and then there's stacie

  • Emily: [looking out the window] Oh, look! There's stacie and aubrey! [starts yelling] Hey! Hey, you guys! Hey!
  • [stacie and aubrey start taking each other's clothes off]
  • Emily: [eyes widen] Ohh!! Ohh! Ahh-ahhh!!
  • Beca: What?!
  • Emily: [screaming] Ahhh!! Stacie and aubrey!! Stacue and aubrey!!
  • Beca: Oh my God!
  • Chloe: OH MY GOD!!!
  • Emily: OH!! MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!!!
  • Chloe: Em!! EMILY!! It's okay!! It's okay!!
  • Emily: NO! THEY'RE DOING IT!!!
  • [beca and chloe looking at each other with worry]
  • Beca: they broke our child.

it makes me really uncomfortable when people put the entire blame of the s6 breakup on lorelai because she literally didnt do anything worse than what luke did. they are both equally responsible for the breakup. 

literally luke lied about april (for 3 months!!!!) and he kept lorelai at arms length the entire time. like, im sorry, but if you think that lorelai telling luke that she’s fine when she clearly is not is equally as bad as that, you’re wrong. luke told her it was anna that kept her away from april so she went to anna to make amends. she respected his wishes not to be involved with his relationship, which is not manipulative or “high school games” or whatever you wanna call it. she said she was fine postponing the marriage because she wanted to give him time, and even though she wasn’t happy about it, it was the right thing to do (it was also different than her postponing the wedding when she and rory were fighting bc it was pretty clear that luke expected them to do that). 

if your argument relies on the fact that luke cant mind read and didn’t know that lorelai was upset, then its not a good argument. because you know what? lorelai cant read minds either. if your argument is that lorelai should have known that luke would handle the situation poorly, then its not a good argument. why? because luke should have known that lorelai wasn’t comfortable with the situation. they both did not communicate. you literally cannot blame lorelai for all of it when she is only half the problem.

and like…oh my god lorelai wasnt playing games or being fake or any of that bullshit….she didnt do anything intentionally and she thought she was doing her best and doing the right thing and literally if you think thats being manipulative then calm down because it’s not. there’s no clear cut way for her to have handled the situation because luke probably wouldve reacted negatively towards something like “even tho anna doesnt want it, i need to be a part of aprils life” bc that wouldve kept him away from april and he wouldve felt attacked and probably wouldve pushed lorelai away even more (trust me. as a luke type, i wouldve freaked the fuck out too)

also lorelai didnt sleep with christopher to get back at luke, she went to him for friendship and comfort and he took advantage of the situation. end of.