and then there's this royal idiot

so you know the fanfic trope where there's an royal AU of sometime, and there are rebels who are revolting against the monarch, and they kidnap the heir to the throne, right? and the heir is usually shocked to find out that there is a revolution, and that the angry peasants have a right to be upset, etc? and they fall in love with the rebel leader?

well, that’s all well and good but you know what I’d like? A fic where the kidnapped heir is like YOU FUCKING IDIOTS I WAS YOUR INSIDE MAN YOU’RE ALL IDIOTS AND IT’S A GOOD THING I’M HERE NOW BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIL and then they pretty much take over the rebel leader is like “what have i done? i should look at my life choices, etc." 

and they still fall in love ofc, because this is a romance AU obvs.