and then the people in their tags get super confused

Gotham Season Four/ Twitter

This is some great advice from @sunlitroom , who’s got some experience with using Twitter from being a Fannibal!

1. Nielsen begins counting tweets three hours before the show airs, and then up to three hours after it airs. You want to use all that time if you can.Make sure everyone is clear on timezone differences in advance.

2. Only have TWO hashtags per post – anything beyond that isn’t counted.  #Gotham is the constant throughout, but we need to agree on unique ones for before and after and KEEP THE EPISODE TITLE FOR DURING THE EPISODE. If it’s used before that time, it makes it harder to trend.  So, for example, for the first episode back:

(pre-episode) #Gotham #GothamReturn

(during the episode) #Gotham #HowTheRiddlerGotHisName

(after the episode) #Gotham #EdWentHatShopping

3. Don’t swear in your tweets, Nielsen doesn’t count them if you do.  On a similar note - try to keep tweets positive and open to everyone.  This is not the time or place to rabidly promote your favourite ship, denounce the writers, share wildly explicit fanfic or fanart, or tell everyone how much you hate that Harvey never wears his glasses anymore. The place for that is Tumblr (preferably on my dash 😉)

4. Follow the #Gotham hashtag before, during and after the episode.  Make sure you respond to other fans, and retweet their tweets.  This increases our ‘unique audience’, and this is how Nielsen ranks shows for its daily top 5.

5. International Gothamites can count towards trending, but NOT towards Nielsen.  BUT Nielsen WILL count international tweets if they’re retweeted by someone in the US – so international Gothamites need to put INT at the beginning of their tweets, and US Gothamites need to make sure to retweet these.

6. People who can’t be on Twitter while episodes air (time differences, work, whatever) can schedule tweets using tweetdeck or hootsuite.  Fannibals created templates for this – I’ll look these out and retweet them so people can get the idea.  Depending on what you want to do, you could schedule tweets for every minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes.  A tweet a minute is really easy to do - and we have loads of time to schedule stuff in advance before the show starts again.

7. Keep it ship-free.  Stick to tags that everyone will be happy to use no matter their personal preferences, and that also won’t confuse the bejesus out of anyone who isn’t super-involved in fandom.  As soon as we split into factions, we’re sunk.  Fannibals were successful at trending at cancellation time because we have a unified fandom.  Gotham’s advantage is that it probably has a wider audience, some of whom are more casual: take advantage of this by keeping everyone involved.

8. Thunderclap is like one huge scheduled post on Twitter.  One person would choose the message, and then we circulate it so everyone can sign up. People can sign up way ahead of time, so they don’t have to worry about remembering on the day.  The more people who sign up – the stronger it is.  Again – the key is to keep it positive and accessible, so – for example – #GothamIsBack on the day of the episode. 

9.We also did a masterpost on Tumblr of Fannibals’ twitter handles, so we could follow each other and retweet.

10.Hannibal has a relatively small fandom - but still managed to trend for hours at a time.  Even if there could be a core of people who were willing to do it, it might make a dent.  People who don’t really want to be involved but will do the occasional retweet during the episode using the hashtag can still be helpful.  The key thing to avoid is different groups emerging who want to use their own hashtags - then no-one has any impact.

The above all sounds like a lot of work - but I can promise you it’s also a lot of fun.  Being on Twitter with other Fannibals - even though we had been cancelled - felt like a proper community.  I’m still mutuals with loads of Russian fannibals on Twitter :))

Kuroshitsuji: The multi-media mix timeline

no the live action movie doesn’t exist lol

Memo for those who need it.

I very often see people use the anime titles (Book of XX) to tag the musicals. Like, I know what you mean, but there is a purpose for each of their designated titles. The anime and musicals, while based on the same manga arcs, are different productions largely independent from each other. So the reason they each have a unique name is to let people distinguish them apart and not get super confused.

