 3D Perception?

The other day as we were doing our errands we decided to go to best buy and for starters i couldn’t believe how hypnotic and brainwashing the entire experience was…We went inside for blank CDs and ended up looking at everything except the CDs lol. 

Anyway between the massive flashy screens, latest iphones, newest ultra ultra HD TVs that look like colorful candy and shiny products, we saw they had a new product called Gear VR aka Virtual Reality. 

Now I will admit I’m ridiculously old-fashioned, I barely use a cell phone, I rarely text unless I need to, I don’t own a TV, we netflix or watch movies lol. I have a computer and a tablet but that’s like it. So to experience this new gagetry was a little mindbogging as a spiritual minimalist. 

Basically it hooks up through your samsung phone and you put on these goggles where your entire perception is altered from the device. You are literally submerged into this digital experience where you can go to hawaii, swim under the sea, go to the grand canyon or wherever.  Whenever you turn your head you are swimming or walking in this world completely detached from your present reality. You could really get lost in there. 

We are officially in the future!

While part of me is impressed we have reached this level of technological advancement, I can also see the dangerous implications of something like this. With a device like this, not only are we completely escaping our physical world, we’re detaching our mind from our bodies. It creates a point of out-of body that submerges you into a totally different world. 

Now take it if someone is depressed or obsessed with a device like this. They could physically get lost in these worlds completely losing all touch with their reality. This type of device while extravagent could cause full blown insanity or detachment from our body.
 While it is pretty cool tech, I can see this as extremely dangerous in some regard because just during this small amount of time trying this device. My perception was altered, I felt very ungrounded upon return, It felt like I went to space for 3 minutes then came back to earth. It also was advised that for someone using this, they need to be sitting down instead of standing up. 

We already live in a world where people are constantly staring at TVs or cellphones do we really want to add more submersion and disconnection towards our reality? 

Now on the positive side what I found interesting is the symbolism behind this technology. The realization that as a society we have become so advanced in technology that we have created a device that literally transports your consciousness to a new dimension at will. Within seconds. 

So while the device is kinda creepy, the symbolism behind what this means is really mind-altering. 

We have created a technology that transports consciousness and shifts to a new dimension at will. Within seconds. 

Perhaps this yearning for the future is in actuality a realization that we are now officially the future we kept seeing in movies most of our lives. 

We are the future. 

The realizations of this are really outstanding for humanity! 

While I don’t agree with the need to completely disengage ourselves with virtual reality - technology. Our society has reached a peak in understanding where we are no longer settling for the old world, the old paradigm. We have reached a peak of non-compliance. 

We are starting to create and transmogrify different dimensions of consciousness and ways to create fantasies and dreams into reality. 

The real Question then becomes…when will society start catching up to this realization that these symbols are merely tools constructed within ourselves, Thoughts? 

BTS Reaction to their gf not wanting to go out because she wants to watch a show

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Namjoon: Namjoon probably just wouldn’t understand why you didn’t want to go out and see the movie that you two had been fussing over because there was a new episode of your favorite show airing. He would laugh and sit down across from you, explaining very carefully that you could simply tape the episode and watch that anytime, the new movie wouldn’t be available for a while because it would be out of theatres soon. He would finally manage to convince you as he turned the television off and held your hand as you two walked to the door, promising that he would buy you popcorn.

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Suga: To be fully honest, I think that Suga would really not have a problem with this, only if it happened every once in a while. I think he would actually really enjoy not having to go out, and when he approached you all dressed up to go out to eat and you explained you were feeling a little under the weather, he would immediately go and change back into his pajamas. This would probably turn into a mini movie marathon and he would probably order take out food to further enhance the spontaneous ocassion. You guys would have a lot of fun cuddling together and both of you would be glad you didn’t have to go out.

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Jin: Jin would probably be shocked that you rejected a date with him because you were simply feeling lazy and wanted to stay back and watch TV, the sad part is that he would have really been looking forward to going out to eat at the new restaurant he had been raving about all week. He would probably try to convince you for quite some time, however he would soon realize that it was all futile and you probably weren’t getting off the couch anytime in the near future. He would just go and pick up some food from the restaurant and bring it home so you two could eat and watch your show together.

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J-Hope: J-Hope would get really annoyed because the two of you had already made plans and the fact that you didn’t want to stick to them because you were feeling lazy would probably irritaite him ever so slightly. He would sit down and probably argue a bit, explaining that everyday he had to go to schedules and practice for hours on end but he still did it anyways and that when you make a commitment, you need to stick to it. If you explained that you had a bad day or weren’t feeling well, he would probably understand more, however he would still want you two to go out and he would make sure that you had a good time.

