and then they broke my heart

Moonlight was a masterpiece. The cinematography was so immersive and the performances so compelling I felt as though I was walking alongside Chiron, not watching his life play out on film. It was at times subtle and then almost…I don’t know…overwhelming. The final scene was a thing of sheer beauty and my heart feels so full. I’m so incredibly happy this film is being recognized and I hope we see more from everyone involved. It was true artistry. 

I’m a bit late on getting to the Oscar films this year, but this one and Loving have been just as good, if not better, than the hype.

You’ll regret it. I assure you, you will regret it.

You’ll regret letting me go. You’ll regret going after her, and giving your love to her instead of me. You’ll regret it because no one can ever love you like I love you.

You’ll regret not going places with me, and you’ll regret not talking to me about everything on your mind. Because I actually loved to hear you talk and to hear your thoughts. She won’t. Not like I did.

You’ll realize it one day. Whether it’s a week, a month, or a year from today. You’ll realize that you let go of someone who really, truly loved you. You’ll regret it.

You’ll regret becoming attached to her. Something will go wrong with her, and you’ll think to yourself about how you should have just been mine, you should have just let me stay..

You’ll regret it. You will.

But when you regret it, I won’t be here. I won’t be here for you to fall back on to, and I won’t be here for you to crawl back to. When you regret it, I’ll know I was right.

Because you will.
You’ll regret letting me go, because I had nothing but love for you. You’ll have nothing but love for her, but you’ll regret it.

Oh, you’ll regret it.


If only you would have tried earlier. It would have meant the world to me. Being the person I am I would have had 3 such phone conversations with you and forgiven the whole goddamn thing. God knows I’ve truly forgiven people who I should have slapped. But when I say you broke my heart I am not trying to sound dramatic or romantasie pain. I just don’t know how else to describe what you did to me.

The day you told me you were leaving was the day my heart stopped beating. After dedicating every single beat to you, it no longer saw a purpose for itself. 

The day you told me you no longer loved me was the day a part of me died – the part of me that still foolishly believed in fairytales and true love. Is it really love if it hurts so much?

The day you told me you had found someone new was the day I realized that nothing, absolutely nothing, is mine to keep forever. Expecting something to be forever will only break my heart.

—  the day you broke my heart

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My boyfriend told me he has feelings for his ex (he's confused) but he still loves me, he broke my heart, I didn't finish my relationship, i want to fight for him, she is always close to him when we have problems, i love him so much but the pain is too much, what can i do? I need help, i'm broken.

Never forget your worth. A boy, isn’t your worth. You’re worth so much more than him. If he likes his ex, say bye and find someone better. It will hurt. But it’s better to be hurt and know you’re loved by other people back, than to be hurting and wondering if he still feels the same way.

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"We spiraled high on a gust of love/And I knew right from the start/nothing could tear us apart/until the day you broke my heart/And now it's too little too late" with these clips: Ruberiot's picture of Starco, their first monster fight, their hug from Storm the Castle, Star's pained face from Just Friends, and the Marco running after Star in Star Crushed. Am I making sense? And if I am, does it sound angsty enough?

Still dont know where the heck Ruberiot got the picture

uhm…maybe. I mean, Marco didnt broke Star’s heart, the circumstances did. She was going to try to push her feelings away to keep things normal and was going to have a fun summer (heck even finally dating Oskar, since it seems he likes her too) until she knew Toffee was back. 

Top 10 times my heart broke for Rhysand

#1 When she never smiled at him

I waited for you at breakfast, but you slept in. Or avoided me, apparently. And I tried to catch your eye this afternoon, but you were so good at shutting me out completely.” “Is that what got under your skin? That I shut you out, or that it was so easy for Tarquin to get in?” “What got under my skin,” Rhys said, his breathing a bit uneven, “is that you smiled at him.” The rest of the world faded to mist as the words sank in. “You are jealous.”

and that one time she finally did

His fingers tightened on mine, and I looked up. He was smiling at me. And looked so un-High-Lord-like with the glowing dust on the side of his face that I grinned back. I hadn’t even realized what I’d done until his own smile faded, and his mouth parted slightly. “Smile again,” he whispered. I hadn’t smiled for him. Ever. Or laughed. Under the Mountain, I had never grinned, never chuckled. And afterward … And this male before me … my friend … For all that he had done, I had never given him either. Even when I had just … I had just painted something. On him. For him. I’d—painted again. So I smiled at him, broad and without restraint. “You’re exquisite,” he breathed.

