and then the onions!!

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I just read your book so I'd like to say it's awesome :) You explained all these linguistic features so clearly, I learnt so much. The minimalist in me almost had a heart attack when you mentioned Castithan's writing system was created just before a major sound change ("Why would you make it so difficult to learn?!") but it was really cool seeing how you make these languages so naturalistic. It was a funny book too. Any particular reason you hate onions so much?

The only thing I dislike about onions is their taste, smell, texture, look, and the sound they make as they’re being cooked or handled—and the awful essence they inject into the air, and their outlook on life and politics. Aside from that, onions are okay in my book.

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i'm leaving tonight for an international flight. i hate to fly and could really use some distractions. do you have any good fic reccomendations (aside from your own great stuff, i've already got the size of our actions happily saved to read) :)

Oh! Yes indeed I do! 

Here’s a shortlist of some excellent longer-fic. I haven’t been reading very much fic lately, so most of these are a bit Older in the fandom. All of these are also Shiro-centric and pretty gen. (with one exception) 

A Little Bit Of Maintenance - @velkynkarma
Now a SERIES! The first fic is 5 times Shiro’s Galra arm caused him trouble; the second fic is a current addition of two new trouble-making pieces and characters :333. 55k for the series.
Parasite Knight - @velkynkarma
If you haven’t already read this please drop everything and go. 86k.
The Gravity In Everything - @mumblefox
The best post-Voltron-drift fic I’ve ever read. hints of Sheith here, but subtle. 6k. (part of a 49k series, which is considerably more Sheith, and just as mind-blowingly good. series isn’t required to read this fic though.)
For Every Bird There Is A Stone - @lightshesaid
Shiro-centric, post s1 AU. Shiro’s struggling with his bond to the Black Lion. 16k, WIP.
Engine Won’t Turn - @andriseup
Matt and Shiro-centric, an AU focusing on their time in Galra captivity. 14k.
Ten Years On - @bosstoaster
Post-s2, Shiro steps out of the Black Lion to find he’s missed the next ten years. 55k for the series so far.

That should keep you busy! Not sure how long your flight is or if you’ve read these all already :) If you would like some ship-centric fics (Uliro, Sheith, I think I’ve got a Shance around here somewhere), please holler!


Went to warped tour today and met the most cutest gals ever, they were so sweet and amazingly nice and easy to talk too (I was shaking and mumbling the whole time), anyways when we took the pic I asked if it was okay on the count of three to yell “fuck onion boy!” They laughed their heads off and agreed and we did it, it was so amazing! When my boyfriend and I were leaving they all smiled and said goodbye to me🌸

After New Zealand’s NewsHub website reached out to Lorde’s management, the onion ring account was immediately shut down. What kind of sick, twisted world do we live in where a famous musician can’t even rate onion rings in peace? That account was for her family and close friends, so they could see her opinion on onion rings. And she’s been deprived even that human normalcy. Paparazzi culture is a disease. 

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