and then the ghosts ate them

Humans are Weird: Spices

Alien: Today in my “Human Studies” book, I’m reading about human foods.

Human: Ooh, cool.

Alien: But I’m not sure this is accurate. It says here that humans purposely ingest a plant high in a pain-causing chemical, capsaicin.

Human: Oh, peppers? Yeah. Spicy.

Alien: But why would you want to eat something that causes you pain?

Human: Some people like the burn. I think it causes the same sort of reaction as drinking alcohol…?

Alien: That activity doesn’t make sense to me either. Can we discuss it after?

Human: Sure.

Alien: So, these “peppers.” Do you enjoy eating them?

Human: Me? Well, not by themselves. But I do like somewhat spicy foods. My brother, though, he likes them much hotter. He’s eaten some really spicy peppers, even ate a ghost pepper by itself.

Alien: Ghost pepper.

Human: Yeah, it’s the spiciest natural pepper. His face got pretty red, and he got the hiccups.

Alien: That… doesn’t sound like a healthy reaction.

Human: It just means that it’s a really spicy pepper. I mean, if I ate one of those, it might kill me, but he was fine.

Alien. Why would it kill you?

Human: Too spicy. You have to have a tolerance for capsaicin or it can literally kill you. And the ghost pepper is so hot that to handle it, you gotta wear gloves.

Alien: Your planet has plants that can KILL people, and which you can’t handle directly, and your brother ATE ONE, by ITSELF??

Human: Yeah.

Alien: …

Human: He says that when he gets desensitized to ghost pepper, he wants a Carolina Reaper.

Alien: I’m almost afraid to ask.

Human: …

Alien: What’s a Carolina Reaper?

Human: A pepper scientifically engineered for spiciness. It’s currently the world’s hottest pepper.

Alien: *stares at human in disbelief*

Alien: *stares at human studies book*

Alien: *stares at human again*

Alien: *whispers to self* How… how are humans real?

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man I don't think you can really say bro is brainwashed but gamzee's just evil when you can argue that gamzee's also possessed by cal. they even have really similar relationships to how he's formed, ie part of their souls exist inside lil cal already. which is probably a good explanation for how lil cal is able to brainwash them when he doesn't brainwash, like, dave, who is around him his whole childhood. idk, I just think gamzee's more complicated than "evil ass hole"

As it happens, Gamzee has a line I never gave much weight to before noticing Bro’s SAW interest that I’m more inclined to take seriously now, that suggests Gamzee and Bro’s relationship to Cal WAS intrinsically different:

But even if Bro is kind of a noble captor figure holding Cal back, I still wouldn’t think it excuses any of what he put Dave through. He’s still an awful dude.

As for Gamzee, here’s the main problem with reading him as “just” brainwashed.

Gamzee doesn’t require Lil Cal’s presence to go evil. In fact, Gamzee doesn’t seem to require ANYTHING to turn evil. 
But even if like, Doc Scratch ALWAYS teleports Lil Cal into Gamzee’s presence to trigger his personality shift, I don’t think it would matter.
The weight of the sheer SCALE of Gamzee’s devotion cements his place as an ultimately willing accomplice/acolyte to Caliborn’s Dark Carnival. 

And it kind of makes Gamzee fucking terrifying and a fantastic villain.

I’ll explain my reasoning here.

We know for a fact that Gamzee snaps and kills all his friends in at least one Doomed timeline. This is the source for half the code used in the creation of Doc Scratch. There’s no implication that Lil Cal is involved here at all. 

But again, let’s assume Lil Cal was here again. It doesn’t matter.

Because there is canonically, explicitly, no timeline in the history of Gamzee where Gamzee ever, ever, EVER chooses to rebel. Gamzee Makara simply does not ever choose his friends over Lord English.  In any timeline. Ever.
How do I know?

Lets talk about Ghosts for a minute. The fandom has historically kind of taken these guys for granted, and loose fandom consensus is that they aren’t coherent/who has what ghosts is arbitrary. This is incorrect!

Pretty much everybody in the Bubbles that should have alt!ghosts does, including Meenah and Aranea, the two characters who’s alt!ghosts are typically presumed “Missing”. 

This is important. The Ghosts kind of give us very low-key character development, and contextualize the characters for us. For example, Eridan is an absolute irredeemable bastard in the Alpha timeline. But in a God Tier iteration of themselves, Eridan and Feferi seemingly come to friendlier terms. In another, there’s suggestions Eridan makes up with Feferi and Sollux. In yet another, he seems to be Trans or exploring femininity at least.

The point is, there’s a certain fluidity to Eridan’s potential. Still terrible in the comic, but it’s important to remember that Eridan didn’t CHOOSE to be trapped in the meteor with Jack, or to be born to Alternia’s power system, or to be trapped in the Alpha Timeline. 

It’s important to remember these things because in Homestuck, someone with power–Lord English–deliberately and willfully chose those things FOR him. Eridan’s lives are lived in response to that imposed power structure.
These factors don’t redeem him completely necessarily

But anyway, the fact that the rest of the cast have coherent quantum expressions means there are only three real exceptions–three characters who either don’t have any ghosts at all, or should have more ghosts than they do. 

The first is Caliborn, who’s timeline has exactly one deviation from the Alpha–apparently caused by John’s retcon. This riddle’s solved easily enough:
Predomination doesn’t leave a ghost to appear in the bubbles at all.
When Calliope says she ate his soul, she means that literally. 
Caliborn’s cheating in the Alpha Timeline is indeed the only reason Calliope exists in the bubbles at all.

