and then the ghosts ate them

ghostbusters + winter/holidays

  • Abby goes HARD for the eggnog, but she’s the only one who likes it. This leads to a yearly cycle of Abby overestimating how much nog they need, buying way too much, and ending up drinking it all herself.
  • Patty is the absolute QUEEN of Christmas sweaters that straddle a fine line between tacky and fabulous. Some of them light up.
  • Erin will, without fail, drink slightly too much wine on Christmas and get adorably tipsy.
  • Holtzmann uses a blowtorch to light her menorah, because of course she does. She may or may not have learned this from Dr. Gorin, who usually stops by to light at least one candle with her and does it the exact some way. 
  • Ghost shaped cookies? Hell yeah ghost shaped cookies. 
  • Erin tried hanging up mistletoe exactly once. Kevin ate it and the girls had to take him to get his stomach pumped.
  • Abby and Holtz have absolutely crazy snowball fights up on the roof. Erin and Patty prefer to stay inside with their hot chocolate and, you know, not freeze.
  • The girls usually get either pizza or Chinese to celebrate the first night of Hanukkah and Christmas Eve. Christmas Day involves feasting on whatever leftovers are in the fridge. 
  • Erin’s parents send a fruitcake every goddamn year. It usually ends up getting used for target practice.
  • The firehouse is a designated Christmas music free zone, since it’s literally impossible to escape anywhere else.
  • The girls are non-traditional gift-givers; there’s hardly any gift-giving on any actual holidays.
  • Patty is unavailable for the entirety of Black Friday. She vanishes as soon as Thanksgiving is over and usually shows up back at the firehouse sometime around midnight with a metric shitload of stuff - new appliances for the firehouse, books she’s had her eye on for months, clothes for the other girls, little toys for Kevin’s desk to keep him busy. This is known around the firehouse as Pattymas. 
  • Somewhere between the first night of Hanukkah and Christmas Day Holtzmann usually cranks out a bunch of new gear for the team and calls it the Holiday Extravaganza, and that serves as her main gift to the team.
  • Abby and Erin cover all the food costs, including the aforementioned pizza and Chinese, baking supplies, any holiday candy, you name it.
  • So there aren’t a lot of presents actually wrapped and under a tree or anything, but that’s okay because the one year they tried having a tree it turned out to be a MASSIVE fire hazard. The damn thing caught on fire four times and it was only Holtzmann’s fault once. The last one seemed to be a case of genuine spontaneous combustion.
Utter Failure

Imagine a fox, sitting in a rather sparse apartment. Wearing old and stained clothes, eating a sad frozen dinner, sitting in front of a TV that barely gets reception. On a nearby desk are stacks of dusty papers and a number of broken down dioramas. He barely touches his food, he’s much too depressed to eat. 

He heads to his room, there’s only a mattress, an electric fan, and a framed photo. The picture shows a happy family; a husband, a wife, and a young boy holding a rather large fish. He remembers the day that picture was taken. They were camping, every year they would go to the lake and stay for the weekend, they fished hours on end, ate s’mores around the campfire, and told ghost stories. He was the happiest fox in the world. 

But then he left them. He dreamt too big. He thought that, one day, he could catch a break, that he could get his chance to prove himself. He kept trying, he kept fighting, but all that did was cause more harm than good. With no money, no job, no hope, he left his family knowing that they would be better off without him. He never told his son he was never coming back. Before he was even out the door, his son ran to him, asking if they’ll go back to the lake soon, it was nearing that time they would usually go. He told his son that he wasn’t sure if they could that year. But when he heard his sad little voice, something came over him. He turned to his son and told him that when he returns, he’ll take him to the lake. 

But he never did. He never came back. He never watched his son grow up. The pain in his chest burned, the throbbing in his head grew, but all of it was interrupted by a knock at his door. 

When he opened the door, he was greeted by a rather nervous fox. The moment he saw him, he knew it was his son. But in that moment, he felt terrified and ashamed. Why did he come here? How did he find him? Is he angry? But before he even said a word, he felt a warm embrace. As they both wept, their pain melted away. Through their tears they spoke in broken voices, his son was never angry, he was never ashamed of him, he had only missed him.  And his son learned his father always loved him. It has been so long, they never wanted to let go. 

But then the old fox saw them. A pair of long fuzzy ears behind his son. Standing in the hallway was a bunny with violet eyes. She seemed touched by the whole scene, barely containing her tears. After a moment of awkward silence, the bunny and the fox collect themselves. 

The bunny hands him a white envelope. And when he peeks at its contents, his eyes light up, his heart flutters, and as he looks up he sees the two of them side by side, hand in hand, watching him. 

He had no words, only joy. 

Humans are Weird: Spices

Alien: Today in my “Human Studies” book, I’m reading about human foods.

Human: Ooh, cool.

