and then there's me


ship: bokuroo
word count: 1045

this is called ‘how many cliches can i throw into one drabble’ and the answer is never too many i love cliches and you can all bury me w them

but actually this is based on really just gorgeous gorgeous piece by @zoethehumansloth who draws so beautifully and whose particular art inspired me to write this <3


The first time Kuroo sees it, it confuses the hell out of him.

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⭐tokyo man eaters vs ccg birds of prey⭐

Other 20 year olds: I finished high school when I was 15 and got my PhD today on my 20th birthday. Later on I’m meeting Oprah for tea and to pitch my new business plan and tomorrow Obama is taking me golfing. #Blessed

Me: But like I had a fish named Kirby and I can make pigeon noises. So, yeah I’m doing pretty darn well in my opinion.