and then they cane at you

Glide (Mulligan x Reader) Part 4

Words: 1800+

Warnings: blood, pain, cussing

A/N: sorry i took so long! i just didn’t know where the story was going, since it was only supposed to be a one-shot, but here you go! enjoy!

Part: One Two Three

“No, I can’t heal myself.” You whispered, looking away from his glaring face. The man smacked his lips, shaking his head at you.

“Why are you lying!” He banged a cane he had on the concrete floor, making a hole. You jumped, moving your legs closer to your body.

What’s with this guy? And how did he find out that you had powers?

“I’m not lying! I swear, I can’t heal myself. I could heal other people, but just scratches or little cuts. Nothing else.” You said desperately, not wanting him to hit you again. He smiled, throwing the stick to the side. You were staring at Madison’s body, still slumped over in the corner. Thomas followed your gaze and smirked.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. Just give him a few more minutes.”

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Imagine Vampire!Reader marrying Gerard.

He proposes with these words: “I know that, as a human, I’ll eventually die and break your heart. But, if you’ll allow me to be selfish…..I would love to spend the rest of my short, mortal life with you.”

At first, you look around the same age. But, as Gerard begins to age, people who see you together start making “gold digger”/“trophy wife” comments, because they assume he’s much older than you (even though in reality, you’re centuries older than he is). Eventually, he starts getting mistaken for your father, or even your grandfather. But, you don’t care. You love him still.

Eventually, a day comes where his hair is snow-white, and he walks with a cane, and you have to help him with a lot of stuff, because his body doesn’t work the way it used to. But, you still look as fresh and young as the day he met you.

“I don’t deserve someone so beautiful”, he sighs.
You argue, “You’re the only one who does.”

After the #meettheartist i’m doing the #meetmyfriends ‘cause I really want to make our “personas” in differents worlds~

Sooo I introduce you my dear friend Jake aka Akijake ~ She’s really afraid by granny with cane x)

Après le #meettheartist je fais le #meetmyfriends car j’ai pour but de faire nos “personas” dans différent monde héhé, ça va prendre du temps mais je vais le faire~

Du coup voici ma bonne amie Jake aka Akijake qui est vraiment effrayé par les vieilles dames qui ont une canne x)

You guys are all the best. Thank you to everyone that shared and donated. I have enough to get the new cane I need. You’re all the best <3 

And the people that donated, if you’d like a poodle just send me a message so I can make it and send it to you!!!

depression tips™
  • shower. not a bath, a shower. use water as hot or cold as u like. u dont even need to wash. just get in under the water and let it run over you for a while. sit on the floor if you gotta.
  • moisturize everything. use whatever lotion u like. unscented? dollar store lotion? fancy ass 48 hour lotion that makes u smell like a field of wildflowers? use whatever you want, and use it all over. 
  • put on clean, comfortable clothes. 
  • put on ur favorite underwear. cute black lacy panties? those ridiculous boxers u bought last christmas with candy cane hearts on the butt? put em on.
  • drink cold water. use ice. if u want, add some mint or lemon for an extra boost.
  • clean something. doesn’t have to be anything big. organize one drawer of ur desk. wash five dirty dishes. do a load of laundry. scrub the bathroom sink. 
  • blast music. listen to something upbeat and dancey and loud, something that’s got lots of energy. sing to it, dance to it, even if you suck at both.
  • make food. don’t just grab a granola bar to munch. take the time and make food. even if it’s ramen. add something special to it, like a hard boiled egg or some veggies. prepare food, it tastes way better, and you’ll feel like you accomplished something. 
  • make something. write a short story or a poem, draw a picture, color a picture, fold origami, crochet or knit, sculpt something out of clay, anything artistic. even if you don’t think you’re good at it.
  • go outside. take a walk. sit in the grass. look at the clouds. smell flowers. put your hands in the dirt and feel the soil against your skin.
  • call someone. call a loved one, a friend, a family member, call a chat service if you have no one else to call. talk to a stranger on the street. have a conversation and listen to someone’s voice. if you can’t, text or email or whatever, just have some social interaction with another person. even if you don’t say much, listen to them.
  • cuddle your pets if you have them/can cuddle them. take pictures of them. talk to them. tell them how u feel, about your favorite movie, a new game coming out.

highlights of the we are number one stream:

  • stefan has special robbie rotten character teeth that he keeps in a box in his house
  • one of the robbies picked up a cane and used it as an bass/flute
  • every time stefan said the word “meme” my heart glowed
  • “some of these memes are psychedelic”
  • in response to a fan’s question “how do you become number one?” stefan said “you know what? you’re already number one. all you have to do is make a meme. or watch one!” *big thumbs up, big smile*
  • stefan looked into the camera with his lyric sheet and said “I know all of you know the words, but I DON’T”
  • it was basically four friends having a goofy dance party in stefan’s living room and it was adorable

i’m really glad that stefan karl and friends were well enough to do this on facebook!!

