and then there are those little things

Mac wanted Dennis to open the crate alone with him in the alley because he knew that he’d get emotional about it and would be uncomfortable showing that kind of vulnerability around the Gang.  Case in point: when Dennis opens the crate in front of Mac and discovers the RPG, we can see a whole mixture of feelings surface in his face.  However, when he turns to the others, he stiffens, and his voice grows tight with an obvious effort to hold back tears.  He is clearly trying to restrain his emotions, most likely reeling a bit from the shame of allowing the Gang to see that side of him in his earlier outburst.  If he and Mac had been alone, I have no doubt things would have gone a little differently … Same with Charlie singing his song for Dee.  Those were real tears in her eyes as Charlie sang, and the only reason she cruelly turned on him afterwards was because she knew the others would turn on her if she showed that kind of “weakness.”

BTS - you have a big butt.

i found this on my drafts, i don’t remember if was a request lol. 


Before you date, Seokjin always noticed your butt, but of course he never said anything. But now that you’re dating OH GOD! He your ass is like a godness thing, seriously! “I’ll never get used to it, baby! Look at this. Your butt is so perfect.”


He loves to squeeze and give little slaps on your ass. He always does this when you are alone. “Your ass looks so hot on those jeans, c'mon, sit on my lap for me to feel how good it is.” “No. I’m going to work now, you pervert.” “I’m not a pervert. Your butt is too beautiful.”


At the beginning of the relationship, he was shy to squeeze your butt or something like that. But now, oh god, it doesn’t stop. He loves to squeeze, slap or just caress your ass. It’s one of the favorite things in the world for him.


Namjoon had an obsession with butt, especially yours. He loves how your ass is perfectly round and attractive. When you wear skirts or dresses at home, he would just lift them to look at your butt. “I always dreamed of having a girlfriend with that butt, believe in your dreams, they come true.” “Why are you so obsessed with my butt? I mean, it’s just an ass.” “How dare you say that?”


Sometimes he’s very shy about it, and sometimes he’s a pervert. It depends on his mood. He likes to squeeze your butt during sex, it’s the moment where your butt gets more attention. And of course, you love when he does it.


He’s a cutie and everyone knows that. He doesn’t care much about your ass in general, I mean, he likes, of course, but he doesn’t have to pay attention to that all the time. But when it comes to sex / makeout, that changes. All the attention turns to that butt.


You have a lot of intimacy with each other. There is no shame at anything. He squeezes your ass at inappropriate times, just to tease you. “Hm, your ass looks so good in those shorts.” “Oh really?” “Your ass looks good on anything, especially on that dick.” “Why are you so disgusting? Let’s break up.”

requests are open! feel free to ask.  ♡

Are you someone who likes to send terrible things over anon to the people who least deserve it?

Well have I got a few nifty tactics for your next time!

Blush ( @dailyshinycutiefly ) and Chrysanthemum are standing near the Official Daily Pokémon Community Complaint/Negative Comment Box! Submit now and earn 100% of Blush’s wrath and 0% of Chrys’s Heal Pulse!

“Why, Chrysanthemun, that looks awfully like a trash can!”

Heck, it sure does because that’s where they belong~

If you just cannot bear to face the consequences of unapologetically doing bad things, I suggest you stop! It costs $0 to treat people like human beings after all.

(apwidfieswksasjz sorry I’m really heated over the continued surges of negativity in ask boxes)

