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Mer!Sterek AU

Stiles and Derek are mermen from different tribes, and each decide to visit a human village at the edge of their territories. Stiles is on a rite of passage, maybe, or just curious, while Derek’s checking in for safety purposes – making sure the humans don’t know anything about his kind after a recent close call when Erica’s curiosity ran away from her and she swam too close to a ship.

They meet and fall in love, but are, of course, forbidden to reveal their true natures while they’re in human form. Cue tension and flirting and each of them trying to fake their way through being human while the other fakes his way through recognizing all the human items and rituals. (Picture Stiles combing his hair with a fork while Derek nods along seriously, and the waiter just stares on, baffled).

And of course tons of pointless angsting about having to choose between worlds, and can they leave their families and the ocean and everything they know to be with each other… until something happens – maybe the boat they’re in topples (because face it, neither of them knows how to use a boat anyway) in deep water, and they’re each terrified of the other drowning because humans can’t survive in water so they transform to swim the other to the surface, and they’re each trying to save each other for a full five seconds before they realize each other have tails.

So, let me get this straight. Alison was tortured and nearly killed, which now we know that was CeCe mistaking her for Bethany (if she told the truth about that part of her story). Her own mother buried her alive and some creepy old bitch who was just passing through pulled her out of the dirt. Genuinely fearing for her life, she played dead. She could’ve dipped and gone anywhere. Not logical, considering her age and the fact that y’know, she’s supposed to be dead, but since when has Pretty Little Liars been logical? 

Butttt she lowkey stuck around. She came back to see her friends when they were in situations that they thought they were hallucinating/dreaming. Makes sense, because she was supposed to be dead and didn’t know who to trust. She watched over them. She came back to protect them {Spencer x Ian at the Bell Tower, Emily locked in the shed thingy, the lodge fire, to name a few). Then, they find out she’s actually alive. They were still being tortured and occasionally fearing for their own lives. Makes sense that she still wanted to pretend to be dead, yes? Yes, but in a fuck boy move, Emily’s jealous girlfriend, Becky with the constantly bad hair, took proof that she’s alive to the police and revealed her to the whole world. 

Then since she couldn’t play dead anymore, Alison came back. When she came back, she was constantly treated as an outsider. Which I get, she was a cunt and they grew without her, but they snitched on her for a crime she didn’t commit and then trapped her so she couldn’t run. She spent time behind bars because of them. Regardless of the fact, she still risked herself to save their asses (the dollhouse and probably other situations I can’t recall right now), but wait, there’s more. Then, with barely any evidence, while she was locked up in a mental institute, they pinned the murder of someone she thought was her sister and loved on her, and handed her over to A.D. Even if it was Caleb rushing to do that to save Hanna, everyone voted, most of them for Alison. Yet there’s people who are still anti-Alison because the things she said when she was fifteen years old? There’s still people who believe Alison doesn’t deserve any of them, particularly Emily? If anything, Alison deserves better than them. Just sayin’.

And what’s with people thinking the personality Alison has now is unbelievable and just an act? Nearly dying and having to basically grow up alone seems like a believable attitude adjustment and good character development to me. Nobody is the same person that they were when they were fifteen. Besides, she’s not completely soft.

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vidduality  asked:

You're doing scene descriptions? YAY! Oh, dear, where to start... I want to know everything! Ok, right now my biggest curiosity is Scorpius "cinnamon roll" Malfoy. I understand he's very... twitchy on stage? Is that an accurate description? Are there any moments/mannerisms/scenes in particular you feel aren't adequately conveyed on the page that the stage brought to life (funny, sad, moments that were shocking, etc.)? For any of the characters, really, but especially Scorpius and/or Albus.

Thanks for asking, I could have gone on for forever on this particular topic but I tried to keep it reasonable!

Scorpius’ mannerisms and various elements that do not come across well on the script:

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Captain Nemo

I’ve seen a lot of people asking about who Captain Nemo is as a character and others knowing only movie interpretations or simply confusing him with the fish from Disney’s “Finding Nemo” …

What can I say, Captain Nemo is one of the best known antiheroes in fiction (yes, my precious) and he is quite a mysterious figure.

First of all, the name; Nemo is Latin for “no one”. It’s a name taken with the purpose to remain anonymous, influence events yet remain in the shadows.

Nemo appears in a few of Jules Verne’s novels, but the ones where he plays quite an important part in the storyline are “The Mysterious Island” and “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”.

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