and then they all kissed the end

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You said you wanted to do a bts reaction so here I am requesting a reaction of the boys being smothered by your kisses in the morning. Pretty please.

I’m sorry this tooke me so long  but I was very busy these days, plus is my first reaction so hope you like it -I think I  have to take confidence with these things eheh-

(guys I apologize for any mistakes but English is not my mother language)


You wake up alone in bed, just when you start feeling sad thinking that Jin went to work out, the door opens and you see him in front of you  with a breakfast tray and a huge smile on his face. He puts the tray next to you and bends to kiss your forehead. You grab him by the back of his neck and drop him in the bed with you smothering him with kisses.

‘‘Princess what are you doing, i’m choking’’ he says laughing and cupping your face in his hands.

As soon as you start pouting at him, Jin smiles and starts feeding you with his delicious pancakes, spotting your nose with cream.

‘’You’re so cute I want to eat you’’

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Your sleepy boyfriend was sleeping deeply as usual, one hand tucked under your -well actually was his- shirt and his soft lips resting gently on your shoulder, your legs were woven together and his breath warmed your neck. You wanted to stay like this forever but you decided to wake up and make him coffee. Despite you were tangled, you knew he wouldn’t wake up. When you came back to the room with a cup of hot coffee in your hand you found him still asleep, so you sat for a while next to him, that in the meantime replaced you with your pillow. A smile lays on your lips as you look at his sweet face just lighted by the sun rays that filtered through the window. 

‘‘Don’t stare at me’’ he says without even opening his eyes.

‘‘I’ve made you coffee baby’’ 

Yoongi wakes up, puts the coffe on the bedside and pulls your head on his chest. ’’I thought you left me’’  

‘’I did’nt think you would have miss me so much’’ you tease him. 

‘‘it’s just that the pillow is not that comfortable’’ he says being cocky.

you throw him on the bed underneath you and start kissing his whole face while messing with his hair. 

‘‘Baby girl if you keep going like this I’ll have to punish you’‘  he looks in your eyes and gives you a passionate long kiss ‘‘let’s just take another nap before’’.

You two fall asleep with your lips touching eavily and a scent of coffee in the air.

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Your head was resting on Namjoon’s chest, he was caressing your hair with one hand while the other was stuck behind your back.

“ Good morning sexy ” he smiles gently and you couldn’t resist the dimples that shows  on his face so  you start smothering  him with  kisses and he bursts out laughing.

‘’Baby  you’re tickling me, please stop.  Why do not you lie down and let me kiss you all over instead ?’’ a smirk appear on his face

“No! if you do to me what I’m doing, you wouldn’t  just tickle me but you’d  probably end up choking me for real, Honey”

Namjoon stares  into distance for a moment and than turns to you  with a pouty face ‘’ baby that’s unfair, but also true, I don’t want to kill you so if you want keep doing’’

With a big smile he turns to your face and you start again to kiss his cheeks.

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“ It’s time to wake up my sunshine ” Hoseok whispers to your ear and then gives you a little kiss on your cheek.

You turn to him moaning  in your sleep, then you open your eyes and seeing his big smile in front of your face you start smiling yourself.

‘’Hello sun’’  you say, giving him a kiss on his forehead.

In what is seems like a blink the two of you end up in a war of kisses, till you trap him under your body

“I give up jagi! You win this round, why don’t you kill me gently? ”

To his request you continue to kiss his smiling face until you two decide that it’s time to get up and have a good ice cream for breakfast.

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The two of you were sleeping so good till you suddenly wake up

‘’jagi don’t leave me!’’ Tae starts shouting while tossing and turning in his sleep, he was searching for you.

You get close to your baby, hugging him you whisper in his ear that you’re right next to him and you start caressing his hair gently.

Tae wakes up and sticks his head in your chest  ‘’stay always with me, please’’

You cup his face and smother  him with kisses,  giving him more when  his sqare smile start to appear

‘’jagi,  if I ever have to choose a way to die it’d be to be choked by your kisses, but for now I want to stay with you a little longer so give me five minutes to breathe and than we can start again’’ he laughs and gives you a small bite on the nose.

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You just woke up and you can’t help yourself from staring at the angelic face of your boyfriend,  Jimin was still in the world of dreams, an arm stretched toward you and the wrapped sheet  reveals his wonderful body.

You  were about to get up to take a shower when you feel an arm grabbing you strongly  and tacking you back on the bed

‘’child were are you going?’’ Jimin still have his eyes closed and was speaking to you with a thread of voice ‘’don’t live me’’

You let go of a laugh when you see him half asleep like a baby, you cup his face in your hands and shower him with tender  kisses till his cheeks became slightly red.  

‘’I’m just going to take a shower, I’ll come back to you baby’’

‘’Please hurry ,  I want to smother under your kisses a little more’’ Jimin soon fall back to sleep with a sweet smile on his face,  leaving a stretched  arm ready to welcome you when you’ll go  back to him.

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Jungkoon was sleeping like a baby next to you, and didn’t  seem  to want to wake up.

You  take a shower, prepare  breakfast for him and go back to the room with the tray in your hand.

Your boyfriend  was still sleeping so you put the tray on the desk near the window and  jumped on the bed starting to tickle him

‘’jagiiii you scared me! I was sleeping so well..  Do you want to be punished?’’ he looks at you with a smirk on his face and  grabs  your wrist trying to act sexy

‘’yo bunny stop being cocky, now is me that is going to punish you’’  you get rid from his grip and smother him  with  kisses all over his face

‘’jagiii stop it i’m not a kid anymore! Now I’ll show you how  a real man does it, baby’’

He tries to get rid of your grip but fails and being unable to stop laughing  he makes you keep doing what you want  for a while, then he takes you in his  arms and  hugs you  tight

’’ I’ll always be your baby bunny, right?’’

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God I always forget about that thumb kiss in The Truth and idk why because it gives me SO MANY EMOTIONS

I feel like you either love The Thumb Kiss or you hate it. I know some people get all cringe-y, but I adore it. Give me all the intimacy. I can’t get enough of those little gestures that speak to all of the tender moments we never got to see.

You remember that little thumb war in the hospital at the end of Tithonus? 

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I think, because Mulder will forever be a big brother and Scully was always someone’s little sister, after they’d finished with Twenty Questions and I Spy, they used to pass those really awful, seemingly unending early morning hours of stakeouts with thumb wars. Scully always cheated and used her nails because her hands were so much smaller and she would complain that Mulder had an unfair advantage with those long pianist’s fingers. 

