and then there's continuity

i feel like i really have no trust in people at the moment, like the fact that you’ll never know someone’s true intentions really fucks me up

reasons to be less sad

so MORE things in my life are going wrong because i honestly cannot catch a break, so here’s a list of reasons i shouldn’t be sad:

1. i make the BEST chocolate chip cookies. you know that post about little magics that everyone has? this might might be mine. i literally just follow the recipe on the back of the nestle chocolate chip bag, but i’ve has dozens of people say they don’t believe me and ask for the recipe because they’re THAT GOOD

2. cascara lattes from starbucks exist and it’s my new favorite

3. there’s this bar/diner place that me and my friends go to every friday covered floor to ceiling with pictures of dogs. we’re known as regulars and liked enough by the staff that they’ve cleared whole sections out for us and seated us in front of a long line of people

4. this past weekend i reorganized and cleaned my whole house and got a microwave, new curtains, a new kitchen table set for less than $100 and my house actually looks like a home now i love it a lot

5. i have four different active groupchats that consist of different mixes of the same seven people. i don’t know why but it hysterical to me that we have that many chats. their names are: three musketeers, the founders, resources, and 101.3

6. i work on a studio lot and even tho i’m only a legal assistant i feel just as cool walking around on my lunch break with big sunglasses and an iced latte. i could be someone Famous and Important, no one knows.

7. i’m slowly accumulating a collection of mermaid themed things because all my friends know i love them so much that they keep giving them to me for holidays

8. i have two cats and i love them and i know they love me because they sleep on my bed every night and in the mornings as soon as they know i’m awake they literally shove their heads into my hands for pets and curl up beside me and sit on my chest

9. i saw hamilton last may with the original cast and since i bought the tickets way in advance before hamilton blew up to the point of ridiculousness i paid about a tenth of what the tickets for my row were going for in the months after lin announced he was leaving

10. mulan is by far my favorite disney movie and i was worried about how the live action adaption would go but i just found out they’ve hired the same lady director that did whale rider!! which is one of my fave underappreciated movies and i just trust her so much to do a good job with mulan

lmao i love all those posts that are like ‘’what are the future anthropologists/linguistics majors gonna think unearthing this stuff’’ as if people interested in linguistic anthropology are these super straight-laced normal people with no sense of humor 

wraite replied to your post: I really find it interesting that the study of AI…

to be fair, the studies of human biology have been continuing for centuries. theres probably just a lot let to improve/discover

Yeah no I mean like that people would want improved omnics, y’feel me?
Like 30 years ago the omnics royally fucked up everyone and it was only thanks to Overwatch that humanity wasn’t turned into organic batteries.

The first guy to have gotten up and said “You know the murderbots? We should make them better.” probably got his ass kicked a little.

And 30 years isn’t really that long a time, especially considering that the god programs are still around, a constant reminder that they couldn’t even kill the damn things and had to lock them up somewhere safe.

And Numbani is pretty pro-omnic, but to have that much positive press about someone who’s improving on AI technology, when that worked so well the last time, is a little odd.

Added to that there’s the second omnic crisis already on in countries like Russia, and who knows why D.Va has to fight some ginormous underwater omnic every few years.

I feel like Blizzard didn’t really think all the way through how omnics and related technology would be seen by society as a whole? There are some interesting starting points there - England being decidedly anti-omnic and probably a little backwards in their omnic rights, and Numbani being the opposite of that - but there still should be some overall tension.

Storylines for Robert other than “will he cheat?”:

  • Telling Victoria and Diane about Jack
  • The lost years
  • Coming out as bi to Diane and Vic
  • Addressing Rebecca/Aaron/the villages’ biphobia
  • Robert finding out that Vic’s having a baby/supporting her through her likely fertility issues
  • Robert and Liv improving their relationship/bonding
  • Wedding planning
  • Renovating the Mill
  • Robert getting jealous/insecure for once
  • Robert making friends
  • Robert starting his own mental health journey
  • Literally a million other things?

Ya know, when I said “never normalize Trump,” it was about his behavior, the way he distracts, and how he conducts himself as POTUS.

But it didn’t mean to stick him in this box where he’s deemed so awful there can be no jokes and no comparisons drawn to him unless those people are proven to be sufficiently bad. It’s almost more dangerous to treat the guy as this inscrutable force of evil…a special kind if evil if you will.

It’s not that complicated: he’s the embodiment of privilege. He’s not a mastermind–no con man ever is–he’s just petulant and self-obsessed and came along at a time when a lot of people were being asked to accept the reality of a changing world where their privilege was becoming moot. Clearly that’s not going super well. But because of that, it’s more important than ever to peg Trump for exactly what he is.

He is a huge huge global threat; I don’t ever want to minimize that potential. Fuck, just his appointment of a single ambassadorship has massive geopolitical implications. We need to remain scared of that. But placing a fear on the person, not just the capacity of the position, turns him into something undefeatable. It’s not *his* rhetoric alone that gave him the presidency, but rather our culture. We need to take warning of that, while also taking comfort in being the many.


The many burns of Onodera Ritsu… Part 3!

As a testament to how much time I can waste rewatching the same stuff and then creating posts about it, here we have part 3 already neatly packaged for your viewing pleasure.. Once again, our sweet child Onodera gets roasted by Takano and when someone tries to offer help, his colleagues are just like “what are you talking about?” Lol! Even Isaka-san (in a way that only Isaka can do) manages to fry Onodera in front of his colleagues by outing him as a publisher’s son - even though it’s supposed to be a moment where Isaka is lending his support to Onodera! That’s a gift that Isaka has right there… supporting and alienating Onodera with one blow!

Ahh this show never fails to make my day… Anyway, do enjoy! And perhaps I’ll be back with a part 4 at some point? Until then…

Part 1 and Part 2 can be found here (in case you’re interested).


I’m here to give you a warning. Leave me and the people around me alone. And what if I don’t? If you don’t, I’ll come and find you, no matter where you may be. I’ll end our first encounter with just this warning but if I ever come to see you a second time, you will die.

i heard someone singing “you better shape up” on the street and my first reaction was “omg merthur grease au”

at is ending, but it will continue to inspire a new generation of artists to create unique worlds, stories and characters. say what you say about the more recent seasons, but for me they have been one hell of a wild ride of emotions and its only gonna get even crazier once the hiatus ends! finn will continue to grow, mysteries will be solved, and theres totally gonna be a big bubbline/petrigrof double wedding so i am most definitely hyped af

anyway listem i have 2 massive star wars pet peeves so here they are

1) every damn schmuck in the galaxy knowing where and what tatooine is like the whole POINT is that luke + anakin are from a place so far out in the backarse of nowhere that no ones ever heard of it

2) technology/architecture/etc etc in kotor/swtor being for all intents and purposes indistinguishable from prequel/original era like i get that theres has to be some continuity but cmon we are talking about events that happened 4000 years ago