stupid things that nobody tells you about studyblr aesthetic
  • like 99.9999% of people have that little excess ink when you use a highlighter its so normal i cant even
  • dont beat yourself up over slightly wonky lines??? you can fix it later just dont dont dont
  • handwriting doesnt even matter if its legible write legibly aesthetic doesnt even matter tbh
  • your notes!!!! are fine!!!!! 99% chance that if you put effort into them someone will compliment you
  • not unrelated there was this girl w these amazing!!! physics notes and she was like ohh but they’re not as aesthetic as yours and its like??? bro??? im reading your notes right now what does this say about mine lmao
  • sometimes bullet journals are overrated
  • sometimes expensive planners are overrated
  • dont drop a ton of money on a notebook if you have tested out the paper with your main stationery because you’ll  r e g r e t
  • testing paper!!!! is so important like knowing what you’re writing on makes a difference 
  • but also who gives its just paper?? if it doesnt matter that much to you dont sweat it just use what makes you feel comfortable
  • everybody has their own preferences like i prefer light grey dots or maybe a grid if i have to but nO! BLACK! LINES!!!! but i have friends who love those notebooks with heavy lines bc it makes them feel grounded its all about doing what you love
  • legit buying mildliners doesnt even matter that much dont bother they’re overpriced like 999999% of the time
  • muji !!!! is lowkey overrated dont buy overpriced products bc its Not Worth It its like a nicer jp target no not really but also completely
  • forget ab the name brands bc that doesn’t even matter!!!! if you like what you’re using then use it !!! if your method is efficient then use it!!!! and if you’re really trying to develop an aesthetic it’ll come to you through what you already have
  • like ofc its ok to look at other people for inspo and stuff just your aesthetic is your own!!! its like a tree !! every single tree is different!!! but they’re all still wonderful right??? so let your aesthetic grow!!!!
  • good luck bro !!!! have fun planting those aesthetic (memes) <3 

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Missing Steve was usual when he went away to missions. You had grown used to his crazy schedule, he was never gone away long, two or four days most. You couldn’t complain, there are women who’s husbands/ boyfriends, wives and girlfriends, go off to war for months at a time.

Of course, you’d miss him, you always do. But Steve, is Steve, and he is the definition of soft human. He does this thing where he leaves sticky-notes around the house, little reminders of his love, and reminders to put the bins out on Tuesday. Little declarations of adoration. They always made you smile, you’d find them in various places, sometimes the same as last time but still just as special.

Which is why it made it harder to go home. To be in a house where the person you love had left those reminders of ‘I’ll love you forever’ only to not be around anymore. To be gone, lost but not forgotten, no Captain America would live on. Steve Rogers? Would not. Being called to the secret Avengers Base wasn’t unusual, but seeing Tony there, looking guilty and tearful was.

So, here you are, standing in the threshold of your quaint little home just off Brooklyn Bridge; you can see it from the second story window, one reason why Steve loved the house. You cursed yourself for leaving the sticky-notes up, you loved always seeing them when he was away, now it was like naive past you was mocking future you!

Swallowing down the lump in your throat, you walked in and shut the door behind you. Hanging your keys up, the corner of your eye catches the pink square and you’ve read that note a thousand-and-one times. “Have a good day at work, or wherever the next adventure lies. I Love you, forever.-SR”. You shake away the feeling and scurry off to the kitchen.

Bad idea. The fridge had its own note, “Eat well! -SR”. And in the cupboard, on the Pringles; Steve’ favourite cheat snack, was a little yellow sticky-note of, “Save some for me :)-SR”.

It was like he wanted you to suffer, to remember that he won’t be coming home, that you could eat all those, as usual, and he won’t come through the door and fake being angry at you for it! He won’t be coming home. This isn’t home without him, it’s just a house.

Wanting the day to be over you left all thoughts of wanting a coffee and went upstairs. Pulling your clothes off in a huff and walking to the bathroom, you sighed gently as you turned the sink tap on, wanting to get rid of the tear stained make up. You glanced up and your heart dropped, new tears forming.

“Everyday gets brighter, for everyone, when you smile.-SR”

Shutting off the tap you left the bathroom, crying and feeling helpless in this suffocating home of yours. You walked to the wardrobe, already knowing what you wanted. The pile of Steve'a jumpers, stacked neatly on a shelf, the note that came with them sat on your vanity. You pulled his blue knitted one on, it smelling of him because these were reserved for when he went away. You climbed into his side of the bed, it feeling cold and empty, more so now than ever before.

