and then there is eye animal rutting

Can Haz Malec Smut?

I’m kinda stupidly in love with this pairing. But there are entire smut tropes that I totally expected to find tons of fic for, yet none seem to exist?

- Clary accidentally draws a rune on Alec that puts him in a state of super-heightened arousal instead of what she meant to draw. Magnus has to have all of the sex with Alec for however long it takes the rune to wear off or Alec will die. Your basic sex-pollen/fuck-or-die trope customized for TMI. Bonus points for it being the first time Magnus tops Alec and/or the first time they go bareback because the rune’s effects aren’t affected if there’s latex in between them.

- Magnus is a warlock. Warlocks have animal traits as a result of their demonic parentage. Where are all of the knotting fics? Or at least a variant where Messier Cat-Eyes has a barbed penis when he goes into rut?

- virgin!Alec. Why are there not legions of fic dedicated to the myriad ways in which these two could hook up for the first time? All of the explicit fics onAO3 seem to jump in after they’ve already started their physical relationship.

Can anybody help me find some of these? Or, if you’re inspired, write something along these lines?


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