and then they don't get it on

We performed the OP to Season 2 of the TV Anime
For the first time at yesterday’s concert for #TSPOOK !
It was our first time performing the song, as well as wearing the outfits.
At first it was drizzling and then at the very end it rained more, but it was the best.
Thanks for coming to see us in the rain!

I forgot to take a full-body pic…
Took a pic of post-concert Saitou covered in sweat and rain.


Inktober Day 20: Deep

This wasn’t originally done as an inktober, but I thought it fit well with the theme for the day I drew it on so I’m counting it as an inktober.


PERIOD AU – requested by anon

Her first encounter with Mr. Strike was one of peculiar circumstances. On one of the hottest days of summer, she had spied him in the shade of a tall tree, engaged in what she would later learn to be an interview. There was something attractively direct to his demeanor, a tranquil confidence seemed to accompany him as he spoke. But what struck her imagination as most unusual was his smile. A smile which had the power to cease further insistence. 

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Do you think you can be a Ravenclaw although temperamental? When I get angry sometimes I think I would be able to kill someone. (Not that I would do it - it's not legal. But if it wouldn't be illegal maybe I would do it)

Yes you can definitely be a temperamental ravenclaw. Ravenclaws are often stereotyped as being robots, obsessed with science and bad with feelings. Everybody is going to have mood swings and feel extremes of emotion at times and whichever hogwarts house you identify with has nothing to do with that

Having said that, I do think you might need to talk to someone professional. There’s a difference between being temperamental and saying you’d consider killing someone if it weren’t illegal. I know you said you’d never do it but that’s still a very serious thing to say and I really do think you need to discuss this with someone

Things about Poly!Pack that make me happy #139898239:

Hayden helping Liam flirt with Theo and Tracy helping Theo flirt with Liam.

Reylo: Kylo and Rey’s scenes were sizzling with sexual tension, FIYAHHH


Reylo: ok, well Kylo really started getting interested in her once he saw how smart and powerful in the Force she was–


Reylo: yeah, well there’s the bridal carr–


Reylo: **sigh**

hey psa for no reason at all in particular that has nothing to do with anything i’m seeing in the tags – on my blog i ship pricefield and amberprice and i’m not about ship wars. that’s all.

Skye’s future wedding jitters

Skye’s friends are throwing her a bridal shower for her soon to be marriage with Jack

Nick: Heh, I can’t remember the last time I’ve been at a bridal shower. No, scratch that I’ve never been at a bridal shower. Not really my thing, but it is kinda exciting I guess. Not too shabby…

Skye: Nick can I..have a word with you?

Nick: Sure, why not *Skye takes him to the side, while Judy is helping out the guests with Nick’s and her mother*

Skye: Well..I..I’ve been thinking about this whole marriage thing…maybe it’s happening a little too soon.

Nick: What? 

Skye: I don’t want to marry Jack right now….

Nick: *tries to keep his signature grin on his face* Why? Skye, Jack is gonna be disapp-

Skye: I know! I know..but I’m not saying I NEVER want to marry. I just think that now is not the time.

Nick: …..That’s okay Skye.

Skye: Really?

Nick: If you don’t want to marry Jack, we’re not gonna make you marry him. *he continues to keep his grin*

Skye: Oh..thank you, Nick. And thank goodness, I thought with you, y’know being pregnant and all, your hormones would have exploded. And end up with you laying me out. Sooo…you’re really fine with me not marrying Jack…at this moment? Cause I mean..I’m like taking back everything I said before and you guys did all this for m-

Nick: It’s not a problem. C’mon we’re gonna have some of your cake. It’s still your party. *brings Skye along with him to her bridal shower cake which has written in icing “Bride to Be” and gives her a plate* Now, maybe I’ll give you the piece that says *finally snaps, ripping out a chunk of the cake with his paws and slamming it down on her plate in front of her* “BRIDE”!!!!

Then everyone else at the party was staring in shock, wondering what just happened between the two foxes. There was awkward silent for some time. Nick is standing there glaring at Skye with his arms crossed. While Skye is trying to put on a reassuring smile to try to calm the hormonal fox down. Soon Judy was quickly on her way over to them to ease down their stress.

My roommate has a friend over and she made crepes for the two of them guess i’ll starve.


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Small question: What does the "Bad Day Tag" mean?

((the bad day tag exists for my own sake, every time someone sends me a nice message about my blog I tag it with that so when the inevitable Bad Days roll around and I feel like quitting or I’m asking myself why I even bother, I can remind myself how nice y’all are and why I draw stuff like this to begin with! :O))