and then there are those little things

An ode to girls.

To the screaming fangirls, the shy journal writers, the loud gigglers, the soft speakers, the friendship bracelet makers, the collage queens, the selfie pros, the bloggers, the zinesters, the crystal coveters, the sticker collectors, the glitter enthusiasts, the unicorns, the covens, the girls who write neatly folded letters to
each other in class.

The girls who do things they are told are only for boys, the girls who do things “like a girl” without thinking it’s an insult. The girly girls, the boyish girls, the girls who look like girls and those who don’t. The girls who call themselves girls, or grrrls or gurls, the girls who hate the word girl, the girls who aren’t sure what to call themselves, the girls who prefer not to choose.

The she’s, the he’s, the they’s and all those in between. The girls who are told they aren’t girls, the girls who are told they’re too girly. The girls who are called annoying, frivolous and silly, the girls who stay silent because of it, the girls who are louder because of it. The fancy girls, the messy girls, the girls with shiny hair, dirty hair, coloured hair, a whole lot of body hair or no hair at all.

The little girls, the big girls, the tall, the small, the girls who flaunt their shapes and those who don’t. The girls in pieces, the girls in pain, the girls whose bodies don’t do all of the things we are told girl’s bodies should do. The girls from here, the girls from there, the girls who look like the girls on tv and those who don’t. The pale girls, the tan girls, the girls of colour, the girls who are full of light, and those who feel happier alone at night.

The sweet girls, the salty girls, the angry girls, the sad girls, the giddy girls, the hyper girls, the girls who feel everything all the time.

To all the girls
the world loves to hate,
celebrate each other,
take care of each other,
resist together.

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why are you interested in history?

History is one story. It is the longest story of all, the most tragic; the most beautiful. History never fails to have a tale to tell. 

Historical figures were actual living people with aspirations and thoughts. They weren’t just objects or pages in the book: they breathed, they lived and those little things you and I physically experience each day–they once did too. They had favorite colors, felt the sun on their skin, dreamed at night, knew what pain was like in their hearts and owned beliefs.

History is inspiring. Everything in history is unique and fascinating and there never ceases; it will never stop. 

Maybe You Can Tell Anyone Anything, Even If they’re Gone

If I grow pale from weariness
it’s from the climb to heaven’s gate
the battling clouds and
dodging of comet tails.

But there are so many things I forgot to tell you.

I’ve learned to talk to people,
not caring if they judge me. You
were right, I carry my own luminous light and
I’m shining more.

I miss you and those big squeeze me to death hugs.

You always said I’d remember all the little things,
you were right and
I just wanted to tell you that.

The Sims 4: New Game Patch (May 25th, 2017)

Update: 05/25/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version

Hello Simmers,

Welcome to the base game release for Parenthood! Which is all about those quiet family moments. Taking time to enjoy when things settle down. When all becomes quiet, and you can just take it all in, reflecting upon life…, wait sorry. That’s like 20-30 years after parenthood begins (results may vary).

I meant to say, this is a hectic time. A time of crazy, noise filled chaos, where the concept of quiet exists for only 3 hours between 2 and 5 am. And where tension is worn like a badge of honor! So wear yours with pride, and let’s start with just a little bit of what’s new in this release…

What’s New?

The Load / Save menu has been updated to be… modern.

  • Save slots now use household thumbnails instead of a text list
  • Save backups can now be restored via this UI by clicking on the Recover Save option from the Load Game dialog.
  • Users can now see where on disk a particular save file exists by hovering over the File icon in the Load Game dialog.
  • You can now rename your save from the Load Game dialog.
  • The auto-save feature has been removed as it was not functioning properly.
  • The Save As dialog has also been modified to show thumbs.
  • The first option in the Save As dialog is to be used to create a brand new save, but you can also choose to overwrite existing saves.
  • No more will you have to remember which save your Goopy-Gilscarbo household was in – it’s all visual now!
  • Thumbnails however will be blank until the save is opened, and re-saved post patch release.
  • You can also click the button to copy the path to your clipboard.
  • The feature as originally implemented was confusing and did not function as expected by users.
  • Save now occurs explicitly at the players request either by choosing to save when exiting to the Main Menu, Manage Worlds, or Quitting. Or by choosing Save or Save As from the ESC menu.