Once, during a particularly feisty match, she accidentally dug her nails in too hard and actually drew blood. Mulder pouted and bitched about it until she finally rolled her eyes and offered to kiss it if it would shut him up. He held his hand up right in front of Scully’s face, obstinate, expecting her to bat him away. But he swallowed when she grabbed his hand and brought it closer, pressing her lips to the pad of his thumb. “All better?” Scully asked, and whatever smartass comment about the medicinal properties of healing kisses he’d been formulating died on Mulder’s tongue as his mouth went completely dry. He found himself staring at where his finger still rested on the plumpest part of her lower lip. The air, twice as thick as it had been a few moments before, also seemed to have been depleted of all its oxygen, leaving him light-headed. It wouldn’t have taken much effort at all to ease his hand around the back of her neck and tangle his fingers in her hair, bridging those last few inches for a kiss. And the way Scully’s eyes were searching his face, kept darting back down to his mouth, he was pretty sure she was giving him the green light.

But a door slamming nearby caused them to jump apart, and their suspect chose that exact moment to flea the house they’d been surveilling. Next time, he thought, as they both threw open the doors and gave chase, and wondered how many next times he’d get before their luck finally ran out.

Cooking a meal for them - Seventeen (hip hop unit)


Cheol is so touched when he comes home to see you cooking dinner for you two. The table was set and a candle was lit in the middle. For a second his heart rate sped up, did he forget something important?

“Babe?” He puts his bag down and walks into the kitchen hesitantly.

“Hey sweetie.” You wrap an arm around his waist and press a kiss to his lips.

“What’s all this for?”

“Just because I love you.” You smile at him and stir the food once more before turning the burner off.

“What did I do to deserve you?”

“Hmm I’m not sure but~ if you love me you’ll do the dishes after.” You throw him a smirk and he nods wholeheartedly.

“You got it babe.” He helps bring the food over to the table and pulls your chair out for you.

“Happy anniversary.” You burst out into laughter as his face drops.

“I’m kidding!!” He clearly doesn’t appreciate your joking as he throws you a look that could kill.

“I love you~~” You grab his hand and his face eventually breaks into a smile.

“Yeah yeah I love you too.”

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Everyone knows Wonwoo is extremely helpless in the kitchen, so when he came home to you cooking a meal for everyone he’d never felt more relieved.

It was his night to figure out what everyone should eat and of course everyone wanted something home cooked. Much to his displeasure he couldn’t get out of it, but thanks to you it’s not a problem.

“Did you call her?!” Mingyu looks a Wonwoo.

You nearly dropped the utensil in your hand as all thirteen boys came in the kitchen.

“No! She didn’t know I swear.” Wonwoo defends himself and walks up to you, kissing your temple.

“Didn’t know what? I just thought you guys would like a nice mea when you got home. Sorry for not telling anyone…” You practically shrink as all the boys stare at you.

“No no Y/n it’s fine, thank you. Ignore them. It was Wonwoos night to cook but he sure got lucky didn’t he?” Seungcheol tells you, partially scolding the others.

“I really am lucky, thank you for saving me.” Wonwoo laughs a little and brings you in for a proper hug.

“Alright anyone wanna set the table for me please?” You ask and of course Mingyu springs into action.

“Remind me to thank you in another way later tonight.” Wonwoo whispers in your ear, making you bite your lip.

“Wonwoo can you not stay off her for even a second?” Han asks making your boyfriend equally as flustered as you.

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Mingyu was coming home from dance practice and was so ridiculously tired. All he wanted was to come home to you and cuddle for the rest of the night.

When he walked in and saw you in the kitchen with his apron around your waist his heart practically melted. You were still unaware of his presence in the kitchen and jumped when you turned around.

“Jeez Gyu you scared me! Why did you say anything?” You put the soup ladle down and wipe your hands on a rag before walking over to him.

When he doesn’t respond you’re immediately on red alert.

“Babe?” Your hands end up around his neck and he just sets his face in the crook of your neck.

Your fingers start absentmindedly stroking his hair.

“Round day?” You ask and feel him nod in response.

“You go shower, I’ll finish up here okay?” You pull away and plant a kiss on his cheek.

He complies and walks to the bathroom knowing he’s the luckiest guy in the world to have someone like you.

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When the thirteen boys walked into the dorm to the smell of something amazing they all looked at Vernon.

You hear their whispers and murmurs from the doorway and you walk into their vision.

“Anyone hungry?” You ask and all the boys nod.

“Perfect! Everything should be ready in five to ten minutes so you guys can go ahead and relax.” You smile sweetly at them and they all let out relieved groans.

Vernon walks into the kitchen instead of following the other boys to the couch. He notices your apparels and pulls you away from the stove and towards him. You look at him with a weird look and he chuckles.

“What? Your apron says kiss the cook so…” And with that said he cupped both hands on your cheeks and kissed you lovingly.

“Thank you for being so good to us.”

You pull away with a huge smile on your face and pat his head. “It’s my pleasure, now if you don’t mind…”

“Right right sorry I’ll let you cook.” Vernon kisses your cheek and goes back into the living room.

You hear a bunch of yells and hollers from the boys when he joins them again.

“Dude you’re so whipped.”

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Easy Like Sunday Morning

Pairing: gender neutral reader x sam holland

Summary: just a little fluffy blurb about baking with sam inspired by his Instagram story today

Warnings: this is too fluffy for words

Word count: 326

It was Sunday morning, and you hadn’t any plans for the day yet. You woke up, noticed your boyfriend Sam wasn’t next to you, and discovered a note on the pillow next to yours. “Gone shopping, love, back in a few.” Underneath he drew a small heart. It didn’t take long before he was walking through the apartment door with a bag of groceries in hand, ready to kiss you good morning. You both unloaded the groceries on the counter, and to your surprise nearly everything he bought was ingredients for baking cake. 

“I figured since we aren’t doing anything today we could bake a cake together.”
“That sounds like a blast, babe." 

Sam found a recipe for a poundcake in a book in the kitchen, you put on the La La Land soundtrack to hum along to. Sam put butter in the mixer, gradually adding sugar. You broke an egg, and watched it drop in the bowl. Next came the flour. You poured the proper amount in, and after stirring it in, you flicked a bit of flour on Sam, and he flicked some back, resulting in a playful flour fight ending with him wrapping his arm around your waist, and smearing flour on your cheek, only to kiss it. Once the shenanigans were over, and the batter was all poured in the pan, and pushed away into the oven, you both went to change out of your clothes which were now covered in flour. You changed into your favorite shirt, an old concert souvenir you stole from Sam. Then you both headed into the kitchen, ate your cake, then went to lay in bed and watch a film. You rested your head on his chest, and he ran his fingers through your hair.
“You know something, love? I’m the luckiest man in the world. I love you.” Before the film was even over, you were both sound asleep, without a care in the world.