  • What JYP tagged his Flight Log Fanfic Series: #got7 #planes #hurt/comfort #jinyoung is my fav so he ofc he lives #do i do 2young or markjae #but also JJP #because those boys are my favs #wet boys in the middle part #its defs hot ;) #diving #polyamory #aside from jinyoung #he gets none because he ded #comment and subscribe!!!
  • What he should have tagged his Flight Log Fanfic Series: #major character death #angst #this will probably hurt #not really linear #a bit confusing #I HOPE YOU'RE COOL IF I LEAVE THIS UNFINISHED #no resolution #some people die? #or one person #i didnt make it super clear lol #you can make up the rest

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okay, I wanted to ask you cuz i'm not super into Zelda and all, but I like sidlink-- I've been seeing lots of people saying that Sidon finding link in the gerudo outfit attractive is transphobic and I just want to know why people are saying that all of a sudden? I'm just really confused. all I know about that outfit is he uses it to get into a city of women or something?? I'm confused.

I’ve seen these people complaining in the tags about how its apparently racist and promoting hertonormativity, which brought up the issue that by thinking it promotes heteronormativity; you’re assuming Link couldn’t possibly be a trans girl. 

I’m not personally offended by it but I’m also not a trans girl so my opinion on what should and should not offend them is of little importance. I think people just find any reason to bitch now a days, clothes are clothes, why do we need to police what other people dress their flesh prison in? Not to mention it’s fiction, who gives a shit who likes it, I don’t think someone’s kinks are anyone else’s business; you do you.

Not sure how racism ties into this considering they’re a fictional race, but the amount of reaching I’ve seen in posts people have made trying to say this is problematic was hilarious.

Walker Prompt #1

Alrighty, so I got a little idea and I’m gonna act on it! So starting now and lasting for…some amount of time, at the start of each week (Monday or Tuesday) I’m gonna post a little challenge for all you with Fanwalkers or Fan characters. 

The goal of this is just to get your minds flowing. Get some ideas and flesh out your walkers. Secondary goal is to get everyone knowing each others walkers, get some community going. @the-foxwolf has done a great thing with his Heliod fic and @inudono has the Fanwatch but lets make this trend bigger and get involved with everyone’s works!!!

Now, these prompts will vary in description but will generally be aimed at a story based response. But, it is open to get artwork, short stories, drabble, cards to tell the story or whatever medium you decide on! Just reblog this post or tag me or whatever! Let’s do it. :D

We’re gonna start off with a super vague one, take it as you will!

Prompt #1:



Tagging some people who may be interested: @verumlumen, @actualborossoldier, @hirfael, @pandoraeve, @lord-alexander-locke, @the-foxwolf, @sigardaa, @isharton, @odric-master-swagtician, @dancing-sword, @voltaic-quicksilver, @askkrenko, @bobstropajo, @confused-phyrexian, @anyone-I-missed

Not sure how I feel about a community I've heard nothing of and know nothing about linking itself with CGLRE :/

Like, who? What? When? Where? Like, creating your own community is one thing, but saying you’re a subgroup of an already established community… Did you even talk to any of the OG cglre blogs first?

Like, how do we even know our values and principles are the same? Are you guys anti? Do you allow power exchanges? What makes you different enough from cglre to make you a subgroup? Babyre and furre are subgroups, but they still have “re” in them, and they’re still just cglre. Like, they don’t have a whole subset of completely separate tags. That would make them a separate community, not a subgroup.

I don’t know about this. I feel like things are already super confusing with sooooo many age regression communities out there already. I feel like this is maybe just kind of pointless? And I really am not trying to be rude at all, I just really don’t understand. I’m sorry.

To me, it feels like some people just got together and decided they wanted their own community and are just using cglre/calling themselves a subset of cglre to get exposure. That’s what it feels like to me. Which is awful, and I reeeeeally hope I’m wrong. Again, I am not trying to offend anyone.

The only rule in cglre is having a nonsexual regression space. If you add more rules to it, it is not cglre. We don’t have admins and bosses and harsh guidelines. We are a free community. I love this community. I have been here from the beginning. I just want to keep it safe for all the age regressors who will want to join in the future.

