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gayest dramatic power moves in star wars history

- poe’s mutiny 

- finn ‘im in charge now phasma’ then throwing her in the trash compacter 

- luke walking into jabba’s palace with his gay new outfit 

- ahsoka tano saying ‘im no jedi’

- leia trying to convince vader she doesnt know what happened on scarif even though she was just there 

- lando suddenly betraying the empire and straight up just taking the blasters out of the stormtooper’s hands

- luke’s tlj astral projection 

- finn’s ‘rebel scum’ moment 

- poe’s ‘who talks first?’ line

- rey mind tricking that guard 

- k2 ‘you have been rescued. congratulations’ 

no offense but like why does being lgbt/having lgbt characters and couples always have to be some ~big secret~ to be revealed in media???? can we not just have some god damn canon representation without any fuss, like. i’m tired of endlessly hoping and not knowing, of being baited and almost fucking used in a way??? like making me stick around waiting to see whether or not you’re gonna give us one god damn lgbt character (or, god forbid, multiple). trying to keep me “”hooked”” or whatever the fuck. it’s kinda gross and just playing into what the fans want w/out delivering is kinda sick. & even if the character(s) is revealed to be canon lgbt, why did it have to be such a big deal. why did i have to wait, why did my hopes have to be toyed with for so long…,idk i’m not super eloquent rn, but tbh i’m looking @ you rn dreamworks.


left: stolen/edited artwork || right: original artwork

I’ve been getting a LOT of (very sweet) messages all week about this so let me talk about it real quick. This FB page has been stealing my work, editing it & selling it (without permission of course). I filed a copyright infringement form & the shop’s page has been taken down and the FB post itself might have been taking too, but the ad remains and is still circulating for some reason. If you see it, simply report it if that’s an option. Thank you ♥

Oh and! If you’re interested in purchasing it from the source aka me, you can do it here ♥

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“I’m always searching for something… someone”

asdfjk; hAPPY BIRTHDAY @coffee496 !! being the great friend, I neglected your request for almost a year I think :> 

me as a kid: watches kids cartoons and family friendly films because my parents don’t want me watching mature content and I want to respect their wishes

me as an adult: watches kids cartoons and family friendly films because its more entertaining/engaging/fun than the adult content 

The choreography in “Rewrite the Stars” is honestly genius.

The whole scene is staged in such a way that for the first half of the song, Phillip is continuously trying to pull Anne back to him each time she tries to pull away. He’s trying to hold her in place at his level, on the ground. Even when she soars up into the air, he keeps trying to literally pull her back down: grabbing on to her hand, her waist, the rope, her hoop. Anything to keep her in place with him. 

But for the second half of the song, Phillip stops trying to hold her down and instead follows after her into the air, basically saying through the choreography, “If we can’t be together in my world, can we be together in yours?”

And only once they’re both in the air - the space that reflects the freedom the circus gives them - does Anne allow herself to consider the idea that they could actually be together. Phillip stops waiting for her to stay on the ground with him and puts in the work to be with her, literally scaling the walls of the theater to reach her. In more ways than one, they end up finding a balance and supporting each other’s weight for the rest of the song.

What I’m trying to say is that the choreography in The Greatest Showman is not only absolutely gorgeous, it’s also incredibly deliberate and tells a story through movement and I love it so much.