New Lights in Buy Mode.

Three new lights can be found under Ceiling Lamps in the Object by Function, Lighting sort.

  • Round Confection Ceiling Light
  • Square Confection Ceiling Light
  • Campanulate Ceiling Lamp
  • And today I learned that campanulate is a real word…

And then on to what issues did we address…

General Issues

  • Children can now smash a dollhouse that is currently in use by another child…
  • Sims will no longer get a whim to get married if they are already married.
  • The Successful Lineage aspiration (within the Family category) will no longer fail to recognize if a child had previously completed the skill and aspiration requirements of the 3rd and 4th step.
  • Babies will no longer change skin tone when they are picked up.
  • The Georgina Outdoor Lamppost With Double Hanging Planter can now be turned off by the player.
  • Silence phone once again will silence your phone…
  • Along those lines (the texting part)… Children should no longer receive inappropriate text messages from adults.
  • The Connections reward trait will no longer prevent your Sim from purchasing career rewards unlocked by career levels earlier than the boosted connections career level.
  • The Cu Cu Cachoo display skull now costs 175 Simoleons.
  • Performance improvement: Movement level 1 toddlers should no longer contemplate the use of objects on floors they can’t reach.
  • Toddlers will now also visually drink from their sippy cup when seated on the ground.
  • Fixed a Sim reset issue that could occur when one Sim chose to autonomously tell a story to another Sim.
  • Sims are swimming laps again.
  • Sims with the masculine preference for clothing will no longer randomize into feminine full body swimsuits while in Create a Sim.
  • We fixed an issue that could cause a toddler to inherit the emotional whim of nearby adult Sims after loading into a lot, which could result with the toddler acquiring a flirty emotional whim.
  • Sims facial features should no longer adjust after selecting a different eye color swatch.
  • Young Adult and Adult lifespans have been increased by 4 days each to accommodate the addition of Toddlers.
  • Industrial Reinforced beams will no longer appear through the ceiling when placed on the floor below.
  • With cheats turned on, you should now be able to modify NPCs in Create a Sim by shift clicking on them and choosing “Modify in CAS”.
  • Lights that have had their color and intensity modified, and then set to auto-light, will no longer revert to their default color and intensity setting.
  • You should no longer have to reload your lot or travel in order to get fresh cuttings to properly function from within your inventory.
  • We fixed an issue with how the stats panel appeared…
  • We have adjusted the hairstyles for our premade Sims (such as the Goths) to not change drastically during outfit changes, where it would not make sense for their hair to change.
  • PlantSims are now able to sleep in tents.
  • You should be able to once again share to Twitter from the game.
  • …because frustration is best served shared.
  • It’s simple folks, “Happy spouse, happy house.”
  • Getting a child to do “work” once is tough enough, getting them to do it a second time… I’d suggest hitting up the kid exchange for a trade in.
  • Um, you still receive the calls, you just won’t hear them.
  • Well, you can hear the call of course, just not the ring, beeping, or musical stylings of Lorde Swift von Iggy-Flay …
  • Of course, I guess you don’t really hear, it’s more of a read…
  • Kind of a one way thing, with a yes no response mechanism.
  • Who invented this type of phone anyway?
  • We have fixed various possible ways in which children might receive inappropriate text messages… if you are still seeing this issue, please let us know.
  • In addition , care was leveled upon the career levels in order to carefully level the rewards in care of the connections.
  • The walrus is not for sale.
  • Highly intelligent toddlers may still contemplate their place in the universe.
  • Toddlers with high wisdom may still contemplate their daily movements.
  • High strength toddlers may move in contemplation.
  • Toddlers with unusually high charisma may seek contemplation of others.
  • And highly dexterous toddlers may contemplate how they might also be like Mike.
  • Previously they would only drink it through some sort of liquid teleportation behavior that defies explanation.
  • Blue eyes? Of course sir, let me just push your nose this way a touch. No? Then brown eyes? Yes, wonderful choice sir. Let me just pull your jaw out a bit. No? But sir, no need to raise your voice, you chose brown, not me. If you wanted your jaw to stay chiseled you should have chosen green!
  • Unless you have a bad contractor… then there’s really only one thing you can do, get yourself a nice MLT.
  • My town? Hawaiian shirts and bunny slippers!
  • …the stats panel.
  • It’s a button in the upper right of the Simology panel? Shows stats? And stuff…
  • …about your Sim, you, things you may have done…
  • It’s been there since the very beginning.
  • Ok trust me, we fixed a visual something or other there. It’s better now.
  • This issue was fixed for all in tents and per pose.
  • Vampires
  • Vampire ears on the base form of a Sim will no longer disappear when the Sim enters live mode.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a Sim from gaining access to others’ homes when they have the Eternally Welcome vampire power.
  • Sims that have been turned into Vampires should no longer have a non-functional age bar.
  • Toddlers born with vampire parents, will now maintain the eye color they were born with (or that the player had modified them to be) even after loading them into Create a Sim.
  • Eternally Welcome, except this time. And… that other time. Oh, and remember after the house warming party? Yea… definitely not eternally welcome.