Alien: But I’m not sure this is accurate. It says here that humans purposely ingest a plant high in a pain-causing chemical, capsaicin.

Human: Oh, peppers? Yeah. Spicy.

Alien: But why would you want to eat something that causes you pain?

Human: Some people like the burn. I think it causes the same sort of reaction as drinking alcohol…?

Alien: That activity doesn’t make sense to me either. Can we discuss it after?

Human: Sure.

Alien: So, these “peppers.” Do you enjoy eating them?

Human: Me? Well, not by themselves. But I do like somewhat spicy foods. My brother, though, he likes them much hotter. He’s eaten some really spicy peppers, even ate a ghost pepper by itself.

Alien: Ghost pepper.

Human: Yeah, it’s the spiciest natural pepper. His face got pretty red, and he got the hiccups.

Alien: That… doesn’t sound like a healthy reaction.

Human: It just means that it’s a really spicy pepper. I mean, if I ate one of those, it might kill me, but he was fine.

Alien. Why would it kill you?

Human: Too spicy. You have to have a tolerance for capsaicin or it can literally kill you. And the ghost pepper is so hot that to handle it, you gotta wear gloves.

Alien: Your planet has plants that can KILL people, and which you can’t handle directly, and your brother ATE ONE, by ITSELF??

Human: Yeah.

Alien: …

Human: He says that when he gets desensitized to ghost pepper, he wants a Carolina Reaper.

Alien: I’m almost afraid to ask.

Human: …

Alien: What’s a Carolina Reaper?

Human: A pepper scientifically engineered for spiciness. It’s currently the world’s hottest pepper.

Alien: *stares at human in disbelief*

Alien: *stares at human studies book*

Alien: *stares at human again*

Alien: *whispers to self* How… how are humans real?

I love how racists say white people can’t handle spicy food and my grandpa used to pluck hot peppers out of the garden and eat them without breaking a sweat

He also poured Dave’s Insanity sauce on EVERYTHING and when he found out he could grow ghost peppers, GOD help whoever ate his chili.

First time I saw him break a sweat in my life.

things about monster physiology that i Need To Know

1. What would happen if a monster ate another monster’s dust?
2. If a monster was injected with determination to the point of melting, but didn’t melt together with another monster, what would happen?
3. Do incorporeal ghosts like Napstablook turn to dust when they die? Can they even die?
4. If one of the amalgamates (flowey not included) was the anomaly, would they be able to reset? Because it doesn’t seem possible for them to die
5. Can monsters of different species have a child?
6. What determines ones HP, DEF and ATK aside from LOVE?


“And those little keys, the object of general curiosity, were being passed from hand to hand, when the attention of some of the guests was diverted by their discovery, at the end of the table, of that strange, wan and fantastic face, with the hollow eyes, which had already appeared in the foyer of the ballet and been greeted by little Jammes’ exclamation:

“The Opera ghost!”

There sat the ghost, as natural as could be, except that he neither ate nor drank. Those who began by looking at him with a smile ended by turning away their heads, for the sight of him at once provoked the most funereal thoughts. No one repeated the joke of the foyer, no one exclaimed:

“There’s the Opera ghost!”

He himself did not speak a word and his very neighbors could not have stated at what precise moment he had sat down between them; but every one felt that if the dead did ever come and sit at the table of the living, they could not cut a more ghastly figure.”

© Gaston Leroux’s “The Phantom of the Opera”. Chapter III, The Mysterious Reason.

Jazz: Oh, Danny. Thank god you’re okay.
Danny: Yeah, I’m fine. What’s up?
Jazz: I saw the ghost attack on television. I’ve been calling you cell phone, it’s been going to voicemail. I’ve been worried to death.
Danny: I forgot to turn on my phone.
Jazz: Tucker, let me ask you something. What was the first thing you did after the attack?
Tucker: I called my folks and let them know I was okay.
Jazz: And what was the first thing he did?
Tucker: He ate a banana.

His name is Ezrandis “Ezra” Ravenscroft. He was a performer with some minor magical talent who got conscripted into the Moon Guard during the War of the Ancients, under Illidan.

During one of the battles at Black Rook Hold, Illidan was like “mmmm, slurp” and ate all his mana, so he got ganked by demons. Came back as a spectre, spent ten thousand years composing ghost operas lamenting the death of the Kaldorei empire.

Eventually some Gilneans wash up on shore and he’s fascinated by these Pygmy Vrykul. He basically becomes a benevolent spirit that haunts the village and inspires artists and occasionally does pranks because he desperately wants an audience.

Then Gul'dan curses the Hold while he’s out and now all his ghost bros (if you can really call them that) are trapped in Fel Hell and he’s just stuck watching these small humans get preyed upon by the Legion and all he can really do is shout at them.

