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Wicked Fingers

Nessian Modern AU.

Rhys hosts a dinner party to which Nesta wears a particularly stunning dress that leads to an evening of Cassian teasing Nesta under the table. Nesta plots the perfect revenge.

An enormous thank you to @highfaelucien for basically being the best cheerleader anyone could ask for. Also, this is indirectly dedicated to @blackbeak because I heard you were quite excited by the idea of this fic when it was still in headcanon phase.

Smutty. Very NSFW.

“Fuck me,” Cassian mutters, releasing a deep breath as he takes in Nesta’s dress. “You look incredible.”

He runs his eyes up and down every millimetre of her body, stunned at the way the fabric seems to flow across her body, clinging to all his favourite parts of her. His eyes pause every few seconds as he revels in the curves of her body. He drinks in the way the cut of the dress manages to perfect the delicate balance between modest and revealing; he gapes at how tiny her waist is, almost certain he could wrap his hands all the way around her (how has he never thought of this before?); finally, he rests his eyes on the slit of her dress that reveals her long, pale leg and his eyes follow the slit of the dress, and it’s as if her leg goes on forever.

“That’ll have to wait,” she replies, cocking her head as her eyes dart across the fitted white shirt that’s barely containing his muscles. She takes a deep breath and Cassian grins; he knows she wants him as much as he wants her. “You don’t look so bad yourself.”

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anonymous asked:

Damn, so many segments in this fandom. I need a map.

right off the top i can think of:

- larries
- antis
- ex larries
- freddies (often a combo of antis/ex larries/hets AND CREEPY AF WHO STANS A BABY???)
- houies
- hets
- ziams (who also tend to believe in larry but that’s not their primary focus)
- solo zayn stans
- the solo harries
- the extreme louies

and then of course:
- casual fans
- neutral fans
- generic ot4/ot5 stans


I’m Simon D 😂

forest-dreams replied to your post“8 + 9 for Lucien!”

Lucien & a piano, I’m in love with this scene inside my head

I have so many Lucien/piano scenes inside my head tbh and I’m in love with all of them. It’s one of those things he just gets lost in and there’s no snark or masks or distance. There’s just him and he gets to be open and free and happy and it’s just. Makes me emotional dammit. 

I have been wanting to talk about this on twitter but twitter is down rn (?! this feels almost as isolating as the LJ blackouts of the late ‘00s), and I can’t just NOT TALK about a thing that is happening to me, so:

The trip I was going to take with my girlfriend over christmas is off because we broke up, and usually I visit SLC to see my family around then. This year I bought tickets to visit them over thanksgiving instead, so I was still going to get some good family time over the holidays. Since we broke up, I’ve been trying to be a brave little toaster about the prospect of spending xmas in NC while all my local friends are out of town, but today my mom told me that she has asked for time off work to meet me in Oregon so we can all spend the holidays with my aunt and uncle who live there.

And I’m just super touched and grateful. I can’t believe I’m gonna get to see my parents twice in two months. That’s such a luxury for me, it hasn’t happened since 2012. And I had given up on seeing my aunt and uncle in 2016, too, so seeing them will also be great. Idk I’m just feeling really emotional about this today; I get attached to certain traditions, and even though I don’t care that much about christmas for its own sake i care about doing it with my family. 

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Mohammadi is a name with a really specific religious real world meaning, kind of like calling a character Christian in a world with no Christianity. Have you thought about going more abstract?

Hello hello! Yes I am fully aware of the religious ties and meaning, it is intended, but if we take on your logic, it means no names with religious ties allowed in Thedas. Then, why would Michel de Chevin be named “Michel”, which is the name of an archangel ? Same goes for Sebastian, a martyr and saint. There’s even a guy called Pierre-Marie in Orlais, half of his name shouldn’t exist, if you think about it. What about Samson, too? Also, let’s not pretend the game isn’t based at all on real life situations, ethnicies or countries. I don’t intend to be “more abstract” if it means erasing things that are dear to me in the name of “canon” (plus a canon with a lot of problems and inconstances), especially when said things are poorly represented in the game or have no representation at all :) if you want to discuss about this more, I would gladly do so, but in private and not with an anonymous person ;)