and then they change the scene to her

I don’t understand people who are saying that Eva’s character development meant nothing now that her and Jonas might be getting back together.

Eva has grown up so much throughout the last 3 seasons. Part of the reason her and Jonas didn’t work out was because she felt so dependent on him. Now Eva is stronger and more independent, and she feels like she can finally be with Jonas because she’s changed as a person from what she was in season 1.

This scene doesn’t take away from her character development. It shows how much our girl has grown.

Snk EP37 thoughts: The removed Snk 51 scene

[A recap post about Ackerhealing and Ackerman theories]

It has been 1 week that I am EXTRA LATE, still I want to mention this:

Yup this’s my edit of the Episode 37 extra scene aka the missing scene in chapter 51~!

Now I wonder if the anime team had deliberately changed the scene from this

Chapter 51

to this

…For some reasons.

I mean…due to the around 1 week time skip after the Survey Corps returning to Wall Rose, it seems Mikasa looks pretty fine—more important is, her rib injuries were never mentioned again, not only in anime, but also in the manga

Also Chapter 51…

So…you say Mikasa has recovered from her rib injuries within 1 week?


Doesn’t it sound fishy?

Recently I start to wonder if the ancestors of the Ackerman family are humans undergone titan serum injection experiments conducted by the royal family, and those who obtained extraordinary strength and fast-healing power were chosen to be the bodyguards of the King.

I wonder what does the word “byproducts” mean.

Creating a new race through scientific experiments?

What if, the Marleyan government realize the existence of the Ackerman family, and they want to build an Ackerman army working for the Marleyans?

Remember Marley has a Titan Chemistry Research Society?

Remember those wounded soldiers in chapter 94?

Do you think the Marleyans are really sending them to hospitals for medical care?

Falco would probably say it’s doubtful too!

And there’s a Missing 9th Titan (aka Marley’s 7th Titan), right?

Can you imagine the Marleyans using it as a tool for some secret titan serum injection experiment programs trying to figure a way to create deadly living weapons after the golden age of titan power?

The scene with wynonna and nicole breaks my heart because nicole is just trying to explain that waverly has changed and it gets interpreted the wrong way and you can just see nicole give up in the end because she has no fight left in her after the day she’s had, and wynonna is just trying to look out for waverly because she’s the only living relative she’s got left and she’s completely broken after killing both her sister and her father!! Give these two a break 2k17

Sanversweek Day 7: Soulmate AU

[note: all of the dialogue is from Supergirl episode 2x03. This is my reinterpretation of the scene where Maggie and Alex meet, in a universe where you start to see color when you meet your soulmate.]

Alex walked up to the crime scene, ready to take charge, just like always. What she did not expect was to see someone else already there. She really didn’t expect that the person there would be a really attractive cop.

The woman was inspecting evidence on the ground. She hadn’t noticed Alex’s presence yet. Alex smiled. The woman really was attractive. Her dark, wavy hair flowed in the breeze, and her eyes seemed to sparkle. Alex started to walk over. As much as she liked her first impression of the woman, she knew that she needed to take control of this crime scene.

Alex didn’t notice yet, but her vision was starting to change. Color was slowly seeping into the black and white world that she lived in. It was barely a noticeable change, and Alex was so focused on the crime scene that she didn’t even perceive a difference.

“Hey,” said Alex. The woman looked up from the evidence she was inspecting. “What the hell are you doing at my crime scene?”

“Anyone ever tell you all you feds sound the same,” the woman said, standing up. It’s like you all watch the same bad movies together at Quantico.”

“Who are you?” asked Alex.

“Detective Maggie Sawyer, NCPD Science Division,” replied the woman. “I handle all cases involving aliens and things that go bump in the night.”

She held out her badge for Alex to inspect.

“Showed you mine, show me yours,” said Maggie. Alex grabbed her badge from her pocket, and pressed the hidden button that allowed her to change it from a DEO badge, to any other organization.

“Alex Danvers, Secret Service,” she said. “I’m sure you mean well detective, but this is a federal crime scene. You’re contaminating my evidence.”

Maggie looked at Alex with a shocked expression, “I’m contaminating it? Your lackey over there is bagging charred carpet and crispy limo into the same ziplock. I thought the Secret Service would pay closer attention to detail.”

“We have technology that makes your city PD lab look like an easy bake oven.”

“Us dumb local cops would never deduce that the president’s assailant was either Kryptonian or Infernian. Both species have heat vision,” said Maggie.

“Thank you,” Alex said. “We’ll take it from here.”

“The airport’s within my jurisdiction.”

“Your jurisdiction ends where I say it does,” said Alex forcefully.

