and then they all ate pie

so i saw this quote in some angsty gif set earlier

“this is great

 just the three of us. 

You, me… 

and this brick wall that you built between us.”

and when i read it i thought that was the deepest shit ever. i related to this quote so much. how many times did i feel like this when a relationship ended? how many times have i seen a wall built between two people who were once close? experienced the wrenching pain of separation after times of being so close? I was completely moved by it. it was something straight out of charles dickens. i’m completely floored. then i realized. its spongebob. its from a fucking spongebob episode. when he ate the pie bomb and was supposed to explode at sunset.and squidward built an actual fucking brick wall to protect himself from the explosion. i hate this website. i am. deleting. we all deserve to. burn

forever starts right now.

For Patater Week. Set in Careful the Tale You Tell verse.

It’s about two months into their relationship. (Their proper relationship, not the year of fumbling that led them there.) Kent’s bugging Alexei about his stuff taking up too much room in Kent’s dresser drawers. “Can’t we, like, pick a drawer that’s yours and you can have that one, so your shit isn’t all messed up with mine?”

“You’re wanting to share drawers?” Alexei says, merrily putting a pair of pants in right next to Kent’s pants, god damn it.

“At least can we fucking talk about it?”

“Pff. No, too early. We talk about it when we get married,” Alexei says breezily.

Kent nearly trips face first over his own dropped jaw.

And from then on, it turns into a thing.

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Cutthroat Kitchen -- A Summary
  • Alton Brown: *auctions off lemon meringue pie*
  • Chef 1: *buys pie for $160 trillion dollars and gives it to Chef B* u look like u can handle this ;) ;) ;) ;)
  • Chef B: it OK i once ate a slice lemon meringue pie at my gran mama's when i was 8 yrs old so i kno exactly how to incorporate this into my chicken parmesean
  • Chef C: im super duper stoked i didnt get given this auction bc im already handcuffed naked to an elvis impersonator inside a fish tank n i have to do all my cooking on this antique shotgun from altons basement that he used to shoot cats when he was in middle school :)

Forgive the half-assed ficlet, my dears, but my writing time has been short lately and while I would have liked to have something a bit more polished for @lecteronthelam‘s Mardi Gras event, it was not to be.  So please forgive the very rushed, rough draft of a thing which vaguely flirts with the notion of discussing New Orleans and so is maybe technically within the rules of the event.

the silver branch

(or: the one where Hannibal bakes a pie and has no chill)

Hannibal postponed his own first bite of the pie to watch Will savor his.  Watching closely, he was fairly certain he could tell when the first hint of the bourbon broke over Will’s palate.  He waited for the faint twitch of a smile, then turned to his own plate.

They ate a few bites in companionable silence before Will spoke.

“You used the good stuff.  You know it’s insane to waste that on baking, right?”

Hannibal gave that the half-second’s consideration that was all it deserved before responding: “If you can taste the difference, then it wasn’t wasted.”  Will rolled his eyes in decidedly rude fashion and popped another forkful into his mouth.  He chewed thoughtfully for a moment with a faraway look in his eyes.  

Hannibal bit back the astringent taste of jealousy long enough to ask, “Where have you gone, Will?”

A soft, noncommittal hum and another bite of pie passed before Will refocused and answered him.  “Ancient history.  I was thinking about this little café back in New Orleans.  They stayed open late and I’d stop there sometimes after my shift. Their pecan pie was the best I’d ever had, at the time.  You’d have hated it.  The whipped cream came from a can.”  

His smile was bright and nearly malicious as he punctuated that with another bite, leaving Hannibal to shudder near-imperceptibly at the thought of sprayed-on whipped cream, and at the glimpse of Will’s teeth closing around his fork.

(cont’d under the cut)

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Honestly “haha I tricked you into listening to and enjoying it my Progressiveness” only has any punch if, at the end of it, you TELL the bigot what they just listened to. It’s like, that lady in “the help” TOLD the racist white lady there was feces in the pie AFTER she already ate it. If that other lady just let her eat a shit-pie without ever telling her, and just let her go about her merry way, then that’d be a pretty pointless trick. Point is, most of Trump and Pence’s supporters didn’t have their Super Bowl Halftime Show ruined at all because they didn’t notice the political message behind singing “this land” followed by “born this way.” If she’d said “TAKE NOTE MR. PRESIDENT” and then sang “born this way” then MAYBE, but in a situation of “haha she made a political statement and those conservatives DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE,” she did not make a political statement in any substantial way. A political statement that your opponents can look straight at and not notice is not a statement at all, for the same reason it would be absolutely pointless to write “Homophobia is Bad” on a sugar cube and then dissolve it into Mike Pence’s coffee where he’ll never see the message.

speculation compilation #45

Speculation regarding the Interlude specifically! A few of these came in a little earlier than the others, so I’ve categorized them accordingly.