Your hand dug around till it scraped against the paper, folded neatly and with shaky hands, you opened it and read over the last little love note he had left you.

“Sleep tight, beautiful. I’ll be home before you know it! I won’t rest till I am at home with you, in the comfort of our bed. I love you, forever.- SR”

The house is silent and dark, your eyes look around the room the bathroom light illuminates it enough for your eyes to glance over. You can almost picture Steve standing in the bedroom door, tired but happy smile, still clad in his Cap suit. A little beaten and bruised but Steve! He’ll try to be quiet, you’d wake up away, watching as he walks into the bathroom and clean up as much as he can before getting into bed with you. The same conversation as last time!

“Sorry I woke you,” he’d whisper, already wrapping his arms around you and pulling you to him. Face resting in the crook of your neck, trying to get comfortable.

You’d smile, “I couldn’t sleep anyway. Everyone okay?”

The answer would depend on the mission risks, plus who was on that mission. You cared for everyone but it was your subtle way of asking if he was okay. “-I’m okay, I’m always okay. Just a little tired,” and you’d run your hands through his hair and talk about the days you had without him. You’d scold him for leaving the bathroom light on and he would sleepily chuckle. He’d fall asleep to your voice, content and safe.

“Steve?” You called out in a meekly whisper.

You let out a shaky few breaths and turned over, cursing yourself for being so naive. He always told you not to worry and you believed him, you felt stupid, and angry. Pushing those feelings aside, you closed your eyes and tried to force sleep.

(I got some horrific news last night, I just needed to write something angsty and sad. I’m sorry, really I am. I’m still editing “Stick with me, Kid” & the next part to “Steve'a Little Sister”. I won’t let my personal life get in the way of getting stuff out for you guys, don’t worry.- Rosalee)

Thank you Caregivers

Thank you to the caregivers who

  • Work long hours to support their littles
  • Feel guilty for working those hours
  • Skimp on their own things to buy that stuffie
  • Just can’t afford the stuffe, and it kills them inside
  • Can be with you alot
  • Can’t be around alot, but make the most of the time they have
  • Are very far away but love you like you’re next door
  • Suffer mental illness, and overcome
  • Suffer mental illness and still struggle
  • Love their littles
  • Care for littles with metal illness
  • Care for littles who are neurotypical
  • Stay up late holding their little
  • Stay up late on the phone, telling their littles bedtime stories

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Don't you think it is a bit strange how every ship with Jimin is happening these days?? After that very famous Jikook analysis went all over Tumblr and twitter? All those ships happening back to back is a little.."we are not trying to cover up and make you forget that video" kinda thing. What you think?

I mean, personally, I think it’s just because all the members adore Jimin so much. And also because all the boys are amazing, super close, best friends. I feel like, as Jikook shippers, we shouldn’t think the other ships aren’t just as real. We shouldn’t disqualify (?) any ships just bc we think Jikook are real or better. Jimin is the member that everyone in the group loves. They could rave about Jimin for hours and not get tired of it. So, it’s natural the other members have moments with him.
Not to say that there isn’t a possibility of trying to distract shippers from Jikook. It could be happening. I just don’t think we should ruin other ships moments 😊😊

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It always makes me really sad whenever I see big blogs talking about 'doing away with' the 'trope' of young, sex-repulsed asexuals -- like it's a bad thing to be young, sexually repulsed and asexual. Especially when they say that it's not good for the community's image or isn't good representation. Like, yeah, I get that not everyone in the Ace community is sexually repulsed, but it feels almost like a slap in the face to those of us that are. I dunno, just... feeling a little down about this.

I haven’t heard of anyone doing this, but I’m sad to hear it.

