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*invisible Anon-chan appears when it is close to usual Murami dinner time and leaves magical invisible whoopee cushion on Kou's seat*

Kou: Ah~ Ruki you’re the best! Fried lobster is amazing~ but one day you should make vongole bianco….*takes one of Azusa’s fried lobsters*

Azusa: Kou…you’re being loud…again…

Yuma: Yeah and I saw you steal one of Azusa’s lobsters you little shit!!!

Kou: Ruki~!!!! They’re being mean again! *sits down and huge fart echoes throughout room* 

Azusa: …*scoots away from him*

Yuma: …

Kou: …I…

Ruki:  *sticks head into room*  Kou Mukami….

Kou:  I-it was an accident!!! I swear it!!!

Ruki: Oh really? I doubt an invisible person just came in and put a magical invisible whoopee cushion on your seat.

Azusa: *scoots even further away from him*

Yuma: God you’re so gross! I wonder how your little fangirls would react if I recorded that!

Kou: Shut up!!!  If it was Azusa you wouldn’t have been so hard on him!!!

Azusa: *cringes* Don’t involve me…

Kou: Whatever. A fart from my butt is better than any single thing that has come out of your mouths!  *does a hair flip and stuffs fried lobsters into his pockets before leaving*

Ruki: This is why we can’t have nice things…

Interview Confessions (Youngjae Fluff)

Summary: You and your band mates were doing an interview backstage during a rehearsal at an event. When the question about biases and bias groups appear, your band mates tell the world about your obsession with GOT7, especially Youngjae, but none of you notice that they’re right behind you.

Genre: Comedy, Fluff (?)

Length: 1K

Note: Y/N, your name Y/B/N, your band name

Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

“Ah, yes here we have the new girls on the block, the rookie girl band, Y/B/N!”

You led your group to do your introduction with bright smiles. Even though it was backstage at a rehearsal for an upcoming stage and the temperature was near boiling, you and your band mates had agreed to an interview

As the interview went on, the rehearsals did as well, with idols bustling around your team, rushing for their stage.

“Right, so our final question that was sent in by your fans is… Who’s your current celebrity crush, or your current bias or bias group?”

The girls looked at you immediately and you burst out laughing. You knew what was to come since you had been going on about GOT7 for the past month.

“Why why?” The interviewer asked curiously as you continued to laugh.

“Y/N keeps talking about GOT7 sunbaenims non-stop. Even if we don’t want to hear about it, she keeps singing their songs and talking about the members.” Your band mate revealed as you couldn’t help but laugh more.

“It’s not my fault okay! They’re really good!” You defend yourself, calming down.

“So who’s her bias?” The interviewer questions, looking genuinely amused.

“I don’t even know, she talks about all of them like they’re her children.”

“Sometimes she talks about how Yugyeom is like her baby and should be protected. Other times she’s screaming because he dances so well. Then she’ll tell us about BamBam and his fashion, and about how she wants his wardrobe ”

“She talks about JJP and she keeps talking about how they take such good care of GOT7. They’re her role models for taking care of us. She also religiously watches all the shows Jackson is on, without fail, every week.”

“Y/N also loves Mark a lot. She’s always looking at pictures of him at fanmeets and concerts. She basically loves all of them. But the one person she always blushes over is Youngjae.”

You couldn’t help but blush at the mention of his name, or maybe it was because your band members just revealed your fangirl ways to the internet.

“Oh really? What is it about Youngjae that you like?” The interviewer asked.

“I don’t know, he’s just so… Bright? Like he’s happy all the time and he seems to be a really cool guy. His laughter is so contagious. Not to mention he’s very cute, and his fashion sense is amazing. I wouldn’t mind meeting him. It would be hard though, we’re all too busy.” You answered, shrugging casually.

Suddenly your band mates start shrieking and laughing and you’re confused because you don’t spot anything out of the ordinary. Was it what you answered? You look at them, casting them a strange look before you looked back at the interviewer. Except the interviewer was pointing behind you.

You turned behind to see not only Youngjae, who you’ve just basically confessed your love for, but also the rest of GOT7.

“Oh my god!” You shrieked, instantly collapsing to the floor, covering your face with your hands.

This just made your band mates laugh hysterically at you and you hear the GOT7 boys laughing at your outburst too. “It’s not real right? It’s not actually them? They didn’t just hear me confess my love for all of them right?” You asked, looking up at the camera.

