and then they change the scene to her

ookay, so, my thoughts Runaways episode 1:

  • boy, adult writers trying to write teens, huh? #blessed #teenlife
  • Gert is an “insufferable sjw.” that’s literally a line from the episode, and i suspect it’s also how the writers described her in the script
  • there’s a rape-attempt scene about 40 minutes in, so, watch out for that
  • Molly is the most changed from the comics, and honestly she’s also the most likeable character so far.

I’m hoping it gets better on episodes 2 and 3, but i think i’ll watch them later

It’s fucked me up realizing that Kara decked Mon-El and stayed by his cell the entire time he was unconscious, waiting and wondering why the man she once knew could have changed so much. Trying to keep herself together but falling apart as she told him how it felt not knowing if he was alive or dead. Feeling confused about why he was acting so distant now that he was back. And the only thing he gives her is a simple apology—nothing else. My heart shattered into a million pieces during this scene. Kudos to Melissa and Chris for being amazing as usual.

Joker is 100% ready to steal the Normandy at any time. Any time. There’s no scene in ME1 where Shepard has to convince him to buy into her plan because there was literally no scene, she just popped through the airlock, tossed “stealing the ship btw” over her shoulder, and he was ready to go by the time she got back from changing. If he’d been on the Normandy when Clone Shepard boarded, they’d be halfway to Omega before he even realized the ship was full of CAT-6. That’s how ready he is to steal the Normandy.

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Hi! I'm sorry to bother I wanted to ask you in ch120 of Re what exactly was the meaning of Touka's words about her father? She thought he was an idiot but then did she mean that she would have accepted his sins if that meant keeping on living with him or that she had wanted him to change so they could still be a family?

Hi anon! Sure, let’s see what we have here.

Touka wanted Arata to change so that they could stay together. That whole scene is Touka basically saying to Akira that they are the same, but whereas Akira is proud that her father had killed people, Touka recognizes that it was a wrong thing for Arata to do. Were he not a revenge-fueled investigator-killing machine, they could’ve stayed together longer.

That’s why she asks Akira in the beginning of their conversation, “Have you ever thought what would happen were your dad not a revenge-fueled, ghoul-killing machine?” (the answer she then gives is that Mado would have stayed with Akira longer).

Touka also doesn’t think Arata was an idiot for killing, or for getting himself caught, she says he was an idiot for choosing to stay in the past and focus on revenge instead of his children.

The second illustration created by the talented Dzioo. Again, the facial expressions are so amazing! And the way she made entire scene glow… 

I asked her to recreate this scene in Chapter 9 simply because it captures what the entire story was about. Dzioo went above and beyond here. Not only she managed to capture the scene from the initial draft (which has changed quite a bit after the editing and beta’ing), she made it better. I literally changed the entire dialogue at the end of the chapter to accentuate what Dzioo created. 

I’m lucky she decided to illustrate this story. I’m quite happy with the end product.

Please support Dzioo by commissioning her for work, or reblogging. 😁

Abraca—switch! Or The Tale of Edward Elric vs. the Mischievous Body-Snatcher

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“Zoe loves the movies. So I knew if I was going to propose, it had to involve the movies. But I can’t make a movie myself because I don’t work in film. So I had to get creative. I ordered a black-and-white Italian film from a vintage film dealer. It seemed vaguely romantic. I spent four months editing it on my computer. I changed all the subtitles. I cut out the harem scene. I completely changed the plot so that it resembled our lives. I wrote some dialogue about picture frames because Zoe’s family owns a frame shop. And I love trains. So I made the main character a train enthusiast. When I finished the editing, I rented out a small theater with sixty seats. I invited all of Zoe’s friends and family. I made sure everyone sat in the front and didn’t turn around. The weather was beautiful that day. Zoe didn’t want to go to a movie. We got in a big fight about it, but I finally convinced her. I was so nervous that I laughed during the whole film. I’d seen all the jokes 1000 times but I laughed at them anyway. Then during the final scene, the main characters started speaking to the audience, and one of them asked: ‘Does anyone here want to get married?’ So I stood up. The lights came on. All her friends and family turned around. And I gave a speech that I prepared. I was so nervous that I forgot to ask the actual question. But Zoe bailed me out and said ‘yes’ anyway.”

will byers is gay: a thorough character analysis

disclaimer: this is not me “forcing sexuality” on will. if you think him being gay is inappropriate but have no problem with mileven and/or lumax (who are all the same age as will), i’ve got some news for you.

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The final scene in Monster Bash addressed what we all thought, that Star was rushing things too much in this half of season. She had all the best intentions, obviously, but still didn’t stop to think, to plan, for a moment - and Eclipsa’s influence, despite how little they talked together so far, didn’t help for sure. As soon as Star got over her nasty obsession heartache for Marco’s smell she seemingly set onto changing her life for good. Become a better princess, improve Mewni. Maybe she didn’t stop even for a moment because she feared she might have relapsed into her old habits of leaving things unfinished, running away at the first difficulty, and that’s why she was annoyed by Marco’s return at first in Lint Catcher: Not because she didn’t want him back in her life, but because she was scared of what it could have lead to (this obviously turned out not to be the case, since if anything Marco is the most supportive person she has).

Could this “youthful rashness” apply to Tomstar as well, though? In Club Snubbed Star was initially clear on what she’d have liked Tom to be: a friend. But she was quick, even too quick, to change idea in the following episode, as soon as she saw in him a “kindred spirit”, someone who was going through a similar situation of great changes (plus great duties from being a royal heir). 

