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Lost in the Dark

Summary: Fairytales and fables exist for a reason. James knows too well; he’s the main character of one. 

Pairing: demon!Bucky Barnes x princess!Reader

Warnings: language, suspense [it’s not that scary tbh]

Word Count: 2.4k

A/N: Here is my submission for my hoe’s @rotisserierogers writing challenge. Sorry that it sucks; I am no good when it comes to scary things, so hopefully y’all like it? [prompt is bolded] | masterlist

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  • i used to want to save the world.
  • what one does when faced with the truth is more difficult than you think.
  • i learned this the hard way. 
  • and now, i will never be the same.
  • where are you going?
  • a scorpion must sting, a wolf must hunt. 
  • what if i promise to be careful?
  • fighting does not make you a hero. 
  • war is nothing to hope for. 
  • can i see it?
  • it’s beautiful. 
  • you’re safe, and there is nothing you should concern yourself with. 
  • you keep doubting yourself. 
  • you are stronger than you believe. 
  • are you hurt?
  • i love her as you do.
  • you’re a man. 
  • don’t i look like one?
  • men are easily corrupted. 
  • is it true you saved his life?
  • you let this little thing tell you what to do?
  • you can either do nothing, or you can do something.
  • i am willing to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.
  • who will i be if i stay?
  • it’s hideous. 
  • a deal is a promise, and a promise is unbreakable. 
  • you’ve got to put down the sword. 
  • is there anything else you want to show me?
  • this is a terrible idea. 
  • who gets paid for honour?
  • i am both frightened and aroused. 
  • you should be very proud. 
  • everyone is fighting their own battles.
  • i may as well teach you how to dance. 
  • they call us heroes. 
  • i don’t drink.
  • we work well together.
  • now i see that you’re attention is, elsewhere. 
  • you know nothing of the gods. 
  • what i do is not up to you. 
  • you don’t believe me. 
  • what are you?
  • why are they still fighting?
  • they don’t deserve our help. 
  • we’re all to blame. 
  • it’s not about deserve, it’s about what you believe.
  • i believe in love. 
  • i am not your enemy.  
  • i wish we had more time. 
  • i love you. 
  • you can save the world. 
  • only love can truly save the world. 

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I feel like normally Sam is the one to do cute little things but what took my by surprise was Cait. She kisses his stomach like how many times? Sweet little kisses in between talking. I know they were handsy but that was sort of how it’s supposed to be. An active thing to translate in the scene. “Rediscovering each other’s body’s”. But random kisses aren’t. With the article that came out we know those types of things aren’t scripted. It was all Cait. Stood out to me for some reason. Very sweet.

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Nice interactiom between Warfstache and Anti? (I'm just curious on how you'd write them talking hahah)

Warfstache makes a visit to the pillow fort after he gets word that Ollie and Anti are back. Of course, Oliver is working at the front desk, but Anti has been holed up in the fort pretty much ever since they got back. “It’s a maze in here! How do you find your way around in here?”

Anti springs awake from where he was curled up asleep in a nest of pillows and blankets. He draws his knife as Wilford pokes his head into this part of the fort. When Anti sees the shock of pink and Wilford’s bright smile, he relaxes a little. “Oh, it’s you.”

Wilford sits down cross-legged in the middle of the space, studying Anti carefully. “Who were you expecting? The Author?”

When he says that, Anti flinches. “Don’t joke like that.”

Wilford nods slowly. “You should get be doing something. Just lying here will drive you crazy.”

“‘m already there,” Anti mumbles, then realizes what he said. His eyes go wide. “Don’t tell Ollie I said that!”

Will frowns. “Whatever you want, but I stand by what I said. You should get out, go back to making your sculptures.”

Anti blinks at Wilford. “You know about those?”

Wilford snorts and shakes his head. “You don’t think Oliver didn’t go around showing everyone pictures of them? He was so proud that you were trying so hard.” Wilford jerks his head in the direction of the fort’s exit. “He’s the most valuable kind of friend you could ever hope to have. He’s a reason.”

Anti frowns. “A reason to what?”