City Living

  • A Love Guru from the Romance Festival that is married into a household will no longer remain immortal.
  • I’m reminded of the philosopher Socrates, when after an eventful night of revelry, he said “I married what?”

Vintage Glamour Stuff

  • Light from the Fiery Façade fireplace will no longer shine through the back of the fireplace.
  • Butlers will no longer appear on retail lots when they should be at home… butler’izing.

Asset Issues in Create a Sim

Hey folks, so along the lines of our Create a Stuff Pack program, I’m going to take a moment in this section of issues to provide a little insight into what the issue is, and who on the team might address them, so that you can see a little into how to evaluate an issue.

I’ll start by providing information about what the issue was and what was fixed, and then provide some insight into who would address the issue.

These two issues are considered tagging issues.

  • You can now wear necklaces with yfTop_SP08ShirtButtonOpen.
  • You can now apply a bracelet to your right and left wrist when wearing the level 5 business career outfit yfBody_EF01BusinessSuitMed!
  • Issues like these are fixed by the production team. In both of these cases, an asset was set to restrict the placement of another asset.
  • Production modified the tags, and now these assets no longer restrict placement.

These three issues are considered clipping issues. They generally appear to the player as one asset poking through another asset (and in some cases the character model itself).

  • Fixed a clipping issue with GP01BootFoldover and various pants.
  • ymHair_GP04Slashed will no longer poke through yuHat_GP04Toque.
  • ymShoes_AnkleSquareToe will no longer clip with ymBody_EF04ShirtSkull.
  • These issues are fixed by the art team. And are generally addressed by modifying one of the offending asset’s geometry (moving stuff around), or addressing something like weighting (how an asset lays against other assets).

The highlight issue fixed here, turns out is also a clipping asset issue.

  • Fixed a broken highlight issue that would occur when hovering over yfHair_ShortShave and yfHair_BuzzCutNatural while in Create a Sim.
  • It could be engineering, since highlights are handled by code, however in this case, it was a geometry issue with the hair assets that created the highlight issue.

This is a character layering issue.

  • Female Sims with a masculine frame should no longer have two belly buttons when in Create a Sim.
  • Keeping this short, but Sims have layers (like an Ogre). And if the wrong layer is added to the stack, you get issues like this. This issue is an engineering fix that required a different layer to be used in order to properly create the Sim.

This is a geometry vertex issue.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause some eye presets to stretch the geometry of various hair assets improperly.
  • This issue is addressed by an artist, and in this case was caused by a single vert (the angular point of a polygon) that was being incorrectly shared with a part of the face that caused the hair to stretch.

This is a texture issue.

  • We fixed an issue with a visible seam on the torso of female Sims.
  • This issue is addressed by an artist, and required the artist to modify the texture of the base Sim model. The texture being the paint over that makes a Sim look like a Sim, and not a wire mesh. And the base Sim model being the bare Sim without any assets.

Hope that provided just a little insight into some issues, and who fixes them. I know this focused primarily on asset issues, but I just wanted to dip our toes into the waters of development…

…wow, that sounded really cheesy.

Many apologies, and thanks again for your patience and time!



Ehehehehe. Look what I got today. <3 Rem Remu Remu Remu. 