“I’m sorry, we’re actually here.” BamBam answered jokingly, offering his hand to pull you back up. Your bandmates squeal at your interaction as the interviewer looked satisfied with the content.

“Well, thank you Y/B/N for the very interesting interview! Please support Y/B/N and get their new album!” The interviewer says before allowing your band to close off the successful interview. He thanks you for the interview before leaving you with your bandmates and GOT7.

You were still sort of embarrassed at the situation so you kept quiet as your band members took it upon themselves to introduce everyone. When it came to you, you were basically about to pass out from embarrassment, or maybe you were just too excited to meet them.

“This is our leader, Y/N. She’s the mega fan who introduced you to all of us.”

You smiled shyly, greeting them. “How much did you hear?” You asked, praying that maybe they had come when you were ending the interview.

The boys burst out laughing as Jackson replies, “All of it. We’ve been behind you since the start of the interview.”

You covered your face with your hands once again, slowly but surely blushing. “We’re very flattered that you’re a huge fan of us!” JB tells you as you managed a smile. “Yup, I’m definitely flattered.” BamBam comments, smirking.

You smiled in response as you spot your manager coming towards you. It was time for your rehearsal so you shuffled the girls to the main stage. Right before you left, someone held you back. It was Youngjae and you wanted to faint right there and then.

“Y/N… Could I get your number? I think it’ll be great if we could get coffee some time.” He asked shyly, offering you his phone. You take it without hesitation and type in your number.

“Y/N! Quick! They’re gonna start without you!”

You give Youngjae back his phone before thanking him and the boys, who all had smirks on their faces, running off onto the main stage.

Later that night, you found that the boys were following you on SNS. The boys had each posted a photo with your band in the background, commenting on how great you all were. You commented on each and every one of those photos to thank them and in turn posted a video of you dancing horribly bad to Fly backstage.

At that, fans from both fandoms came to talk about your SNS interactions. When the interview was posted the next day, both fandoms lost it completely, you were getting all kinds of tweets and comments. From those supporting and shipping Y/B/N and GOT7, to those who showed their disapproval.

At that time you were still waiting for Youngjae’s text or call, but nothing came through. You were slightly disappointed that you didn’t think to get his number. You felt your phone vibrate and you sighed, thinking it was just your manager. 

‘Y/N! It’s Jinyoung from GOT7, Youngjae was too scared to ask you out so I’m doing it for him. Do you want to go get coffee with him later?’

Okay so I was thinking, if Stiles and Derek had a kid and it was a boy I think Liam is the perfect choice. He has Derek’s anger and rage as well as Stiles’s cute nose and a little bit of his personality. Liam would be their perfect child. Plus when you look at this photo, he does resemble both Stiles and Derek. So I’m surprised that there isn’t many fanfics about Liam being their son. But I’m sure there’s some out there and I hope that with this photo there’s more to come. And on a side note look how cute they all look with werewolf eyes. Im fangirling so hard right now.

PineScone Headcanons

This Ship is actually killing me….. I think I’m addicted.

- Dipper gets so flustered when Wirt speaks poetry

- Wirt is so happy to just sit and listen as Dipper theorizes, he just thinks it’s so cute how giddy Dipper gets

- When Mabel first met Wirt, she would ask personal questions nonstop

- Stan and Ford were a bit skeptical about Wirt, but they soon realized how perfect he is for Dipper.

- They cuddle all the time, and often fall asleep (Mabel fangirls so hard)

- Dipper’s the kind of person who can stay awake for days, but then just suddenly fall asleep for about 13 hours. Wirt’s just like “If you weren’t so cute, I would put a stop to this bullshit”

- Dipper is an awful cook, so Wirt always has to help him. Dipper’s embarrassed, but Wirt finds it adorable

That’s all I can come up with for now, but I hope you like this!

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Halloween special! RFA +Unknown in a zombie apocalypse? what would their roles in the group be and what would be their strengths and weaknesses? :'D

OH MY GOSH, YES! I LOVE THIS REQUEST SO, SO MUCH! I CAN THINK OF SO MANY HEADCANONS, AND IT MAKES ME VERY HAPPY! (Coming from a huge TWD fan and zombie-gaming-freak, then this makes me so smiley.) Plus, this is kind of angst-y, so please be prepared. Plus, I made some TWD references if you watch the show/read the comics (no spoilers, don’t worry!). I also didn’t really mention which was the strengths and weaknesses, you can really figure out what they are if you read thoroughly!