Could the accelerated pace at which Tomstar happened be blamed on the writers wanting to find a quick and easy way to add drama to the mix, or (and I truly hope it’s this second case) it was all part of Star “rushing things to a fault” new style of life? Tom’s behavior and priorities didn’t match Star’s ones in Monster Bash, but this got fixed before the end of the episode, making up for some good growth moments for Star. The opposite didn’t get addressed further, though: Star’s priorities and expectations in their relationship didn’t seem to match Tom’s ones, and I don’t think this can be blamed on how busy with the planning she was. While Tom wanted to kiss, Star reacted in a playful, almost childish way.

Could this be Star’s version of the events addressed in Sophomore Slump? Just like Marco couldn’t put full effort into his relationship with Jackie because part of his heart was always with Star (because let’s be real here, the issues where there way before The Battle For Mewni, even when Star was still living on Earth), Star can’t be fully invested in her relationship with Tom not only because she was too busy with Mewni, but because that’s not what she truly wants, just what she thought she needed. 

Is it possible that just like Star tried to change Mewni overnight, just to realize that’s not as easy as it seems, she might have also tried to change her feelings for Marco way too quickly for her own good?

[SUMMARY] BTS 2013-2017:

2013: Kids who turned gangsta because the school system is sh*t but they still have dreams. They will also feel embarrassed because of their name (Bulletproof boy scouts) soooo much they will just simply make TWO songs singing their name #Logic

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2014: Somehow they fell in love and the girl is in danger? but simply speaking they are just having a one-sided love and the girl is a b*tch who is using them. Also just like a pregnant woman their mood is not steady due to hormones. 

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2015: We don’t know if it’s still the same girl but they need one now. Also, they found a hobby: running (This explains the thighs *wink*). They are very sad and depressed but they like to party together. Until they decide to have a career because that’s dope and clubbing is not. It was also the year with SO MANY theories and questions. All their fans became full-time inspectors and part-time psychiatric hospital patients.  

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2016: That year was THE year. First, they started putting on fire EVERYTHING while dancing in an empty swimming pool. Then some months later asked for help in some kinda field. And when we thought it can’t get any more insane. Well … recall that b*tch from before? now they are telling her to take their blood, sweat, tears, soul, cold breath, last dance … then they ask her to choke them then kill them! BOI ANY GURL WILL RUN AWAY WHAT THE HELL JUST GIVE HER A TEDDY BEAR! I am starting to really think it’s not the girl’s fault.

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2017: Well this year was full of plot twists. They call a song Spring Day but they froze filming it in winter. They said they were bulletproof but they got shot. And when we thought they made ‘Wings’ so now they will stop running, guess WHAT? they added black ninjas to the club (just to be EXTRA) and went running in the mountains (because a gym is too ORDINARY). And it didn’t end there. Recall that girl AGAIN we talked about? Now they think they are related to her via their DNA. And called an album after HER. They are definitely not obsessed but one thing for sure the fans like HER. One last thing they are now Beyond The Scene a name no one will mention but their Wikipedia page.  

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But seriously after only 4+ years, BTS kept evolving, changing and experiencing with different styles while not failing to produce quality music, dance, and content. Indeed the questions are: How much can they grow? How far will they go? And CAN WE GET SOME REAL ANSWERS PLEASE??? 

By @mimibtsghost

“Poor little queen…”

Since I love my wife, I had to draw her in my interpretation of what she’d wear in the Fateswap AU. I have a whole boatload of ideas for how it’d go, but that’s for later.

Some extra reference pics ✨

The Race of Drag, Act 5, Scene 5: A Woman of Citrus Tone

Open the scene upon two maidens, both noble in heritage, one Coco of House Montrese and the other Alyssa of House Edwards. The wenches feud without end.

Alyssa: (with slight jest) Hark, lady Montrese! before another stroke one would apply to the face which so delicately crafted was, one may wish to include abundance of rose-tones into thy eye.

Coco: (spitefully) How laughable! Trifle thee not with the beat i make as we speak, instead if thou wouldst simply consider thyself’s beat, not once a variation crossed it has, not once a change has struck your features bare, on the runway show you only one look!

Alyssa becomes increasingly agitated

Alyssa: (with aggression) Wench! Behold how the citrus tones dominate your face, the orange climbing like ivy to cover your features, the colour standing garish in the sun’s light.

Both adopt a shakily joking tone, a deeply fragile atmosphere enthralls the room

Coco: Begin not this petty game, foul woman.

Alyssa: To be behind me are thy too familiar, to fall short and face defeat, this petty game thou shalt not here begin to change, mama.

The room grows loud with exclamations of shock and awe

Coco: (bitterly) Now, Alyssa too far pushed this hast! Know your limits, witch.

Alyssa: (in complete jest) Your emotions too deep affected you have, fool! Understand all i said was in jest.

Coco: (with anger) I jest not

Coco leaves Alyssa cleft in twain, killing her instantly, 



“I always liked this little detail, that little girl’s hand smooths out the napkin. You just see there’s a whole life of indoctrination that traps a person and contains them in this shell.” – James Cameron, director

“I thought that was a very poignant scene because these children, these little girls and boys, were in straitjackets at that time. Spontaneous behavior was strictly out. Everything they did had to be thought about beforehand. I thought that scene showed very well how Rose felt.” – Lynne Hockney, choreographer/etiquette coach

“This is a wonderful scene because Rose looks over and she sees this little girl being groomed to be what she was groomed to be. And she realizes this little girl is heading her way. The small child is being turned into what Rose has been doomed to.” – Don Lynch, Titanic historian

Titanic audio commentary