and then they don't kiss

Okay but what if the yousef/noora kiss was one of those things where it happened then immediately they both backed off like ‘shit that was a mistake’ and they both feel guilty and they didn’t know sana had seen and now yousef doesn’t know how to talk to her and noora wants to make it up to her but doesn’t know how


Love at first sight… In some way~

Finally got to do this after a few weeks chippin at schoolwork!

I still really love Oni Genji + Sanzang Zenyatta yo. Genji didn’t have the best intentions when he first met Zenyatta, but sure enough being together with Zen changed him. A lot. Also uh, he fell in love a lil.

…He’s wanted to do that kiss for a while.

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#Alec heads into the kiss with his eyes open #but when their lips finally meet #he closes his eyes for just a second #until opening his eyes #again #to check if this is real #that Magnus is here #with him #in his arms #kissing him back #that Magnus is safe and sound #and when Alec realizes this #he closes his eyes again #breathing Magnus in #letting relief washing over himself #Magnus is safe #and he loves him

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kiss practice? idk really.

i just think lance deserves the world’s affection and love.

  • Sarada: Mummy, when did you fall in love with Dad?
  • Sakura: mummy fell in love with daddy at a young age.
  • Sarada: was he your first kiss?
  • Sakura: no, Naruto was.
  • Sarada:
  • Sarada: wHAT
  • Sasuke: also Naruto

You know that Selina likes you when she steals from you… ;P

@myinnermostapocalypse  and @blueiceegirl
I hope you like it :D

I tried another style for this one, more rough and traditional :) (even if takes me sooooo long to do this x) )

Anyway, see you soon ;)