“See you around Danvers,” said Maggie, making eye contact with Alex, before walking away. Alex stared at her as she got farther and farther away. Suddenly, she realized that she was seeing everything differently than usual. The world was bright and vibrant, especially Maggie. As much as she was annoyed by Maggie being at her crime scene, she realized that she was going to end up falling in love with this woman. Maggie was her soulmate.

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Scarlet compares to her marriage, sounds more like a breakup than a happy ending. I think it's going to be a painful dissolution because she compares to what she was living at the time in her life and having to film this emotional scene, we know she's going through a divorce that is not friendly.

I agree, I think Johansson is indicating some kind of grieving going on. It makes me wonder what Nat’s remaining hopes were for the bond between them, how Ragnarok will change him, what kind of grief she still has from Civil War…

And honestly I’m really curious what kind of lowkey support Bucky might be able to offer in odd moments as they all prepare for a fight. It’s an exciting dynamic to consider. I think it’s pretty popular in BuckyNat circles to imagine her helping him through an adjustment she’s been through herself. But he’s seen parts of her no one else has, and if she’s feeling lost rn, the right moment or two between them could be really interesting. They could skip the “do you remember me” preliminaries and head right to working together. And when she looks shaken, he tries to help.

Why Chriseva did never happen

That clip and the scene with Emma was to show us that Chris will never change for Eva or any girl because he’s a fuckboy. He thought he was “kind in love with Eva” but then he saw a cute (and unsecured) girl and went for her. It wasn’t love at first sight, it was wow- she’s-gorgeous-I-want-to-fuck-her first sight. Eva wasn’t mean for a fuckboy, at least no after tha first season when she understood that she deserves respect and a healthy relationship. Eva is an empowered woman now and someone like her would never stand to be with the kind of guy Chris was. On the other hand, Emma is unsecured. She’s the kind of girl who had a lot of relationships because she needs to feel loved and because she doesn’t love herself enogh. That’s the kind of girl who can end up with a fuckboy. A boy who haven’t asked her for her consent but she being unsecured feels like she deserves things like this. You know that Jonas was in love with that crazy and unconscious girl Eva was before we met her. Now she’s herself again. She’s secure about her opinions and choices, we could see it when those hate accounts appeared. She was against that kind of stuff and I’m sure Jonas saw it too. Don’t forget the end of first season. Eva told him she needed to encourage herself again to stay with him again.

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Ok, so I love the movie Titanic. I’ll start there. I was in the 4th grade when it came out and I was OBSESSED. I thought it was so romantic… and sad… and That Music… MAN. But now, as an adult, I’m skeptical about some things.

So I’ve always interpreted the last scene of the movie as Rose dying and going to heaven or “home” with Jack on the Titanic (all the other passengers that are standing there clapping are ones who died during the tragedy). So there Rose is, finally reunited with Jack. But the kicker is, she knew Jack for like 2 days before he died. He was instrumental in her changing her life for the better and all, but it was two (2) days.

Rose eventually met someone, settled down with them and started a family. However, when she dies, she goes to “heaven” with JACK?

Like is her late-husband up there on the clouds looking down like “What about me, Bitch?”.

Not exactly a parallel but the part where Simm!Master was talking to Missy about how the Doctor wouldn’t forgive her because of his plot…did anyone else think of the scene with Clara about “Do you think that I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?”

I mean, it seems like Missy is going along with it so that changes things, but if she wasn’t…the Master’s done plenty of terrible things and the Doctor still gave her a chance.