#2 When Rhys confessed to having his wishes unfulfilled

“Isn’t that what High Lords do?” My breath clouded in front of me in the brisk night. “Whatever they please?” He studied my face. “There are a great many things that I wish to do, and don’t get to.”

#3 When we find out what his nightmares were about

“I’m sorry I didn’t find a way to spare you from what happened Under the Mountain,” Rhys said with equal quiet. “From dying. From wanting to die.” I began to shake my head, but he said, “I have two kinds of nightmares: the ones where I’m again Amarantha’s whore or my friends are … And the ones where I hear your neck snap and see the light leave your eyes.”

#4 When the High Lord of Night Court physically flinched from an emotional wound

“What is it that you want, Feyre?” I had no answer. I didn’t know. Not anymore. “What is it that you want, Feyre?” I stayed silent. His laugh was bitter, soft. “I thought so. Perhaps you should take some time to figure that out one of these days.” “Perhaps I don’t know what I want, but at least I don’t hide what I am behind a mask,” I seethed. “At least I let them see who I am, broken bits and all. Yes—it’s to save your people. But what about the other masks, Rhys? What about letting your friends see your real face? But maybe it’s easier not to. Because what if you did let someone in? And what if they saw everything, and still walked away? Who could blame them—who would want to bother with that sort of mess?” He flinched. The most powerful High Lord in history flinched. And I knew I’d hit hard—and deep. Too hard. Too deep.

and when we learned how deep that wound went

“Why didn’t you tell me?” “You were in love with him; you were going to marry him. And then you… you were enduring everything and it didn’t feel right to tell you.” “I deserved to know.” “The other night you told me you wanted a distraction, you wanted fun. Not a mating bond. And not to someone like me - a mess.” So the words I’d spat after the Court of Nightmares had haunted him

#5 When he considered settling for ‘whatever pieces she offered him’

“You think I didn’t want to tell you? You think I liked hearing you wanted me only for amusement and release? You think it didn’t drive me out of my mind so completely that those bastards shot me out of the sky because I was too busy wondering if I should tell you, or wait - or maybe take whatever pieces that you offered me and be happy with it? Or that maybe I should let you go so you don’t have a lifetime of assassins and High Lords hunting you down for being with me?”

#6 When he cried…

“But then she snapped your neck.” Tears rolled down his face. “And I felt you die,” he whispered.

But I was being ripped apart from the inside out, and I thrashed, unable to out-scream the pain. “Feyre!” someone roared. No, not someone—Rhysand. Rhysand yelled my name again - yelled it as though he cared 

-A Court of Thornes and Roses

#7 When he spent 3 months thinking she hated him

“And for three months… for three months I tried to convince myself that you were better off without me. I tried to convince myself that everything I’d done had made you hate me.”

#8 When he put her happiness above his own

“I heard you were going to marry him, and I told myself you were happy. I should let you be happy, even if it killed me. Even if you were my mate, you’d earned that happiness.”

#9 When he thought he wasn’t that type of person for her

“I heard what you told him,” he said. “That you thought it would be easy to fall in love with him. You meant it, too.” “So?” It was the only thing I could think of to say. “I was jealous—of that. That I’m not … that sort of person. For anyone.“

#10 When we found out that all this time he had been in love with Feyre

“It killed me, Feyre, to send you back. To see you waste away, month by month. It killed me to know he was sharing your bed. Not just because you were my mate, but because I … ” He glanced down, then up at me again. “I knew … I knew I was in love with you that moment I picked up the knife to kill Amarantha.”

Quotes from ACOMAF and ACOTAR

On a happier note: Another Top 10 for Rhys


You are not safe. No matter how many people are around, or how clear the area looks, no matter what anyone says, no matter what you think, you are not safe. It only takes one second. One second and it’s over. Never let your guard down, ever. I want you to promise me. I promise.

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