and then there are people who are wrong

Fuck that one coworker who's a fucking idiot. Fu

A couple of days ago we had this group of about fifty people that I was waiting on, all lovely people that didn’t complain. They were seated at about seven different tables with seven people each, so I used the regular table numbers for ringing their drinks in and then I’d go and help with preparing and bringing the drinks. This went well for most of the night, until my coworker L fucked up and argued with me IN FRONT OF THE GROUP THAT I WAS WRONG WHEN I WAS ABSOLUTELY NOT WRONG BECAUSE I FUCKING TOOK THOSE ORDERS AND RANG THEM IN AND MADE THEM AND BROUGHT THEM.

Anyway. The story.

I was at a table, calling out a drink when L told me it was for the table behind me. Uh, no it’s not. He proceeds to argue that yes, it is, cause he rang it in. I didn’t want to be too rude to him in front of these people (he is the worst coworker, he acts as if he knows everything even though he’s only been here for two or three months and I’m so fed up with his bullshit) so I ask him what table he put it on. L then tells me, and I quote: “that doesn’t matter, it’s all the same group and I just rang it in so I know.”

Oh. Hell. No.

This is my group, so he should’ve come to me to ask what table he should put it on because THERE IS A SYSTEM THAT WORKS. So I start to tell him that that’s not how it works, that we need table numbers regardless and also THIS DRINK IS NOT FOR THAT TABLE AND I KNOW BECAUSE I TOOK THE FUCKING ORDER.

Mind you, this happens as we’re standing in front of the table, me with a tray full of drinks and the people at the table looking up at us because I was in the middle of handing them their drinks when L intervened.

So I don’t want to argue in front of these people and also, the entire restaurant is full so I don’t really have the time to patiently explain to him how the system works. So I tell him that he’s wrong and I’m not gonna argue with him right now, but I’m happy to explain my system to him once I have the time. And he still tells me that he’s not wrong, and that the drink is for the other table.

I ignore him and hand out the rest of the drinks. L leaves. The lady closest to me asks me if L is new here, I tell her no, he just has his own way to do things. She tells me he’s a fucking idiot and that she wouldn’t have been as patient as I was. I tell her I think of him as a five year old and that helps to not scream at him. She says that’s a great coping mechanism and I’m on my happy way.

I check the orders at the bar to see if there’s any with just that one drink and at which table. There’s no order for the group that I didn’t put in myself.

I really, really LOATHE working with L.

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as a nonlesbian dyke you posting about who can say dyke is wrong, dyke just means someone who is unavailable to men sexually so actually ace people have more right to dyke than lesbians do since a lesbian is actually bisexual homoromantic (everyone is bisexual but you can have a romantic choice on who to date unless ace) unless they are ace so they are available to men sexually while ace people aren't, lesbians are really co opting from asexuals

hey uh what the fuck


They don’t know you. They don’t understand you. You know yourself better than ANYONE else. Being gay isn’t wrong, being transgender isn’t wrong. It’s your business. Things will get better. Know your identity is valid no matter what people say. From my own experience, I used to think bullies and their opinions mattered. But I realized they don’t know anything I’m feeling. They aren’t me. They’re in their body and I’m in mine. They’re wasting their own time as well as mine. Identify as whatever makes you feel good about yourself. 🏳️‍🌈

hey @ goyim who are writing jewish characters -

k*ke isn’t a slur that’s being reclaimed by basically anyone. jewish characters would never call themselves k*kes and when you put that language in their mouths, it just reads very Wrong and also extremely offensive

it’s very different from a gay character calling themselves a queer or a female character calling herself a bitch. okay? it’s just a different realm of slur. don’t use that word and especially don’t put it in your jewish characters’ voices, as if that makes it better somehow

Why do people think this is okay?!

My friend ordered a dryer from the depot of homes and three times now it’s one that is un-stackable. She ordered the kind that can be stacked. So this is the third one delivered wrong and she’s a family of five who don’t have a dryer.