“To stay sane,” Wilford says with a pointed look. “Used to have one myself before things went all… pink.” He grins. “But I’ve got the others now… Bim and Walter especially. And you’ve got Ollie.”

Anti smiles a little and nods. “Yeah.” He looks up at Wilford again. “Do you ever still… want to go crazy?”

Wilford pulls his knees to his chest and nods. “Yeah, sometimes… A lot of the times.” Wilford pulls out his gun and looks at it, turns it this way and that before tucking it away again. “But I’d never want to disappoint my brothers. Ever.”

“I understand.” Anti hugs himself and gives another smile to Wilford. “Thank you.”

Will waves him off. “Ah, no mush.” He nods towards the exit again. “Come on. Let’s go be nice little sane people together.”


Aries: Security envelopes aren’t all the secure, really.

Taurus: No, pretty sure you’re right.

Gemini: Crows don’t tell lies. They are brutally honest little shit heads.

Cancer: Yellow flower vases deserve better.

Leo: With an overblown sense of confidence and a can of gasoline, all things are possible.

Virgo: Please stop eating all of the roadkill. The vultures are becoming depressed. Have you ever seen a depressed vulture? It’s not pretty.

Libra: Clockwork hearts require too much - You’re forgetful. You’ll be dead inside a month.

Scorpio: Big heart & hips to match.

Sagittarius: Thanks a lot, mom.

Capricorn: All that hate is going to ruin you.

Aquarius: Those mournful cries are beginning to frighten everyone. They never seem to cease. You can’t sleep for them. What are you going to do about this? Seeing as they’re coming from you and all.

Pisces: Hold on to the memory, not the person. They said Goodbye long ago.

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Ok so i know that this is overdone BUT.. What would the rfa + v do when mc is jealous? And the opposite, how would they act when THEY are jealous? Man i love me some jealousy headcanons lol. On the the other topic, i saw that mod rouge said that they are tattooed and pierced and just wanna say, tattooed and pierced people, UNITE!! ✋✋

NOTHING’S OVERDONE FOR ME!! I’m too new to writing HC’s and people’s view’s tend to differ a little so I think it’s always refreshing when you see mutliple people writing about one thing. :p
Oh well, gotta admit, my tattoo is well hidden between my shoulder blades… While well, piercings are rather obvious with lip, nose and stretched lobe ^^;; BUT YA; UNITE!!
~Mod Rouge


★ Okay we know he’s a little Yandere so it’s usually him who’s getting jealous rather quickly.
★ Yoosung definitely doesn’t hide the fact that he’s jealous
★ One evening, you’re out to the movies and while he’s getting you both some snacks, a not too shabby looking guy
★ When Yoosung comes back, he just hears how the guy is complimenting you, you being polite, returning the compliment
★ Ok Yoosung, stay calm, stay calm
★ “Hey honey, we should go in now, the movie is about to start”, the self-control is real in this one
★ Leaving the other guy behind he’ll ask what that was, and why you’re complimenting other men.
★ “You’re supposed to compliment me, not other guys!”
★ “Yoosung, listen. I was just being polite. I don’t look at anyone like I look at you. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Really. I couldn’t wish for anyone other than you.”
★ He’s instantly calm. Hearing those words from you just melts his heart and the whole thing is forgotten.

★ His ego goes through the roof. It’s so rare, because you really trust him.
★ So when that happens, boi oh boi, he feels so good that you don’t want to lose him.
★ Finds it genuinely adorable.


📱 Honestly, he isn’t really the jealous type of guy
📱 He blindly trusts you.
📱 But he doesn’t trust other men. I mean, how could he, you’re everything a man could ask for.
📱 So in case a guy does approach you, Zen’s just gonna be smooth.
📱 Laying an arm around your shoulder or waist, giving you gentle kisses
📱 Generally just smoothly showing “Sorry buddy, that Lady is mine.”