(This, by the way, explains a lot about the relationship between Caliborn’s soul and Gamzee/Arquis’ in the Lord English. He predominated over them, too.)

The second is Vriska, who only has a single ghost in (Vriska). This is really weird, because we literally know for a fact she dies in more than one doomed timeline! As with the two Calliopes, I think this is down to John’s retcon doing some weird entanglement nonsense to Vriska’s quantum existence.
The point is: Where others have a palette of possibility, Vriska has two extremely polarized halves. Schrodinger’s Vriska. 

Important to mention that just like Eridan, the structure of the Alpha Timeline that limits potential Vriskas is IMPOSED ONTO HER. Vriska didn’t want anything about the way she was raised or where she was born. She didn’t ask John and Terezi to retcon her into this bizarre state. Both Vriskas, like the rest of the cast, are rolling with the punches LE has seen fit to give. 

Except for Gamzee.

Hussie literally tells us Gamzee never dies. His single non-Alpha Timeline death in [S] Game Over is retconned by John, and Hussie suggests it straight up doesn’t count. But that presents a problem.

There are thousands upon thousands of Doomed troll timelines. How is it that Gamzee specifically never ever EVER dies? Well, there’s only one real way that a Non-Time player can survive a Doomed timeline, that we know of:

Dream self merger. By going to sleep as the last player present in Sburb, the Doomed Rose from Davesprite’s timeline triggers a game mechanic that ends her timeline completely and merges her consciousness with that of Alpha Rose through their dreamselves. 

If Gamzee survives his doomed timelines, this is the only possible way how.
And collapsing all of his potential instances into a single Alpha identity certainly sounds like the reduction of possibility commonly attributed to the Rage aspect.
But what that means is that to move on to the Alpha, every Doomed Gamzee must inevitably either snap and kill all the other trolls, or somehow outlast them. 

And it means that if any Gamzee had EVER, in the entire spectrum of plausibility the Alpha timeline affords, EVER been inclined to rebel against LE–then we would know. Because somewhere out there, that at least Hussie could see, there would be a Ghost to show for it.

But there isn’t. Similar in this respect only to Caliborn, Gamzee simply has no alternate deviations because he doesn’t want them. He chooses the path that leads to Lord English freely and willingly, over and over and over again. 

And like Caliborn…

Gamzee does this because he wants to. 

Gamzee doesn’t BELIEVE he’s going to become his own God–he knows it for a fact. He sees it in Lil Cal’s mangled soul. And he embraces that truth wholeheartedly, throwing himself into the acolyte role from then onwards and presumably following instructions Doc Scratch gives him throughout Act 6. 

Which we can talk about some other time. The point is: Gamzee chooses all this. Whether or not Lil Cal causes him to is beside the point, because there is not and never will be any timeline where Gamzee chooses to resist. 

Gamzee is the ultimate in shitty cosmic nazi religious zealots, and devoted to the very power structure that causes every other character to suffer so. There are no mitigating factors for him as there are for everyone else but Caliborn.
At the end of the day, he’s evil.
Bad clown. Worst enemy. 

The Blue Princess and her Red Rose

Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Word Count: 34.8k (ooops someone’s got a bit carried away hehe)
Genre: PrinceJungkookAU, Angst, Fluff & Smut.

A/N: This is the first story of the five “short” (if you can call them short lmao) stories about Greyria that I’ll be posting during summer. Probably I won’t be posting the next one until a couple of weeks from today, because I have the idea of them all, but none is completely written yet.
I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think of it! 
Because It’s really long, I fear you won’t be able to read it from your phone or tablet, sorry :(

Summary: After all, he was her red rose, while she was just another one of the many blue roses that grew in the dying gardens of Greyria. 

Tales of Greyria

The best stories - those that speak about past lovers, about untold stories and broken hearts, about beautiful promises of future and happiness that got lost in the wind; those that make you feel happiness, loss, hurt, love, hate, fear and sadness all at once; those that live in your heart for the rest of your days - always have sad endings, my love,” her grandma had always told her when she was just a little girl in a baby pink dress.

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  I don’t know what took over me last night. All my family members were awake leaving me no scope to sleep with their chatters sounding around the entire house, and I felt this drive inside me to write you guys something that I myself need often.
   I hope you all enjoy this. Let me know how you feel about it in the ask box or just add it in the tags of your reblog. I love getting feedback as it helps me to ensure I’m doing well enough for you all.

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Pair: Johnny x Reader 
POV: First person
Genre: Smut

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It was as if spreading me wide was his hobby, because he always seemed to take great pleasure in it. I would catch the glint in his eyes as they would drink in my rawness before him, enamoured by reluctance and shyness that became clearer every time my heart thumped loudly against my chest.

   I would close my eyes and my chest would arch as a sigh reverberated in my throat every time I felt his finger stealthily run across my slit. I knew the moisture between my legs would always excite his cock, and if I was lucky I’d get to witness it myself. But mostly, I was left to imagine it behind my closed eyelids as the tension from his touch spread throughout my entire body in form of goosebumps. He’d get my eyes shut tight with his actions every time, and I hated how much I loved it.

   It was as if time could stop whenever his digits brushed against my walls, because I could feel nothing around me. In the stillness of my own realm, I would quiver as two of his long and sleek fingers drove inside me, his knuckles meeting the skin of my inner thigh and even though that contact was the least sexual, it still set my body on fire.

