and then there's fringe


i’ve been trained for a lot– hostage crises, terror campaigns, suicide bombers, chemicals attacks, but, you know the things i have seen since i started working for you… if i’m gonna do this job, i need to know what it is i’m dealing with.


Fringe AU where Charlie is alive and suspects Fauxlivia [ part one ]

“Test her. Something only Olivia would know.”

“Thought I’d catch up with a friend in Corinth…and like he always says: Einai kalytero anthropo apo ton patera toy.”

So the latest edition of “I’m the fucking cutest” chronicles:

I got a valentines day present for the girl I’m seeing and got her a card that says “for my girlfriend” but I crossed out “for” and wrote “will you be” so it says “will you be my girlfriend?” And on the card theres a cute lil hetero couple so I added a fringe to the girl (she’s me) and drew a snapback and tits on the boy so it looks like the girl I’m seeing haha

I hope she says yes or I’m going to look like a dumbass but it’s cute right?


“You called Rachel last night. So you two are friends now?”

twenty-five days of peter and olivia
↳ day sixteen - the moment i realized olivia was in love with peter