[Warnings: mentions of death, mental breakdowns, weapons]


  • Leading a group and watching out over other people would be one of his best strengths. He made sure everyone was well fed along with each person within the group getting the best protection they can get, whether it was a small knife or a handgun, it was important somebody had a weapon.
    • This motherfucker is the goddamn Rick Grimes of the group.
  • Zen and Jumin always got in constant arguments during hard times of the apocalypse. They would get in fights about who gets the food during the day time and ‘which person travels with who’.
  • After losing Elizabeth the 3rd, he knew he would have to become someone strong and powerful—enough to protect everyone and he wasn’t going to let another person die on his watch.
  • He always kept a knife by his side along with two pistols just in case guns were needed, but he made sure that he was silent with all of his kills since he didn’t want to attract any more walkers zombies.
  • Usually, he gets the least sleep since he’s always up, keeping a watch out for any bandits, suspicious activity, and of course, zombies. However, whenever he has the time to rest, he blinks once and he’s knocked out.
  • He had difficulty adapting to the realization that someone he knew has died. Whenever someone from the group has passed on—or if he even thinks about Elizabeth—he gets emotional, and he can’t seem to handle himself. Sometimes, he falls in a bit of a breakdown in the middle of a crowded area with zombies, which was a huge problem for him and the others within the survival group.


  • Definitely the fucking Carol of the group.
  • She was in the charge of teaching the kids in the survival group on how to use weapons carefully, plus she also took care of the gardening and making sure everyone was eating and drinking properly.
  • If babies were involved, she’d take care of them if the mothers were working or have passed on. It was a hassle, but Jaehee was willing to be supportive every minute of each day if she can.
  • After losing her family, it was hard for her to connect with other people, especially Mr. Han since he pushed her to the edge of work before the apocalypse actually began. However, Jumin was more protective of her and he makes sure she actually gets rest since he doesn’t want to lose his assistant after losing Elizabeth the 3rd.
  • Seven and Yoosung would bring her food whenever she was working hard gardening or teaching kids about survival kids. Sometimes, they tagged along with her to protect her while she goes out to hunt for any food, such as deer or rabbits.
  • Her ‘fangirling’ days for Zen were slightly fading. She was too busy focusing on making sure each person was healthy and she also took care of herself when she can.
    • However, she did keep a few magazines of him tucked away in a green duffel bag. She kept them to reminisce about the times when everything wasn’t so hard.
  • She usually kept a knife and a gun nearby her at all times. She was like Jumin, Jaehee never used her gun unless it was an emergency. And she usually knew how to get away from mobs of zombies by taking risky routes, but still surviving in the end.
    • Cause she’s badass as hell.


  • He is—definitely—the biggest mastermind and actor of getting away in tough situations. When bandits would kidnap him or take someone from the group, he knew how to manipulate them and he’d fall into acting scenarios, along with figuring out ways to get out of the situation.
  • Zen had trouble connecting with Jumin some of the times. Jumin and he were on different terms, different opinions, different points of views; it was hard for them to actually agree on something, so the two bickered almost every day to figure out the safety for the group.
  • He kept a crossbow on him at all times. It was an easy weapon to carry, plus it was also silent and he preferred it much better than a gun. However, he would keep a pistol just in case.
  • Unfortunately, he knew he had to cut his hair or find a way to keep it up without it flaring around. If a zombie caught his hair, he would be dead right away. For sure, it was a nightmare, but Zen had no choice but to cut off his precious hair.
    • Actually, Seven had to do it for him, and he cried along with him because he felt bad Zen had to go through this experience.
  • Zen usually made sure if Yoosung was okay. For some reason, he believed that the boy deserved much better, and he helped Yoosung through ‘training’, where Yoosung was learning how to fight properly.
    • He never trusted the blond with his crossbow, though.
  • Sometimes, he’d take a sip of alcohol and have a smoke break near the room he’s staying for the night while everyone sleeps/takes shifts of night duty. He’d look at the stars and think about the past, where life was difficult when he stressed about getting a specific part in a musical. However, he didn’t think that the end of the world would come this early.