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Reveling in Richonne

#50: The “Me and You” (7x8)

The big 5-0! It is so fitting that this iconic Richonne cell scene ends up being the 50th Reveling, because this moment is one of the most monumental and moving Richonne milestones to date. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Once again, we were blessed with this breathtaking scene. And just like the Kiss of Life scene makes me happy dance every time, this cell scene makes me cry internally every time. It’s just so deep and heartfelt and beautiful. Like this really is me every time I see this scene…

Cuz, y’all, our couple is the greatest. Like Richonne is the GOAT. 🙌🏾 👑They are a shining example of what love at it’s best can be, and proof that love prevails. 

The fact that all the events of 7A were some of the most trying and difficult times that R&M have had to ever go through, and yet they could land on this touching empowering moment in the cell, just serves as further proof that this couple is the real deal.

And can I just say that I adore how passionate and intimate Rick and Michonne can be outside of just physically. Like just a look or line between them is fire. And this scene right here was 🔥🔥!

So we are going to do a literal play by play to breakdown every moment of gold we got in this scene. Like literal play by play. (Y’all know I’m extra, so this is super long 🙈 But this scene is so extra good that I had to go all the way in 😋)

So Rick returns to ASZ to find that, thanks to his lovely son, Negan is in ASZ making spaghetti and murdering people. 😑 That’s not the best sight to come home to. Like literally everything is in chaos by the time Rick makes it to Negan.

Side note: The fact that Negan was all up in Rick’s house and yet he didn’t realize there was obviously a woman living there. Even the Claimers noticed the presence of a woman when they were in that house in “Claimed” and Grimes 2.0 had barely been living in that house. But as observant as Negan thinks he is, he totally missed this. (I know the writers just didn’t want to have to address it lol😂)

And I’m def not mad that Negan didn’t notice because it keeps Michonne protected, but the fact that he was in the King and Queens house and didn’t notice and then also that he had the nerve to make a mess in their kitchen lol. 🙄 I said it once about Negan and I’ll say it again…

So after being slapped around by Negan yet again and being told that all the stuff he got for the Saviors is still not enough, Rick finds himself completely defeated and exhausted as he kneels down in the Morgan-Made cell and stares down at the paper that says, “Congrats on winning, but you still lose.”

Rick being in this literal prison is very symbolic of Rick feeling mentally imprisoned, and he’s realizing that doing what Negan says doesn’t make things any easier like he hoped. Again, it’s like; sure you win another day of life by serving Negan, but you still lose so much dignity and quality of life. 

I think both Rick and Michonne had to go on a journey of realizing that; you could maybe win if you do it the way you think is right but you’ll still lose if you try to do things without the other. 

So as this scene begins, Rick looks locked up in every way. But, luckily, his rock shows up to bail him out of his imprisoned state.

When Michonne stood in that doorway I knew this scene was about to be good. You could just sense it lol. 😋 And, man, did they deliver.

So Rick stares down at this paper, really feeling the weight of the fact that in trying to win with Negan he’s only been losing, and then he hears the door open. He doesn’t really respond when he hears it open cuz you can tell he’s not thinking it’s who it ends up being.

Then Michonne stands at the entrance and she sees him on the ground, looking so worn down, and I know that had to break her heart. She knows her man is going through it, but not just that, she feels his pain as well.

So Rick looks over and realizes it’s his wife and so he quickly stands up. Michonne stays near the door and sort of nervously says, “Carl told me you were in here, I…” and then she trails off. I feel like the possible nervousness coming from Michonne has to do with the fact that she knows she went out without letting Rick know and she feels bad that she wasn’t able to be in ASZ with him when all the Savior stuff went down. I think she feels like she’s unsure how he’ll respond to her having left to try and fight this on her own.

And her potential nervousness is significant because it lets you know how much Michonne cares. She cares to not let this man down and so, even though she can do whatever she wants, she knows deep down that doing what she wants doesn’t feel right if he’s not apart of it.

Rick remains silent as he looks right at her. Michonne stays near the doorway cuz it feels like she doesn’t know if he wants distance after knowing she went out on her own, so that’s why I appreciate that Rick slowly but surely walks towards her and closes the distance. 

This time it’s Rick’s turn to let Michonne know he’s not disappointed. Like in 7x5, Michonne let Rick know she’s not disappointed in him via the Kiss of Life and Rick lets Michonne know he’s just happy she’s okay when he walks towards her to give the sweetest hug I’ve ever seen.

I adore this hug. It’s precious and really shows us how he’s honestly just happy that she’s okay and that she’s here now. As much as this hug feels like a hug between a husband and wife what I love is that it also really feels like a hug between best friends too. Like Rick seems so grateful to have his best friend back. It’s so sweet and this hug doesn’t have to turn steamy in order to still be so meaningful and passionate.

It’s so clear that they’ve missed each other and Michonne is the best thing Rick’s seen all day. It reminds me that this relationship was truly built on a solid friendship. And right now, Rick needs his best friend, as this hug conveys.

So they have this adorable hug and then Michonne gently breaks away from the hug. It’s interesting cuz you can tell Rick definitely would have hugged her a lot longer but Michonne knew that she had to take a big leap of faith and proceed to completely bare her heart and soul to her man.

Again this makes me think of 7x4 and how Rick leveled with Michonne by sharing about his own realizations and now Michonne is going to try and level with Rick by sharing what she’s realized and being as vulnerable with him as he’s been with her.

It’s interesting because Rick does briefly look a bit unsure in this moment of why Michonne has pulled away from the hug. It’s so sad that because of Rick’s past relationship he’s become used to women doubting him and not understanding him and having unreasonable expectations of him, so he seems to be sort of uncertain if Michonne is about to express similar disappointment in him here.

Like think about the pushback he got from Lori when he did something that she suggested at one point and killed Shane in self defense. But Rick has a different kind of chick now. 🙌🏾 And so even after jumping the gun with Negan, resulting in the deaths of two TF Members, and the enslavement of the rest of TF, Michonne doesn’t even remotely blame or walk away from Rick, in fact she steps closer

And what happens next, is Michonne perfectly reassures Rick of her love, while Danai simultaneously slays this monologue. 👸🏾

She tells Rick “I found what I was looking for”. It’s interesting because in not finding an exact solution to take down Negan, what Michonne instead found was even more invaluable. She found what she really wants.

She then says, “I wanted to go with you and Aaron, but I couldn’t.” Even when 7x5 first aired, I remember thinking part of the reason it felt so strange for Michonne to decline Rick’s offer is because I could tell she wanted to go with them, so it was cool to get this confirmed. 

