and then there's this

call me an optimist but i think yuri on ice is actually… genuinely… gay

my parents took me to europe when i was 10 and i remember lying in the most comfortable bed of a five star hotel in the heart of london and not being able to sleep because i was scared to tell my parents i had gotten a distinction instead of a high distinction in one of my ICAS exams (it’s this out of school test thing, distinction is a great score but not the best, it was optional and didn’t affect my school grade, not that anything really mattered when you were 10). it’s one of those things you look back on and scoff at, but i swear to god in that moment in time it felt like my world was ending. london was our last stop and going home meant i had to break the news somehow. like. can you believe. i was miles and miles and miles away on the holiday of a lifetime and everything was so good and exciting but on the last day i literally laid awake stressing over a tiny grade because my standards were high and i was afraid of failure. i’m 18 now and some days i can’t even work up the motivation to pick up a pencil until after 2pm. i’m doing fine, more than fine, but sometimes i feel like an entirely different person. and i don’t know, i’m glad i’m no longer living for approval or a measly number but sometimes i wish i cared even a fraction as much as i used to.

sorry for complaining so much idk i’m having a really bad time lately and there’s so much stuff happening rn in my life and on tumblr in the fandom and it’s just stressing me out, and i don’t deal well with stress at all. and i’m working every day until next wednesday.

so that’s why i’m not on very much lately i promise i’ll answer asks and whatnot whenever i’m up to it

This is so important.

Let me repeat that.

This is so important.

This is not teasing touches. This is not some scene in the onsen where they both happen to be naked. This is not Victor getting physically close with Yuuri just to ‘mess with him’ or to ‘help him find Eros’. This is not a comedy routine or some throwaway comment that could be interpreted a thousand different ways.

This is a serious, emotionally charged scene integral to the plot. This is a conversation whose purpose is to give the audience a glimpse of the inner workings of the minds of these characters. This is Victor, admitting to Yuuri that not only is he okay with dating guys, he’s okay with dating Yuuri. These are canon words coming from Victor’s mouth.

Victor said he’s willing to be Yuuri’s boyfriend. I am not making any leaps of logic or forming headcanons- Victor just canonically admitted that he is attracted to guys and is completely okay with dating them.

This is representation.

Do you have any idea how huge this is???? This is Victor, a main character, portrayed as talented and beautiful and someone people idolize and aspire to be like. He also happens to be gay. He doesn’t embody any over stereotypes and he isn’t defined solely by his sexuality- He’s just Victor.This is a massive step forward, not just in sports anime but for anime in general. This is what we were hoping for, and we’re not even at the halfway point of the series yet.

How amazing is that???