📱 The good looking guy Zen is, he knows how most women see him and he knows that is a factor that would raise your jealousy Level
📱 So usually he simply tries to keep his distance, works usually out pretty well
📱 You’re used to him having to get closer to some actresses so that’s not a big issue to you
📱 … But this one day, you met a fan of his while grocery shopping.
📱 Fan didn’t know you’re his girlfriend
📱 And she gets all touchy touchy. Touching his arms and chest.
📱 Zen’s trying to brush it off, but he doesn’t wanna sound rude and is also a little flustered
📱 “O-Oh hey MC, I guess I met a fan.” , he’s awkwardly smiling, knowing that you wouldn’t like the situation
📱 unpleasant glare towards the fan intensifies, “If she’s your fan she should know that you have a girlfriend, /babe/. It’s fucking uncool to get so close to taken men.”, you snap.
📱 GASP, what did he just hear???
📱 fan backs off and leaves, rather offended
📱 “Woha, that was pretty unexpected! I’m proud of you, babe”
📱 but… “But babe, you can’t say those words, a lady like you shouldn’t use the f-word.”


♛ Like Zen, he rarely gets jealous
♛ and when he does, he’ll simply say that he doesn’t like whatever made him jealous, knowing you will respect those boundaries
♛ in case he can’t just boldly say that he’s jealous because it may be some business dinner, he’ll like Zen, just go over it rather smoothly.
♛ Laying a hand on your thigh, lacing fingers with you on the table, really subtle things

♛ Honestly, he doesn’t really give you any reason to get jealous either
♛ The only reason may simply be in case he’s gotta be a little more charismatic in order to get some business deal
♛ But you know that you can’t just snap at female business partners, you don’t wanna ruin some deal
♛ Simple solution; You tell him afterwards
♛ He totally understands and tells you that he won’t do it again


☆ Honestly, neither of you give the other one any reason for jealousy
☆ Neither of you often leave the house or socialise much
☆ I mean, why leaving the house when you have Vanderwood to literally do everything
☆ Jealous because of Vanderwood? lololol
You better be glad I’m not your MC, Saeyoung. Because if I was, Vanderwood would be your biggest enemy.
☆ But you care a lot for Saeran, Saeran needs people to make him feel secure
☆ Which sometimes scares Saeyoung a little
☆ It reminds him of how you helped him through his hardships, which was because you had/have feelings for him so he’s sometimes afraid it’s the same thing with Saeran
☆ But it also reminds him that you’re simply a caring person who wants to help her husband’s twin brother
☆ So he never really says anything about it
☆ He’ll just increase the time that he swoons around you honestly


☼ Has a smiliar approach as Jumin
☼ He will never go over the top when he’s jealous, which is a pretty rare occasion anyways
☼ But when it happens, he’s still pretty collected and smooth, giving you some kiss on your hair, some exchange of loving glances
☼ He’ll probably talk about it afterwards but that’s it really.

☼ You on the other hand… tend to lose your temper a little quicker than him
☼ If that happens you better be ready to be bombarded with affection
☼ “MC, I’d never leave you for anyone, you’re perfect for me. Why would I ever prefer someone over you, who has helped me through all my hardships, who taught me how to love myself and others for real. You’ve shown me the world and no one would be better than you. Ever.”
☼ Omg, Jihyun please
☼ Pls don’t kill me with words
☼ Critical hit right in the heart

Always keep your fangs sparkly clean! I commissioned this from the fabulous @lousysharkbutt as a gift for @gairid/ @vampchronfic, one of my fave fic writers in the VC fandom, for her birthday today! It’s Gairid’s OC Brian Callahan, with Lestat de Lioncourt and Louis de Pointe du Lac.

I headcanon that the vampires don’t always bother with this sort of thing but when it’s been a really messy evening, as they get ready for bed, they might want to brush their fangs, too. Brian is a very close mortal friend of theirs, and he lives with them sometimes, and even though he knows what they are, seeing those fangs is always a little unnerving.

A++ to @lousysharkbutt for including in all these little details I asked for, including Brian’s Night Island tourist tank, Louis’ ripped up nightshirt, and his mom-style showercap, and Lestat wearing nothing bc reasons <3 Their expressions are perfection and this is a wonderful artist to work with, fast turnaround and delivers more than requested, can’t recommend them highly enough ^______^

General update

Hey, guys. I figure I should say something about why I suddenly fell off the face of the planet. ^^

My work schedule is currently a little crazy right now. Like, two hours a day at home and actually awake crazy. For those of you hoping for more fic (especially those of you waiting on the next chapter of Running Behind), I promise I’m still working on things. The progress is just very, very slow due to time constraints.