And it’s also interesting because what this says is that, when Rick offered for her to join him, her heart was telling her to embrace “wife” Michonne and go with him, but she fought what her heart was telling her in order to try and do things the old way, one last time.

But our hearts have a way of always leading us back to where they wanted us in the first place. And in trying to do it her way, her heart still lead her back to where it belongs; which is with Rick. 

Btw, Andrew Lincoln also knocks it out of the park with the acting he does just through listening. 👌 🏽Like as she speaks you can tells he’s hanging on to her every word.

She tells Rick “I had to go my way.” Michonne’s a woman who doesn’t just wait for someone to figure things out, she wants to see things for herself. The use of “had” just lets you know that the will to fight is so deeply apart of who she is. You can see that, as Rick listens, he’s still waiting for possible rejection. Like he knows he doesn’t want to do things without her and hearing her say “I had to go my way”, I think made him a bit anxious. But he also understands who she is. Like he gets that his woman is someone who can take care of business all on her own, but he doesn’t want her to have to do things on her own.

And then she says something big when she tells him, “But when I found it….I realized that…I didn’t want it to be my way.” That lone wolf DNA we saw in 7x7 was classic Michonne but, as cool as it was to see her back in OG mode, it felt different than past seasons cuz now going “rogue” without Rick made her outing feel incomplete. And not just to us, but to Michonne too. She tried her old way and could feel something missing. And that “something” was Rick.

I love the small smile/laugh she does when she says this line because it means Michonne understands the significance of how much she’s changed. Like she’s gone from being completely isolated to now wanting to be someone’s partner in love and life.

And with conviction Michonne tells him, “I wanted it to be ours.” First; 😭👏🏽😭👏 🏽Second; I love that she says ours. Like they are one and she knows it. This is so meaningful because this is a woman who’s way is almost always on point and accurate, so it’s a big deal for her to say, “Even though my way often works, I still don’t want to do things that way if it’s not with you.” 

I love that while she was out being a lone wolf her heart was helping her see that what she really wants is to be with Rick, taking this on together. What I appreciate is that, by saying “wanted”, it’s implying that this is something she’s been wanting. She wants it now, yes, but this isn’t a new feeling. What she’s realized is that being by Rick’s side is what she’s always wanted.

Also this scene always makes me emotional because I think about when Michonne was first introduced and how broken and isolated she was. How she probably thought life would never get better and she’d never have a family again. And now she has the love of her life and a family that loves and cherishes her. 

Like I love that, that same Season Three Warrior is now here telling Rick she wants things to be “ours” and she wants him. And I’m glad that she’s now going for what she wants. 👌🏽🙌🏾

And then, after that, she says the line that will forever move me, “Me and you.”

😭😭😭 Y’all this line gets me every time! I adore this. The heartfelt emotional delivery of this line is just too good. I love that she says “Me and you” and gestures to both of them to clarify that she means; Rick and Michonne. She wants to do things not just “TF way” but the Rick and Michonne way.

And then the cut to Rick as she says this. 😭 Y’all it’s too much lol. So good. Like it’s this moment when we see the relief as Rick realizes she’s absolutely here to stay and that she is with him through literally thick and thin. Like you can tell he too knows the significance of the Michonne telling him she wants it to be her and him from here on out. Rick gets yet another reminder that Michonne is ride or die. 👌🏽

Michonne goes on to confirm to Rick that “There are more of them, even more than we thought. We are outnumbered. It’s not even close.” 

Again, Michonne is showing that she’s reflected on Rick’s words by saying “We are outnumbered” cuz she knows the “numbers” was a big point Rick made in 7x4. And what I love is the use of “we”. Not once does she separate the two of them, because she truly wants them to be in this together. She’s not just making it where Rick is up against these odds, she’s right there with him.

And then she says, “But that doesn’t change the way that I feel, because it doesn’t change the way that things are.” This is pretty big too. She just told Rick “You’re right that we’re at a major disadvantage in this fight…but I still feel the same about fighting back.”

It’s deep cuz by saying that “being outnumbered doesn’t change how things are” she’s saying that, “Even with all the odds against us, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m still Michonne and you’re still Rick and together we can overcome anything, no matter the odds.” She believes in Richonne. Me too, girl! ✋🏽😋

And then she tells him, “We’re still alive, Rick” which I love cuz she says his name and because it’s super deep. Yes they’re the “Walking Dead”…but they’re also still alive. And I love that she says “Rick” cuz she wants him to hear this specifically, because she knows, ever since Negan, Rick’s been operating like they aren’t fully alive. Again, Rick’s getting a reminder that their hearts are still beating and how that has to count for something.

I love when she says, “So much has happened. So much that we shouldn’t have lived through” because you really see Michonne the human being in this line. Like, here, I saw the woman, from before the apocalypse, who never thought she’d have gone through all that she’s gone through. Like they’ve rolled with a lot of punches in the ZA to where you can forget that this stuff is crazy to them too. Just like us, what they’ve gone through and experienced is a lot for them to process too, they’ve just had to adapt. And hearing her say this reminded me of just how human they are.

Plus, I love when characters acknowledge the past cuz it makes them more real and the way she says this, you can tell it really hits home to her just how much she and him have actually been through. Like Rick and Michonne specifically, have gone through a lot because they’re natural leaders and warriors and so they’ve been at the forefront of a lot of battles both with people and walkers. They’ve had to take the brunt of a lot of obstacles and it wasn’t easy but they always came out stronger cuz of them.

It’s significant for Michonne to acknowledge that they’ve made it through things that they shouldn’t have lived through. Cuz it reminds you, they know they aren’t immortal and she’s aware of how fortunate they are to be alive despite many a near death experience.

And the next line is, “And in spite of it, or maybe because of it, we did.” I love the “we did” because since this is Rick’s story we’ve understandably seen so much through his perspective but, hearing Michonne say this, reminds you that she’s gone through so much of this story with him.

Like since Michonne arrived at the prison, R&M have gone through and experienced so much together, so this line is nice cuz it gives you insight into how Michonne has processed all the craziness they’ve had to endure. She has a wonderful approach of choosing to look at their past as not a burden but a motivator, as to why they can keep surviving and living…cuz they already survived so much. 

(Side note: I just realized the significance of this Richonne scene taking place in a cell. It feels full circle to how R&M met at a prison lol)

And then she tells him, “We’re still here. The two of us.” Again, I absolutely adore this. I love that she says the two of us, just to keep reminding Rick that she is both speaking to and giving her heart to solely Rick in this moment. 😍

And Michonne’s right. It really is special that they’re still here. Cuz there’s been so many occasions where they technically shouldn’t be here. I know the lineup is probably the one freshest on their minds. I feel like Michonne telling Rick the two of them are still here was her trying to wake Rick up to the fact that; they didn’t die that night of the lineup, so they shouldn’t keep living like they did.

