and then the world ended


Inspired by Tides of Darkness, where Khadgar actually smiles often, and his friendship with Turalyon is great.

Peregrïn is very pleased about it. She’s happy to see Khadgar smile and laugh and just to witness this friendship.
Despite what’s happening, she’s happy to see this, it’s a light in the darkness.
So I thought it’d be important to sketch it somehow.

She has such a baby face… I should practice to draw her with a more mature face, though I want her to keep that young baby face somehow xD Peregrïn the squishy face.


~This is one of the most romantic stories I’ve ever seen…~

I absolutely love this festival.

Game: here is a good, well marked path which leads to your goal!!
Me, ignoring that: *climbs three mountains, flees highlevel enemies I’m not ready to take on yet, gets completely lost*