   His face would be on the valley between my breasts to nuzzle again, those breasts he loved, and worshipped, and cherished. During hugs, I often pulled his head and softly set him against my chest every time he was going through a hard time. I, a reluctant lover, would always fail to remain quiet by the time the tip of his tongue slyly travelled to my nub. I’d feel his plump, needy lips curl slightly against the softer skin around my taut nipples, inwardly rejoicing his victory.

   His hands would run down my sides and land on my hips and he’d bruise me there, knowing that I was a sucker for that. His rough yet warm hands would find bliss against my soft and colder skin. As the wet appendage inside his mouth would circle my nipple and suck on it with great attention, I’d feel my head in the clouds and my eyes watering in unspeakable pleasure.

After what would seem like eternity of him tending to my breasts, he’d fondle them a little more before kissing down further. His mouth would ghost over my heat, by then dripping and wanton, and he’d wait till my seemingly unenthusiastic hands flew to clutch onto his hair and gently push him closer to my south. Then, he’d do so delightfully before commenting about how beautiful I looked from down there or how delectable I smelled.

   Not long after I’d come all over his face, because he always ate me out so well. His lips always sucked well on my clitoris, the tip of his tongue knew how to tease my entrance and the skin that came before, and he’d also generously lap his tongue and give it a lasting lick. He’d smilingly let me spray his grin because I’d let him graciously and gracefully spray my walls as well. He knew I didn’t like my own release so he would wipe his face and lick his lips clean, before coming up to kiss me.

   “Johnny…” I’d whimper after the kiss that usually left me breathless, my hands by then roaming his back, nailing his chest, groping his ass.

   After that, he would put his cock inside me. To me it was thick and big, to me it filled me up more than any other cock ever could. Its warmness, in contrast to the rest of his body, would make me feel at home. I’d shudder when he’d finally push his entire length successfully in my heat, my arms slithering around his body and my eyes delving into his. His eyes would study my flushed face, my parted lips, and my wanton breaths shortened by anticipation; before he’d pull out fully to slam back in. The heated friction would have my eyes rolling as throaty moans escaped my mouth every time. His lips would often land on my chin as my crown would rather rest on the pillow rather than the back of my head, since my entire body would  arch up to his as he generally thrust pleasure in my system.

   Before long, he’d approach his high, making sure his thumb drove against my sensitive and prominent clitoris to ensure I could no longer feel my legs later.

   I’d somehow come again before him, shame making my wails cower. He’d come inside me shortly after, and still pump with vigour as if we were making love for the fifth or sixth time ever, while the feeling was still new and yet addictive. His hips would snap against mine until he wasn’t squirting anymore of his juices, before collapsing on my exhausted body. Sweaty and warm, I would feel the comfort that almost immediately relinquished his weight that crushed me to an extent. My hands would gingerly wrap around his chest as I’d bury my face in the crook of his neck. Before long, he’d move to his side and pull me in his arms, caging me in the warmth I had been friends with for long then.

“Do we have sex or do we make love?” I asked one night as my fingers ran across his bare back, our heaving chests in perfect rhythm against each other.

   Cold air hit my neck as he lifted his face to mine, “Don’t we always make love?”

   “Do we?” I prodded on the man’s poor heart which always loved me and made sure my heart was brimming with it.

   He smiled softly as he tucked my hair behind my ears, “I guess we have to make love soon again to make you realise that we aren’t just having sex.”

   “… why not?” I tried to flash a confident grin, but I am sure he had caught the blush tinging my cheeks and the coyness in my eyes. 

DannyMay Day Two: Fire/Ice

…Danny was in a particularly good mood today. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the Box Ghost was safely tucked away inside the Fenton Thermos™. He was on his way home to drop off his school bag and head over to Tucker’s place for a fun filled weekend of video games and junk food. Reaching for the doorknob, the light breeze ruffling his hair made him smile, nothing could ruin this day. 

His Ghost sense went off, Danny forgot about Murphy’s Law. 

Tearing open the door expecting the worst possible situation to end all situations he comes face to face with none other than Vlad Masters. It’s worse than he could have ever imagined. Several emotions passed through him, confusion, disbelief, anger, suspicion, dread, exasperation. He decides to stick with anger, anger is easy when it comes to Vlad. Mustering up his best glare he marches up to where his parents and Vlad are sitting in the living room. 

“What is HE doing here” 

Danny angrily says while pointing at Vlad, all the while glaring at the man with enough intensity to curdle milk. 

“Danny-boy! Vladdy here dropped by to say hello!” 

Jack responds jubilantly and unaware of the uncomfortable tension in the room. Maddie, on the other hand, was scowling just as hard as Danny. They made eye contact and agreed that this was very unpleasant and suspicious. 

“Hello Daniel, I was just in the neighborhood and thought I’d pop in on my best friend” 

Every smooth word dripping with sarcasm and the smugness of a man who’s victory is assured. Grinning he continued, all the while looking Danny directly in the eyes.

“I just came up with a new ghost theory and I just had to come share it with the best ghost hunters in all of Amity Park.” 

Feeling pleased with himself he grins even wider at the brief unease that passes over the teen’s expression. Danny schools his features and just as he is about to say something The Fenton Ghost Alarm™ goes off. 


Jack yells as he grabs a Fenton Bazooka and sprints out the door. Maddie looking torn between following Jack and staying to keep an eye on Vlad. In the end, she knows Jack can’t do it alone. 

