and then the wonk guy was born

KPOP AU - Klance

Yooo! So have some headcannons from my klance kpop au (;

Keith Ji-min Kogane (K.K - stage name)
Age: 20
Kpop Idol – solo artist – gay as shit, has a big crush on that annoying cuban dude with the most beautiful blue eyes he has ever seen – half white half korean, speaks Korean fluently – his dad is korean his mom is from Canada – he’s living the time of his life in Korea –  his fans would give their lives for him – has no idea how attractive he is (he doesn’t even try) – he doesn’t get jokes – Lance: “How long is a chinese name?”, Keith: “How…long…what???” – constantly mad at someone (Lance) or something (everything) – he works hard and practices like a mad man – his dancing moves are so fine like damn boy shake that booty by Lance™ – Lance would like to lick his abs sometime – “LANCE! SHUT THE FUCK UP!” – he gets easily flustered and he’s just the cutest – Lance is the only one who can go near his hair – obsessed with music – he writes his own songs and plays both guitar and piano – he can’t come out as gay since his label doesn’t allow it – Stressed™ – laughs every time he has to write she, girl or her in a song – he loves knives so he used to keep one in his bag but scared the shit out of his staff so he can’t keep it anymore – he held a grudge for the rest of the day

Lance Julio Morgado
Age: 20
Hair Stylist – bi but has a preference on guys – “Fuck me” whispers everytime a gorgeous korean man passes by – agrees with smol Pidge about koreans being Hot Aliens™ – speaks Spanish fluently and Korean – born in Cuba but he’s grown up in the States – currently works and lives in Korea – has a big lovely family – he’s often homesick – La Chancla™ reminds him of his mom so he kept one in his apartment – Huge Flirter™– “Are you from Japan? Cause I’m tryna get in Japanties *wink wonk*“– Keith didn’t get it – is annoying and clingy af – can keep whining all day – is too loud and can’t shut up – one of is fave hobbies is laughing at bad haircuts – he looooves his job especially when he can touch gorgeous people hair (yeah just the hair) – ”I’ve been blessed. Thank you” – dirty minded *wink wonk* – Lances freckled beautiful face is the only thing that keeps Keith from break his nose – he always makes himself small – in his opinion everyone is amazing but him – Allura kicks his ass almost thrice a day – has the most contagious laugh - “Gotcha” *finger guns*

Allura Altea
Age: 23
Make up Artist – in love with Shiro but the guy has no clue – she’s Shirosexual and desperate – one of Lances best buddies – she’s afro-american and half white (she got her stunning blue eyes from her white side) – she can speak Korean and a bit of Japanese – she lives in Korea and shares an apartment with stupid Lance – she’s a huge anime nerd – touch just one of her precious make up products and you’re dead – rumors say her smile can bring people and animals back to life – she’s pretty violent, Lance knows better – Queen™ – feminist – she has a very thick English accent since she’s from England – Shiro secretely thinks it’s hot – she went to the USA to study Cosmetology – Lance flirted with her the first time they met, she kicked him in the balls – “Lance? Run.”

Takashi Shirogane (Shiro)
Age: 26
Model and drama actor – “Is it just me or today Allura is more beautiful than usual?” – “bruh” – he’s Keith best bro, they’re childhood friends – he’s half korean half japanese but he has grown up in the States – he speaks Japanese and Korean fluently – currently he lives in Korea for work but has a home in Japan where most of his relatives live – Best Supportive Dad™ – huge dork – he speaks like a grandpa – “Look at my little lady, good girl, good girl *pats Pidges head*” – puppies make him cry – when it comes to Keith he’s actually a bully – he’s sooo handsome and he knows it – he’d like to be kicked by Allura sometime – loves gardening – his favorite plant (a succulent plant) is called Jolene – he basically lives in the gym – lives to tease Keith about his secret crush – he doesn’t get why Allura runs off everytime he wants to talk to her – “Why” – he freaks out a lot

Pidge Gunderson (Katie Holt)
Age: 18
College student – lesbian – she’s american but currently she’s living in Korea to study Oriental Languages – she wants to teach English to korean kids – she’s Keith best buddy – eats toast and sassiness for breakfast – thinks Keith is a dumbass and needs help – she’s improving her Korean, learning Chinese and Japanese – Shiro’s so proud of her, he thinks she’s a true gift, a good girl but actually she’s Satans reincarnation – she’s very overwhelmed by korean girls – “Goddammit give me a break y'all fucking Hot Aliens™” – anime nerd – she’s thinking of ditching Keith for Allura – she’s the most chosen victim for Lances dirty jokes – swears a lot

Hunk Garrett
Age: 20
Sound Operator/ CGI and Effects (basically he edits music video) – he’s dating Shay (she’s korean) the cutest Stylist in the world – he’s polynesian but has grown up in the States – one of Lances best buddies – speaks Korean, his gf helps him when he struggles with the language – has two wonderful moms – has the biggest pure heart – his hugs are the best thing ever – he’s an excellent cook – loves to bake – don’t steal his food – he’s a huge crybaby – obsessed with technology – once he got drunk and he and the others were trying to build Voltron the giant cat robot (it was Allura’s idea) with their own bodies and he actually yelled “I’m a leeeeg!” – is a gamer and a youtuber – no one listens to him and they always regret it – I Told You So™ – “Man…my dude *smug*”