Anyways this is something one of her friends posted on the Facebook status.

Really?! Making some ones day absolutely terrible isn’t going to fix it. I guarantee the store put the right order through and the vendor/manufacturer or what ever is the one making the mix up.

Going to the store and screaming at their manager until he carries one to your house? Really? You’d do that? Glad we aren’t friends because I’d slap you silly. I can’t handle that this person thinks this behaviour is acceptable.

“Nonbinary” people are cis people.

There is nothing wrong with being cis.

Accept it. Embrace it. And stop doing damage to real trans people. You dont need fake genders to justify wearing clothing and getting hair cuts.

A female who shaves her hair is still female. A male who wears makeup and skirts is still male. The only people who think otherwise are science deniers like religious people.

PSA to people who read/ write fics that involve sexual assault and hold it in a positive light.

It’s not okay. It’ll never be okay. Normalizing rape culture is wrong. Abuse is disgusting and should never be made acceptable. Having sex with someone who is unable to give consent is rape and wrong. A character forcing themselves on someone and taking advantage of them is wrong. And no. That isn’t romantic. As someone who was molested while in a relationship, it didn’t make me suddenly want him. Him taking away my choice wasn’t sexy or endearing. An abuser is not a lover. An abuser is a theif. And if you reblog/ rate these fics as being “good” “amazing” “so sexy” wtf ever. You can remove my blog. You can also shoot me a message to let me know who the people are that I need to remove. Because abuse is never okay. Sexualizing abuse is never okay. Romanticizing abuse is never okay. And you can fight me about it.

Dating Harry Hook and Gil Would Include

Requested: By anonymous:  I just found your blog and I’m loving it, I really like that you do poly relationships, not many blogs that I’ve seen do that, so I’m always happy to see people who do. Speaking of poly relationships, can I have some headcanons with Gil, Harry and the reader dating, please and thank you.

Warnings: none

Notes: I love doing the poly relationships, and I love putting it out there because not a lot of blogs do. So I’m so glad you enjoy them! This ended up with an AK reader it seems, hope that’s alright!

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Be prepared for lots and lots of PDA.
If you think I’m joking, you are so so wrong.
Harry is naturally flirty and touchy with both you and Gil, especially because he wants everyone to know you’re taken.
Gil is just so sweet and loves hugging or kissing you, Harry won’t let him always hug him, but he’s happy to give kisses.

Plenty of nicknames for both you and Gil from Harry.
Prince/princess, darling, luv, baby boy/girl, sweetheart, sexy, pretty boy/girl, sunshine (mainly for Gil)
Seriously there is so many.

Overprotective boyfriends 24/7.
Good luck with that.

Being great friends with Uma.
She may or may not make you either a member or an honorary member of the crew.

Uma constantly grabbing you when one of the boys start pissing her off.
“You handle them Y/N! You date ‘em! You deal with them!”

The crew loving you and accepting you automatically.
There’s plenty of teasing though, and they will joke around by acting like they’re going to steal you from the boys.
Some days Harry will laugh…others Harry won’t.

Being in Audadon with them and showing them all the different shows and movies they’ve missed.
As well as constantly providing them snacks. (Mainly sugary things for Gil and saltier things for Harry)

Helping Gil learn to read and write fully and getting extremely proud when he gets his first B.
Most of your studying will result in kisses or sweets as rewards for meeting a goal or getting a question right.

Helping Harry learn how to count properly and how to tell time.
“What do you mean you never learned how to count because you’re number one? You still need to learn to count Harry!”

Dates where they sneak you out and you guys go out past curfew.
It may be swimming, or a little picnic on the beach.

Playing with either one of their hair.
Harry will literally melt and lay his head in your lap whilst you run his fingers through his hair.
Gil just looks like a ray of sunshine (more than usual).

Gil literally picking you up and carrying you/tossing you over his shoulder because you’re probably smaller than him.
Even if you’re not, he can carry a lot.
Please let him do this, he gets so happy and Harry gets a kick out of it.