“Vlad, you stay here and watch Danny for me.” 

She says as she grabs a Fenton Anti-Ecto Net™ zooming towards the door. Stopping long enough to whisper to Danny

“Don’t let him out of your sight, and don’t let him in the lab”

Danny nods, satisfied with the determination in his eyes, she jumps out. The moment the door clicks into place a bright light erupts, Danny Phantom taking a defensive stance.

“Alright Fruit-Loop, what do you really want” 

Vlad sneers at the nickname, stands up and brushes imaginary dust off his already immaculate suit.

“Nothing really Little Badger, just thought of stopping by and checking up on you and your mother” 

Danny crosses his arms and looks about ready to gag

“First of all EWW… and second, we both know you live off of ulterior motives, so out with it" 

“Quite perspective of you Daniel, I’m extremely impressed” 

He sighs, the exasperated expression on his face only adds to his already “holier than thou” attitude. 

“I did actually have a new ghost theory, one that you will absolutely love 

Trying his best to hide the dread creeping up on him, Danny lights his hands with an ectoplasmic green glow in preparation for the inevitable battle. Vlad crosses his arms behind his back.

“Did you know about Ghost Cores Daniel?” 

At the knowing look in the teen’s eyes, he grinned like the cat who ate the canary. Check Mate.

“I have been studying them and their properties, and uncovered a very interesting piece of information that will change the way we think about ghosts” 

“And by studying you mean secretly gathering data by spying on me?” 

Danny quips sarcastically with a scowl and a level of done-ness that only a teenager can muster. 

“Details young Daniel, anyway, you have an ice core which is what allows you to utilize your ice powers. This is the reason your ghost sense comes in the form of an icy breath from deep within your lungs. However, there are different cores depending on each Ghost…” 

“Why are you telling me this, I doubt that it’s to help me understand my own powers” 

Vlad continues as if he never heard Danny. 

“…Some have neutral cores, without any extraordinary power, others have electro cores….” 

Suddenly looking Danny directly in the eyes. An almost manic grin threatening to split his face in half. He slides over real close with the speed that only a ghost could achieve. Danny, startled by the abrupt movement, stumbles back a few feet and falls on his back. 

“And some ghosts…” 

He lifts his hands so they are within Danny’s line of sight. Then they spontaneously burst into flames. 

“…have fire cores” 

Danny’s eyes grow comically wide, taking in Vlad’s flaming hands, hungrily absorbing the oxygen in the air. However, Danny just stares as he slowly floats back up into a standing position. Dumbfounded and unable to decide what to do or say. 

“Quite impressive don’t you think?” 

“…Actually, yeah, that’s really cool”

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Give us your best Cole headcanons

anon do you have any idea what you’ve done. I hope you’re prepared for how many of these there are