Speculation as of page 35:

This direction was considered early on, but we decided to have the divergence from canon be very inconspicuous, and controlled solely by Chara without Asriel’s interference.

It is said that buttercups don’t taste very good, so the pie was probably bitter too! Perhaps all that sugar masked the taste. Asgore gets some credit for eating so much of that pie for the sake of the kids. (And it’s a good thing no one else ate it!)

Speculation as of page 36:

Chara did not suggest the plan off camera in this AU.

Actually, you were right the first time. Chara decides not to tell Asriel of the plan, which is why Asriel does not cry on Tape 4. (In this AU, there is no Tape 4 and 5, at least, not the same way as in game.)

Truly, the theories many of you had on what would change was brilliant! However, we wanted the divergence to be something very very simple and subtle. In this moment, there are two branching paths. In canon, Chara tells Asriel the plan, and it leads to the game we all know and love. This AU follows the other path where Chara hesitates and opts to say nothing. What were they thinking? Where will it lead? Well, I suppose you’ll have to wait and see.

Constants and variables…

reasons to love @charlie-bradcherry

1. She is a mom friend, pure bean who starves for affection and will actually pamper you all the time because she loves you. I kid you not!!

2. She is a meme lord like no other meme lord

3. She ate cereals with a fork

4. Wakes up at four in the morning and sends messages. really cute messages:

5. Wants to hug andcuddle like 80 percent of the time even if it’s via text messages and randomly says “i love u” 5 times a skype call

6. Sings disney songs during awkward silences (i actually recorded this via a call so i can prove it)

7. “I am bisexual and sometimes i pee glitters” <- quote by charlie

8. Scary as hell and will kick anyone who pisses her off straight to hell

9. HER!!! FACE!! IS!!! SO!!! CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

10. She always wants everyone to be happy, she has a good heart and listens to what you have to say and is overall just a good friend, I love her to death :DD



I had thanksgiving leftovers all to myself I was full and sleepy so I took a hot shower but I also felt like taking pictures but this isn’t mine but I just thought I’ll do it just this once so I ate a piece of pumpkin pie even though it sucks but (wait I lied I had two pieces) anyway after that I did a water bloat and called it a night it was fun and I felt (sexy)SSSH!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Holy shit 602 follows lol that’s badass
I love you guys😘😘😘

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If it isn't Emma's coma, but Henry's? Since he ate apple pie in the first season?

It’s always possible for them to go inception and have Henry writing his mother’s experiences after the fact after she described them to him in detail, but this entire theory only works with Emma being the one on an inner journey and us seeing everything from her perspective. I’ve actually talked about the meaning of the apple turnover in this post.

It’s all very specifically tied to Emma’s experiences. Experiences a child like Henry would not have. We have the recurring traumas of an adult woman that fit Emma’s backstory. We have the experiences of someone who ends up in a coma woven into the story- heart ripping, being an unwilling organ donor, memory loss, the dagger, having control over someone’s end of life decisions, … Medication and magic. It’s all elaborately explained - even if it’s incomplete - so I can’t help but wonder that if you ask a question like that, you haven’t actually read OperationOUT.

I’ve read the most ridiculous statements that have nothing to do with what’s stated on our blog. That we’re saying Emma’s going to wake up and they were already a family, that Regina’s only a figment of Emma’s imagination, that it was all just a dream… None of these things are what we are saying. People read the intro and make up their minds without actually reading a letter of it or take the word of someone who hasn’t actually read it. I know the blog needs an update, but you really do have to read everything to get a bit of a grasp on it. It’s complex and there are so many posts because it is that complicated. I’m going to attempt to write a new summary, but it’s not that I can just easily explain. I don’t know at which point it clicks for people, it’s different for everyone.

This theory isn’t… “It’s all just a coma.” or “It’s all just a dream.” It’s actually not even a coma (for the most part she is in a near-comatose or vegetative state) and it’s not a dream, because it is warped reality. Neither of those words exactly fit the bill. The issue is people don’t know much about comatose states, so we are stuck with using those words to explain it, but neither one is really adequate. This is a very unusual and unique concept that is closer to what people describe as their experience of states of altered consciousness than other tv shows who have used it as a cheap plot device.