  • It was hell for him since it was hard to adapt in an environment with the lack of electricity and connections to wifi. He couldn’t get any access to some computers but if there was a time that hacking was involved, you bet his ass is gonna hop on that job with his brother.
  • Saeyoung always looked over his brother. He made sure he ate, bathed, drank, and got enough sleep. When chaos roared with bandits or zombies, Seven was willing to risk his life to protect Saeran’s.
  • Two pistols were his favorite guns. Simple, clean, and easy—plus he had silencers, so it was easier for him to not get caught with loud noise from other zombies or gangs.
    • However, whenever he was bored, he’d leave the camp site and bring in a baseball bat decked out in chains and nails. He’d hit those zombies so hard, he’d automatically get a home run.
  • While going out with the rest of the gang, if he found a chainsaw or some loud melee weapon, he would go crazy. Therefore, he’d laugh out loud and do his best to rip those zombies apart.
  • Sometimes, he had mental breakdowns every so often when he was overwhelmed or when he felt unhappy knowing that the world wasn’t ‘normal’ anymore. So, his brother or Yoosung would have to make sure he was getting his rest.


  • Constantly, Yoosung would fall into moments where he would cry and talk about how much he missed his ‘old’ life. When everything was super hard just because college was difficult for him, not because of zombies ‘ruling’ the world.
  • During his training, Zen and Seven would make remarks on how Yoosung should think about the times he played LOLOL or any kind of video game, and use their skills in real life. So, he would think about being some type of knight in LOLOL or a zombie hunter in a game to improve his survival combat.
  • Yoosung always brought positivity to the group, even if he was extremely unhappy inside. Seven did as well, so the two would make jokes and bring up funny stories to the others without shedding a tear—or trying not to, at least.
  • He doesn’t like going out on his own, so someone has to come with him. Whether it was Jumin, Zen, or anybody else, he wanted someone to be there with him so he didn’t have to deal with trouble on his own.
  • After the death of his mother, he knew that he had to overcome this sadness and figure out ways to make her proud, despite the world in its apocalyptic state.
  • Usually, he’d do the easy jobs. He’d help Jaehee teach the kids survival skills that he learned along with gardening and planting on open ground. Sometimes, he’d go out hunting with Seven to help improve his combat abilities—but he may or may not be a bit too frightened to go out at certain points of the day.


  • No matter what, he always carried a beautiful sword behind his back and he kept a black bandana to cover up his mouth. He only took it off to speak or take in a breath easier, but most of the time, he liked to keep himself hidden from others.
  • Saeyoung always took care of him and even though Saeran had difficulty getting along with his brother, Saeran wouldn’t mind the care and comfort his brother offers to give him.
  • Sometimes, he would give his rations to other people who needed more food than he did within the group, and Saeran did his best to make people feel safe and comforted with the protection he gave out every day.
  • Unless he was needed, Saeran hid away from other people and he liked to be away from others. The only exceptions were his brother and Jaehee, if she wanted him to take her place. However, that was mainly it.
  • He kept watch at night a lot. He stated to the other members of the group that he liked to be alone and look out for others, so he didn’t mind staying up and keeping an eye out for danger. Not that he actually got enough sleep anyways.
  • Saeran had a couple of breakdowns every now and then. He had trouble adjusting to the fact that the world he is living him is making his mental heath ten times more harder to adjust and adapt to, and Saeyoung would have to comfort him every now and then.
20 Questions and 20 Tags!

I was nominated by these lovelies, @onceuponabookblr @sabrina-blyton and @zonfatima !

Name: Kaitlyn

Nicknames: Kait

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Height: 5′4″

Nationality: American

Favorite Fruit: I love love love pineapple

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Flower: I personally am not a huge flower person, but if I had to pick one it would be lilies.

Favorite Scent: Well, I work in a candle store so this is very hard for me hahaha. I would probably pick lavender.

Favorite Book: I have a few favorites; Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell, Mr. Penumbra’s 24 hour bookstore by Robin Sloan, Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly, and Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe by Benjamin Allire Saenz.

Favorite Color: Blush

Favorite Animal: Owls and manatees.

Average hours of sleep: Right now I sleep about 8-10 hours but during the school year it is more like 6 lol.

Number of blankets slept with:  Just my comforter

Dream trip: I want to go and visit Amsterdam to see all of the Van Gogh museums and paintings.

When was blog created: uhhhhhhhhhhh I became a booklr about a year and a half ago but I’ve had this tumblr since before 2013.

I tag @readaroundtherosie @teacoffeebooks @alibraryismyparadise @alwaysbuythebook @drowning-in-a-sea-of-books @lovelylittlebookwyrm @journalboundbookies @cleo-queen-of-pirates @booksnthoughts @absintheandbooks @books-of-dawn @bookworm221 @alwaysbringabookwithyou @readingisfab @readingismyhustle @iamabookslut @theboookowl @howlsmovinglibrary @rapunzelbooks and @thebookhoardingdragon

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1. If you could only listen to one song for a year what would it be?

