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Something small between tasks I’m working on. 

The Vid-Squids story takes place long before Splatoon 2, but that’s not stopping me from drawing my squids in the new gear! So excited, less than a month left!! (If the Retro Gamer Jersey doesn’t return, this’ll probably be the jacket I use when playing as Austin in-game.)

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i see you reblog a lot of amazing aesthetic pics, could you recommend a bunch of the aesthetic blogs you follow? i always have a hard time finding that type of blog bc they don't necessarily tag their posts as 'aesthetic', lmao

yeah i had time finding some blogs too! but i think once you’ve followed a few they actually start to pop up in your recommended blogs ^^

here are the ones i follow (some of them are aes + kpop) n i lov all of their blogs sm

@lovguk @byungho @12roses @jaetens @chamgmin @1wish @2ramen @fleurilie @velvetgfs @shuasgf @hoseok @cheolsgirl @synqra @kmgs @pocgyu @udons @minyccngi @storyop1 @1attes @724th @slickygirl @lunasea @4wjsn @afterwarmth @2beer @hartfelt @94sky @love1etter @mygslover @756x @ceiun @yumeli @lovsohye @yeoble @ricemasks @rowoons @jonginkims @17unit @frea1luv @gyusgirlfriend @ljygf @yixingco @banhcanh @61kb @tencafe @kyungwho @light5

hi, ik I haven’t been on much and I know most of u probably aren’t on rn either but … . but since it’s the end of the bf era I just wanted to like .. say something. I haven’t ?? thanked any of u rly, this blog was made in early 2015 just as it all started and this blog has basically been my life for the past ??? two (2) years ??? I’ve documented everything bc rly bf came at the best time for me. 2015 turned out to be one of the worst years of my life (truly) and last year when I wasn’t in school or the months in 2015 after I left … I had no one, except all of u ?? I barely left my house and I had one or 2 friends but I always had u guys so I wasn’t actually properly alone .. so I guess I wanted to say thanks bc that was a Shitty Time. had I not found bf when I did this tumblr probably wouldn’t have been made and idk where I’d be. and even last year when I went back to school u we’re all still there, I may not have seen a show but I had so much fun (minus the Um Discourse dhdjsskls) so it makes up for it a bit. idk how to end this bc I just feel Soft but … thank u my lovs for two years, two I will never forget. Idk how long we’ll be waiting for new music for but I’m excited and I can’t wait to go thru the Shit all over again when the time comes. (never thought I’d fuckin say that since bf era ruined my sleeping pattern For Life)
anyways thank u guys, this is a bit silly so I apologise let’s just hope we can make it thru this hiatus, however long it is together lmao dhdjkdks. much lov. 💕

I feel like I remember seeing some Clara and River fans being kind of annoyed about the line about the Master being the only person the Doctor’s known who is anything like him, and on the Clara side of things especially I understand but also, like

I think this is more a sentiment the Doctor has had for a long time, since he was a kid

the Master is like him in two ways: they’re a Time Lord, but they’re not like other Time Lords

that’s what makes the two of them so special and bespoke

it’s not one or the other, it’s both - Clara and River both go a long way to at least partially match him personality-wise, especially Clara, just as Romana might be a brilliant Time Lord with mostly decent but also questionable morals

but none of them are Time Lord and a reckless outcast like him, and that’s what is needed for the kind of core, deep understanding the two of them have with one another, and in that sense, none of the others could even come close