and then theres munch

Going to iHop when friends were here was a Mistake because now I really want those chicken florentine crepes from there but hell if my mom and I ever visit iHop after that last time we visited one and ran a $100 bill.

In our defense, it was a celebration way back when my cousin and I finished homeschool testing and my mom offered to pay, but now that restaurant carries a everlasting sense of Guilt. Also mom and I don’t go out to eat… Ever, esp in the Actual Town. 

The Gems and food:

I’ve seen a few post talking about how the gems does X thing and honestly I’m impressed no one had said anything about something as common as eating, so I made my own version!

  • Garnet: She eats slow and calmly, she enjoys more the food when its hot, her personal favorite is sea-food, mostly lobsters, sushi and blowfish, she’s also really into spicy food. 
  • Pearl: Is canon that Pearl HATES eating, but I bet she enjoys drinking a lot, mostly when the flavor is subtle, she loves tea and flavored water, like Garnet she goes slow and calm, even when she’s really thirsty.
  • Amethyst: Eats everything she finds with barely self-control, she enjoys the ACT of eating more than the food itself, so theres no favorite as long as she can munch it (or at least swallow it).
  • Peridot: She’s a beast when we talk about this, of course thats a big influence of Amethyst, the difference is that Peridot cares a lot about the taste, she loves greasy unhealthy food and strong flavored drinks like coffee or sodas. 
  • Lapis Lazuli: Lapis doesn’t enjoy chewing, because of that her favorite kind of food are creamy sweet desserts, mostly ice-cream, milkshakes and cheesecakes, she’s a big vegetarian and hates everything with an artificial flavor. 
  • Jasper: Jasper enjoys eating as a barbarian, she only uses her hands and big sharp teeth, big amounts of barely-cook meat is everything she consumes. She enjoys eating parts of the bone when she is done with the meat.

anonymous asked:

i dont shave my pits b/c its not worth my time. but i always wear long sleeves now so no one sees.. i dont know why i feel insecure about it, i dont think im dirty fot not shaving, its my desicion and its ok. i dont know why i feel insecure. help? :(

4 me personally every time i try something new i feel semi insecure about it for a lil bit just cuz its new territory kinda like a snail peekin its lil head outta its shell. if you do it enough times (go out in public w/ a tank top, maybe first just a quick trip to the mailbox, then to the grocery store, then maybe to an event with friends, etc) eventually ur FULL outta that shell & slippin around all silly when u realize that, hey, its ok, this is fine, everythings ok even tho i got hairy pits and ppl say im not allowed to. its still great! the suns still shining and theres a tun of grass for my snail body to munch on. just work little by little on bein brave!! ily and goooood luck!