Sorry for the delay. I’ll hang in there if you do. :)


Honestly? I feel like their personalities mirror Donald and Gladstone. If only those two had a system of talking things through nearly as good as these two.

Or, you know, one at all.

I feel like there ARE being parallels drawn, not in the least because of their trio of primary colors. But it’s a little shifted.

Donald → Huey. Responsible. Worries. Tries his best and fails. Has trouble interfacing with the world sometimes.

Dewey → Gladstone. “It’ll work itself out somehow.” Blasé, talk their way out of things, easily fake it till they make it. Inevitably envy their Donald/Huey for making it without faking it. Except Huey and Dewey talk it out. Donald and Gladdy… don’t.

Louie → Fethry. The wild card. “He’s bad at everything.” Wears a sweater. Probably the youngest of both trios (usually canon for Fethry).

They’ve got some traits mixed up, but their character roles, I feel, work like that.

Things have been rough at work. Every day this week I have had all day meetings, breakfast meetings, lunch meetings, dinner meetings, and a couple work related happy hours. I’ve eaten only one meal on my own this week. I like the people I work with, but I need a moment to myself once in a while. So today I treated myself to a manicure with friends at one of those places that has a bar inside the manicure shop. I’m a little tipsy but my nails look fabulous! Now I’m headed to a birthday party for a girl I barely know, but hey, more drinks!

I promise to start writing again tomorrow!

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Behind the Screen’s Adventure in Samsam's Studio


(… me, with those totally Ooc characters)
(sorry, no Samsam this time)

#found a little searcher #name ‘em “Goggles” #Norman the Projectionist 
#another new friend #adventure in Samsam’s Studio #ps: don’t tell Samsam 


#BAD NEWS: THE INK DEMON IS HERE! #Good News: He’s stuck. #BTW
#I’M OUTTA HERE! #adventure in Samsam’s Studio #ps: don’t tell Samsam

Update 2:

#At the end, both of us agree to help Bendy #and Goggles too
#Found secret room #We have no idea why this thing is here #Oh well 
#adventure in Samsam’s Studio #ps: don’t tell Samsam


#Found this is cute and draw ‘em out #@mythmica​ and Henry the Little Ram

Bonus 2:

#tbh this is base on this post  and this post at @themarginalartist​‘s blog 
#plus it’s funnier if the mod who run the blog is “Alice”
#*continue the evil laughs*

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7 (I'd like to hear more about her)

Ooohohoo~ I guess you mean Elise hm? (do you? Idk, I’m confused.)

But the question was “7: Do you have any OCs?”.

And the answer is: Yes I do. Over 157 which I’ve been gathering since I was 5 or 6 years old (little did I know that those were called OCs). And the majority is female soooo. I’m keeping a list. You wanna pick? XD

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Any tips for someone meditating who has A) an intense fear of being alone, the dark, and silence and B) very poor focus (mine is because of autism in this example)? Also can you tag as spoon witch?

A) meditation is so diverse! You can customize your meditation to be whatever makes you most comfortable, relaxed, and mindful. If you don’t feel comfortable alone, in the dark, or in silence… avoid all those things!
Keep your eyes open. I personally have ADHD and was thought to be on the spectrum as well so I meditate with my eyes open and cast my gaze onto one something in front of me. Try sitting at a table and look on a spot on the table. Or sit facing a wall and look at where the floor meets the wall. Or look at the ledge of a window. Look somewhere that will not move and provides little distractions but still is not 100% empty/blank.
Place yourself somewhere in your house where another person will be just in the other room. If you are completely alone, ask to FaceTime a friend and just keep the call going while you meditate. You don’t need to talk or face the camera at you.
Play sounds that soothe you to avoid silence. Or focus on the sounds made by other people around you

