and then the tags are what the stock art is


My charms came in this week, so I’ve put these up in my etsy store!

It’s Joker/Shadow Mishima and Akira/Mishima! (I really wanted a joker/shadow mishima charm hehe…) It’s on 2 inches of clear acrylic, double-sided~

I actually didn’t print a lot but I underestimated the strength of the Mishima Boys orz… so I don’t have much in stock right now (like less than 5 right now lmaooo), but I’ll definitely do another print run soon for these, so don’t worry if it’s sold out…I’LL BE BACK WITH MORE! I’m just glad there are more people than I thought who likes this ship HAHA

I’m selling it for $8USD + shipping!

The store link should be at the bottom corner of this post for mobile users or top right corner for PC users(green etsy button) or if you can’t see it, click here (only works for PC users)! Have to do all these weird linking around because tumblr will hide any post with external links :’)

Heaven, please sing for me a song of life.
Heaven, save me in my dreams tonight.
Someday these wings will perish in your sight.
Night and day, I call for you.


Soooooo, showed that character from the previous art post to some friends on Discord and I ended up taking suggestions on what other art styles to try and draw her in.

As you can see, was quite productive ha. Her name is now Cecelia, a name also gotten from Discord. She’s grown on me quite a bit!

Hope you enjoy!

theatricalplacenta  asked:

tomakehimfree on tumblr looks to have maybe traced a few of your old rinharu pictures or something. A lot of the poses seem very familiar and your art popped up in my head for some reason- and i'm pretty sure it's cause i saw it drawn by you before. They've been tracing other peoples art too and it was VERY obvious. I'd pop over and take a lookie see just to make sure.

Hi there, I’m not sure what drawings you mean, I can’t look at much of their art tag at work, but it could be that we’ve used the same references/stock, which I used for some of my really old rinharu doodles. I grew out of that a long time ago and make my own references when I need them now, but I don’t fault others for referencing poses from stock or whatever.

So I’m not really worried unless someone is tracing my art specifically line for line and selling it as their own (which has happened in the past). So if it’s something like that, feel free to contact me.


On the 7th day before Christmas, @panda-capuccino drew for me… the beautiful Rey and Kylo from my short Reylo fic - The Guitar Pick
In it, Rey tries to convince Kylo to give her the guitar pick he just got tossed at the concert of her favorite band. Kylo is unwilling to give it, but for her own reasons, she is willing to do anything to get it. What she doesn’t realize, is who Kylo is precisely, and where this night will lead them.

Stocking stuffers: This Sad Inspirational Song - Another sad song full of inspiration - One final song to inspire your eveningLink to the original story post(See more art, finished fic, and stocking stuffers of previous and future days here!)


a chubby little summer bear! this small friend has hand embroidered details, and is made entirely of minky, plus one cute little felt flower. at about 10cm long and 7cm wide, it’s the perfect size to nestle in your hand, with weight beans in its butt to make sure it’ll stay there!

i’m trying to work on some potential stock for an etsy store! this pattern is my first go at a bear; it needs some editing, but it’s on the way!

Guardian-Of-The-Written-Word Giveaway!

Well, I’ve been dying to do this since I’ve seen my follower’s count inching towards 500! I’m so honored so many of you have followed me and, well, because I like doing nice things for people I thought I would try my hand at a giveaway!

How to Enter/Rules

  • You must be following guardian-of-the-written-word​. This is going to be a giveaway for my followers, right? There are no qualms about you following me for just the giveaway - though it would be wonderful if you stayed around afterwards!
  • Reblogs count! - not likes!
  • Winners will be chosen at random with a random number generator!
  • You must have your askbox open when at the time of the drawing! If not you will be skipped over and another person will be chosen.
  • You must be willing to give me your shipping address so I can mail you the prize.

CONTEST ENDS MAY 27TH, 2015 at 11:59 pm PST!

First Prize:

  • Two handmade stuffed felt creature (can be a dragon as shown or anything else you wish! As long as I have a reference I will make it work!)
  • 10 custom ¼ inch buttons! 
  • One art commission with full color and up to two characters. (to see my style go to kerutheblue​) or one shot fanfic of your OTP if you’d rather.
  • Assortment of candies

Second Prize:

  • One handmade stuffed felt creature (can be a dragon as shown or anything else you wish! As long as I have a reference I will make it work!)
  • 5 custom 1/4inch buttons
  • Ink commission with one or two characters or mini fic with your OTP
  • Assortment of candies

Third Prize:

  • One handmade stuffed felt creature (can be a dragon as shown or anything else you wish! As long as I have a reference I will make it work!)
  • 3 custom ¼ inch buttons!
  • Assortment of candies


How large are the felt plushies?
They are 6inchs tall by 4inchs - or somewhere around that measurement.

Where can I see examples of your artwork/writing style?
For artwork go to kerutheblue​ and look under the ‘art’ tag. As for my writing style you can see it on this blog - although I would promise to do something better/cleaner than my messy rp style.

Are those the only buttons you offer?/I can’t see them properly.
No they aren’t. They’re just examples of some my art group buttonmashermob​ have in stock. Now you’re free to select from those or I can make you custom buttons if you prefer. It’s open to you guys! :) Also you can see them better on the buttonmashermob​ page!

What kind of candies are you offering?
Honestly I haven’t decided yet. Although I want to ship them in a cute jar or something. :3 That much I know! But if you do have an allergy or preference for a certain candy I can try my best to get that for you! (If you are the winner of course)

Any other questions please send me an ask! Otherwise….


- Keru


I was tagged (again)

A. If I’m in love


B. Last person I talked on the phone with

My best friend (who is in France).

C. How long has it been since I’ve kissed?

2 weeks.

D. If I have a preference for boys or girls?

I like both, but I’m going through a girl faze.

E. How many piercings?


F. Give me any options like “hot or cold”


G. Last person said “I love you” to

Best friend.

H. Last person I hugged

Big sister.

I. Last time I felt jealous and why

4 weeks ago, when I was beaten on a test (again).

J. Are you insecure? What about?

Yes. My height.

K. My full name

Katy-Lee Ostrik Vasiliev.

L. Siblings?

Two half siblings and a big brother.

M. If I forgive betrayal?


N. Favorite animal?


O. Where I’d like to travel?

New Zealand? It’s one of the only places I haven’t been.

P. Music I like

Punk mostly.

Q. Favorite flower


R. Is cheating ever okay?

…99% of the time it isn’t.

S. 2 hobbies

Tumblr (more like a lifestyle) and art

T. 3 things you love unconditionally

My girlfriend and best friends, my home, @someonebeatmetotheurl (:P)

U. Favorite time of the year and why?

Midwinter, because CHRISTMAS

V. Big dreams?

I want to teach music in a collage I guess.

W. If I’ve done something I regret very much

I have.

X. 3 turn ons

Sass, stockings, piercings.

Y. 3 turn offs

Crying (during sex), having a tantrum (during sex), being painfully shy (during sex).

Z. Ask any question you want

What is your favorite colour?

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