whats poppin in that peppermint pussy
Danny Sexbang
whats poppin in that peppermint pussy

whats poppin in that peppermint 🍬🔴⚪️ pussy 🍑💦 u little snowhoe ❄️👅👀🎄 DICKCEMBER 🎄 is almost 👌🏼here 🚨🍆🍒 and the only way to stay warm is to ride daddy’s christmASS tree 🎄🍑✔️ all month long until his SAP comes out 🍺👅💦💯 but don’t forget ❌❌ to lick off any syrup 🌬🍯 from daddy’s HARD candy cane 🍭😩 if u wanna get RAWED 🚼🍆😩😏 under the mistleHOE 🌿 send this to 2️⃣5️⃣ of ur thickest elves 👩🏽👩🏾 if u get 0️⃣ back then you’re an UNGLY GRINCH 😷😴 if u get 🔟😋back ur a BAD JINGLE BELL BITCH 🔥🙌🏾 if u get 2️⃣0️⃣ back 😏 then get ready for daddy claus and st DICKolas on christmAss eve 🎄❗️🎄 share in 6️⃣9️⃣😉💦 seconds or u won’t get be gettin dicked down 😱 in 2️⃣❗️0️⃣❗️1️⃣❗️7️⃣❗️

i have like. a lot to say about why sherlock failed as t.v. show bc i think as a writer it’s a really crucial study in how to ruin a good premise/beginning and tbh if not to just … study how not to handle characters it’s pretty fascinating bc there are some truths which i feel it’s necessary to point out:

  • nobody likes to feel cheated at the end of the story.
  • death only matters if it’s forever and it’s rare.
  • on that note, there should be consequences for actions.
  • trust your characters to be interesting without unnecessary drama.
  • throwing plot at your characters feels less real than having their desires make them walk fully into the glass door of plot
  • if you’re going to make one of your characters “a sociopath” or disabled with ptsd or any other mental or physical illness, do extensive research into the personal experiences of those who suffer it and handle it with gravitas; don’t just vanish a character’s disability because it’s inconvenient to have them use a cane etc.
  • when there’s a good plot twist with nice foreshadowing, the audience loves it. when there’s just always plot twists, the author loves plot twists more than his own story.
  • surprise isn’t always a good thing.
  • “it was all a dream/joke/mirage/spell” is literally the weakest form of writing yourself out of a corner and is incredibly annoying to read/watch
  • queerbaiting is ugly
  • ride rollercoasters, not a broken elevator. have some stretches between plunges. your story can speed ahead and stay interesting without diving into hell again. 
  • having a Big Bad Evil doesn’t make the story interesting; in fact having “monster of the week” problems feels more authentic and enjoyable 
  • write your women like people and let them have plots that have nothing to do with men.
  • just because you’re good doesn’t mean that you are above critique or getting better. you should always be challenging yourself to outdo your previous self, not resting on the laurels of a previously effective moment
  • characters don’t have to be overpowered to be interesting 
  • if a character’s emotions all exist on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most emotion that an emotion can be (the saddest/angriest/broodiest), do not let that character hit a 10 until you are ready to be done with them forever 
  • when you are done with them forever, be done

@therealjacksepticeye: Seán, thank you for giving me one of the best birthdays ever.  I didn’t even tell you my name (Jenn) and I feel like I didn’t get to properly convey just how important it was for me to meet you, nor did I get to tell even a fraction of my story, (hence why I wrote a letter).  Your positive outlook on life has inspired me to be a better person, both towards myself and others.  It is my hope that if I get a chance to meet you again next year, I’ll be in much better physical condition and won’t need a cane to walk.

Also, I’m so sorry that you’re sick with the PAX Plague and I hope you have a speedy recovery from it!

Supernatural Season 47
  • Dean, leaning heaviliy on his cane: Who the hell was that?!
  • Crowley: Do you have any idea what you got into? That was *dramatic pause* a Marquis of hell
  • Sam: A what???
  • Crowley: A Marquis of hell. The offspring of an Archduke of hell and a Baron of hell. Knights of hell are their second cousins twice removed and they often roam the earth together with their best friends the counts of hell, not to confuse with the viscounts of hell...
  • Sam, adjusting his hearing aids: No, I meant can you repeat that? I can’t hear you when your mumbling like that
how to feel like an angel during the holidays ::

• wear vanilla behind your ears and on your wrists

• light candles in the morning and let them burn throughout the day (don’t forget to blow them out if you leave or go to sleep!!)

• let yourself indulge in treats such as candy canes, marshmallows, and gingerbread

• take your time to brush through your hair

• play instrumentals from ballets such as the nutcracker or sleeping beauty

• apply lotion every night before you sleep

• watch the morning sunrise

• wear the softest clothing you have to keep warm

  • Qrow: Here's your cane, Oz.
  • Oscar: I'm also supposed to ask you for...
  • Oscar, to self: Are you sure that's right?
  • Qrow: Say no more.
  • Qrow: *Hands Oscar a mug of coffee*
  • Oscar: Ummm... thanks? What do I use this f-
  • Qrow: Tip it over.
  • Oscar: *Tips the cup over. Coffee comes out. Coffee does not stop coming out. It is an endless stream of coffee*.
  • Oscar: ..................
  • Qrow: Arguably the more dangerous of the two. Now tip that thing back up before we both drown. I'm getting flashbacks.

happily dancing with his lightstick and then…

AHHH ALSO I hated when they copied the aesthetics of john and sherlock’s first chase together (the city as a map) and Sherlock said “we hung out all night I think she liked me and she has a cane and is suicidal but I’m gonna save her…that was a good night…” like okay how many ways are you gonna make everything about john