Please, tell me I’m wrong here @gummy-friends-community. I’d really like to know what’s going on. My followers are asking me about you, and I have no idea what to tell them.

This is so confusing.

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Your post with the bowl came up in my recommended because I follow the fishblr tag and I was so confused why a betta blog would be using a bowl and a bamboo. I'm so glad I came to your blog and looked around, because you really know what you're doing and already gave really good answers to other people about your set up. I'm sorry for assuming the worst from a picture. Good luck with cycling, getting your fish friend, and growing your plants! Your set up will look super cool.

Thank you! I actually bought it for a fish who needed a bigger home, and given he’s a bit sickly, I figured the round bowl would help him traverse unhindered (he kept wedging himself in the corners of his other setup). He’s thriving, and wiggling around like mad! He has his filter, heater and a bit of water from his old setup, and so far has a clean cycle going. Thanks again for giving my blog a look, I really appreciate it!

20 Questions~

got tagged by the always wonderful @rapmonphile~ (who i don’t think i’ve actually talked to like had a convo before yet so hi hello i’m lizzie what’s good ;* ) the game’s simple, you just answer these 20 actually 17!! questions and then tag 20 people you’d like to get to know better.

name: Elizabeth/Lizzie/Liz

nickname: any variation of my name screamed at a high pitch counts as its own nickname.

zodiac sign: capricorn - but my mbti is enfj so i’m a super extroverted capricorn. let me confuse you.

height: 5′4.5″/166 cm

orientation: straight

nationality: American

fave fruit: berries of any kind are my fave bc a lot of other fruit makes my mouth itch. i.e. Plums (which r my real fave but anyway), pears, apples, peaches, apricots, guavas, etc.

fave season: spring, but i’m emo af about fall and it makes me super nostalgic for home. 

fave flower: R O S E S. also a big fan of tiger lilies and sunflowers and violets.

fave scent: my perfume is Roses de Chloe. But again, my emo ass lives for fall scents and they make me happy. anything pumpkin, warm vanilla, spices, etc. i also love apple scents. anything warm really.

fave color: okay, i love pink. a lot. but i also live that neutral color palette life to the max. so there’s that. again, enfj capricorn. fight me.

fave animal: kittehs and OTTERS. I LOVE OTTERS.

average hours of sleep: 6-8 max.

fave fictional character: cassie ainsworth (skins), hermione granger (hp), louise belcher (bob’s burgers), Tracey (Chewing Gum), Dennis Reynolds (iasip)

number of blankets you sleep with: 1 sheet + 1 quilt

dream trip: i would love to do a trip to antarctica tbh. i hate cold but it’d be really cool to go someday when i’m rich and powerful. 

blog created: fuckin junior year of high school. i’m now 25. i hate myself.

let’s tag some folks: @plincess-cho @dabbingkoreans @springloadeddab @taeminning @shinypinee@minhosbowties @jjonghyun @gribble @puppycat-eyes @asingulardab @kibaems 

So here's a list of things that I watched happen while I watched SPN film last night

Jared winking at people from Impala

Ruth being a cutie and waving directly at me from the back of the impala when I made eye contact

Ruth talking to some of us in between takes about how she’s going to VanCon and that she’s a little nervous about singing during Karaoke Kings (she’s seriously the world’s biggest sweetheart I love her so much)

Jared high fiving the entire crowd???