Agh… I can’t decide! I mean I’ve been listening to a ton of Nyusha recently so I’d probably say Только? It’d probably be one of the dance remixes though…

2. If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for? (no infinite wishes cause that’s not how it works)


  • Have more hours during the day
  • Get my dream job

  • World peace (It sounds so preachy but especially now… It would be brilliant)

3. What would you do if the person you admire most was on your doorstep?

If my crush was on my doorstep, I would probably try to act calm and collected but on the inside be fangirling so hard! I would probably ask them how they knew where I lived, though…

4. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?

I would love to hide everything ‘weird’ about me so people wouldn’t pick on me or mock me. I really want to be accepted for who I am but it’s difficult when you don’t exactly fit in with most people that you know in real life, lol.

5. If you were a deadly sin what would you be?

Probably wrath, tbh. 

6. Where would you rather live, somewhere cold or hot?

Somewhere cold because I hate the heat >_< 

7. What’s the last thing you ate?

Currently eating some white chocolate even though it’s super late ☆☆

8. Are you more logical or emotional?

Logical, when my anxiety isn’t sky high lmao

9. What’s your favorite lyric from the last song you listened to?

“Bendeki bu sihri keşke görebilsen” which translates to something like “I wish you could see the magic inside of me”

From Sen Olsan Bari by Aleyna Tilki

10. If you could change your name what would you change it to?

Aysel ;) It’s close enough to my actual name, but way easier to pronounce

11. What’s your Hogwarts house?

I’ve done so many tests and they all say I’m either Ravenclaw or Slytherin, so… One of those?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


1. If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

2. Is there a skill you wish you had? (eg. drawing, singing etc)

3. Favourite meme?

4. If you could live in another country for a year, which one would it be?

5. Is there someone who you admire? If so, who?

6. Can you keep a secret? 

7. What’s your most popular post?

8. If you could choose another year to live in, which would it be?

9. Become blind and gain the power of prophecy, or become deaf and sense what people are thinking?

10. Least favourite food?

11. Could you ever forgive someone who betrayed you in the worst way possible?

I’m tagging (assuming y’all haven’t already done one): @tooboredtofindagoodusername  @choisgirls @mysplaced-pen @goldenxeyedxfamily @lonelywalkingpotato @makosharkies @mysmekitten @mysmetheatre @satansglitterstripper (tumblr wouldn’t let me tag you) @yuutippytoes (can we even tag the same person twice? eheheheh) and @wishful-lolita (is this even allowed? lmao)

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15 for the identity ask?

15. five most influential books over your lifetime.

This one is hard so I’m going by books I’ve reread multiple times or remember them leaving a huge impression on me.

  1. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (I have three different copies of this book, so yes, I would say it is very influential)
  2. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (I connect with this book on a very personal level)
  3. The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth (reread multiple times, amazing every time)
  4. Tithe by Holly Black (reread multiple times since high school)
  5. Hero by Perry Moore (reread multiple times since high school)

Thank you so much!


Requested: Hey could you write about Shawn being in love with a girl that plays the guitar and sings and posts covers online and they meet at his concert for the first time and she shows him her hometown?



Your buzzing phone signals that someone is trying to facetime you. Glancing at your screen to see who is calling, you see that it is Shawn, and just seeing his picture brings a smile to your face. You accept the call. “Hello?”

“Hey y/n, I saw your new cover!”

“You did?” You ask in surprise. “I just posted it like twenty minutes ago.”

“Yeah, I get notifications every time you post,” He admits, and you laugh.

“Well, I’m honored. Thank you.”

“Of course. Can you believe I’ll be there in Portland in just four days?” He says, a huge smile spreading across his face.

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You know when...

there are so many people you’re in love with on the internet & they all make you smile and feel all tingly inside like they actually bring you so much joy and your life would suck alot more without them because they seem so genuine and kind which alot of people are not and you follow them and watch them not necessarily in a stalker way but enough to check up on them to see if they’re good because you hope they are since they deserve it for making you a better person and helping so many people without knowing how amazing they are but then you remember

they have no idea who you are.

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If the GoM where disney characters who would they be?