Being one of the few (Gil and Uma are the only other ones) that are allowed to touch and/or hold Harry’s hook.

Both of them teaching you to sword fight, even though half of training is made up of kissing and flirting.
They teach you how to sail as well.

After long days/or weeks, the three of you just collapsing on Harry and Gil’s bed (they pushed their two together) and cuddling the entire night, talking and laughing.

Honestly you three are way to perfect, but get ready for lots of flirting and laughing.

reasons ; eggsy unwin

summary: eggsy has a reason for everything, until he meets you and all his reasoning is gone.

warnings: swearing

word count: 667

authors note: i saw the golden circle today and i love eggsy unwin so much bye

Eggsy Unwin had his reasons for doing everything. There was a reason he woke up every morning and risked his life for his country and there was a reason he wasn’t in a relationship. It wasn’t the rule that came along with his job or the fear of them getting hurt, it was the fear that no one would accept him for who he was. Everyone saw him as a Kingsman Agent, a gentleman who could do no wrong but that who he was. He was some messed up kid who stumbled upon an opportunity that changed his life and he wanted people to know that. He wanted whoever he ended up with to see him as he was, before and after Kingsman. He didn’t think that was possible until a random Thursday morning.

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it’s ok to use the word “enby” refer to yourself! it really is!

some people may prefer for you to not use it for them, and that’s absolutely fine, too. 

however, they have no business telling you whether or not you can describe yourself that way. 

anyone who mocks, ridicules, or otherwise tells you that you are wrong for using the word “enby” for yourself is an asshole. 

Stony and stucky people are like cat and dog people. Stucky shippers are like cat people, “Oh I like stony but I like stucky more.” But stony people are like dog people. “YOU LIKE STUCKY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU STUCK IS THE WORST BUT STONY??? STONY IS THE BEST.” And Winteriron people? Winteriron people are like fish people. “Have fun with stony and stucky, I’ll just be back here with my Winteriron. Winteriron, you’re the only one who understands.”

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How would the dads react when they see dadsona stimming in a very visible way (bouncing, flapping, yelling, etc.) because they're overwhelmed and find out that dadsona is autistic?

[thank you for the ask! hopefully o didn’t get anything wrong about this, please tell me if I did. anyways hope you enjoy and feel free to send in asks/prompts!]

🎣Brian,🏋Craig,🐶Damien,📚Hugo :
- surprised, but tries to calm you down if possible
- been though cases with people who are special needs and try to take you to a place which is quiter and less overwhelming for you
- hugs you if you’re alright with that, whispers soothing stuff into your ear
- is perfectly fine with you being autistic, there’s nothing wrong in their eyes with that

💒Joseph,☕Mat,🔪Robert :
- doesn’t understand what is going on and asks you many questions, which might make your stimming worse
- eventually you might end up banging your head and they freak out, like totally
- they call Hugo for help because he’s the info dude and follow the instructions Hugo gives them to calm you down

It’s not surprising that people have been erasing black people (and other brown poc) from the discussions of Charlottesville. I’ve just been doing my research. More than half of this site doesn’t see black people (or brown poc),  are the targets of neo-nazism. I’ve been looking at posts talking about the holocaust and while three of the posts I’ve seen have made it clear to mention every group that was targeted in the Holocaust, they’ve conveniently forgotten to add that black people were among Hitler’s victims. There is going to be a March for BLM to raise awareness for black people who were lynched, and apparently black people are wrong for that because our ancestors couldn’t get lynched on a day that was convenient for certain groups of people, thus we’re being called hateful for keeping our mach.

And I just think this has shown how, in light of recent events that affect black people just as much as other people, tumblr has become such an anti-black space. This all started because some white people—neo Nazis and kkk—wanted to take down a confederate statue that represented oppression for black people.