I can understand how people can be a little upset about being overshadowed by the “trope” you were talking about but saying they should get rid of them?? what??? we’re all ace & we should all respect each other & not try to exclude one “stereotype”


a five part epic by yours truly

there’s a sense of humor to it all, when you look back on all the ink; there’s a sense of loss, a sense of magic, a hint of the unknown, a variable veneer of something Big and Misunderstood

sometimes i just feel like Shouting! but no, that’s not right…

i always feel like Shouting, Shouting different things in a range of voices, old, young, angry, content, but then again, who’s ever heard of a content yell?

it’s a sad little song by yours truly

it’s about a funeral, but you know, i’ve seen people laugh at those. i’ve seen people laugh and cry and whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ear. i’ve seen people tiptoe on the dirty carpet waiting to get it over with, walking up to the body and saying their goodbyes

…but no one wants to say goodbye

[Book review] 그녀의 비행기 타는 법 (Cabin Crew)

When I posted my photos of my new books yesterday, @ohchickstudy commented that I should review the books. I thought that was a great idea, but of course, I haven’t read them yet. However, I do have a few other books that I have read, so I’ll start reviewing books that I’ve finished and get to those when I get to them. Thanks for the idea, @ohchickstudy !

My first review will be 그녀의 비행기 타는 법 by 전미애, 김소운, and 최보윤. My boyfriend actually let me borrow this copy of it, saying that he used to read it on his way to classes :) In this book, the three authors tell about their lives as flight attendants, including how they got their jobs, why they wanted to do it, places they have gone, people they have met, maintaining relationships while constantly on the go, crazy passenger stories, and just the little things that the cabin crew do before, during, and after the flight that those of us who only see it from the passenger side might not know about. Scattered throughout are cute drawings and photos of the places the ladies talk about and such.

I found this a pretty enjoyable read, getting insight into the lives of flight attendants while also learning a thing or two about the industry. Each chapter is an individual recollection from one of the authors, so you can sort of read it as a collection of short stories. You don’t even really have to keep up with which author is telling each chapter (I usually didn’t check, honestly; it was never really important); you can just read bit by bit and enjoy it that way.

As for difficulty, I didn’t find this to be a very burdensome read at all. If you’ve ever read a Korean novel (or a novel in any language, really) you’ll know that a lot of descriptors and other vocab that aren’t normally used when people talk naturally with each other tend to pepper the writing. However, this book’s format is a collection of stories told in first-person, so the writing style, including the vocabulary, is a bit less flowery. Sometimes industry-specific vocab will pop up, but in general, this is a fairly uncomplicated read. If you’ve got any interest in the life of flight attendants or travel or things of that nature, give this book a try :)

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Do you have any tips on getting used to my gender identity? I'm agender but i figured that out relatively recently (a month to two months ago) and I keep accidentally misgendering myself.

it’s 100% normal to misgender yourself so dont feel bad about it! You’ve spent your entire life until a few months ago referring to yourself as the gender you were assigned at birth. It takes a while to get out of those habits! 

When I realised i was trans I told my best friend and she would refer to me by the correct pronouns in private while I got used to them. She eventually did the same with my name once i had chosen one. I found that really helped to normalise things. 

It’s a big thing to realise your gender identity doesn’t align with what you were assigned at birth, but usually it’s the little things that help you get used to it! My advice is to find the little things that affirm you to yourself and do a few each day. 

Some other followers might have more tips, and I’ll ask the rest of the mod team if they have any :) 

Good luck on your journey! 

- Mod Zac

Keeping Things Clear

I keep thinking about all the problems Volume 4 had and how some of the biggest blogs on the site can’t seem to acknowledge those flaws and will try to avoid any sort of criticism to the show. 

I’m just sitting here sad and frustrated because the slightest bit of criticism will be met with vehement opposition and accusations of “ruining the show for everybody” or “whining about not getting what you want”.

I get it. There’s a bunch of people who are nothing but negativity and acidic nonsense. People who seriously go out of their way to throw a fit about any and every little thing that they disagree with even if it’s not really problematic.(Prime offender: Jaune and Sun hated for even existing.)