I also got another Snow Miku, Hanekawa (as you can see back there!) and regular Homura a couple of days ago but I didn’t get around to posting those pictures yet; I will soon.

My younger daughter help put her in this outfit, so things are a little out of place but I thought it was cuter that way. lol. 

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Imagine before elucien becomes a thing Lucien coming back from training or something and is having dinner with everyone but sees that elain is missing. He gets concerned like "did she get lost in one of her visions? Does she need help?" And looks for her. He finds her in a bath tub filled with mountains of bubbles and the only thing he can see of her is the top of her head. She peeks up: "I may have gotten a little carried away" cue Lucien laughing his ass off

omg this has been in my inbox forever SORRY but SO CUTE OMG?? I LOVE IT. U kno elain would be in awe of those giant ass fae bathtubs (… probably also the concept of running water but i’ll refrain from getting into worldbuilding things again) 

further proposal: Lucien is all flustered like SHIT SORRY bc its rude to walk in on someone bathing, ofc, but elain is like no no its fine come sit down and hang out :) no closer :))) closer :)))))) actually could you come here and heat the water up for me? It’s getting a little cold :))))))))) until Lucien’s sitting on the edge of the bathtub like [blushy face emoji] and Elain kneels up and is lookin all Sexy half-covered in bubbles w wet hair stuck to her face and she leans in like she might kiss him–

And then she pulls him into the bathtub and fuckin dunks him and laughs her ass off while Lucien splutters and flails around in the bathtub fully clothed. bubble fight ensues.

My renowned fuck-up, the kid that seems perpetually high, the preacher’s kid who’s obsessed with girls, the kid all the other teachers said might as well drop out…

He studied his ass off while juggling a part time job, did the study guide when he was supposed to, came to me with questions, and made the highest grade on the final exam out of all my classes. He’s likely to do better in college than most of my other kids purely because he’s already cultivated those skills and seen how important they are.

And I am so incredibly proud of him.

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Little Shop of Horrors

I really like Little Shop! It’s a fun musical that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still has a plot that will pack an emotional punch and characters you really care about. It’s very successful in all the things it’s trying to do – parody of 60s musicals, love letter to B-movie horror, social commentary/satire on poverty, examination of sudden success’s dangers, condemnation of capitalism… It honestly nails all of those while also having a banging, sing-along-able soundtrack and a hilarious script full of distinct characters. I’d love to see this with an all-female cast – or even just a woman voicing Audrey II. 

Based on @ikkakujuu‘s analysis and @yoonicidal‘s analysis on KS’s colour meanings I’d like to say a little thing. Going to do it under the cut in case you haven’t read the new chapter. I read them on Lezhin

Keep reading

Role Models

“Role Models”

There was once a young sibling who admired his older brother.
Even though they came from different dads, they shared the same mother.
The younger brother wanted to emulate the older brother in every way
From baseball cards to video games, morning, night, and day.

This little boy followed his older brother around
To batting cages, arcades, and all over town.
He ordered the same foods and drank the same drinks.
He wore the same hats and thought the same things.

The older brother knew he had the power to influence
And in no way did he consider his brother a nuisance.
In fact, he greatly enjoyed setting the lessons
Like a preacher educating those about Heaven.

This pattern continued into the teenage years.
The older brother was a role model almost like a career.
It’s amazing how younger kids follow the older herd
And want to be just like them, every word for word.

What the older brother didn’t realize however
Was that his younger brother was watching his every endeavor.
Every movement he did and every action illustrated
The younger brother often imitated.

After all, what are older role models for?
If not to set the standard for the ones whom they adore?
But its not easy when young eyes constantly observe
And one night the older brother slipped and swerved.

The older brother had fallen into a very unethical crowd
Where peer pressure would loom like an unwanted cloud
And sweep him away into a world where he’d forget
He had a little brother to whom he swore to not neglect

But one night in his room he pulled a box from under his bed
And hastily began snorting chemicals deep into his head.
It wasn’t long before he was rushed to a scene
Where he layed in a coma and remained in his dreams.

Now the younger brother had saw the whole act
From the closet door where he was hiding under stacks
Of clothes unhung; and when he stepped out he saw
His older brother lying unconscious on the floor.

He took the powder that was in his older brother’s hand
And held it tightly while trying to understand
What had just happened, but he thought it was fine.
His brother would not mislead him down a road without signs.

