and then there's me

Well, I’m an out-of-season transfer student, since I came in January of sixth year, and on top of that, I have a girly name, so their reaction is only natural. While Rin was thinking that and looking out over the classroom, one of the boys stood up.

“Matsuoka-kun!” It was Tachibana Makoto. He was looking at Rin happily, with a friendly smile on his face. Rin had already known that he went to this school, but…
“…Tachibana-kun? I didn’t know you were in this class.”

Other 20 year olds: I finished high school when I was 15 and got my PhD today on my 20th birthday. Later on I’m meeting Oprah for tea and to pitch my new business plan and tomorrow Obama is taking me golfing. #Blessed

Me: But like I had a fish named Kirby and I can make pigeon noises. So, yeah I’m doing pretty darn well in my opinion.