Eventually he’s gonna get a sweet Corpse to body snatch, and will spend some time figuring out how to use all those cool ghost powers he’s spent ten millennia kind of ignoring, and he’s gonna go search the world for new Opera ideas.

And he’s going to dress like the Hatbox Ghost Meets the Phantom of the Opera.



2012. Where the Corpses Sink Forever

is the third album by band Carach Angren. It was released on May 18. The concept of this album is not about a Dutch urban legend or ghost stories, like the previous two albums, but it deals with war. The album contains references to World Wars I and II, as well as the Vietnam War. The first track is a tape recording of a soldier who was ordered to shoot seven prisoners of war, and each shot can be heard. The soldier explains the strange and wicked sensations he felt as he shot each of the prisoners; they were grinning happily as he tried to kill them, and it seemed like the shots went through them, but they were actually demons who captured the soldier´s soul in a time loop, making him suffer for eternity. Many of the songs in this album describe the deeds of each of the seven fiends; death, war, suffering. From battalions of ghosts to doctors who ate people, and a little boy that foresaw death at his house, this album is wrapped in the horrible history of war.

Many metal bands have used symphony as a gimmicky tool to get popular with those less initiated in extreme music. Yet what Carach Angren have done is use both black metal and classical symphony in a way where both support the strengths of the other. With standout lyrics, vocals and overall excellent instrumentation these Dutch metallers have crafted an incredibly vivid and atmospheric album that avoids feeling generic and forced, and instead invokes a truly nightmarish yet beautiful mental scene that will remain a memorable experience for all those that open themselves to it.

What this album does successfully is create a dark atmosphere, where all the elements come together to create what makes Carach Angren special, and that is the haunting atmosphere that they create with their storytelling style of symphonic black metal.  

                                    Seregor       Namtar       Ardek

TFA fic: in the place that’s made of old relations

Written for the cruel, cruel anon who left this in my inbox:

I’m having a lot of feels about Force ghost Anakin communicating to Rey while she’s left on Jakku (since she was 5??? Idk if that’s true???) and using the Tatooine religion you’ve talked a lot about to sort of help her and make her feel a little less alone (especially if she’s his granddaughter I feel like there would be some sort of familial obligation)

This will all be radically AU in two weeks, so enjoy it now I guess. I tried to write it so it would work whether Leia or Luke is her parent.

Warning for some frank discussion of menstruation (because can you just imagine how awful that would be, for a girl growing up alone - luckily her Granddad is from Tatooine, where they learn the facts of life young and have zero cultural taboos around talking about them).

in the place that’s made of old relations

The first time she met him, Rey thought the world was ending.

She’d been out in the desert, exploring. Looking for…something. Someone. She didn’t know what she was looking for, really. She only knew that she had been here, alone with only BB-8, for so long.

So she’d left Bebe in the shelter, in case someone came while she was gone. That was the smart thing to do. It would be terrible, if she missed her parents coming back. And she took a comlink, so Bebe could contact her if they did. She told him this very sternly, and she knew he’d understood, because he’d sounded very annoyed when he beeped at her.

And then she’d gone out into the desert.

The sky was clear and brittle blue when she left, stretching endlessly above and around her. Rey had imagined, as she walked, that if she stepped lightly enough, she could fly right up into it.

But the sky wasn’t blue anymore. Now there was no sky at all. It had been swallowed up, eaten by the raging sand of the desert that snarled and slashed at her as if it wanted to eat her now, too.

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team voltron visiting earth tho like

  • allura totally roasting guys who catcall her
  • pidge sees her mom and shes so overwhelmed and relieved
  • beach relax day
    • coran does not like this. what if zarkon attacks while theyre surfing or “”tanning””
  • allura having the best spice tolerance
  • she literally ate a ghost pepper with no tears
  • lance’s family adopting keith and allura as their children
  • dancing. lots of dancing
  • coran discovering what genders and sexualities are to humans like
    • that stuff is important to u guys??? ur all humans right
  • shiro visiting his mamas grave with flowers
  • hunk visiting with his family as well
    • his parents immediately fall in love with shiro and lance
    • allura is also adopted
    • she doesnt understand any of the parent things
  • coran being really into electro swing
  • coran dancing with allura and pidge’s mom
  • pidge coming out as nonbinary to their mom
  • everyone bein HAPPY and SHIRO ISNT DEAD
What If

Cas used to love working late. There was a time when he would loosen his tie and work until his fingers were numb and the sun was rising from outside his office window. It was always a rush to get something done, and Cas used to thrive off of all the work he put into his company. But now when his boss asked if he could stay, he felt like a ton of bricks were being dropped on his chest. As the hands on the clock swiftly ghosted away from the time he should have been getting home, a sadness filled the alpha’s thoughts.

Sending a quick text to his husband, Cas cracked his knuckles and scurried through as many documents as he could. A rush of adrenaline shot through him when he thought of his mate waiting for him at home. Their dinner was probably cold and he hoped his mate ate without him. It hadn’t been easy on either of them since they got the news, but Cas’ work had put such a strain on their relationship.