But I’m talking about real and serious narrative stumbles. Thing that need to be pointed out and discussed. Things that present logic inconsistencies to the narrative and the characters developed in it. (How despite the events of Team RNJR’s storyline not being directly tied to him but to Ren, Nora, and Ruby, Jaune would’ve had the most lines had it not been for Ruby’s monologue in 4x12. You might think this is a stretch, but quite frankly it speaks levels to who was prioritized in the writing process. I can say a lot more but things in parentheses need to be kept brief. Which I have failed to do already.)

I know writing is immensely difficult. I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of pressure Miles and Kerry have to be under when you have such a popular franchise to take care of after its creator and their friend passed away so unexpectedly. 

But it’s because they’re in charge that it’s so necessary to hold them accountable for the flaws in their work. It’s because Monty isn’t around anymore that they need to be more engaged with criticism and feedback. 

I’m not trying to say that RWBY was perfect when Monty was involved. Far from it. There are things he was responsible for that also deserve their fair share of criticism. 

I’m trying to say that Miles and Kerry shouldn’t be exempt from criticism when there are serious flaws to RWBY (be it world-building, characterization, depiction, etc), especially when it comes to Volume 4. I’m trying to say there is a way for us to both enjoy a show and point out problems and inconsistencies. I’m trying to say that Miles and Kerry need and deserve to grow as writers by being exposed to a reaction that balances both praise and criticism

The whole “if you don’t like it don’t watch it” mentality is so counterproductive because it avoids a conversation that needs to be had for the show to improve. When you love something, you want it to be the best thing it can be. You know it can never be perfect. You know flawlessness is impossible. But you want it to at least deliver its promises rather than lie to you or to deliver them halfheartedly. You want it to live up to its potential the most it can. 

But with all the flaws and retcons and the avoiding of hard and necessary questions, it’s hard for me to have confidence and believe RWBY is doing any of that. And I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

I love this show. And because of that I feel the need to voice my opinion and engage in that conversation. When there are good things, there are good things. When there are problems, there are problems. 

And yes, there are problems. 

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every episode gives me more incest vibes between jason and cheryl

My dad watched one episode (from last night) knowing nothing about the entire show and was quiet the whole time until the end which he had two things to say:

1- are these people seriously supposed to be high schoolers those girls look 30

2- is this show about a girl who is in love with her dead twin brother

😂😂😂 So you’re not alone. I get it too. I think it’s meant to be that way. Sort of a blurry line to almost keep her as a potential suspect. Although after tonight we can sympathize a little more and understand a bit more, it’s still creepy.

Happy Birthday, Regina Mills

Regina’s birthday was February 1st, and I had this fic in my head: Regina and Maleficent having sex on her office desk to celebrate.

Sadly, life got a little in the way, and it took me longer to get to it than originally expected. Luckily, it’s still February for a few more days at least. Soo… consider this a belated birthday present?

4K words and 2.5K of those words are pure desk sex. Before and after the smut, be weary of some angst.

If I’ve still kept you interested, read at AO3 here or below the cut! 

TW: brief mentions anxiety and panic atacks, at the beginning and end of the fic.

(as always, my gratitude to @oparu who is the greatest beta and quite possibly the greatest human walking this planet, more broadly)

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Communal Trust

There are a lot of words that get thrown around (both at camp and outside of it) until they become so called buzzwords and lose any semblance of meaning. Some of them particularly pertain to Wayfinder. Community. Trust. Fairy Realm. OK, that last one still means a whole lot, but the other two can be a little hazy. In the weeks where we’re not looking at what members of our community are up to nowadays, and how they’ve taken the lessons of camp and put some of those to work for them in their daily lives, this space will be used (among other things) to talk about some of the deeper ideals that might not always get the in depth attention they deserve. I’m going to start with trust. It’s going to take me more than one entry to fully unpack trust, what it is, and what it means to camp, particularly because the word can be used in so many ways to mean so many things, but for the purposes of this post, I’m going to be talking about communal trust, the kind of trust that stretches past any one relationship in a group and is given over to the everyone who occupies that space. It’s a kind of trust that we’re always building, even when we may not be aware of it.

