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Thoughts on Descendants 2

Okay so like unpopular opinion but I think they did the straight ships in Descendants pretty well. Here’s my thought process: You don’t stay with who you go to high school with forever. Maybe this is the VKs trying out relationships to find what’s right for them.

I’m still super into Jaylos and Malvie (I mean heck, Malvie’s duet intensified it if nothing else), I just think maybe we should give a little credit to the straight ships. Let our little bi babies work out how they want to date and who they are in relationships, they’ll get where they need to be in the end (for us anyway, we all know Disney is a buncha cowards that won’t put LGBT representation on their channel).

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Hi Mal! So I saw your klance playlist (which i love) I was wondering if you've made/would consider making other vld playlists? Like for characters? If not that's cool just thought it wouldn't hurt to ask, but I rly liked the other one your taste in music is 👍 so I figured i'd ask :)

first of all please know this ask made me cry i love you ksjdnfksnfk second of all you’re in LUCK my sweet ängle i just made some character ones yesterday!!!






here’s a general voltron one, and here’s the klance one again!!


Star Trek: Enterprise | Shuttlepod One | Why are you like this?


Back in 2015, I made a pair of bingo cards for @just-a-h3artbeat-away and I to play during the premiere of Descendants. It only seemed fitting to do the same for the sequel!

Feel free to print out your own set and play along with a friend while watching the premiere of Descendants 2 this Friday at 8 PM on whichever one of six different channels you choose.

we come scattering stars - star wars tfa au - mal aesthetic
    [audrey] [ben] [carlos] [evie] [jay]

They don’t know she exists. She lives in the shadows of a world too small for notice by either the Order or the Alliance, fights for credits in ruined jungle arenas, and pretends that her dreaming nightmares do not whisper of other worlds. Other lives. They don’t know she exists, but they hope she stays asleep.

When she wakes up she will remake the universe.

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can you romance preston when you play as a guy????

To my knowledge, all the companions (at least the ones romanceable) are available for any gender! 

There’s Nothing Holding Me Back

Summary/Prompt: Based off of There’s Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendes 

She pulls me in enough to keep me guessing
And maybe I should stop and start confessing

Baby, there’s nothing holding me back

Characters: Jay, OFC Jade, daughter of Jasmine and Aladdin (created by the amazing @isleofthelxst )


Word Count: 1446

A/N: In case you guys hadn’t realized I get a lot of my inspiration from songs (side note I saw Shawn a couple days ago at the Illuminate tour and I’m in love guys). This one was written for the brilliant Lana over at @isleofthelxst so go check out her work because it is AMAZING! 

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“Jade?” Jay asked as he held his arms out to balance her when they almost crashed into each other.

“Jay! Hi!” Jade smiled excitedly. “Guys come on! It’s just Jay”

Jay watched as Mal, Evie, Jordan, Lonnie, Jane, Carlos, Doug, Al, Aziz, and even Ben ran passed him and to the door at the end of the hall. “What, uh, what are you guys doing?” He asked as he looked back and forth between her and the rest of their friends.

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lets talk about the better half of the villain kids - uma, harry, and gil - shall we? uma is obvi the hbic. i love how harry and gil treat her like royalty bowing in her presence. them being poly would make sense honestly. i read that in the books harry and gil kiss but that harry is also all up on uma and always flirting with her in the books. lbr harry and umas scenes together in whats my name like... theres no way they arent into each other. mal/ben who? ps. evie and doug are rlly adorable.

Harry and Gil, especially books wise, is super cute and I was pretty disappointed with the cut kiss but maybe we’ll get a little more something in 3, especially just more Uma, Gil, Harry screentime in general. Also nothing can quench the thirst that is Harry Hook during What’s My Name. Like, please, fetch this boy a Gatorade.

But the real MVP was my boy Gil, for at least being casual with how utterly infatuated he looked with Uma.

Side note: Evie and Doug really deserve more credit in this fandom. Its a really sweet ship and it’s one of the few that doesn’t come across as shallow. Plus did you see their twin judgment face in movie 1? A couple who judges together stays together. 😂😂😂


“…what, general, like a cape? you’re like a superhero!”
“w - well, you’re my hero, preston!!”

WHAAT IT’S DONE. finally! :D this is my half of an art trade with the incredible @defenestratin, featuring their sole survivor malcom reeves with preston! thanks to my being ill, this piece is months in the making - but i adore mal, so this was absolutely a real treat to do either way. ;3; i’m glad to finally finish it! thanks again for trading with me, sou, and for being so patient. ♥ ♥ ♥

also: please check out their half HERE, i’m completely in love with it. *u*


Far down the stretch of the main deck, through the tangle of rope and rigging, I saw Mal. He was flanked by Corporalki guards, but his focus was trained on me. He’d been watching, waiting for me to turn. I stepped forward. The Darkling seized my arm.

“No farther,” he said.

“Let me talk to him,” I begged. I hated the desperation in my voice.

“Not a chance. You two have a bad habit of acting like fools and calling it heroic.

— Leigh Bardugo, Siege & Storm, page 32

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Shout out to a fellow retail worker: there's this cart attendant at my local Mal Wart who is always really upbeat and nice, despite how awful his job has got to be, (it's getting up to 103 the past few weeks) and how rudely people treat him. You always make my visit to Mal Wart a little less annoying :)

  • Harry: [Seductively] There's only one ways to shut up a pirate!
  • Mal: Punch him the face?
  • Cut on his tongue?
  • Beat him with a stick?
  • Pull on his ears?
  • Hold him hostage?
  • Threaten to kill his loved ones?
  • Drown him?
  • Steal his hook?
  • Harry: ... That is disturbingly violent.
  • Harry: But technically yes.