Originally posted by wonderlaaaaaand

Jiminy Cricket. There when you want him or not and can help out with some nice advice. 


Originally posted by nahveen

Prince Naveen. A bit of flirt at times and has a army of fangirls. But also will work hard and is an enjoyable person once you get to know him.


Originally posted by nonnala

Gaston. Okay before you go BUT AOMINE IS NO VILLAIN hear me out. He’s someone who knows he’s amazing and stuff. A line that really stuck out to me in Gaston’s song is “As a specimen, yes, I’m intimidating” which totally makes me think Aomine. 


Originally posted by anno-m

Sebastian. A smart someone who works hard to keep things in line. Also finds himself getting into messes because of a certain someone hehe. 


Originally posted by boomerstarkiller67

Toulouse. A kinda go with the flow person who enjoys snacks. Likes a nice win/accomplishment, even though he tries to act like he doesn’t.  


Originally posted by lollipop31

Li Shang. A leader who means business and is very good at almost everything. But can also be pretty loving if he wants to be.  

So we meet again (Bambam)

Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3


You’d been waiting in line to meet your Got7 bias Bambam for about an hour now and it seemed like you were not getting anywhere any time soon, you’d already met the rest of the members and the only one you had left just so happened to be the one you wanted to meet the most, you were starting to feel uneasy as the thought of them having to leave before you got there kept running through your head. Every minute you kept inching closer and closer to him but yet you were still so far away, the constant anxiety of him leaving soon was killing you and you just wanted to push your way past everyone just to meet him, but doing that would grantee you getting kicked out, so decided against it. 

After what seemed like forever, you finally got to him and you tried so hard to hold back most of your excitement since you didn’t want to pretty much explode in front of him and seem like one of those crazy fangirls and scare him off, you thought your best bet was to act as casual about it and treat him like a normal person, since that’s what he is, just a normal person who just so happened to be very talented and got recognised for it oh and not to mention he was a normal person who rudely stole your heart from you. You found it difficult to keep yourself calm but you some how managed it. “Hey, what’s your name?” He asked you in the sweetest tone, it was so sweet you could have melted right there. “Y/n.” you replied shyly as you handed him your album to sign, you don’t know what happened one minute you were ready to tell him how he was your bias and how you loved what he did and how much of an inspiration he was to you but now being in front of him you couldn’t get the words out and a wave of shyness had now consumed you. “Wow, I love your nails!” He said excitedly as he gazed at your flight log: departure themed nails, you could feel your cheeks turn slightly pink since he was the only one who commented on them. “Thank you, they took a while but I think they turned out okay.” You tucked a strand of hair behind your ear nervously as you spoke, and somehow this caught his attention and you looked up to see him staring at you, this made you turn a deeper shade of pink. He gave a light chuckle at your flustered actions and handed you your album with a wink almost sending you over the edge. You thanked him as you said your goodbyes and you walked off to the side. You looked down at your signed album still in recovery from what happened, but you stopped in your tracks as you saw his little message, “I’d love to take you out for coffee sometime if you’re up for it.” and just under his messaged you saw his phone number. Your heart sank in your chest, you’d love to have coffee with him sometime but you were leaving for home in the morning, but that didn’t stop you calling him when you got back to the hotel.

-Current time- 

It had been about a year since your meet and greet with Bambam and since then you had spoken to him on the phone and even Skyped him from time to time, you became long distance friends and you even got a lot closer to the rest of the members of Got7. 

One night you were on Skype with Bambam until he had to go help Yugyeom with something for a few minutes, without knowing he left his Skype on and JB had got hold of his laptop, so your little regular Skype session with Bambam turned into a Skype session with JB but he seemed like he was up to something, so obviously you wanted in on it. “Hey y/n when are you coming back to Korea?” He asked enthusiastically but hid his voice from Bambam’s ears. “Actually I was about to tell Bambam that I’m arriving there tomorrow, why, what are you planning.” A sneaky smile found it’s way onto JB’s face which sent shivers down your spine as you finally realized you were part of his plan. “Perfect, whatever you do don’t tell Bambam you’re coming and as soon as you’re settled in and everything come to our dorm, we have a surprise for him and we can’t do it without you.” Your curiosity got the better of you at this point of hearing more about the plan. “What’s this surprise then?” you ask with a sneaky tone to match JB’s expression. “Well I don’t know if you noticed but Bambam really likes you and since the day at the meet and greet he hasn’t shut up, there’d be at least an hour in the day where he will just zone out and non stop talk about you, so myself and the others have been wondering when you’ll come back so you can surprise him with you presence, schedule has been hard for him lately and we all thought seeing you would make everything better for him.” You blush at what was coming out of the leader’s mouth, you couldn’t believe your luck not only had he won your heart but you won his too. This had to be a dream, it was too good to be true. Surely enough you agreed to this wonderful plan and with that JB said his goodbye and left before Bambam got back.

