and then theres benedict


Benophie AU: Pretty waitress

sherlock doesn’t like his food to touch, and that’s the real reason he doesn’t eat when him and john go out. takeaway is fine, however, because everything is in its own, individual box, just as it should be. john realizes this, one day, when sherlock refuses to put his chinese on a plate and eats straight from the box (john had previously thought it was just due to laziness, but when sherlock outright refuses, he realizes it’s A Thing™), so he starts dishing up sherlock’s food whenever it needs to be dished up, and makes sure it’s separated, because he loves sherlock and he knows it isnt his fault and that poor boy needs to EAT

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Hello! You're tumblr is amazing!! i've looked through everything and thank you so much for spreading all that Cumberfamily love!! :D I just wanted to ask if you've seen this video clip? theres a super sweet bit at the end where Benedict talks about he finds it amazing that little kit is able to recognize him with all of the Dr Strange stuff on :) etonline. com/media/video/exclusive_doctor_strange_star_benedict_cumberbatch_on_being_the_internet_boyfriend-200901/

Hi! I’m so glad you like the blog, it really is a labour of love so people appreaciating it just makes my day. And thank you! I had not seen the video, it’s just so cute and the way he speaks about his family is so endearing and loving. Just irresistible. 

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