B) meditation for beginners or for anyone who finds it most effective is not STRICTLY about emptying your mind and finding enlightenments etc. etc. It is about being mindful. Focus on the sounds around you, focus on your breathing, count up to 10 then back down then back up, imagine a beach and focus on the waves. Anything to keep you mindful of the current moment with minimal interruptions from outside or inside your brain. When irrelevant thoughts arrive, acknowledge them as such and slowly let them fade away as you refocus yourself on your mindfulness. When it starts to become frustrating take a long break or stop altogether. Time yourself each time to see if you can improve over time. If timers make you anxious during meditations (like me) just take notice of the time when you start and finish.
Don’t be afraid of mistakes!! Meditation is ALWAYS about practice. Even when you “master” meditation you are still practicing and learning

C) I am a spoonie (mentally ill) witch! Feel free to contact me whenever you like. Also the @witch-yellowpages have a section for Mentally Ill witches and you can check there ^.^

I wish you the BEST of luck!

Its been a while since I posted something here. I’ve been very busy getting all my shit together and I guess I’m doing a good job because right now, everything seems so light and chill.

For the past 4 months, I was able to finally let go of the things/people I don’t rightfully deserve. Even my heart hurts, I know that’s the kindest thing I can do for myself. And little by little, I learned to love myself more and to always put myself first.

I’m not gonna deny that there’s still moments that I hear voices from the dark side, but unlike before, I don’t let it consume me. I guess, I can say that right now, I’am a better version of who I used to be.

And to those friends who stayed through thick and thin, I love you. You know who you are people.

Here’s a photo of me shamelessly smiling because why not. Cheers, to life! Thank you, Universe.

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Are dragonfruits an scp because for real what the fuck is up with them??? they look like if i tell a lie near them they'll launch at my heart at exactly 666 miles per hour or some shit like those things are FUCKED UP LOOKIN

Every dragonfruit is, in fact, an SCP. They’re called dragonfruits because if you incubate them correctly, a dragon will hatch. I’m not allowed to tell you what “correctly” entails, though. Truth be told I don’t want to. It’s a little bit fucked up.


Hi! I’m Itali🌻from Florida. ive done one of these things before but ive never made substantial or even long lasting friendships.
I’m looking for internet friends, texting buddies, the likes.
A little about me :
I’m a Art Hoe, I love museums, picnics, parks, libraries, reading (VC ANDREWS anything), writing (especially poetry), visuals, really the likes of that. Even the thought of those things makes me jittery dude. If you were interested in those things we could really connect on those terms, I love seeing other people happy with their art (in all forms).
I lovveeee indie music or R&B, and Hip hop, I genuinely like sending people playlist and ive always wanted to get sent a play list. Like omg you find me important enough to send a whole play list too? You tryna share your music with me ??? Okay okay. I can really fw anything but HEAVY metal.
I’m not really good with organization so I just wanna let yall know conversation is most important to me. I can stay up and talk about anything and everything. I try to stay as open minded as possible especially when someone is expressing themselves. It can be about politics, books, art, music we analyze, bullshit, conspiracy theories, a post you saw, WHAT THE HELL EVER!!!
I want to keep some mystery to me, so we have something to talk about lol. BUT Hmu on Tumblr : @bbygoldigga

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You should play Life Is Strange. Gave me NitW vibes

I actually watched a letsplay of LiS back when it first came out! It was neat. I really liked the characters, and the soundtrack is one of my favorite game soundtracks ever tbh, there are some beautiful songs in there

normally I’m a little salty about choice-based games where your choices don’t have any impact though, so I don’t play a lot of those. NitW was great because it wasn’t up to the player to make story-important choices - instead, the player got to make character-important choices. depending on how we interacted with the characters, we found out new things about them and the world they live in. we’re never under the illusion that we’re controlling the plot, so we can focus on finding out everything we want to know about the world and cast instead.

meanwhile, LiS and many other choice-based games try to make it seem like the player is controlling the plot and having an impact on where the narrative is going, when in reality the story is going to end up at the exact same place no matter what we do, with only a handful of different endings to choose from, all stemming from our final choice. the worst part being that the creators always seem to genuinely want to create an interactive story, before realizing the limits of both their budget and their hardware. nobody wins.

though again, I did really enjoy LiS as a story, even if I don’t want to play it. now that you mention it, I might actually go back and rewatch that one letsplay, it was a good time :o