Like throughout 7A, they had been living like their lives ended that night, but Michonne wants Rick to know that the two of them are still here and so they should keep fighting in order to stay here. The use of “The two of us” also stuck out to me because it reminds you that not everyone is still here after that lineup. Like I just could sense the gratitude that Michonne has about the fact that her husband and son survived that night.

Don’t get me wrong, the loss of Glenn and Abe was immensely painful and something all the characters will grieve for a long time. But if you think about it, Rick technically shouldn’t have survived that night. Carl could have easily lost his arm that morning. Her boys’ lives were in serious danger and targeted the most out of everyone, and yet they’re still here. You know that means so much to Michonne, that the love of her life is still here and survived a night where he could have been very easily taken away. 😥

And I feel like Michonne knows that, Abe and Glenn, especially, would want them to make the most of the fact they are still here, rather than pause life and carry on like they lost their lives that night, when they didn’t. It’s Glenn’s sentiment of; living to honor the dead.

Plus, I feel like saying we’re still here also is saying, “Me and you are still as in love and committed to each other as ever, and if we can still be here with each other after so many trials, then we can take on anything that comes our way.”

She tells him, “We’re still standing, and we’re gonna keep standing.” It’s so powerful and motivating. Like this is the proof that Michonne does not fantasize failing. 👏🏽 She trusts her and Rick’s abilities to keep standing despite the weight of the world on their shoulders. That’s real faith in your man. She knows they’re the baddest of the bunch. 😊 

And plus she says standing to emphasize that if they have enough strength to get up and stand then that means they should refuse to kneel.

Also I love that Rick can’t help but walk towards her as she says this. 😊 *mag to the nets* And the tear that comes to his eye is just so powerfully sweet and emotional cuz he too is acknowledging how lucky he is that she and him are still here.

Next she says “So what do we do with that? How do we make that mean something?” She’s asking cuz she wants this to be a joint decision too. She wants it to be them figuring it out together. She also respects this man as a leader and so she wants this to be something that Rick too provides guidance on. Life’s too short to live it meaninglessly and so Michonne wants them to make the most of the time they have. 

I love that she involves him in this by making it a question. Rick truly has met his match in every way and this is a woman who isn’t demanding he figure it out himself, she wants to figure it out with him and fight along side him

I especially adore all the “us” and “we” terms used throughout this speech cuz she wants them to be a unit from here on out. It’s saying, “We, me and you, have what it takes to live, so how do we use that to help others live?”

And then she powerfully reminds him, “We’re the ones who get things done. You said that.” I am so here for the way she puts her finger on him when she says “you said that”. 👌🏽 Like I love that she feels close enough to do that cuz that is her man y’all. And she knows it. And it’s true. They are the “Get things done” Grimes. 😋

And then Michonne keeps her finger on him as she says, what will become their motto, “We’re the ones who live.”

I love that she is fully breathing life into him through these words. And that they are actually his own words. Like when she said “You said that” I originally just thought “Oh okay maybe they’re suggesting he said that at some point off screen.” But then I realized that was a season five callback. 🙊 

When Rick was wild’n’ out, himself, and going off on the Alexandrians in “Try” he literally says “We’re the ones who live” in regards to TF. But it’s honestly so cool and meaningful that even in the craziness of that season five moment, Michonne was listening and really allowing Rick’s words to resonate with her.

And can we talk about the amount of respect Michonne has for this man that, even in a moment that was not Rick’s finest hour, she could still see past the aggressiveness and PTSD to know that he’s not wrong. The presentation was wrong but she still saw that he is right in saying they are the ones who live. I love that his words have stuck with her all this time and now here she is saying it back to him in a moment of complete sanity, as contrasted to how he was when he first said it.

Like I so appreciate the way Michonne appreciates this man and values his words. They’ve been in love for longer than they realized, y’all. 😊 And, again, it’s cool cuz we’re seeing a past moment of the show through her perspective. It, again, reminds you that this is season five Rick and Michonne and now they’re in this cell baring their hearts to one another. Hallelu! 🙌🏾

And, I love that Michonne takes something that was more aggressive and refines it and makes it stronger and more motivational, to the point where now that line can be their motto. 👏🏽 I love how positive and accurate that motto is. 

Also it’s interesting cuz Rick has stayed looking right at Michonne the whole time she talks, and it’s only when he hears this line that he looks away for the first time, as he soaks in the fact that she has been taking his words to heart for the longest 

So, as Rick looks away, Michonne continues to look at him as she says, “That’s why we have to fight.” Notice this is a statement lol. Like in 7x4, she was sort of suggesting that they could fight and this time she’s letting him know (what she knows he already knows) which is we have to fight

She’s emotional cuz she’s putting her heart out on the line here and, she knows that last time they talked about it Rick wasn’t in agreement, so she knows that he might still shut it down but it weighs too heavy on her heart not to bring it up again.

She wants them to fight back because her and him are the ones who can. I love when she again gestures between them and says “Not for us”. It just feels like she’s acknowledging that they’re husband and wife. And it also feels so strong and selfless. She’s saying, “I want it to be us, fighting for something bigger than us.”

And then she goes on to list who they’re fighting for when she says, “But for Judith, for Carl, for Alexandria, for the Hilltop. For all of us.” I love when she says Judith and Carl cuz it really is her saying, “We have to fight for our kids.” 😭 

She wants them to fight for their kids and for their communities and for their future. And what’s so cool is that Rick and Michonne really are capable enough to be the ones to fight for and save everyone she’s listed.

You know when she says Judith first, that she’s really been thinking about how Rick has been fighting for Judith since she was born and now Michonne wants him to know that the right thing to do is fight back for Judith, in order to give her a better life.

She says “We can fight them, Rick. We can find a way to beat them. We can do this.” Again I love that she says “Rick” and makes it about her and him. She also knows that Rick’s been doubting this sentiment and so she wants to make sure he hears her when she tells him they can in fact find a way. This is Michonne envisioning winning and knowing that her and him together truly can win against any threat.

And then Michonne concludes her amazing speech with the beautifully executed line, “But only if we do this.”

First; 😭😭😭👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😊😊😊👸🏾👸🏾👸🏾 👌🏽👌🏽 👌🏽(Did I mention I’m extra lol?) 

