and then there's tristan


BTS of season 4:

  • Other fandoms: *have so much drama* *are never calm* *so much tension between fans* *complain about everything*
  • Me: *peacefully up The Vamps's asses* This is where I belong.

When I was watching arthur-tristan-kingsmen doing his stream I said that Arthur is a human pikachu cos of his color scheme. Then it was Vivi as squirtle and Lewis as chandelure (I’m not sure if I remembered correctly this one). And I just couldn’t stop thinking about it (being on a con where there were pokemon plushies did not help…) And this is what happens when I think of something too much… I’m sorry *hides in a darkest corner possible*

take my hand // tristan&abigail

Tristan was nervous.  Which was stupid because this was Abigail, it’s not as if they hadn’t hung out alone thousands of times before.  But this was a date.  A date with the girl he’d had a thing for since he realized he actually liked the idea of dating girls.  Of course by that time she had already started dating other people. It’s not even as if this was his first date, he’d had plenty of girlfriends in between then.  He’d even had girlfriends who he’d been friends with for extended periods of time before asking them out it’s not as if this was a new experience for him he had no reason to be nervous.  Besides, this was Abigail, if she knew he was nervous she’d never let him live it down.  So, he swallowed his nerves and headed towards the Great Hall to wait for her.

“Hey.” He smiled when she finally arrived. “You look great.” Not that he didn’t think she looked great all the time, but since they were going on a date he figured he could get away with saying it without it being too big a deal.  “You ready to go?”


                                         It’s not 

                                      a k i l l list?

                                 we should call 911

                                   no there’s no way