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This is a story like all other magic stories. Don’t be fooled. Just because our characters have different names does not make them fundamentally any different from the archetypal characters you’ve come to know and love. These names are just markers, a way to signal to you that they are set in a place that is not this place. These names are just markers to explain that their values and cultures may be slightly variant from yours, but you really don’t need to be scared. We understand: things that are different can be frightening, but this is not a ghost story.
—  Lily Hoang, The Story of the Mosquito from My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me
halloween headcanons: until dawn style

• Hannah and Beth decided to go as the twins from their favorite scary movie “A Haunting at Silver Falls.” It isn’t until later that night that night that Hannah realizes that a lot of people must now know the movie.
• Matt ended up getting sick because he ate a whole bag of individually wrapped Twix Minis. Even though Emily told him not too.
• Ashley and Chris dressed up as “Student Loans” and “Crippling Death” for Halloween and won a costume contest.
• Poor Josh was offended by all of the costumes making fun of people with mental illnesses, so Sam took it upon herself to call out all of the people dressed up in them to make him feel better.
• Jess knows that Mike is an in-the-closet ghost hunting nerd, so they gather up voice recorders and Polaroid cameras, and spend the night at an abandoned warehouse documenting ghost proof.


the girls are going missing.
i hear voices in convenience store buzz
and see a crime scene in
the cherry pie on an empty shelf.
eastern hum; the sound of
emptiness floating over the water.  
here, the trees speak in tongues
that the land taught them.

the empty houses are howling–
who taught them about loss?
ghost of memories in their bones
like a birthday party, or communion,
or something equally as sad.
buttercup eucharist, i ate you
stem and all, yellow for the body
and green for the soul.

the girls are being swallowed.
the shore keeps spitting up glass,
and bones, and the snakes in the rocks
refuse to come out.
stadium lights after midnight.
the sheriff’s car is eating up
the land, searching for something
still breathing.

stand long enough among
the shivering trees to hear
the groaning on the back of the wind.
carpet of ferns to soften the step.
sometimes the image in the bark
reminds me of a dirt road, a
missing girl. stagnant sight, empty
mind. something is off.

Add's comments about Holidays
  • New Year: Eh, all I know about this day is that the day after it is my Birthday.
  • Valentines: Love?? Kukuku, who needs it when you can get chocolates!
  • Easter: I heard that you can get chocolate eggs during this day. Sign me up for the egg hunt, kekeke!
  • Halloween: Egh, honestly, the only thing that's been keeping me together on this particular day are the candies. G-ghosts??? I-I ain't afraid of them! Gyagh! Oh... it's Ara wearing a sheet...
  • Thanksgiving: Gathering? Tch... Not into it. Hope Ciel bakes cookies, though.
  • Christmas: Just one thing: It's totally not my favorite day of the year. *Christmas decorations and clothes pops out from his closet* Uhhh... *sweats then picks them up* I-I just like Christmas for the sweets, I swear! *blushes furiously* ...GET OUT OF MY ROOM!
I tried more than a few ways to rid myself of you.
I sat in a chair and let my skin shed. I heard somewhere that after 7 years all of a person’s cells have been replaced. I thought maybe I could sit there long enough to have a body that you never touched.
I drank until I threw up like maybe if I did it enough you would come tumbling out of me like black demon smoke. I ate too little just to see if I could still feel you in that aching void. I could. I really could. 
I bit my lip until I bled and remembered something about how people would use leeches to suck sickness out of people before they knew what germs where. I had to stop myself from sticking the black creatures all over my arms just to see if my blood was diseased enough to kill them. 
The demon of you that sits inside of me is not something that white robe priests will ever be able to pull out. The ghost of you still haunts my house in a way that no number of salt lines will ever be able to fix. My friends came over with a Ouija board once to see if we could summon the way that you used to make me feel. 
Breaking up with you was supposed to be my exorcism, but oh god did it fail.
—  Failed Exorcism (A.M.)

Now that it’s Halloween the First, I should really talk more about how amazing Over the Garden Wall is.

I promised a million years ago that I’d make a post analyzing my thoughts about The Beast and this is probably the month to do it. I have a LOT to say about him.

Before I actually make the big post, there’s one thing I think is worth mentioning–there’s a lot of creeps and creatures that look intimidating and scary in Over the Garden Wall. But only one of them is actually monstrous.

That’s a running theme in OTGW. The gorilla is really your boyfriend, just trying to get help. The “ghost” is just as scared of you. The killer dog is just sick because it ate something bad. The real threats, like Adelaide or Lorna, tend to be presented as friendly or helpful before they attack. 

There’s only one figure that the boys are warned about who turns out to be a true threat, and that is the Beast.