Second; This is the line that just took this speech to the very top. Each part of it was golden. I love how she pauses before saying “but only if”, cuz it’s her realizing just how far she’s come to now say what she’s about to say.

Third; I love love love her emphasis on “we”. It’s true tho. If anyone is going to beat Negan it’s these two right here. I love that Michonne has learned this over the course of 7A. Like she has truly embraced that she’s not meant to do things alone anymore, it has to be “we”. And not just a generic “we”, it has to be Rick and Michonne.

 I love what I heard someone say about how; Rick couldn’t do it without Michonne and Michonne wouldn’t do it without Rick. Amen! 👌🏽

Also this is sort of the positive side of Adam and Eve cuz, right here in this cell, R&M are deciding to change the course for humanity. These two, in this very moment, are deciding to bring back hope to so many. Cuz it’s only if R&M agree to fight that everyone else can fight. 👑

So Michonne puts it all out there and she’s emotional, Rick’s emotional, we’re all emotional cuz that was just a gorgeous speech. 😋 Like “Motivational Speech Of The Year Award” goes to Michonne Grimes, honey! After watching Michonne’s moving speech you can’t help but be like…

Like how’d she just motivate me and everyone to stand up and fight and we’re not even in that situation. 😂  Idk, all I know is we all got our life from her words lol! Just the sincerity and class and passion and raw emotion and strength and heart within that speech was truly exceptional. 🙌🏾👸🏾👏🏽

So I had to snap and applaud in response to her speech. And then it was Rick’s turn to respond to these life-giving words, and he heartwarmingly tells her…

He tells her “Yeah I know that now.“ And then he repeats with conviction "I know that now.” 🙌🏾 You can tell that Michonne essentially handing her heart to him in this moment has moved him deeply.  And I feel like he’s saying, “Now I know that, not only do we have to fight, but we have to fight together, like you and me, side by side, if this is going to work.” 

He knows he can’t take the fighter out of them and he doesn’t want to anymore. He wants to just take the bold step and do what they do best and fight back. 

I love that they’ve both come to a point in their journey where they both know and agree on how they have to move forward. Always in sync, those two. 😋

I think Rick was slowly getting to this point of being ready to fight, but hearing Michonne be so vulnerable and honest with him and hearing his woman essentially say, “I want to fight with you, together.” That’s what really sealed the deal. (cuz you know he gets Michonne whatever she wants.😋 ) And if she believes they can win, then he believes they can win.

And Michonne is so overcome with emotion upon hearing him say this. 

I think hearing him say he knows now and that he understands her, and for him to really mean it, it just solidifies to her that she’s got the right one. Like they are truly kindred spirits and this is her husband and her other half for life and I feel like she’s fully aware of that in this moment. 

And of course he understands where she’s coming from, and is now on the same page, cuz they’re one like that. 👌🏽👑😊 They’re back on track without ever really having gotten off track lol.

You can visibly see both their hearts grow two sizes for each other in this moment. I love that R&M are literally some of the toughest people you’ll ever come by in the apocalypse, but together they can be emotional and cry and fully feel everything they are feeling and honestly that in itself is so strong. 🙌🏾

For both of them to just bare their hearts right now is so beautiful and lets you know that they feel so close and comfortable and connected to each other.

And then of course now that they’ve cleared the air and decided to fight, they do what Rick looks like he’s been wanting to do since she arrived at the fence in that cell 😋, and they have another heartfelt kiss.

I love that every time they kiss, it’s just the words they’ve already spoken now manifesting itself physically, and it makes these moments so much more meaningful.

It’s funny cuz they did not start this cell conversation against the wall and yet by the end they are up against the wall cuz as Michonne talked Rick kept intrinsically moving closer to her lol. 😂 I noticed that in their 7x5 kiss, Michonne initiates it and then Rick is the one who pulls her in closer and then I like that, in this 7x8 one, Rick initiates it and it’s Michonne who pulls Rick in closer.

You can just tell that they are head over heels in the most grown and healthy way. You can also tell that they are elated to be back in each other’s arms after being separated physically and mentally for a bit.

Also, by this point, R&M are three for three in terms of kisses since canon, y’all. 👌🏽 Like every single one was 🔥. And it lets you know that R&M feel so strongly about each other that every time they kiss it has to be passionate cuz that’s what’s inside them towards each other. Anything less than fire wouldn’t match how they feel.

The fact that R&M never lost their way from each other during this trying time is so uplifting. They had ups and downs but to watch them go through so much in 7A and come out so strong and more united than ever. Again, they are the GOAT, y’all.

I called this post “Me and You” because that line is so good and because I love how often Michonne refers to the two of them in her speech. She says "we” and “we’re” a total of 17 times in this speech, as well as referencing the two of them in varying ways multiple times.

That means this speech is not just between Richonne, it’s also about Richonne and so you know I was all about it. 👏🏽😋

I love that this iconic scene ends with R&M back in the arms of their safe space. And you know they would stay there forever if they could, but as this scene revealed, they now have a war to win. 

And now that Richonne is stronger than ever, their odds of winning just got a whole lot better. 😉🙌🏾

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(Sincerely, thank you for reading all this, y'all!! 💕💕💕 You’re the best for real. And other posts won’t be this long, I promise! It’s just this moment was every.last.thing so I had to turn up lol. Thanks again! 😋)

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whoops I fell into marvelsepticeye hell >> Jackie coming home after a particularly frustrating mission, and all he wants to do is scream and/or sleep. Marvin sees him, and asks him what he can do to help. Jackie says no, kisses Marvin's forehead for reassurance, and takes a nap. When he wakes up, the roof of their apartment is suddenly invisible, revealing the heavens above, without light pollution from the city. Marvin is sitting on the other end of the couch, blushing. "Do you like it?"

also You Got Me by Gavin DeGraw is the perfect marvelsepticeye song: “when the fear takes you down, when the doubt takes you under, when you sink like a stone, and you can’t breathe/ when the tears take control, when the demons take over, won’t be in this alone, ‘cause you’ve got me.” agh my heart

this is so cute 💕💕💕 ah this ship is slowly becoming one of my favorites!! 

something i cry about


gamzee didn’t get the fucking closure he deserved

gamzee the fucking THIRTEEN YEAR OLD who suffered a mental break due to his highblood/bard status, killed his friends, spent a good amount of time locked in a fridge, kissed a dismembered head maybe trying to bring his friend back, maybe just deranged

i didnt get closure on fucking gamzee

we see an ending video with no gamzee

what the hell.




fuck hiveswap

i wanna see gamzee happy with everyone else

despite all the shitty things everyones done, they’re all together and happy

let gamzee have a slice of some good ass pie for once

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So I had a dream last night and I thought I'd share. In the dream, it was the s13 premiere and the plot was pretty much cas comes back to life, he and dean share a LONG hug, then there's some angsty pining as they both have heart-to-hearts with Sam about "I love him should I go for it?" And then at the end they finally kiss and then Louden Swain came on and did a few songs. It was wonderful but I doubt it'll be how 13x1 actually goes. Oh well.