And now I’ve seen people going as far as to deny it was about us, or kick us out of any discussions that deal with anything I’ve mentioned above because apparently we’re taking away from those actually oppressed and we just want attention.

but the silliest thing out of all of this, is these people erasing us and guilt tripping us, expect us to advocate for them, to add them in our discussions. And while black people always did this in the past, even on my blog, I think now after the lengths they’re going to erase us, that is a ridiculously selfish request. 

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I'd like to recommend a few personal favorites to any who would like to try them out :) "The Shining" by Stephen King. (My favorite King novel) "1984" by George Orwell (blew my mind, and has personal meaning to me) And "Jurassic Park" by Michael crichton. Jeff goldblumes character rocks my socks and I read the entire trilogy back to back. 12/10 recommend

Controversial opinion but I didn’t really like 1984. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great essay but as a novel I got bored after a couple of chapters. I get why people love it, the premise is super interesting and it’s well explored, it’s just the characters are pretty bland, not much happens in the way of plot, and there are chapters that are literally a textbook (I ended up skipping loads of pages oops)

Idk I’m just not that great with classics in general which is something I need to work on; maybe I’ll make that my 2018 goal

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the b word can be a trigger. triggers make people uncomfortable. it doesnt just have to be an image. youre not a psychologist. what is your problem anyway? it also is a slur to women.

No triggers are only something that people with a mental illness or PTSD can have it was made to describe what happens when someone with an illness sees, hears, or what else ever something that triggers their illness. It’s not meant to describe everything that makes someone uncomfortable it is not a word people who don’t have a mental illness should be using. I don’t need to be a psychologist to know that. Also the b word used to be a slur but it isn’t anymore, now can you please gtfo off my blog, if your that butt hurt just accept that your wrong and just unfollow me already

This Needs To Be Said...

But my posts or anyone else’s posts are not there for anyone to become Grammar Nazis towards. I mean, don’t get me wrong I get irked by bad grammar just as much as the next person, but that doesn’t mean I am going to be jerk and correct them. Sometimes people’s minds work faster than they type, and they make minor mistakes. It doesn’t mean they are stupid or don’t know how to use grammar correctly; it just means they are human and made an error. Plus the person who made the post probably already realized their mistake, but it was too late to fix it because it was already reblogged so many times with the error in it. So, here is a rule of thumb, if it bothers you move on to the next post. Don’t be all snarky about it, and go it should have been this instead of that. Tumblr is not a publishing or editing website. It’s just a site where like-minded people who like like-minded things can get together without any judgement or persecution. So next time you see a post that bothers you because it isn’t grammatically correct just keep it to yourself and scroll past it. It isn’t hard to be respectful…

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AU Where JJBA is an actual show in Universe, but not Anime. Live action. Joseph part 2, 3, and 4 are actually Son, Father, and Grandfather. Polnareff and the guy who played Centerfold are friends out of the show, and went to school together. In fact, the guy who played Centerfold is one of the main writers. Rohan is still a stuck up fashion rat bitch, but such a fan favorite that he gets independent episodes. DIO parts 1 and 3 are actually fraternal twins, which is why they look different.

I love actor AUs as much as the next person but even then I still want J Giel/Centerfold to fucking die

The DIOs being twins sounds great. They show up for their wrong part to see how long it takes for people to notice.

To This Day

I remember when my 8th grade teacher showed us this for a speech we each had to do. I cried when I saw this and I was glad that I sat in the back where no one could see me cry, cause I knew if I cried in the front, people would act like they were worried. This is so strong, I still cry when I hear and watch it now.

Please, spread this. Bullying is not some joke that people can brush off. People suffer, people cry, people die. Bullying is a nuisance, bullying is wrong, bullying is evil, bullying is cruel, bullying is bullshit. No one deserves such treatment, humans and animals, heaven and hell, an angel and a demon, no one. Bullying creates hate, bullying creates sadness, bullying creates an giant void that no one is able to escape from.

Be that person who stands up to bullying, be that person who rescues the suffering, be that person who changes the world, be that person who makes a difference. Be that person who saves a life…..