When you landed in Korea the next day you were so eager to get on with the plan you got to your hotel as quick as you could and dumped your stuff in the room and went straight to the Got7 dorm. You arrived at the door and rang the bell, you could distinctly hear JB’s voice through the walls as he yelled that he’d get the door. The door flew open as he welcomed you in, as you entered the building he told you to wait at the corner and he’d call Bambam and that’s when you jump out. You nodded showing you understood your instructions and waited patiently at the corner as he went to get Bambam. “Hey Bambam, come here I need to show you something, come on it’s awesome you’ll love it.” You hear Bambam groan as he got up and made his way to where his leader was taking him. Understanding this was your cue to come out from the corner, you slowly made you way around until you were stood in front of him. As his eyes met you, you swore you feel the happiness build up inside him, you were soon hit with two arms being wrapped around you tightly, you look up to see Bambam hugging you so tightly you could hardly breath and out of the corner of your eye you could see JB smiling at the both of you like a proud mother. 

You spent most of your time catching up with everyone and playing loads of random games and it wasn’t until late that everyone started to calm down and become slightly fatigued, you decided you’d got out side of a bit to get some fresh air to keep you awake. As you stepped outside the cold night air bit at your warm face and small clouds of your breath were just about visible under the dim light of the moon. You took a seat for a while but that’s when you really started to feel the cold air hit you, but it was soon cut off by the warm embrace of a jacket, you turned your head to see Bambam wrapping you up in his jacket to protect you from getting any colder. “So what brings you back here?” He asked as he sat next to you and looked up at the stars. “Well JB had used your Skype to call me and we planned to surprise you so he thought me coming over would be a good idea since apparently you like me or something.” You answered as you turned to look at him and took in all of his dimly lit features. His eyes widened and his head shot in your direction as soon as you told him what JB said. “Oh so he mentioned that did he? Well I guess there’s no point in denying it, I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while but I just didn’t know how to do it.” You couldn’t help but smile at his confession, you’d obviously loved him since before he even knew you existed but to hear it coming from him was the best thing that ever happened to you. Before you knew it you involuntarily lifted your head and let your lips meet his, he froze in shock at your actions but he soon melted into the kiss and started to kiss you back. It was a short but sweet kiss but yet it was everything it was everything you could have ever hoped for. You pull away from him unable to control your smile he leaned his forehead on yours and held you close. Your moment was soon ruined by all the members awing at the two of you, but you guys couldn’t be mad at them after all it was their idea to get you here and if it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t be together now. 


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Things that they like in a s/o for Nishinoya, Tanaka, Aone, Oikawa and Kuroo please.

(I wasn’t sure whether you mean physically or personality wise, so I’ll do one of each per character)


  • Personality: Somebody who doesn’t mind his cheeky sense of humor, and even more so somebody who can appreciate and go along with it.
  • Physical appearance: He would love long, dark hair on a partner. He just finds something about it really sexy and a bit mysterious.


  • Personality: A person who can understand his feelings through his expressions and actions, so as words aren’t always necessary.
  • Physical appearance: Somebody smaller than him (not that it’s hard) - mainly because of how he loves to cuddle with them and their bodies just fit together so well.


  • Personality: A person with a lot of patience and understanding to deal with his fangirls, and also who is confident in themselves.
  • Physical appearance: He would love a partner with blonde hair and blue eyes.


  • Personality: Somebody who can keep up with his energetic demeanor, or who is as equally bubbly and lively as he is.
  • Physical appearance: He’s a sucker for doe eyes, a more rounded face and a bright smile.


  • Personality: He would be inclined to date somebody with a generous and calm disposition, to contrast his slightly brash and loud persona.
  • Physical appearance: Long and thick eyelashes are super attractive to him in a partner.