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Time Where You Are Now: 7:08am

Last Thing You Watched On TV: Diary Of a Wimpy Kid ;) 

Favorite colour: I’ve never actually picked a favorite colour ?? but purple came to my head first SO PURPLE  

Favorite ice cream flavor: ALL OF THEM. I LOVE ICE CREAM VV MUCH ?? 

what you ate for dinner tonight: last night i had pie 👅👅👅

what you’re currently wearing: don’t judge me,,,but i’m wearing a shrek shirt 

Favorite movie character: i don’t really watch movies ?? so idk

Top place to visit on your bucket list: i really want to go to Japan. But anywhere would be nice tbh 

Harry potter house: Ravenclaw 👅


Favorite sleeping position: on my side?? i hAVE NOO IDEA

If you could instantly teleport yourself anywhere right now: JAPAN PLs 

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time where u are now: 1434 also no one asked but its raining
last thing u watched on tv: brazilian soap opera
favorite color: i like bright green bright pink nd any dusty color
favorite ice cream flavor: lemon pie !!!
what you ate for dinner tonight: doritos
what youre currently wearing: a sweatshirt and my only pajama pants
favorite movie character: laura from men in black 2
top places to visit on ur bucket list: disneyland im dead serious ive never been there and it makes me so sad
harry potter house: snake
if you read fanfic last one you read: i dont but liv made me read a bts fanfic where they all rot to death and i liked the way it was written it was good
favorite sleeping position: i like to sleep on my tummy or on my side either way i cant sleep without my teddy bear and thats what matters
if you could instantly teleport yourself anywhere right now: moon

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  • Draco: Any chance of getting something sweet to go with my coffee?
  • Hermione: You mean all those pieces of strawberry pie that you ate for lunch weren't enough?
  • Draco: I’m a growing boy, I need my vitamins.
  • Hermione: The only thing that’s growing on you, Draco, is your ego.
  • Draco: Well, other things of mine also tend to swell up in your presence, Granger.
It’s when you’re drowning and then you finally get that first breath of air.
It’s when you haven’t ate all day and then you finally get that piece of pie.
It’s when you haven’t seen your best friend in forever and then you finally see them.
It’s when you’re stuck in a hole of darkness and then you finally see the light.
—  (What it’s like with you)


Okay so I just made this pie and I absolutely have to gush about it. If any of this seems familiar, it’s because I’ve already raved about how good this pie is on reddit and youtube; SORRY, NOT SORRY. I JUST ATE IT ONE HOUR AGO AND IT’S TOO GOOD NOT TO SHARE.

I joined forces with fellow fans @dreadtriumvirate and @tsu-was-here, and we split up the work, braiding the crust, whisking cream, and checking temperatures, until it all came together. One thing I will say is that this pie is like a custard (or should I say, a sugary quiche?) and most of the time was spent in front of the stove stirring pots! I was really worried that we’d accidentally burn something, but we prevailed! In the end our patience was rewarded with PURE BUTTERSCOTCH CINNAMON BLISS.

The buttery warm filling just melts in your mouth, with warm quiet notes of cinnamon lingering behind. I don’t usually do baked goods and I was really worried the pie would be too sweet, (I even had extra ingredients incase I needed to remake it with less sugar). But nope, you can’t improve on PERFECTION. It’s not cloying at all, and instead it’s rich, soft, and delightful. (Like a hug from Toriel herself.) We were scraping every last scrap off the plates and just swooning over this delicacy.

My family was over so I ended up serving them each a slice. They don’t know ANYTHING about Undertale so they weren’t clouded by fan-bias, and even they were raving over how good this damn thing was. My parents even said this was the best pie they have ever had and my brother is already begging me to make another. THANK YOU FEAST OF FICTION!

We only made two adjustments: First, the whipped cream was too sweet for my liking, so we added an extra cup of whipping cream to the mixture and it mellowed it out perfectly.

Second, I’m cursed with a gluten-intolerance so we used a pre-made gluten-free pie crust instead of a regular one. Gluten-free pie crusts are a BITCH to make from scratch, so having “pre-made” be a part of the recipe was helpful. (If you are looking for a good pie crust, I recommend Silly Zak’s. Even the wheat-eaters were commenting on how good the crust was, and we didn’t even do anything to it.)

I’m really glad that everything turned out and we didn’t burn the house down. We’ll definitely make it again!

(I’m no food photographer, but here it is before we completely devoured it.)