  • he’s left handed
  • you think he’d Pump The Iron™ to get relieve stress but he actually goes for a long run
  • he’s always torn between “I consume nothing but protein shakes and chicken salads” and “I just downed a litre of dr pepper and I have a pizza in the oven and I’m going to eat the entire thing myself”
  • Cole says he can’t sing or dance but no one will ever convince me of that. He wouldn’t have been able to get into the Marty Oppenheimer if he couldn’t, so while he may not enjoy it he’s real frickin super talented at it
  • he is actually blind without glasses but won’t wear them so he wears contacts instead.
    • literally he got up to get a snack in the night but in his sleepy haze tripped over a table and almost broke the whole bounty. Lloyd came running through with both katanas and then tripped over the same table. Don’t scare him like that Cole.
    • he’s one of those guys who will literally always sit on his glasses. He can put them down for 0.56 seconds and still sit on them anyway, honestly it’s a talent how does he do it
    • “Cole for the love of all that is good in this world will you just wear your glasses” “I just can’t bear to look at you so get a new face and I’ll consider it”
  • Jay: I can’t believe Cole is dead
    Cole: I’m not dead!!
    Lloyd: Hey Cole can you help me with-
    Cole: I’m sorry Lloyd but unfortunately :// I am dead ://
    • when Cole was a ghost every time he walked into the room Jay would play the spooky scary skeletons song
    • in all seriousness he still has PTSD from being a ghost, he doesn’t entirely trust that water won’t kill him or at least hurt him, especially cause he still has his green scar, so he tries to avoid it as much as he can. He still flinches when something or someone touches him sometimes because he’s not used to it
    • when he figured out how to use his ghost body the first thing he did was visit his dad and hugged him for like 3 hours solid
    • honestly I have so many angsty ghost headcanons but I won’t do that to my boy I love him too much
  • he is everyone’s vent buddy. People go to Zane if they have a problem they need help with, but Cole is always the one they’ll go to if they have stuff they just wanna get off their chest
  • you hear it all the time but Jay is his best friend, he would do anything for him even if he calls him a loser or threatens to Spartan kick him over the side of the bounty.
    • they can communicate using only the word ‘bro’
    • Jay: hey Cole what do you think of this-
      Cole: *slaps him across the face* TAG, YOU’RE IT *runs away*
      Jay: ……….. nO I WAS AT BASE THAT’S NOT FAIR
    • This video: Jay is the one that walks into the lamppost and Cole is the one that’s like “yo that’s my bRO”
    • Jay when he can’t wake up Wu: WU’S BEEN FOUND DEAD IN THE BOUNTY
      Cole: *jumps up* IS HE OK 
  • so Cole has really thick hair and one time it’s just so hot and he gets so mad that mid battle he marches into a hairdressers and shaves his head. He accidentally goes too far and regrets it afterwards when Jay keels over on the floor from laughing and all he can make out is the word “SHINY”
  • “watch me do a backflip” *falls on his face and almost breaks his neck*
  • one time Kai walks in on Cole laying sprawled out on the floor and he’s just like damn it Cole what is it now, and Cole just whispers “I dropped my steak pie” as a single tear rolls down his face
  • “do you think pigeons have feelings”
  • the boyo stress eats:
    • I know he was a ghost but when they were in Kryptarium but he literally ate an entire cake filled with tools that were supposed to break them out. He’s a stress eater. He has no idea what or how much he’s eating just as long as he eats!!! me too babe
  • OK so he loves musicals. He loves them. Les Mis is his fave. He made Zane learn all the songs and he’s not sorry
    • Cole as Zane walks past his room: Valjean, at last, we see each other plain, Monsieur, le mayor, you’ll wear a different chain
    • no but seriously he loves it, the only thing he was happy to do at school involving arts was the Les Mis musical, he played Gavroche.
    • on the way to the dark island to face Garmadon, Cole was stood at the front of the bounty singing ‘Stars‘ and everyone was like Cole pls, but by the end they were all stood with him singing it as loud as they could
    • one time they had a really close call in battle and Cole nearly died, and Zane was holding him so Cole tried to lighten the mood by singing a little fall of rain and Zane was like no stop that stop it right now. When Zane died he couldn’t listen to the song anymore.
    • “Cole you’re on the rota for cleaning the bounty today” *sigh* “… there is a castle on a cloud… I like to go there in my sleep… aren’t any floors for me to sweep… not in my castle on a cloud”
  • He gets himself involved in stupid bets with Kai involving fire or hot things that Kai will obviously win but Kai dared him too and he’ll be damned if he lets Kai think he’s gonna back out of a dare
    • Kai: Cole I dare you to eat that jar of chillies
      Cole: Kai no I’m not doing this again
      Kai: I bet you $50 I can eat more than you
      Cole: …. Goodbye taste buds I’m so sorry
    • Kai: Cole I dare you to put that flame out with your bare hands
      Cole: n-
      Kai: I double triple quadruple dare you nO TAKE BACKSIES
      Cole: DAMN IT KAI
  • Cole gets him back though
  • when they first became a ninja gang Cole seemed quite serious to the rest of them, but he’s basically a walking pun. They way he delivers them make them the best puns ever. Doesn’t matter if Cole and Jay say the exact same thing, Cole’s is funnier. Cole would only make jokes in front of Jay though and it would drive him crazy because no one would believe him.
    • they suss him out when Kai makes a joke about “you wanna know how I got these scars” and Cole dead face goes “maybe he was born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline” and Jay shrieks because finally his secret is out
  • have I ever mentioned that Cole is gay
    • “Cole I need your help” “I can’t I’m gay” “first you were dead and now you’re gay. The hell Cole, I think I preferred ‘I’m dead’ better” “first of all screw you I was actually dead, and second of all screw you even more I’ve always been gay”
    • he’s the type of guy to say “no homo but I would literally steal all the stars in the sky for you and I dream about waking up next to you for the rest of my life and you make me so happy I can’t even breathe sometimes and every time I think about you I smile and I’m so lucky to have you in my life. No homo though just bros.”
    • “sunrise exercise is homophobic.” “???” “I’m gay and it’s offending me”
    • once he looked his boyfriend in the eyes who he’d been dating for 3 years and went “babe… Uh, I hope this doesn’t change anything but… I’m gay ://” and he’s like “Cole we were literally making out 4 seconds ago why do you do these things”
    • Kai goes to Cole about fashion advice one time. Never again
    •  “Oh typical, ask the gay guy about fashion. Not all gay guys are good at fashion, Kai.” “Jeez dude you told me you knew what you were talking about-” “Oh no I have a fantastic fashion sense. Those shoes are ugly and if you want the green in your eyes to stand out, wear something red. Like you usually do. Honestly I don’t know what you’re doing trying to change it up.”
  • Remember in season one when they all used the anchor of the bounty to drop to the ground where Lloyd and Pythor were at Darkley’s school? And it was like the least stealthy thing ever and Cole said “let’s agree to never do that again”? Well they do it again. Like, all the time. It becomes a competition as to who can get flung down faster. Every time Cole does it, he sings “chandelier”.
  • Jay is trying to teach Zane flirting™ and he’s just like “I don’t see the appeal” so Jay makes Cole come over and use a pick up line on Zane and he short circuits. He swears it was just a coincidence.

honestly I have so many more but this is long enough and I could talk about him for years

Ask me ninjago headcanons!

Emotions - Chapter 3

Genre: Hybrid! BTS, BTS AU, fluff, slight angst in this chapter?

Pairing: Hybrid!J-Hope/Hoseok x Reader

Warnings: none~

Summary: Y/N suffers from mental illness and per the suggestion from her therapist, she gets an emotional support hybrid, Hoseok.

Authors Note: Here’s chapter 3! Things are heating up~

Post Date: 11/8/17

Prev: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2      Next: Chapter 4

Hoseok eagerly showed you every piece of clothing he tried on. Frankly he could wear a trash bag and look gorgeous. As you sat, waiting for your hybrid to show you the next outfit, you heard your name being called.