So with an innocent smile the brother inhaled the powder
And was lying next to his older brother in less than an hour.
He promised to follow his brother wherever he went
And so he followed him into a coma where he laid content.

And so to all those who have younger siblings; let it be known
Know how much you impact their slow, steady growth
Be there for them, love them, and nurture them whole
Always know they are looking up to you, body and soul
Be their driving force; be their guiding light
Be the one who sets a path clear and bright
Yesterday’s children will need you to guide them away
From the drugs and violence that lead them astray
Otherwise then the cycle will again repeat
A new generation born to fog up these streets

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Do you think that ace symbol tattoo is a good idea? I have always wanted a tattoo but never thought of what it could be and now, since I'm ace, this might be a good chance. Even if I decide to change my label some day, I'm pretty sure it would still look good tho without a meaning.

I might not be the best person to ask, I’m a little biased, but my personal stance on tattoos is to….get them, honestly. Especially if they look cool. Even if all they do is look cool. I like having physical proof on my body of who I am and who I have been and what’s been important to me and where I’ve been at various stages in my life, even if those things change later on. It’s like a roadmap of my life in a medium that nobody can take away from me, so that’s the philosophy I bring to this answer.


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How would Erik react if Sam were the one to take his pineapple slices?

Sam snorts. “Erik’s too lazy to cut his own pineapple–”

“Ahem!!” Erik slides in. “I would be more than happy to share my fruit with all my brothers. Because I’m like that, you see. I share my things.”

Sam makes a face. Erik looks at him with crossed arms.

“Besides,” Erik muttered with a smug little grin. “Sam needs it more than I do~”

Sam elbows him in the ribs. Hard.

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Even though i like how bts interact with western artists and i like all the attention they're getting after the bbmas.. i find it a little sad/weird that halsey couldn't give them the churros in privacy and without posting it.. the way it was posted on twitter makes it seem like she only did it to show it..

I understand your point of view on this, and it’s a valid one. But personally I don’t want to question the intentions of other celebrities just bc that is how the entertainment business is, and BTS are quite aware of that. Sure there is the possibility that Halsey or even Steve Aoki (who also posted videos w them) are posting those things on SNS with ulterior motives, but honestly even if they are (and we definitely don’t know) I don’t feel that it’s hurting anyone. BTS share so much with us on social media, more than they have to, so I just don’t see why Halsey can’t do the same. If anything more people are being introduced to BTS bc of Halsey, compared to people being introduced to Halsey bc of BTS. That’s obviously a side note, but just a point to be made that BTS benefit from these things as well. Again, I understand the concern, but if they’re being respectful of the members then who am I to pick at their intentions. BTS are aware of how the entertainment business works due to just how strict South Korea is and how hard it is to make it in that industry, so I’m just happy that they’re having a good time while in America

WIP meme

I was tagged by @sixsaltysweets! Thank you! ^-^

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

my original stuff:

1. Chant of Stars (I hate translating titles, it sounds much cooler in German I swear >.<): Emri’s story. It’s a constant construction site. This bloodsucking monster will never be finished. It started out as a classical “Chosen One saves the world from the Big Bad” kinda thing years ago when I was like, thirteen, and by now it’s sort of an attempt to subvert some of those exact fantasy genre clichés. I’m not saying it’s clever or anything, but I’m working on it.

Here are some of the working titles this thing has had throughout the years:

  1. Anxious Mage Is Doing His Best
  2. Trying To Help But Inadvertently Just Making Things Worse: A Character Study
  3. Death And Misfortune. Also At Least One (1) Cute Kitten.
  4. Why Are There No Dragons In This

2. Also, here’s a months old drawing of Emri that I occasionally go back to but have no stamina to actually finish because *gently fingerguns backwards out the door* 

3. Desert Sailor: Gil’s story. I’ve translated some snippets of it into English before, they’re here if anyone’s interested. It’s kind of bad since translations are hard and also this is all from the very first draft still, so… eh. I might go back to working on this one when I’m done with ANLG - though the motivation to work on my own stuff is really super low right now. After this whole fanfic experience where people are actually interested in what I write, it’d just be so goddamn lonely to go back to writing stuff nobody reads or cares about T-T

fandom stuff

1. And Nearly Letting Go: I mean. You know this one. It’s probably the only reason you’re following me ^_^;

It’s on a bit of a hiatus at the moment because *quietly backflips out the window* Don’t worry I’ll finish it, I’ve just been working on it for too long now and I need a break.