* Reading this positive review about Butterscotch Cinnamon pie has filled you with DETERMINATION.

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4, 16, 31, 53

4. What are you looking forward to?

At this exact moment in time: Sondheimas at Joe’s Pub.

16. have you ever wanted to tell someone something but you didn’t?

To the one gay friend I had in high school who I outted in a fit of petty jealousy when it turned out we were both trying to snag the same guy online (who happened to love 100 miles away): I’m sorry.

31. 3 random facts

1. All my favorite colognes I originally smelled on men I was not dating; I have never dated a man who wears cologne. Draw your own conclusions.
2. I never ate pumpkin pie until I was in college because I assumed I would hate it. How wrong I was.
3. First person I ever came out to + first online crush = a guy also named Tyler. We met online when I was 15; we finally met in person two years ago

53. 5 things that make me happy
1. My husband
2. My dog
3. Warm weather and clear skies
4. A good ol showtune singalong in the car
5. Baking

59. why i joined tumblr
Sleep No More spoilers and porn and @fuckyeahstephensondheim.

itslulu42  asked:

Btw- I made that strawberry pie and it was Glorious! So glorious that my family ate it before I took a photo because I thought I had until dinner and they had dessert first. I guess I'll have to make another. Thanks for the recommendation! 🍓

Ahhh! I am so glad it turned out well! It is one of my favorites! Idk if I said this before, but I totally recommend trying it with a blackberry/raspberry mix as well because that was positively sinful. 

And yes, bake all the pies! We should all channel a little more Ibiki into our daily lives and bake wonderful things. He would be proud of you :D

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thankful, written for sciles day

Thanksgiving was always a big deal in the family; Scott remembers it fondly, his mom playfully pushing his tio’s hands away from the pie as she baked, the kitchen filled with delicious scents, and then in the evening the warm autumn air would be crisp as they lit lanterns and ate on the patio, the sound of Spanish filling the air, all the Delgados laughing and joking and coming together. After eating too much food, Scott’s abuela would pull him into his lap and they would watch her favorite telenovela, and his parents would do the dishes together, his mom teasing his dad’s accent in Spanish. 

Then they’d moved to Beacon Hills, and Scott still called his abuela and she’d pass the phone around to his aunts and uncles and cousins and as they had their big Thanksgiving, but it wasn’t the same. But Scott knew even at age six that the Move was important, it was good for Dad’s job, and Mom found a place she liked working too, so it was a Good Thing for the entire McCall family. 

And then Scott met Stiles, and suddenly it was like the world was filled with color and bright things; things that he never found funny before were hysterical with Stiles’ stories, he loved the sound of Stiles’ laugh, liked how Stiles shared all his toys with him and even, he admitted later on the phone to his uncle, he was glad that Stiles bit Jackson on the arm for being mean and stepping on their sandcastle. His uncle had just laughed and said he was glad Scott had found a friend, which made him swell up with happiness. 

Thanksgivings in Beacon Hills were at the Stilinski home; much quieter than the old Delgado ones, but Scott loved these, loved breaking wishbones with Stiles and eating way too much turkey while both sets of parents talked about boring grownup things, and then Scott and Stiles got to go upstairs and play with Legos. 

Scott’s eleven now. Rafael hasn’t been to a Thanksgiving for a few years, but this year– it’s the first year it’s official, paperwork and all. Scott knows what it means, knows his mom holds her head up high and doesn’t tell him that she worries about paying all the bills and she took that extra shift so Scott could have new clothes for school this year. He knows she misses her parents and cousins and the huge warmth of Thanksgiving but they can’t afford the plane tickets to visit. 

“I don’t think we can do anything big this year,” Melissa said calmly when Scott asked her about it one night.

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Trading Places (Sub!Sam adventures!)

Requested by two anons: a sub!Sam smut fic. Enjoy, everyone! XOXO

Summary: Sam is usually the agressive one, but decides he wants the reader to take over for a night.

Word Count: 2140

Warnings: Smut, light bdsm

Staring at Sam across the dinner table as he ate was enough to get you all hot and bothered. The way he wrapped his mouth around the bottle of beer he drank from, the way he licked his lips between bites…his mouth was damn distracting. Then there was dessert, when Sam dipped his finger into the whipped cream that topped the pie and gently sucked it off, staring straight into your eyes while his tongue peeked out, teasing you.

You began thinking all kinds of dirty thoughts, and by the time it was late enough to go to bed, you were so turned on you could barely see straight. 

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