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we know epsilon can drop into bullet time like the other ais but please imagine him doing it for the least important things possible. 

need to think of a witty one liner? bullet time. trying to impress someone? bullet time. dont know what a word means but dont want to admit it? bullet ti

okay but

I don’t Discourse, but I get so angry when people dismiss asexual’s people’s problems as something like “Boohoo, you don’t want to fuck, no one gives a shit”.

But it’s so much more than that. Obviously it’s not homophobia, never was and never will be. It doesn’t even compare, it’s not the same thing at all. 

But there are issues asexual people face like - there is pressure, part of it from society, and a lot of it come for ourselves. And that kind of self-hate and self-loathing and thinking you’re broken and unloveable, developping unhealthy sexual behaviour and self-harm - it’s a thing, it’s definitely a thing, not something 14-year-old kids on tumblr made up for attention. It can really mess you up, mess your relationships up, and people are so afraid to talk about it - I read words of older people - and I don’t mean people my age, I mean people in their 50s, their 60s - probably they don’t even know asexuality is even a thing, they got married and had kids and always felt wrong, because they hate sex and they never wanted it and never felt comfortable around it but they did it, quietly, never said a fucking word, and hated themselves a bit more every single time because they never understood why they felt they were missing what they were always told was supposed to be a fundamental part of themselves. They spent their entire life thinking they were broken.

and. it’s not homophobia, it’s not bigotry from an entire society keeping you from jobs and housing, etc. there’s no stats or anything. And maybe a lot of non-asexual people relate to this self-loathing, too. Things are never completely clear cut - there is always some overlapping. It doesn’t make it any less important. It’s still a thing that most asexual people go through, at least for part of their life, and it can really, really mess someone up. And there’s no need to get into discourse or into any (useless and frankly asinine) comparisons - it just needs to be taken seriously for what it is, because people’s health and happiness are what’s at play and it matters, too.

I honestly don’t hate Faye

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Yeah Vilde is ignorant but she's not stupid. I just think Sana can come across as bossy or brutally honest sometimes and even if we praise her for it Vilde doesn't like it and vice versa how Vilde seems to Sana. Point is the comments about Elias wasn't about Sana but Elias. And yesterday she did point out to everyone how the excuse Sana gave for not being on the bus was strange hinting that their must be something else. I'm just gonna wait until I've seen it all until I hate Vilde.

YES true, the way sana removed vilde as bus boss really wasn’t nice of her. also, a good (not even good, but decent) friend wouldn’t talk about your brother like that.

but yes, im going to hold my judgements until we know what is up with vilde. she’s still cancelled though

Hi, it’s me, the asshole who can’t be quiet through Alien (1979) because they keep squeaking and saying “Baby!” every time the Xenomorph’s on screen.

//i can no longer tell if May is the one depressed or if I’m getting other muses through my own depression,,,,