“Y/N?” You turned around to find your co-worker Jin. He smiled widely at you and gathered you up in a hug as if he hadn’t seen you in ages. Behind him trailed his cat hybrid, Yoongi. You two had met on several occasions. He gave you a nod in greeting.

 “What brings you here?” Jin asked.

“Ah well-“  You were cut off by arms wrapping around you from behind. You immediately recognized the embrace as Hoseoks.

“Hi, I’m Hoseok,” he greeted, although the usual sunshine had left his tone.

“Wow, Y/N since when do you have a hybrid?” Jin beamed. Yoongi took a step closer in curiosity only for Hoseok to literally growl at him. You were utterly stunned that your usually sociable hybrid was growling at someone. While you were debating on what to say Yoongi scoffed.

“Already territorial I see.”

“Well, it means they’re getting along well,” Jin said, trying to disarm the tension. You suddenly snapped back into your rational mind and attempted to untangle yourself from Hoseok. His grip was much too strong so, you resigned to letting him hang on you.

“Uh Hoseok, this is my co-worker Jin and his friend Yoongi. Jin, Yoongi, this is Hoseok.”

The pair in front of you politely greeted Hoseok, while the former simply nodded. Remembering some of the things you had read, you gently patted the arm that held you.
“Hoseok, it’s alright. They’re my friends. They only have good intentions. Even with them I’m still your friend too. That won’t change.”

He seemed to relax at your words, giving your face a nuzzle before letting his arms drop. He still stood close to you, his animal side still raging for him to establish dominance and territory.

“I adopted Hoseok yesterday actually,” you said. “We’re just buffing up his wardrobe.”

“Oh exciting,” Jin said with a smile. “Maybe we can all find a day to spend time together? Yoongi could use more friends.”

The cats’ ears fell back against his head in displeasure. “Not really,” he said. Forgetting Hoseoks behavior just moments ago you stepped forward and patted Yoongi’s head. It’s a gesture you had done many times before to the pouty cat. This time Yoongi looked down at you with a smirk, while you felt yourself suddenly being pulled away.

Hoseok gathered you up in his arms once more, nuzzling at your head. A low rumble reverberated in his chest. You realized your mistake. “Ah, sorry Hoseok.”

“Maybe we should wait awhile for that playdate, hm?” Jin teased.

“Yeah,” you said.

“I’ll see you at work tomorrow. It was nice meeting you Hoseok! Take care of Y/N!” Jin said. You waved goodbye at the two, Yoongi still smirking as he walked off. Once they were out of the store, Hoseok relaxed. He cleared his throat.

“I’m sorry for that. I just- it’s a hybrid thing. Sometimes the animal in me is more dominant than the human.”

You scratched behind his fluffy ears and said, “It’s okay, I understand Hoseok. It’s kind of cute anyways.” He gave you a wry smirk before going back into the dressing room.

           An hour later you were packing up the car with your shopping bags. A yawn pushed its way past your lips as you flopped into the drivers seat. The crowds, shopping and social interaction had your battery drained. Hoseok was sporting one of his new outfits. It fit his personality much more than the leftovers your ex left. A simple black tee shirt clung to his lithe torso. He was similarly fitted with ripped blue jeans and a black beanie with holes for his ears. To say he looked handsome would be an understatement.

           The drive back was unusually quiet. You were too tired to start any conversation and Hoseok was embarrassed that he lost control so easily. It was rare for his animal side to take over like that, but he had a sneaking feeling it was because of you.

“So that man, Jin, he’s your coworker?” he asked.

“Oh yeah.”

“I never asked, what do you do?”

“We’re both research assistants in a lab across town. The company I work at deals mainly with studying social issues.”

“Sounds like a job that would suit you,” he commented.

“I really do enjoy it. I’ve always wanted to help people,” you said, a faint smile growing on your face. Hoseok noticed your more lethargic appearance. He sat forward in his seat.

“Do crowds and outings usually make you tired?”

“Nothing seems to slip past you,” you jested. “Yes. They do. I guess it’s just part of being an introvert.” Hoseok laughed and patted your knee.

“I think it’s cute,” he said without thinking. Although he had called you cute before, this instance had you both staring straight ahead with rosier cheeks.

           When you got home, Hoseok headed to his room to unpack his new belongings, while you flopped down on the couch. You must’ve fallen asleep because the next thing you knew, Hoseok was prodding you awake. The house had become considerably darker, giving you a start. You bolted up and blurted, “What time is it?”

“6:30,” the dog hybrid said.

“Ah, I’m sorry it’s this late. I’ll order something for dinner.”

“Oh that’s alright, I figured out how to do it myself.”

“Y-You did?”

“Yeah! I found a menu in your drawer and called.”

“Ah Hobi that’s great!” you exclaimed. Your sudden nickname gave Hoseok pause.

“Hobi?” he questioned with a smile.

“Ah…haha it’s this nickname I’d given you in my head. Sorry, if you don’t like it I can just…”

“No, I like it! Can I give you a nickname?”

“O-Oh sure.”

“Great, I’ll think of the perfect one. In the meantime, dinner’s getting cold.”

           Somehow Hobi had picked out several dishes that you liked. Was it pure luck or had he already nailed down your preferences? You both ate the Chinese food on the couch, watching a ghost hunting show. It was easy to tell Hoseok did not enjoy such programs. He jumped at any strange noises and cowered behind you. Although it was adorable, you changed the channel to something more upbeat.