things I love about Steve Trevor
  • He makes sure he actually thanks Diana for pulling him out of the water
  • The only time he ever expresses doubt to Diana about any of her beliefs is when he’s trying to convince her not to jeopardize the mission by killing Ludendorff, and even then it’s a hypothetical (“what if”)
    • He also does after she kills Ludendorff but that’s after her belief is shattered so I don’t really count it
  • He is so duty-bound I love him so much no wonder he and Diana got along so well
  • He just. Wants the people around him to be happy? The scene after they rescue Veld always kills me, and two parts in particular: 
    • When Charlie starts playing piano and singing and Steve says “I haven’t heard him sing in years…” and his face is all soft and you can see the shadow of a smile tugging at his lips but you can also see all the sadness in his eyes from those years of him not singing
    • And when he’s dancing with Diana and it starts to snow and she looks up and is so confused and delighted and he’s like “it’s snow… go on, touch it” and she does (also she has to let go of his hand to do it and he still encourages her to? such a small thing but oh man my heart) and he looks at her with such heart eyes
    • Honestly Chris Pine played him so well, so much complex emotion depicted even when he’s not speaking, like jfc well done
  • I love the boat scene, partly because it’s just fucking hilarious but mostly because their conversation is so respectful. She tells him she was sculpted from clay and brought to life by the breath of Zeus and his reaction is just to raise his eyebrows and say “Well, that’s neat.” 
    • I know that could read as sarcastic but it doesn’t to me at all. It’s funny, sure, but he isn’t making fun of her. It’s genuine and kind, even when what she’s saying is fairly unbelievable.
    • Just the entire way they speak in this scene… He never adopts that Mansplaining Tone™ that is so common, even when he’s actually explaining things. He talks because he wants to share information. It’s a cultural exchange, and I loved it.
  • After Veld, when they’re sitting and watching the villagers dance, he just quietly says, “You did this.” and she’s the one who smiles at him and says, “We did this.” He has so much respect for her and it kills me inside because it’s not “We did this” originally (which could be him pointing out that they’re a good team, him saying they have things in common, or a thousand other things), it’s just “You did this,” because he just wants her happy. He wants her to recognize how goddamn impressive she is. There is no agenda to what he said and it fucks me up
  • The entire scene with the kiss. Like, I’m gay as hell, usually I hate this kind of thing because it feels so unnecessary, but this was so well done I’m genuinely glad it was included
    • When he escorts her up to a room he then starts to leave. Even with all of that tension he doesn’t want to assume that she wants anything to happen. 
    • So he has his hand on the door and he starts to back out of the room and he hesitates just long enough for her to turn around and meet his gaze. And even then he’s reading that as a sign that she wants him in the room so he steps forward and closes the door behind her and then looks up again to confirm that’s what she wanted. And even after that, he crosses over to her so slowly and lets her be the one to actually initiate the kiss. 
    • He gives her a thousand and one chances to change her mind, to give him a small indication that she’s uncomfortable or doesn’t want it to happen, and it’s only once she lets all of those chances pass that they kiss. 
    • Consent-based relationships, man. Fuck me up.
  • Speaking of consent… the scene after Diana returns to Veld and sees the gas has killed everyone fucks me up
    • Steve’s followed her there and is clearly freaked the fuck out because she’s just gone and he physically can’t go in to try to find her because of the gas
    • So when she comes out he’s so visibly relieved and he goes forward and puts his hands around her face, clearly wanting to kiss her, and she shoves him away and says “stay away from me.” and he does.
    • He lets her be furious and devastated and overwhelmed because he knows what it’s like to feel powerless and I think he is genuinely sorry he contributed to her feeling this much pain. He lets her say she’s angry, he lets her blame him, he lets her grieve and doesn’t stop her when she leaves him there.
    • Not only does he not stop her, he sees the smoke from Chief’s fire and yells to her to follow it because he had followed Ludendorff. Their argument from the ballroom still isn’t resolved - she wants to just kill him and be done with it, Steve wants that to wait so they can focus on stopping the gas - but he recognizes that this is her choice and even after she’s basically just blamed an entire village’s deaths on him (and on herself) he tries to help her carry it out.
  • So after Diana’s killed Ludendorff and the war is still going on and Steve runs up to find her, he’s so visibly relieved that she’s alive and (like after Veld) goes to kiss her but backs away without her doing anything because he realizes the “stay away from me” thing has never been explicitly lifted. She might still want nothing to do with him and he respects that.
    • He does touch her a couple times after this but it’s always brief, I think it continues only because she didn’t react negatively the first time, and like they’re in the middle of a fucking war and I think Steve’s about 900% convinced that they’re all going to die so I’m gonna cut him a little slack here.
  • They have that “argument” again, where Diana says “this should have stopped, I killed him, why is this still going on” and instead of saying I told you so Steve just tries to get her to move on and help him save other people.
    • When he says “maybe it’s us! maybe we’re to blame!” (meaning not Ares) and she says that (obviously) she isn’t to blame, he doesn’t hesitate, he just says “but maybe I am.” He’s willing to put that on himself. Also, the qualifier through this scene - but maybe it’s us - is so important to me, because he’s still not saying “you’re wrong.” it’s a maybe.
    • When she refuses to go with him he’s clearly frustrated (again I’m giving him a pass here because he’s frustrated because he knows he won’t be able to save as many people without her) but he still doesn’t try to force her to go with him. He doesn’t guilt-trip her, doesn’t yell at her for not helping. He just gives that desperate shrug and says “I have to go. I’m sorry, I have to go.”
    • And when Charlie and Sam and Chief show up and ask where Diana is, all he says is “we’re on our own.” Not “she wouldn’t fucking help us” - which frankly is probably what I would have said in this situation - just that statement and nothing more.
  • In their final scene, when she’s hurt and dazed and temporarily hard of hearing, he breaks his “no touching” rule, but he breaks it because he’s helping her stand up and then because, well… even if she doesn’t, he knows he’s never going to see her again. 
    • It’s also super important to me that he doesn’t try to kiss her in this scene, because god knows he must have wanted to. He sees that she is in no shape to consent to anything like that and he doesn’t even come close to pushing it.
    • I’m not even gonna get into the “I can save today” part because I’m still too emotionally fraught
    • He says is “I wish we had more time.” before he tells her he loves her and literally runs to his death. That’s it. Nothing that could possibly make her feel guilty, nothing that could have seemed like he regretted anything. Not “I wish we hadn’t gone to the front.” Just “I wish we had more time.”
    • And he then, metaphorically and literally, gives her more time. Because he knows his clock has run out, but that doesn’t mean hers has to… So he runs and saves today and gives her his watch. Gives her time.
  • Anyway I’m seventeen thousand levels of fucked up from this movie, please feel free to add because Steve is amazing and a genuinely good, complex, respectful male character like this should be celebrated