Communal trust is a little different than the trust we are used to talking about. Usually we talk about trust as it exists on a person to person basis. Communal trust is something much bigger, something we’re much less likely to deal with in our everyday lives, primarily because you need to be rooted in a community in order to build is. Wayfinder is exactly that. To be clear I have a pretty exact idea of what my community looks like. When I imagine Wayfinder community I think of the faces of people I started meeting when I was 13 years old. The people who taught me how to live in that space, who I put so much work into forming myself after. It also includes the faces of 7 year olds whose parents snuck them into one of our day camps, changing a birthday on their form to make sure they can get into “that cool camp with the swords.” And every single face that I picture is someone that I trust. Not necessarily here are the keys to my car trust, but definitely I am comfortable being me in front of you and going to a fantastical world with you trust. It’s not that common of a thing to have an amorphous group of people (it’s hard to say who will be at any event seeing as that is reliant upon both hiring and the schedule of our dear participants) who you trust completely with yourself. Given that amorphous nature the collection of faces around the circle at any two camps is never going to be the same.

Even so we have groups of people who come sit in these circles, with people they might have just met, people they may never see again, and share their realest selves with no hesitation. Even if we don’t talk about it as much, or dedicate workshops to it, that kind of trust is still carefully crafted. It’s the basis on which we build pretty much everything else. A lot of different pieces of what we do go into building that but the frame of each day is a good place to start examining it. We open every day (whether at day camps or overnights) with a circle. Everyone sits down together and gets a chance to share about how they are feeling, to ask questions, to bring up concerns. People own up to mistakes and make apologies. They hand out appreciations. At the beginning and end of every week we have a circle where people get the chance to talk about what the experience means to them, to take a second to appreciate exactly what we do together at camp. It also comes in the form of the adventure game. Every time you play a game you end up playing roles with people you don’t expect to, having intensely emotional experiences in character with people you may have never had those with in real life. The fact is that no matter who you end up playing with you know that everyone will be playing their hardest. Everyone will go to those places with you. Wayfinder brings a place where you can show up and know that no matter who is at camp that particular week, you’re going to get people who are there bringing openness and acceptance. You’re going to get people there who come prepared to play, who are ready to match your intensity at every turn. If nothing else, you’re going to find people there who you can trust. Every. Last. One of them.

First of all, I feel a need to talk about Merietta for you, guys, to understand this one. The girl has five younger siblings (but I couldn’t found one photo with five kids, so sorry), she likes to read and walk outdoors, so I sort of put those two things together. she is arromantic (Which I found super cool! So I wanted to put a flag, because the quote would not be enough), I know she likes animals (any animal) but since she has a parrot on her shoulder and I found this cute photo, I thought there would be no problems. Besides, since she loves animals and has a way with them, I figured this image would be cool, too. She likes gardening, cooking and how to take care of the house! 

I know very little about arromantics, but I did my research and I got really mad cuz there are so many romantic quotes! I could not find one to represent your girl! It was then that I remembered this passage of The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince). I really hope you liked it! Here you go @the-word-of-the-month-is-sin!

I sit next to you and suddenly the world doesn’t seem so big and scary anymore. We talk, tease each other, and laugh and my anxiety is gone and the tightening in my chest goes away. It’s replaced with butterflies. My depressing feelings and thoughts are gone and are replaced with such poetic and lovely things. I think you’re pretty good proof that there’s a God. I mean, I didn’t think I’d ever see you again, but here we are as friends just like all those years ago. He brought me back here. I don’t completely know why yet. I know you’re not the only reason, but I know you are a part of His plan. He gave me a little miracle. He gave me you. This world and life is good. I often forget that. I often find myself wondering why I’m not enough or why I can’t be happy, but I am. You help me remember that when no one else can. When I look at you I feel a lot of things. I feel like everything will be okay. I feel happy that I know someone who can make me feel calm and happy, someone who gets me, and makes me laugh. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world just to know you.