Jared coming over to talk to us in between takes, being called back and apologising that his “director” (Jensen) kept bothering him. Sometimes he was literally pulled away by the security who all looked sort of dismayed but used to it whenever Jared came into the crowd

Jared pulling Ruth out of the impala: according to him the roof is low (Jared everything is low for you), and one time he pulled her out and heard her make a little noise of pain and was super apologetic afterwards and gave her this huge hug once cut was called, Jensen jokingly reprimanded him for hurting Ruth


Whenever cut was called and Jensen was in front of us he would literally melt out of his Dean persona and give us all the biggest grins

Filming next to a club with a weird dj that played Gangnam style, Jensen did a little boogie to it and said he couldn’t believe we weren’t all dancing

Me asking Jensen how he was doing and he admitted that directing and acting at the same time is super tiring bc he can’t tell where to focus his mind and stuff

Misha showing up late

Misha trying to freak us all out with his bloodshot eyes (It doesn’t work Misha you’re too cute even with those contacts in)

Misha miming a kick at Jensen when he was being told where to stand before a take

Misha doing this weird floppy, shuffley jog thing during a take that we were all trying really hard not to audibly laugh at

Misha sneaking over to talk to us between takes

Misha looking tired af but still taking a bunch of selfies with people and talking to us and just chilling next to us For a bit until he was also escorted away (literally dragged back by one of the supervisors) and put back on set

Misha not waiting for an official answer when we asked if we could take photos with him and him saying that he probably wasn’t allowed but he was going to do it anyways

Misha starting to write a tweet that I could see he was going to tag Jensen in but I haven’t seen it posted?? What did Misha write that even HE couldn’t post??

I asked Misha if he had seen the French mistake Misha funko after someone got him to sign their Leviathan Cas Funko and he said no and seemed equal parts flabbergasted, confused, and totally excited


“I’m not a roleplayer anymore, haven’t been for nearly a year now. I have to say I was always super confused because nothing is clear. I never knew how to get reaction pictures, or a good theme, or really anything and it was a terrifying experience. There were so many terms I didn’t understand. I didn’t even know how to tag it. I wish we had like people who would give advice for it.“

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Tagging ur posts with "sirius black" is sper offensive you don't know the struggles black people went through to get to this point and you spelled "serious" wrong and 99% of these posts aren't even things black people do you stupid american

I am super confused & not sure whether this is a troll or not but

1. This is a Harry Potter blog and I blog about a character named SIRIUS BLACK

2. I am not American?!??1!?


i’m so tempted to like… make a character page for most of my g/t ocs

bc i know i talk about SO MANY and it gets confusing sometimes so i might make a list of like. super basic info about em and their stories and links to their tags/stories/etc. 

damp-towel-dan-howell  asked:

Yooooo it's me from the Malec tag, the one who talked about 2x18. I'm sorry I didn't make my original intentions of my post clear, but I fixed it so hopefully you can see what I actually meant to get across. I'm sorry for any confusion, I was super vague :) I meant to aim it at "festishizers", people who fetishize gay relationships and only like them for intimate/sex scenes. I didn't mean to offend anyone!! Again, super sorry.

You didn’t offend me in the slightest.

What I understood from your post (as I lack any brain energy due to so much stress these weeks) was that there is gonna be one Malec centric episode and we should look forward to it. Which is plain wrong on the show runners end.

Giving the fandom just one malec centric episode is just like admitting “we know you’ll be thankful for it and get us more seasons no matter how much we disrespect you”. The main point is that I didn’t gave a shit about sex scenes as long as Magnus and Alec were treated as characters both individually and as a couple. They have more dimensions than other characters and they are fan favorites, so its a win-win kind of situation: they have something to make the show stand up and we are happy as fans.

But this is not happening and after the backlash from 2x🤢7, they could’ve just thrown some sex scene, believing that we are indeed fetishizing them. And its disgusting. I will be forever bitter about that, cause up to 2x13 they still got bullcrap from the writers and the heteros fucked more than enough. Now, if things improve after 2x13, we will know its damage control and not what they wanted to do from the start.

Hope I made myself clear. I am not angry at the Malec fandom whatsoever as long as we stand tall and criticize nicely the show where the writers have more access (Twitter or Instagram).

Shout out to all the autistic trans people that have had to deal with being told they’re not mature enough to make choices about gender.

Shout out to all the autistic trans people that felt confused about their gender because they didn’t understand the social structure of it.