This is already better than all of season 7.

Sidney Crosby - Do you regret it?

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Hey I was that anon that asked if you wrote smut so I will request one now haha! Could you do one about Sidney Crosby where you start a job with the penguins (reporter or something like that lol) and you guys become good friends and there’s a lot of flirting and stuff but you guy try so hard to never cross the line because both of you are in relationships but then one night at a party (or some penguins event) you guys end up kissing and then ultimately end up having sex? Thanks girly! :)

Author’s Note: I changed it up a little. I also made a girlfriend up, just because I don’t like using real ones. Enjoy! -Julianne

Being a reporter for Steelers, and Pirates was something you had always dreamed of. You grew up in a house full of sports. You were never good at any, but that never stopped you for enjoying them. The best part of your job was meeting all the players you had grew up watching on the t.v. that and getting to be around all the beautiful men. Perks, right.

You had just gotten in your car when your phone binged. It was a text from your younger  brother Jayk who happened to play for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

“Make sure to get my good side. ;)”

Odd text you thought. Why, would I be getting his good side? Was this meant for someone other than you. You were about to call Jayk, when your phone rang. It was your boss.

“Y/N, good news! You are assigned to the Pittsburgh Penguin for the next three months. The whole works. You will be traveling with them on every away game and I need you at every home game. I have all the other details once you get settled. This is a good step, if they like you, you will no longer be part time.” Your boss cheeried.

“Wow! This is better than good, it’s great! When do I start?”

“Tonight. I’m going to need you to go in about ten just to meet the team and what not. Just tell them my name when you get to the door. They have everything you need. Good luck. Call me if you need anything.”

You clicked ended on the call before doing a happy dance in your seat. The smile was plastered on your face the whole car ride to your boyfriend’s house.

You and Blake had meet during a Pirate’s home game. It was a bat boy and he almost got fired that day. He kept looking at you that every time a ball came his way, he ignored it. He asked you out that day after his warning from his boss and you two have been dating for three years now.

Blake opened the door just as you were pushing your key in the keyhole. He had just gotten out of the shower. His blonde wavy hair was laying in his eyes, a towel wrapped around his waist. He smiled as he placed a kiss to your lips, pulling you into his house.

“No, don’t go. Stay in bed with me.” Blake whined as you  pulled on your underwear and shorts.

“I can’t. I have to be at the arena at ten.” You said pulling your shirt over your head.

“But, I’m cuter.” He pouted.

“Yes, you are, but you don’t pay for my car, sooo.” You joked. “How about you come to the game with me tonight. I’ll wear those jeans you like.” You winked as Blake pulled you closer to his lips.

“I’ll pick you up at 7. Go kick some ass.” He said kissing you. “Love you my big reporter.” He smiled.

“Love you my bat boy.”

Big. That was the word that popped in your head when you first stepped into the arena. If it wasn’t for the guy that was taking you too the team’s locker room, you were sure you would have gotten lost. You saw the big Penguin logo on the locker room door and you felt the need to throw up. The guy knocked on the door, before talking to the guy on the other side.

“You can go in now.” The guy said before turning to leave.

“Thank you.” You said before stepping inside the room. The guy at the door smiled at you before yelling at the guys around the room to sit down.

“Team, this is Y/N. She is your new reporter for the next three months. Get use to her face because she will be at every game.” The door guy who’s name you found out was Jim.

Some of the teammates came up and said hello to you but the one that stood out the most was the Captain, Sidney Crosby. He was cute and charming. You two locked eyes, a smile on both faces.

“SIS!” Jayk said breaking the stare.

“Look at you. This must be your bad side.” You joke as Jayk hugged you.

“Haha. Funny.” He smiled.


You smoothed your shirt making sure you were just perfect for the camera. The Pens won 4-0 and that meant it was interview time. You had interview most of the team, but had one more. Sid. The room was empty beside your crew, you, and Sid. Your crew had to get some more tapes from the car, leaving only you and Sid in the room.

“Nice, game tonight.” You smiled taking a seat in your brother’s stall which was across from Sid’s.

“Thanks.” He smiled. “It helped having a pretty girl watching.” He joked as he winked at you. Making you blush.

It had been a whole month already, with the Pens and you felt part of the family already. Malkin, was playing pranks on you like he did the team and they even asked you to team drinks, dinners, and parties. You even had a flirting bit with Sid, now. After, all you both were taken.

Malkin was having a dinner party for everyone, including you. You and Malkin had became best friends in the short amount of time. There, wasn’t much you two didn’t talk about.

“Where’s bat boy?” Sid smiled as he sat down next to you on the couch.

“Hey!” You smiled. “He’s in New York with the team. Where Carla?” You asked.

“Carla, is on a friends trip in Spain and Italy. Hey, do you wanna go for a walk?” Sid asked.

“Sure.” You smiled getting off the couch.


“So why is Blake with the team? Don’t they have their own bat boy’s in New York.” He asked as you two walked along the small pond.

“He works the dugout on away games.”

“Hmm, that sounds nice.” He giggled.

“So, how long is Carla away for?” You asked sitting on a rock by the pond. Sid took a seat next to you before answering.

“Two weeks or so. She left last night. It’s kind of nice to have the house to myself.” He laughed.

You two sat there for awhile just watching the sunset. It was a nice, to get away from the craziness inside for a bit.  You were about to say something when you caught Sid looking at you. You opened your mouth to say something but were cut off by Sid’s lips.

You knew it wasn’t right, but it felt right. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he laid you down on the grass. The next thing you knew both your clothes were off and Sid was holding your naked body.

“That was amazing.” He huffed as he pressed a kiss to your neck.

“It was better than amazing.” You laughed as you kissed him.

As you pulled away Sid’s phone went off. He untangled his naked body from your’s and grabbed his phone. He pressed the green button and spoke.

“Hey Carla.” He looked over at you with sad eyes, and that when it really hit you. You two just cheated. You felt the need to puke. You threw your head to the side and puked. It wasn’t until you felt Sid’s hands on your body that you started to cry.

“No. No. No!” You yelled standing up to place your clothes back on.

“Y/N.” Sid started.

“No!…god. I have Blake and you have Carla. What does that mean!? Oh god, why did I not say no.” You cried grabbing your shoes and walking back towards the house.