2. Prompts: I still have 10 or 11 prompts in my inbox. I promise I have not forgotten about them! They’re really helping me getting over my ANLG writer’s block actually, the last one I did was super fun. I’ve started writing 2 more and taking notes on 3 others already. Some of them are very difficult for me actually, but I’ll do my best!

3. Sneak peak of a silly thing that I may or may not finish:

I wanted to do 2 of those, but it’s way more work than I thought and I draw very slowly, so lets see if I have enough willpower to complete these.

(Yes even low quality shitposts are too time consuming when I do them. Y’all have no idea how long I take to even finish one simple sketch T-T)

4. Sketches: Since we’re on the subject… I have 2 rough sketches lying around that I wanna finish at some point, one of Mob with a cat (because Mob+Cats will always give me feels) and one of - ehhhh terumob kisses? o///o Which. Yeah. I’m no good at drawing stuff like that so I might never ever post it, but I wanted to give it a try ^_^;

Okay you know what I think that’s long enough, I’m not gonna ramble about all the half finished sketches or vague story ideas I never really started, because most of those aren’t WIPs so much as they are just orphans abandoned by the side of the road at this point.

Tagging friends!

@fireflysummers, @auro-cyanide, @sonicsarah1117, @azeher, @thecommonercomet, @keishota, show me what you got! (As always, only if you want! 💙)

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Every single time. Every single time we see Louis interact with a child I wonder how some people still can't see the obvious.....

I knowwww. I know. Look at him with this little girl. He glows. She glows. I don’t care how tired he supposedly was back then or how much he hates the J’s (because full same) he fully ignored the baby when they were taking those pap strolls.

It can’t be because he hated the paps either, because he could have shut that down. He never had to prove a thing to anyone. It couldn’t be because he wanted privacy, because once he asked for it, it was given.

We’re out of excuses. He has traveled the globe, spent whole chunks of time away from this kid, and he glows like an angel from heaven with another kid on the set of his music video?

How does anyone think this is still legit?

The 100 finale is trash and not even the trash can wants it.

This episode made me so fuckin mad. I guess I’m not even really mad, I am just incredibly disappointed. Literally all week those little shits were going “omg best ep yet!” “Can’t wait for you fans to see the finale!” “You’re never gonna BELIEVE what happens!” Like bitch, for one thing, Clarke won’t die, we all know she’s y'all lil lap dog. And second of all, THIS EPISODE WAS COMPLETE UTTER GARBAGE I DEMAND A REFUND WHERE IS THE MANAGER OF THIS ESTABLISHMENT. We were given such good Kabby scenes in episode 1 and 2, Including a sex scene, god have mercy on my soul.
But then, after that… nothing. Not a thing. A radio talk, maybe two. WE WERE'NT EVEN GIVEN A DAMN REUNION, OR ANYTHING ON ABBYS FUCKIN BRAIN TUMOR. BUT DON’T WORRY IT’S FINE, IT’S JUST A BRAIN TUMOR, RIGHT? WE CAN JUST IGNORE THAT SUCKER YA HE’S IRRELEVANT. Bitches, we weren’t even given a GLIMPSE of them in the last episode. We got fuckin Bellamy and Clarke trying to eye fuck like Kabby and pretty much failing miserably at it. Everything was so predictable, and they tried to be like “omg Clarke is dead. Clarke DIED. She sacrificed herself for THEM.” Like boi stop playin we know you aren’t going to kill her since she’s your lil angel. I am just so pissed we didn’t get the closure and the screen time that not only we deserve, but Paige and Ian as well. Like Ian fuckin directed an entire ep the least ya’ll could do is put his character in the finale. What sort of finale doesn’t have every character? Ok, rant over. But if there is one thing I’m not looking forward to, it’s The 100 Season 5. We’ve been screwed over SO many times. And now I can see why Ian was throwing shade all over twitter. Me too, buddy. Me too.