Shout out to all the autistic trans people that get super excited and stim really hard at the thought of a gender that fits them.

Shout out to all the autistic trans people that have an even smaller chance of finding themselves in media.

Shout out to all the autistic trans people!

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Hi, I'm new to tumblr and I was just wondering how things work. Like, how to people get followers and how do they know who's following them? If I reblog stuff like your art, do I need to tag you or something? i'm super sorry I feel really stupid asking but I tried googling it and looking through settings, and I dn't understand

Oh..tumblr was pretty confusing for me at the beginning, too, haha

I guess I will just start on with tags. The main reason tags exist is to make tumblr search easier: if you reblog something and tag something, then it will be easier for you and your followers to find something on your blog. (or for your followers to block a certain tag if they would rather not see it on their dashboard). Personally, I have quite a few of tags I use constantly on my blog in order to be able to find stuff later (just by going on , in which you may obviously change the name of the blog and the tag), so when you search it just gives you all the tagged posts (specifically on the blog);

you can search tags on tumblr (on the right upper corner), which will give you a lot of different posts by different people. And it works vice-versa, if you post something and tag it with a certain tag people will see it in search (and this is one of the ways people might find your blog and therefore if they like follow you); though I think the search leads you only to the posts that are originally posted with a tag, therefore reblogs would not count.

I guess people find other people through blogs the follow, their interests, tags, etc..haha personally I get obsessed constantly and check tags and end up with a few more blogs that post tag-related stuff:) I often find different blogs through various people (or if I like someone’s art just check out source for more artwork (if there’s more) )

If you reblog you don’t necessarily have to tag it with anything at all, so you don’t have to tag *my stuff* with viria. Only if you want to find it later on your blog:)

The last…when someone follows you, you get a notification on your dashboard (same for them if you followed them),  you can always check who’s following you by clicking on your Followers box. And seeing the blogs YOU follow by clicking Following blogs, it’s easy:) Also in the notifications if the blog you follow likes-reblogs-comments on anything, the note will be written in a blue box, so it’s…easy to track down….I swear I am not creepy

hope it helped^^

Okay so I’ve been out of the loop for a looooong time (like years, because I had this shitty friend who made me feel like crap for liking anything even remotely related to mcr) but I’m getting back into it and I’ve found your blog and I’m super confused about all this Gerard hate that a bunch of your anons are talking about??? Like, why? How is that even a thing? I don’t understand and I’m super confused. Please help?

Admin response:

Okay sit tight, I don’t think anyone’s ever asked me to explain the whole thing in general. Theres a small summary of it in our “about us” page:

“…there has always been a negative bias in the fanbase towards him. Even in the predominant fandom ship, “Frerard”, Gerard takes the blame in almost every situation. Band breaks up? The Gerard Way tag gets filled with a million posts talking about how Gerard didn’t care anymore. Frank writes a vague, angsty poem? People start bitching over Gerard’s “abandonment” of him. Even I would admit, this may not be the case in every single situation. But you must also admit that the other members of My Chemical Romance have gone virtually blameless compared to him.

Some days, nothing even has to happen. Some days people just dig up something old and pick at that.”

All of that is basically what this blog has always been about defending against. More specific examples of this is the way the fandom likes to “tease” Gerard, often with comments about his looks and body/weight, and tries to pass it off as “endearing” (when really, they would never say such a thing to anyone else). You can find examples of some of that here

Also the way Frank is either held on a pedestal or babied, while Gerard is put down in comparison. There has been this annoying trend where people seem to find trouble complimenting Frank without talking about how Gerard is shit. This seems to have surfaced quite a bit as of late due to Gerard and Frank being separate artists and thus, being pitted against one another for awards and polls. And example of one post like that can be read here

Even aside from comparison, a double standard has become more and more noticed within the bandom where Frank and Gerard can literally both make the exactly same mistake, however Gerard would be condemned for it while Frank would not. There’s a post with examples of that here

Something that is not included in that post, but still a recent and relevant example, is the fact that a member of the band Twenty One Pilots recently came under heavy “bandom fire” for not tweeting the hastag #lovewins upon gay marriage being legalized in America. People accused said member of homophobia, etc, and from what I could gather, there are no other previous instances that would lead people to believe that he was a homophobic person. 