Now that I’m still suspended in disbelief-limbo, here’s a rundown of what happened; before I lose the ability to type and function in general:


This is the Pinter/PROUST reading in NYC that featured Richard Armitage~ :3

From what I could perceive the audience was composed of many very elderly couples, and the rest was filled in by LOTS of Armitage Army people. In the play itself he towered over all the other actors, and even from the balcony was recognizable by The Nose. (๏∀๏ ) He had a couple of different roles, and one of them was a gay prostitute who got returned by a client for not being enthusiastic enough when tying the client up; and he also kissed another guy and smacked his butt. XD …At one point he also had an eyepatch and a German accent. His main role however was a more stern and vaguely Thornton-esque character.

There was quite a bit of confusion caused by a tweet from the 92Y theatre that mentioned a chance to greet the cast in the theatre’s gallery after the show, but when I asked around it turned out to be a private event. A lot of people also found out sporadically but a good number of us hung around after the show to see if they’d let him poke his head out for a moment. After about 20 minutes of the show ending, he came out and spent a TON of time greeting and interacting with EVERY SINGLE PERSON who was there to see him. It totally wasn’t in his schedule but he took photos, gave hugs, signed stuff, and was just absolutely lovely to everyone who approached him. I do believe he actually got through everyone who wanted to meet him since the crowd had mostly filtered out by the time he went back in. WHAT A LOVELY HUMAN. ; w ;

I gave him a picture of The Last Supper with 13 dwarves replacing the original figures (by adlpictures on DeviantART) to sign, and when I was taking a selfie of us he ended up taking the phone from me because he had longer arms. X’D RA TOOK A SELFIE WITH MY PHONE WOW LET ME JUST DIE FOR A MOMENT. A bit later he gave me a hug before he had to go back in. *aggressively throws up flowers and glitter* WERBDFSKHSDF

On the subway ride back I met and chatted a bit with some Hobbit fans who were also there to see RA and exchanged URLs with one of them; also met a girl who went there with her mom, who was fangirling equally as hard. XD 

I was at the NYC hobbit fan event a short while back and never thought that’d I’d get to meet him in person so soon, especially since that event didn’t give us a chance to interact with any of them. *___* 



when we first met normani in 2012 she was really reserved and we didnt really know that much about her. how the girls would say normani was the funniest person they’d ever met but we didnt really get to see that side of her. how normani would hold back in interviews and would only show the sides of her that she thought were acceptable. how ‘the beautiful motto of whatever’ happened and how we started to see more and more of normani’s colours. how she was placed with these 4 girls who told her that she was the funniest person in the world and who constantly encouraged her to be herself. she was placed with 4 girls who made her feel like she could show those ridiculous sides of herself to the world. and then we would see camila and normani being dumb with each other during interviews and seeing dumb vines she would make with ally and how her and dinah are the biggest beyonce fangirls in the WORLD. she was able to be her ridiculous amazing self with them. and now she’s able to do it herself. how now she can come up with questions like “would you rather lick an armpit or the streets of new york?” on her own without asking “did i say that bad?” or without worrying that it might not be an acceptable thing to say in an interview. normani is a rainbow and we keep getting to see more and more of her colours. normani is so many things that we never expected her to be. none of us knew that beauty pageant normani who auditioned for xfactor in 2012 was so possessive over her food and would freak out over a turkey leg in an interview. no one knew she was the biggest fangirl in the world and would try going vegan just because beyonce did (which makes no sense because its NORMANI and how did she even go a day without chicken wings) and she makes the dumbest jokes and makes the funniest faces and tweets things like “is it because im black” or “a salad” and she’s just the most amazing and most hilarious person in the world. idk i was watching interviews and i got really emotional about her because we got to see 16 year old normani kordei who auditioned for xfactor and who tried so hard to be perfect and keep things professional blossom into 18 year old normani kordei who is in the biggest girl group in the world and who just thinks “whatever” and doesnt even need to think before saying or doing something ridiculous. and i think its really amazing that we got to see her grow into that person and got to learn so many amazing things about her.

Damn you English dub! You made me squeal so hard about NaLu! Damn it! Damn it! DAMN IT! AHHHHHH~~

Don’t you two have any decency?! Tickling, cuddling and kissing in the middle of battlefield!”-Kain

Whatever they totally in love~” -Happy

hahaha this made me laugh xD hahaha

I refused to runaway. I won’t do it. I’d rather stay here with you. I can’t think of anything that would make me happier.” -Lucy

AAHHHHHH~~~  SO CUUUUUTTTEEE~ O///////u////////O (  ˘ ³˘ )❤ (  ˘ ³˘ )❤

okay I’ve been so OA but still….