You could hear Sid call your name, but you didn’t stop. It wasn’t until you got to your car that Sid caught up.

“Please, let me leave Sid.” You said as you tried to peel his hand off your car door.

“I don’t regret what just happened, Y/N. I need you to know that. I love you.” He said a crack in his voice.

“I have to go, Sid.” You said not looking up at him.

As you closed the car door you heard Sid said one more thing.

“Do you regret it?” His sad eyes looking into the window.

It felt like the longest ride home. Everything replied in your head. The kiss. The feeling of him inside you. The fight. And the last words he said. Did you regret what happened? You pulled into your driveway and hit your steering wheel.

“FUCK!” You yelled. “I don’t.” You said wiping your tears.

You made your way inside the house only to see a light on in the living room. Panic filled you, you grabbed a candle holder and made your way slowly in the living room.

“Hey baby!” Blake smiled. “I came home early to-”

“I slept with Sid.” You said fast.


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4. Rivalry + Red

In the time he’d been back from Mt. Silver, Red had noticed plenty of differences in Green. He had matured a lot since their journeys - he was more mindful about what he said, he was tidier, and he treated all his Pokemon with the love and respect they deserved.

But some things never changed. Green was still competitive, confident, and a complete jokester, and Red felt right at home with him in Viridian City. They were more than friends or rivals now, but the biggest difference that brought was all the kissing. When you were dating your rival, though, just about anything could become a competition.

And that was where Red found himself today. It had started as a simple text in the middle of the day, but things had rapidly spiraled out of control. Red had sent off a cutesy little kissing emoji as their lunch breaks had come to an end. While walking back to Professor Oak’s lab, Green had sent one back - one even more adorable and lovey-dovey. It had made Red smile, and without thinking about it, he’d sent another back.

That had been a mistake.

Green had sent another. By that time, Red had made it to the lab, but he figured a quick little reply would’t hurt things. As he began working again, he gradually forgot about the exchange of emojis… until his phone buzzed again. And again. And again and again and again.

When Red finally fished his phone out of his pocket, his eyes had blown wide. Using a variety of symbols and letters that he must have copied from someplace, Green had sent him text art of a Pikachu making a kissy face.

While he was staring at it in shocked silence, another message popped up.

love ya, nerd. ;)

… Well now he had to up his game, didn’t he?

Whenever things slowed down or he could manage to sneak a minute on his phone, he worked on his response. Minutes passed… then hours… and just before it was time to go home, he managed to come up with something perfect. But he didn’t send it yet. Instead he wrapped up his work, offered Professor Oak and Daisy a brief farewell, and headed out on Charizard’s back. Moments before touching down in front of the gym, he finally pulled out his phone and got to work. He took only a second to admire his work - a quite adorable rendition of an Eevee - before recalling Charizard and hurrying inside. When he walked through the door to their apartment, Green’s phone was in his hand.

Green looked up from the screen, a little smile on his lips. He got up from the couch, stepping over and pulling Red close by the waist. Before Red could utter a sound, their lips were pressed together.

They stayed like that for several long moments… until Green abruptly broke off the kiss by yanking his hat down over his eyes.

“Welcome home, loser.”

Dating Joe Sugg May Include:

Warnings: Sexual References, also I got a little carried away so it’s a little long

Requested: Yes (Ahh my first request thank you so much ≧◡≦ )

Dating Joe may include:

  • Him always cooking for you
  • You trying to cook for him, but in the end, you just watch.
  • “I can’t believe you can’t make scrambled eggs”
  • “Shut up!”
  • Ice cream dates
  • Combing through each other’s hair
  • Giving him massages all the time

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If (or when) they do just end up kissing on camera, I pheel like the Phandom won't even phreak out. Well all just nod silently and say, "Mhmm. Yes, we were right. This is good. I like this." And continue like normal.

Yeah same

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Can we talk about Dylan in the first scene of AmAs straight up checking for strep with that tongue all in the back of Katrina's throat. In the theatre my friend literally sighed "well damn Dylan." Every now and again Dylan whips out a tongue or a moan when he kisses and I'm on the floor.

Everyone in the theater was like “WE’LL OKAY THEN!” lol! That boy is gonna end us all!

How the ever loving fuck are Hiccup and Astrid getting “engaged” after only being canoncially together for literally three episodes…?

I mean. I was never under the illusion that the show will never act on the Hiccup and Astrid romance plotline that was teased in movie 1 and kinda-sorta a little hinted at in movie 2 (I mean, really, Eret and Astrid had more scenes together than Astrid and Hiccup… whiiich is the reason I ended up shipping Eretrid after movie 2).

But they have had five whole seasons of show to build it up. There was basically nothing, aside from Heather teasing Astrid about her feelings for Hiccup that were… never acted upon before in the show… There was absolutely no romantic undertone between their interactions until they, all of a sudden, kiss and get together at the finale of season 5.

Which is particularly ridiculous considering that the relationship between Fishlegs and Heather has more build-up and screen-time than the actual main pairing of the franchise.

Two episodes into season 6 and they’re getting engaged… What the fuck.

Taking it slow and actually developing the romance, that’s… too much to ask? Even for my NOTPs, I demand good writing. And that’s just not it. Showing them developing feelings during the past five seasons and then actually developing their relationship in this season before having them get… engaged… That would have been great.

But it’s too much to ask for, apparently.

I mean, it’s kinda weird to ask for more PDA of a NOTP, but at least that way the relationship would come off as, ya know, developed and built-up instead of happening out of the blue and then suddenly rushing ahead.

That show must be sooo frustrating for people who actually ship Hiccup and Astrid? Like? You go in, expecting the show to tie in right after the first movie where it was set up that they’d get together, but then you get blue-balled and ignored for literally five seasons and then it’s one thing right after the other yet still without, you know, giving them more than one kiss or like an actual date or something…?

M!A: Flirty Boy - Deactivated

Gundham is a huge flirt for the next 72 hours.

   The 72 hours pass and the change is Gundham is sudden. He stops in his stride, currently confident and relaxed. His body tenses, face going hard, that foreign flirty smirk on his features disappearing. He remembers everything he’s done and said over the last three days.

   “Oh … oh by pandemonium’s horrors,” He breathes, hands rising to his face. He … he kissed so many people. Touched so many people. Some he didn’t even like!

   A shiver runs up his spine, skin crawling in agitation. He feels like he is going to be sick. The breeder just turns on his heels and heads off towards his room. If he locks himself up and ignores everyone for a few days perhaps they’ll forget. God! He hopes they’ll forget.

   … What if they believe he’s in love with them now? Oh shit! Nope! Not dealing with that!

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day ~ <3