and then the world ended

In Appreciation of Hector Barbossa – The pirate we all love to hate–love.

First, I must start off by saying I love almost everything the actor Geoffrey Rush has done in his career thus far. He is one of my all-time favorite actors who brings vigor and honesty to all his roles, which is outright mind boggling. One thinks of his amazing portrayal as the musical prodigy David Helfgott in SHINE, chillingly like the man himself. Or Mr. Rush portraying the sincere psychologist and mentor to the King of England in THE KNGS SPEECH. One thinks of his deviously witty and outstanding performance as the lusty Marquis in QUILLS. No matter who he portrays, Geoffrey Rush always gives a top-notch and believable, if not mesmerizing performance. Mr. Rush forever puts a tremendous amount of gusto and heart into his roles which are memorable, and many of them Oscar noteworthy.

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A compiled video of 20+ piano arranges of After the Rain’s songs! There was so much effort put into it I just had to share the video… If you have time please give it a listen!
I think those who really appreciate the piano will especially enjoy listening to this (*´ω`*)

monocleminotaur replied to your photoset

Why do you hate pve so much?

having a npc stand still while a group sits there (sometimes moving every 20 seconds to a new spot oo spooky,)and smacks it just isn’t fun to me.

the argument that the fight makes u move and learn the fights just isnt enough for me, because its just common sense and good reaction times imo.

i just dont see it as fun.
id rather lose a few bgs and have a blast getting a good ass and different fight every time versus different players than wiping on 1 boss for 3 hours because people are fucking up mechanics and then not even getting loot.


October 10 is World Mental Health Day, so let’s talk about how we can end the stigma surrounding mental health 🌱


Start a dialogue about your own experiences
💖 Mental Health is still stigmatized and that can make it difficult to talk about openly, but the more we talk, the more we help to normalize the discussion. But it’s not just about helping the world see Mental Health differently, but about your perception too; talking about your problems can help you work through them, and see them in a more realistic light, and it helps the people around you understand your needs.

Challenge incorrect information
💖 If you see someone spreading incorrect information about mental health, be brave and step in. Remind people that mental illnesses are disorders of the brain, and are usually due to chemical imbalances, in the same way that disorders of other organs might be due to a vitamin deficiency, or the body not being able to produce the right amount of hormones.

Ask others about their experiences
💖 Encourage others to talk about their own mental health issues, if they feel comfortable doing so.  


Provide a judgement-free environment
💖 Sometimes people just need to vent, rather than have a discussion, and as well-meaning as you might be you need to respect that. Ask if they’d like to discuss their issues or if they’d just like to vent and be given a sympathetic shoulder to lean on. Mental Illness can make us hyper sensitive to perceived criticism, and feel unable to open up. Create a judgement-free environment by giving them your full attention, and by allowing people to talk at their own pace, without interruption.

Ask what they need, don’t assume
💖 What we need and what someone else needs might be two different things, so ask and listen to what someone says when they talk about their needs. It might be tempting to think “they’re just being lazy” or “if I give them a push they’ll get there eventually”, but respecting their wishes is not just about whether or not they know best. Ask them if they need their boundaries pushed, or if today is a good day to try. There will be days where they are more open to pushing their boundaries. If you force them too early you may deter them from trying again, and it may hurt their trust in you.  


Check in
💖 Now’s a good time to check up on the people around you. Don’t just say hello, ask how they are feeling; specifically how they feel mental-health wise. It becomes a habit to say “I’m fine”, even when you’re not, and mental illness makes it harder to be forthcoming with how we feel. Give them the option to say “well, now that you mention it…” instead of the usual small talk.

Check up
💖 Have you been ignoring your own mental health needs? Procrastinating on getting proper professional help? Now’s a good time to make an appointment with your GP for a check up!

Check yourself
💖 Even the most open-minded of us need to keep our own privilege and bias in-check. If you hear someone talk about an issue or symptom they face that you think might be exaggerated, made-up, or their own fault, consider that your own bias, privilege, or lack of understanding may be clouding your judgement. Everyone’s experiences are different, so try to remember not to compare. Have a judgement-free discussion, give advice or offer alternatives, but in the end: trust THEIR judgement of THEIR situation.