and then their music


In 1958, twenty-year-old San Quintin inmate Merle Haggard listened to Johnny Cash’s first-ever prison concert. It changed his life, he later said, because that concert made Haggard decide to become a country musician.

Haggard ended his career with 38 number-one hits on various American charts. Among other honors, he was given the Kennedy Center Honor and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Odd to think those things might not have happened if Haggard hadn’t been imprisoned!

Seabury: *sees Alexander and Laurens cuddling* Hmm..

Lee: What?

Seabury: Oh! I was just looking… I was wondering why don’t we do that?

Lee: Do what?

Seabury: …Cuddling.

Lee: I am not the kind of person that likes to cuddle. It’s just not me.

Seabury: What about holding hands in public?

Lee: No.

Seabury: What about my arm around yours?

Lee: No.

Seabury: …Okay, it doesn’t matter I get the fact that you don’t like to show a soft side.

Lee: *wraps his arm around his shoulder*

Seabury: …

Lee: This is the only thing I’ll do this in public for you.

Seabury: *smiles and kisses Lee on the cheek*

Alexander: Who’s ready to go steal the canons!

Hercules/Lafayette/Laurens: Yeah!!!

Burr: No!

Alexander: Come on Burr we need you! You’re the best man to be apart of this plan.

Burr: No I am not! Does your plan involve you guys going to go steal the canons from the British while you guys leave me to stay put and keep watch or are you just going use me to distract the British?

Alexander: …No.