           As you slept, Hoseok paced about his bedroom a frown on his face. Ever since he was a pup he had been taught the rules of being an emotional support companion. Study their symptoms, take care of them and always smile. It was a different rule he was having trouble with: never develop feelings for your owner.

           He should’ve known from the moment that he met you. As soon as he entered the room your scent enveloped him like a warm blanket. It was familiar and intoxicating. Better yet, when he first saw you his knees almost gave out. Every little expression you made or sound you emitted he had tucked away in his mind.

           With every conversation you two had he fell more and more into that bright light that was you. No one had ever cared for him like you did. No one had ever smiled at him so gently or laughed so much at his jokes. Both his human and animal sides craved to call you his. He wanted to know every inch of your soft skin and every blissful sound you could make. He shamelessly used every excuse he could to hug you or hold your hand. Something about you in his arms felt like serenity.

           Hoseok sighed and raked his hands through his ebony hair. He had only been with you for a few days and already he was so smitten with you. The image of that cat hybrid smirking flickered into his mind. He gritted his teeth and willed the thought away. He still felt bad for growling at him. Had they met under different circumstances, he could’ve befriended the moody feline. With a sigh, he changed into his new pajamas and tucked himself in.

Who Lives Under Briar Elementary and High School?

Briar Elementary and High is a small school of just under three hundred students, from first grade all the way to senior year. It’s spaced between two buildings and has been running since the early 1900’s, although it was just a high school academy back then.

And apparently there’s a monster in there now.

It’s just little things that leads people to believe there’s something supernatural lurking in the halls. The things that would go missing, only to turn up later caked in muddy finger prints. The food theft, mostly lunchboxes, but sometimes whole pizzas would just vanish into thin air. Hearing something crawling under the floor. And the hissing you can sometimes hear while in the girl’s bathroom in the highschool. If you go in there alone, sometimes you’ll make out whispers.

There’s three rumors about what it really is. I’ll go over each one.

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Chills, Scares, and Cold Sweat

Originally posted by jjks

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader ft. a pinch of platonic Yoonmin and implied Kryber

Themes: smut | angst | haunted house!au

Word count: 12.7k

Summary: Ghosts and demons don’t exist, so how bad can it really get? In the worst case scenario, we’ll end up on YouTube screaming like a bunch of pussies. Taehyung’s words, not mine.

Warnings: late BTS Halloween special! Scary! (Not really) Backseat smut!


Okay, chill, you got this, I delivered myself a mental pep talk, as I stood in front of the house, my grip tightened around the suitcase handle, head high. The sun had already descended behind the horizon, grey skies casting a spine-chilling aura, the thick fog only intensifying the effect, putting everyone into long-awaited Halloween’s mood.

The last days of October are just like that; everyone is hyped about Halloween, preparing slutty costumes, throwing amazing, unforgettable parties, trick-or-treating, and, obviously, scaring the shit out of friends, sometimes even posting the horrendous pranks online.

This year, though, my Halloween was going to be different. Not necessarily better, but definitely not like all the previous ones. I mean… it’s not an everyday occurrence to participate in a paranormal experiment. Or in other words, being locked up in a supposedly haunted house for a couple of days. Thankfully, they pay quite handsomely, and I seriously need this money.

What’s the worst that could happen?

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amy acker | “James kept telling me he thought we would be love interests.”

james marsters | “I kinda hoped Fred and Spike would have a relationship, but it never happened. I thought it would be a great counterpoint because she’s so wholesome and wonderful and he’s so not. Yeah… I thought that they were gonna go that way from the very beginning when I was a ghost and she was being nice to me… but then they decided to go elsewhere. I don’t know why.” (x)


(Never uploaded)

MAY 15TH: Southern Coast & Glacier Lagoon

On Monday I went on a 15 hour long trip through the southern coast of Iceland and ended at Jökulsárlón a glacier lagoon located at the mouth of Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður. Iceland’s largest glacier and national park. Along the way out there we stopped at various points, such as Skògafoss and this farm that was caught in the ash cloud of the volcano eruption in 2010. The owner of the farm took photos and opened a museum across the street from his farm lol. Then we stopped at Skògafoss and took photos of the beautiful waterfall and ventured on to another stop of lava rocks. The lava rocks were only 200+ years old from an eruption in 1783. The moss that is on the rocks is seen all over the island, but is very delicate and takes a long time to grow. At the glacier lagoon our driver took us to a beach that contains some washed ashore pieces of ice. I finally got to see some black sand beaches and a seal! It was so windy that watching the birds try to fly opposite the direction of the wind was somewhat humorous and sad. Afterwards we took a boat/truck combo into the lagoon to get up close and personal with the glaciers. Well not thaaaat up close. Apparently this lagoon has never freezes because it has warm air coming in from the Atlantic. In the James Bond: Die Another Day something something .. they froze the lagoon by blocking the opening to the ocean. Pretty nifty. Anywho after the boat tour we ventured back to Reykjavik. We were supposed to stop in Vik; however, the wind was so strong that we were advised to continue going and skip dinner. I’m pretty bummed I didn’t get to see the lava stacks on the beaches in Vik, but I’ll have to come back. Then we were driving through this valley that gets up to 25 m/s (56 mph) winds and there was a camper van that lost control and got blown off the road. Luckily the cabin portion of the van landed upright, but all the people’s belongings and rest of the van was scattered in the valley.