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Jimin: Jimin would just try to convince you over and over again despite the fact it was probably not going to work. Your favorite show had released an entirely new season all in one night and there was no way that you were going to be leaving your apartment until you managed to finish it. Jimin and you would have had plans to go and meet up with some other idols, and he knew how much you liked his show and how badly you wanted to stay, however he would want to stick to the plan you two made up beforehand. He would probably get tired from talking so much to you and getting ignored that he would lie down on his back on the carpet and groan, looking up every so often with a smile on his face at how focused you were.

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V: Like with Suga, I think that V wouldn’t really care too much about staying home and instead watching TV together. He’s someone that probably wouldn’t mind too much about the activity at hand, he would care more about who he was with and he would do anything just to be by your side, especially because of his crazy schedule. V would get hooked on the show that you were watching, and you both would watch a multitude of episodes throughout the night. It would be 3 in the morning and the two of you would be exhausted as you agreed on going to sleep at the late hour, and he would be mumbling along to the theme song because it had imprinted itself in his mind.

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Jungkook: Jungkook would be happy to stay behind and watch television, especially because it’s something he doesn’t get to do often. He would probably be really keen on watching cartoons because he’s pretty young, and the two of you would probably have some candy or junk food cereal to go along with the feeling of being a kid again. You both would laugh and make fun of the silly actions and voices following the characters, and afterwards you would both crawl underneath the covers and talk about your most favorite episodes and sing along to all the theme songs you knew the words to.  

"the godfather”
“It looks incredibly stupid." 
"just shut up and watch”  
“It looks like some place on Earth, look at all the green…sickening…”
“i swear to every fuck i dont give if you chumps cant shut your god damn traps im gonna throw this fuckin’ tv out the window!" 

Stuck | Ethan & Charlie


There was a chill. The south was a strange place to witness winter coming because the leaves just fell off all of the trees making them look like thin fingers attempting to reach to the sky but never making it.

She had thought of him, although Charlie wasn’t entirely sure what his name was. Was it Elliot or Ethan? She wasn’t sure which one it was but his mind was vivid in her mind despite that. She was trying to forget it at times because she kept comparing him to her last two sexual encounters like there was a rating system she had.

She had a meeting with a television producer who had heard her on the radio, apparently, she was gaining some kind of cult following over the few podcasts and radio shows she was doing. Her dark brown locks were pulled into a ponytail as she was walking the musical streets of New Orleans in the afternoon going to buy some coffee and that’s when she spotted him.

“Aw, shit,” she muttered swallowing hard feeling this quickening of her heart. The voices were telling her it wasn’t love but a mere chemical reaction of being fucked so hard in the bathroom of some rich person she was playing Madam Charlie for. She stood there not knowing what to do for a minute and tried to dodge elsewhere before he caught her there.

wish you were here // paper windows 11 - deancas

part one, part ten , ao3


The other shoe drops sometime in early April, on a Wednesday. As shoe-dropping events go, this one is quite anti climatic.

For Dean, it isn’t a particularly good or bad day. He’s made his rounds and then some: money is tight, and he and Cas have been looking into buying a new TV set, one of those fancy ones that respond to voice control, although Dean secretly fantasizes about getting a new, bigger place. He’s had his pay raise approved, unbeknown to Cas, and has been sticking a few extra hundreds in a tin somewhere in their closet, but overtime never really hurts. It pays well and Dean is happy to drive for cash if the alternative is going back home when Cas isn’t there.

On this Wednesday, he’s just come out of his last round, close to midday, and Allen and he are sharing the last pack of Lucky’s they have, right outside the station’s break room. They are not supposed to smoke here, but if Chief Bill sees them, he will turn a blind eye.

Allen is waxing poetic about his daughter, Jemma, a beautiful dark girl of eight with a big puff of natural hair and mischievous hazel eyes. The pictures he shows Dean make his heart stutter, the warmth in Allen’s voice so evident that Dean can’t help but itch with longing, and wonder—not for the first time—if he and Cas would ever be allowed to have something like that. Something—real. Something like a family.

When he feels the phone buzzing in his back pocket, he thinks it may be his therapist, or Adela, or Ricardo, or maybe even Cas. He doesn’t expect the clinical female voice asking for a—Mr. Dean Winchester?

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