I want to tell a quick story about how important representation in television is, and how Sense8 is really making a tangible difference. You can repost if you like, I thought your followers might enjoy it.

My dad is a wealthy, white, conservative male who voted for Trump. He’s not a hateful person…in fact he’s one of the kindest people you’ll meet and he can talk to a random stranger for hours. But he’s extremely fiscally conservative and tends to have a narrow world view. 

He and I argue a lot. He calls me a naive liberal who has no idea how the real world works. I call him a decrepit old man who wouldn’t know innovation if it kicked him in the teeth. It’s our way of keeping each other on our toes. 

But we love to watch TV together. Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and Vikings are a few of our favorites. I always held off on showing him Sense8…I honestly didn’t think he’d like it. But one day he asked me “What should we watch next?” and I though…why not?

He absolutely loved it. Yeah he thought the sex scenes were a little gratuitous, but he couldn’t stop watching. He even started talking about it to all his brothers and friends during our BBQ. I was so pumped he enjoyed it. 

But it was one scene in particular that really changed things for him: Nomi’s speech during her sister’s rehearsal dinner in episode 2x8. 

You see, my dad thought Nomi’s relationship with her Mom was unrealistic. He said “Parents love their kids unconditionally. No real mother would ever say those types of things. I mean…she’s not abusive. She’s not a drug addict or an alcoholic. And clearly no money problems at home. A real mom wouldn’t hate their kids just because.”

I was floored and didn’t know what to say at first. He had called me sheltered and naive so many times…and then he says something like that. I realize that it’s because he loves me so much (and would still love me so much even if I were trans) that he found a character like Nomi’s mom not just unrelatable, but completely unrealistic. 

But eventually I say this. 

“Dad…about half of homeless youth are LGBT. Believe it or not, this is one of the most realistic parts of the show.”

To which he replies: “Oh. Really? I…didn’t know that.”

And then a few minutes later Nomi’s says her speech and I look over and my dad is tearing up, just a little. 

“You doing alright over there?”

“Yeah…yeah I just….I’m fine. But I think I get it a little more now.”

So that’s my story. Even old white guy who voted for Trump is heartbroken about Sense8’s cancellation. That says a lot about how big a mistake Netflix is making. 

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In defense of Belle’s yellow dress

I’ve seen a lot of hullaballoo about Belle’s dress in the new BEAUTY AND THE BEAST movie—it’s not historically accurate, it’s too plain, etc. While I agree that from a purely aesthetic standpoint, it’s not my favorite gown, from a CHARACTER perspective, I think it’s perfect.

There’s a lot of talk about Belle being ‘odd,’ but the old animated movie doesn’t really explore that. The new movie shows more of Belle’s personality as someone who approaches things in her own way, who is creative, who genuinely does come off as a little different. Look at her other costumes in the movie. She almost certainly makes her own clothes- look at her quirky, practical village dress, with the tucked-up skirt so that she can be more active, or the whimsical flower embroidery on her brown traveling cloak.

We all saw Belle get frustrated by the giant frou-frou dresses that Madame de Garderobe tries to put on her (she literally escapes from under them). I would not be surprised if Belle cut and sewed up one of those old dresses to make one that fit her size, her style, and her desire for free movement. She’s lived in a village her whole life—she knows nothing about the high fashion of her time—but she knows what she likes and what she imagines. The dress is very light, flowy, and if you look closely, the layers of the skirt aren’t hemmed, they’re cut off. Her ear cuff and the simple lines of the dress don’t look like 18th century France, but they do look like Belle.

