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Father’s Day

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Here’s an Opie one-shot as requested of @redwood-writer, hope this does your Nonny justice sweets! Apologies if it’s not enough, or too much, I am a little rusty. This One-Shot is smutty so it’s rated 18+ and only suitable for Mature(ish) audiences.

Father’s Day


Father’s Day had gone off without a hitch. Ellie and Kenny helped with the breakfast prep and before Opie could manage to drag himself out of bed it was presented to him with a chorus of Happy’s Father’s Day so loud she swears her ears are still ringing, and letting out a steady breath she stares at herself in the mirror.

Her hands shake as she smooths her hair over her shoulders. She feels a little ridiculous in all honesty. She spent far more on the frilly bra and panties than she probably should have, but hey, Father’s Day only comes once a year, and with a smile that grows steadily on her lips she knows this is going to be one of the best Father’s Days yet. She hopes at least.

“Babe,” Opie’s voice drifts through the door, “you okay in there?”

“Yeah,” she calls back smiling softly, “just getting your gift ready.”

“I told you I didn’t want anything,” he trails off as she rolls her eyes, “besides I’m not sure I want anything from in there…”

Stifling a laugh, she pulls the door open to reveal herself and when Opie’s eyes widen as he lifts his fingers to rub against his lips.

“You sure about that?” she asks bracing a hand on her hips.

“Mmm, I might take some convincing,” he murmurs reaching out to cup her waist between his hands but she her hand planting on the center of his chest stops him.

“I better get to work then…”

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