However Frank also did not tweet the hashtag, despite being online and tweeting other things multiple times on the same day. People had made photoset after photoset of the #lovewins tweets that the three other former MCR members had made, so it can’t be said that it wasn’t noticeable. And I cannot actually prove this, but I’d still be willing to bet without a doubt that people would have given Gerard shit for not tweeting it, had he not. Considering that Twenty One Pilots and MCR share a lot of the same fans, it makes sense, no?  

Still no one said anything, and the people who pointed out that no one had said anything about it were largely ignored. When a fan finally did address it, they stated, and I quote “I wonder why Frank didn’t tweet #lovewins? Probably because love didn’t win for him.”

So basically, even in this case, where Gerard did everything right – it’s still somehow his fault. 

Oh, also others (who also happen to typically be Frank fans) have picked up this lovely habit of alluding to the fact that they have “inside information” as to why Gerard is a bad, baaaad man and why Frank was the victim of the break up and Gerard’s… erm, treachery. An example of that can be found in this post. (Scroll down to the twitter DM conversation. You really have no idea how many times I and my friends have had similar conversations). And I don’t want to get too much into this subject because that goes into some personal quarrels that wouldn’t be relevant to you all anyway. 

But just know this – anyone who claims they have “inside information” about the break up can get in fucking line. Because there are a ton of stories out there, and a lot of them conflict with what a lot of these “fans” have alluded to. Trust me, you’re not that fucking special. And no, you probably don’t know as much as you think you do. 

Its just been a build up of little things like this. 

I don’t give a shit what Frank does or doesn’t do. I myself have never been offended by any of the “offensive things” he does. No, I don’t care that he made that abortion joke. No, I don’t care that he writes songs about school shootings and killing hookers. No, I don’t care that he used he N word. No, I don’t care that he told everyone that he wished death on anyone who has reblogged or shared pictures of his children. In fact, having a relatively dark humor myself, I probably relate to Frank more than I ever did to Gerard. 

I’m just really fucking tired of these people going after Gerard for what he did say, what he didn’t say, how he looks, and at what intervals that he fucking breathes – I’m tired of these people going after Gerard for the decisions he made for himself, that he had every fucking right to make

And then those same people letting others like Frank and Bob slide for the same or worse. See, a lot of my qualms in this bandom don’t have to do with what Frank, or Bob, or whoever “did”. 

Its the double standards thats my problem. Don’t crucify Gerard what you would praise Frank for. Don’t burn  Gerard for misgendering someone once  when you shrug of a racist comment that Bob made. Don’t throw him rude comments on twitter, and pass it off as endearing teasing, if it isn’t something you wouldn’t tell anyone else you don’t know. Because that there is the bottom line: you don’t fucking know him. 

And people keep forgetting that. 

I’m sorry. I kind of went off on a tangent there. Theres actually so much more, but maybe we should stop. I’m literally getting riled up writing this, and I think you at least get the gist. If I cursed a lot, I wasn’t cursing at you, asker. I was cursing out of general anger because this shit literally makes me SO fucking mad (if you can’t tell). Anyway, I’m going to try to end this on more positive note. 

In conclusion, yes, I agree that once upon a time, Gerard was this very distant person. It was easy to draw negative conclusions about him before the break up. But nowadays, he really puts a lot of effort into connecting with his fans, yet people still condemn him for everything from the break up (a big reason he stopped to focus on getting sober for his family) to his weight (he’s since revealed he starved himself during Danger Days) to basically his wanting to succeed as a human being? 

Its fucked up and we want it to stop.

You may or may not agree. In my years here, I’ve encountered people who have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about, and people who know exactly what I’m talking about. If you do agree though, you’re always welcome to come hang out with us. ;)