and then the world ended

I hope everyone who was getting their A Level results today got the grades they needed, and if you didn’t; don’t worry. Life goes on. Your whole self worth isn’t based solely on these grades and there are countless other ways you can get to where you want in life. Do not beat yourself up.

  • Hugh: Hey, the station isn’t perfect, all right? And police aren’t perfect, and guess what? I ain’t perfect!
  • Sanderson: Therein lies the necessity of this intervention, must the Victoria Police be subjected to an entire station of people like you?
  • Jack: Whoah, whoah…whoah whoah whoah whoah whoah… who put you in charge, huh? Who are you to criticize anyone? You may think Collins is a bit of a cock, and he is a bit of a cock, but he’s MY cock!
nibiru and 2012

what sis??

i thought we were gonna die in 2012 what ever happened to that

ok but also

what if

we did really die in 2012


were so shOOK that our souls refused to die and lived on as if nothing happened??

but anyway, yall reachin with this nibiru shit i mean i suck ass at astronomy but like ????

what are the chances that a fucking planet collides with earth and wipes out humanity 

lol trump’s prob already boarding his spaceship ready to take off to venus

prob wont happen 


if it does

yall can wake up from the dead and reply to this saying “i told you so” 

but until then


#potterweekprompts2017, day 7: yer a wizard, harry

(on twitter)


Voltron Klance twewy au doods from tweeter!! I bought the game for the ipad again and thought; why naut coconaut 👀💦💦

Keith is ofc the amnesiac emoass psych genius with a heckton of Imagination. Monsters suddenly start attacking him where he begrudgingly forms a pact with Lance. Can they survive a whole week of The Reaper’s Game together? Will Keith ever get over Lance’s pew pew phone? Will Lance ever stop calling Keith mullet? *maaassive shruggot*

(Also yeah Lance is secretly the Composer; basically the god of the city. Gg keith 🌸✨)