Maurice says about Belle’s mother, “I knew a girl who was so different, so daring, so ahead of her time that people mocked her until the day they found themselves imitating her.” Belle is ahead of her time, and she creates her own style.

Just look at her gorgeous wedding gown at the end of the movie. This is not an 18th century ballgown, and it’s VERY different from the dresses that the Prince’s guests wear at the beginning of the movie. This is a Belle creation, too. 

I actually want to delve into this ‘ahead of her time’ concept a little more. This movie is very obsessed with the concept of ‘time.’ From the giant clock tower on the palace to the clock character to the falling rose petals that measure the fleeting time until the curse is permanent, to the way the villagers all instantly snap into action the second the clock strikes, the idea of time and schedule is everywhere. The songs all talk about “tale as old as time,” ‘forever,’ etc. 

Belle resists that. She’s the first one awake before the rest of the village springs into motion, singing about how every day is like the one before. She talks the Beast out of trapping Maurice in the castle “forever,” and then later, gets out of that ‘forever’ herself. The rules about the curse even change when the Enchantress transforms the dead Beast back into a living Prince when Belle says “I love you” after the time limit has run out. When she reads books, she likes to be ‘transported’ to other places and times. Belle defies time, while the villagers and the Beast are all defined by it.

When we first meet the Prince, he is fascinated by fashion, and everyone who surrounds him is dressed in the height of style—of their time period. His castle is a monument of Baroque art and over-the-top modern style—and he appreciates none of it. There is so much detail and so much beauty surrounding him that he’s become completely blind to it. Belle changes that. She shows him the beauty in everything around him, re-introduces him to what makes his castle gorgeous all over again. In that famous ballroom scene, the ballroom is incredibly ornate, but the Beast is focusing only on her, in her simple, bright gown as a focal point. She’s given him something to focus on, symbolically and literally.

When Belle comes down the stairs in a dress that’s completely her own style, the Beast doesn’t sneer at her unfashionable dress the way he would have before the curse—he’s in awe of her beauty.

And because of all of that, I think Belle’s dress is  perfect.

“Poor little queen…”

Since I love my wife, I had to draw her in my interpretation of what she’d wear in the Fateswap AU. I have a whole boatload of ideas for how it’d go, but that’s for later.

Some extra reference pics ✨


“I always liked this little detail, that little girl’s hand smooths out the napkin. You just see there’s a whole life of indoctrination that traps a person and contains them in this shell.” – James Cameron, director

“I thought that was a very poignant scene because these children, these little girls and boys, were in straitjackets at that time. Spontaneous behavior was strictly out. Everything they did had to be thought about beforehand. I thought that scene showed very well how Rose felt.” – Lynne Hockney, choreographer/etiquette coach

“This is a wonderful scene because Rose looks over and she sees this little girl being groomed to be what she was groomed to be. And she realizes this little girl is heading her way. The small child is being turned into what Rose has been doomed to.” – Don Lynch, Titanic historian

Titanic audio commentary

I think I figured out why I am so obsessed with Wondertrev.

Their innocence and how neither actually changed their morals when together.

Steve also knew she had to do this, and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to stop her. He knew she had to do what she had to do and he had to do what he had to do.

My favorite scene is when Diana thinks she killed Ares, and Steve runs up to her and she’s asking why the war is still happening.

So he has to explain how mankind is kinda fucked up and break her heart in the process.

However, it isn’t that.

It’s how Chris Pine acted.

Two (or three?) times Chris had his character reach out to touch Diana’s face but not touch it. He had his hands form fists multiple times in trying to explain this, and he had a low voice when showed Steve didn’t know what to say or do. There was a raw emotion Steve had towards Diana.

I act, and these types of things are not in scripts. The emotion surrounding two characters does not say in a script because the script cannot force an actor the feel something.

The actor must.

Chris took this scene and made it so raw and so heartbreaking by the way he interacted with Gal. This was a truly remarkable scene.

I feel people aren’t giving Chris or Gal enough credit. Yes, they are talking about this scene, but they are not talking about what was involved in it. How it became remarkable and why it is.

I think one of my favorite things about wondertrev is that even after they sleep together (because let’s be real they totally did it) their relationship does not really change. There was no scene afterwards that showed them awkwardly looking at each other, not knowing what to say, or making a big deal out of it. Steve doesn’t suddenly become overprotective of her or treat her differently. They still encouraged each other, respected each other, and argued throughout the movie. Their relationship and love for each other continued to progress without putting an emphasis that they were a couple