Afterwards the tour guide decided to tell us a story about the “hidden people” in Iceland. Apparently these “hidden people” stem from the garden of eden where they too ate the fruit of knowledge and were therefore banned from the garden. However, there was so sort of tiff with God and apparently he got mad and made them and all their children invisible like ghosts and never to permanently exist anywhere. SO in Iceland they claim to have these mysterious figures that exist and then disappear into thin air. The tour guide told us of a story involving his 6 year old daughter and her two older siblings. The young daughter would speak of this man in the mountain behind the house. So her older siblings knew of these hidden people and their rumored knowledge of all and they tried to take advantage. They then asked the younger sister to go to this man and request the numbers for the Saturday night lotto. Time passed and the young girl came back very confused saying that “One must promise a favor in order to receive one.” So the tour guide said he is a product of his environment and believes these hidden people exist since his daughter came back speaking words that she didn’t even understand. It was a lovely story that was a great distraction for us considering the wind was blowing so hard everyone was a bit weary of driving through.

Eventually we got to the other side of the mountain and visited Seljalandsfoss. This is the waterfall you are able to walk behind; however, I chose not to because it was far too windy, cold and my jacket was still wet from the glacier lagoon. I wasn’t trying to perpetuate my cold my being showered in spring water. However, I did fill my water up with the water and it was far better than the sulfur-y tap water. Anywho after a long and exhausting day I finally made it back to my guesthouse. It still baffles me that the sun doesn’t fully set until close to midnight.

Utter Failure

Imagine a fox, sitting in a rather sparse apartment. Wearing old and stained clothes, eating a sad frozen dinner, sitting in front of a TV that barely gets reception. On a nearby desk are stacks of dusty papers and a number of broken down dioramas. He barely touches his food, he’s much too depressed to eat. 

He heads to his room, there’s only a mattress, an electric fan, and a framed photo. The picture shows a happy family; a husband, a wife, and a young boy holding a rather large fish. He remembers the day that picture was taken. They were camping, every year they would go to the lake and stay for the weekend, they fished hours on end, ate s’mores around the campfire, and told ghost stories. He was the happiest fox in the world. 

But then he left them. He dreamt too big. He thought that, one day, he could catch a break, that he could get his chance to prove himself. He kept trying, he kept fighting, but all that did was cause more harm than good. With no money, no job, no hope, he left his family knowing that they would be better off without him. He never told his son he was never coming back. Before he was even out the door, his son ran to him, asking if they’ll go back to the lake soon, it was nearing that time they would usually go. He told his son that he wasn’t sure if they could that year. But when he heard his sad little voice, something came over him. He turned to his son and told him that when he returns, he’ll take him to the lake. 

But he never did. He never came back. He never watched his son grow up. The pain in his chest burned, the throbbing in his head grew, but all of it was interrupted by a knock at his door. 

When he opened the door, he was greeted by a rather nervous fox. The moment he saw him, he knew it was his son. But in that moment, he felt terrified and ashamed. Why did he come here? How did he find him? Is he angry? But before he even said a word, he felt a warm embrace. As they both wept, their pain melted away. Through their tears they spoke in broken voices, his son was never angry, he was never ashamed of him, he had only missed him.  And his son learned his father always loved him. It has been so long, they never wanted to let go. 

But then the old fox saw them. A pair of long fuzzy ears behind his son. Standing in the hallway was a bunny with violet eyes. She seemed touched by the whole scene, barely containing her tears. After a moment of awkward silence, the bunny and the fox collect themselves. 

The bunny hands him a white envelope. And when he peeks at its contents, his eyes light up, his heart flutters, and as he looks up he sees the two of them side by side, hand in hand, watching him. 

He had no words, only joy. 

Employee of the Month: Part 2/11

Pairing: Reader x Hwang Minhyun

Group: Wanna One (NU’EST if you squint your eyes and tilt your head a little)

Type: Probably Actually Fluff


Warnings: Bad Words(but less than I usually have, so be proud of me)

A Brief Synopsis:

The tale of Minhyun’s not that shitty job and how it provides a platform for you to exist in his life romantically. Kind of.

(the synopses are gonna be almost completely the same for every person lol sorry)

A/N: Sorry it took longer than expected. I’m shitty at time management. 

Name: Hwang Minhyun

Age: 22

Occupation: Live-In MaidHousekeeper

  • From the outside looking in, the fact that Hwang Minhyun chose this as his profession was astounding to virtually everyone
  • Honestly he could get any job he wants
  • He’s so diligent 
  • And handsome 
  • And meets so many job qualifications 
  • But “cleaning is my passion" 
  • It was actually a problem 
  • Arguably a kink
  • Nobody should trust a bitch with that many cleaning supplies
  • 6 dusters is too many dusters for one person
  • Hell 6 dusters is too many dusters for 6 people
  • He has probably killed someone and gotten away with it
  • And that’s how he ended up as a house keeper 
  • Not because he could flawlessly get away with murder, but because he was a clean ass bitch
  • Not that I really needed to clarify that

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BTS: Witch Brothers

You lived in a town that possessed many stories. Some were ghost related, some were political fantasies, and others were simply pure rumors. And although part of you knew how ridiculous these were, that people just make stories up to help themselves survive, another part of you ate them up. One of those stories involved seven members of your town: seven brothers. The story goes that these seven boys were actually the sons of a witch. Their house was deep in the forest, away from the town, and their behaviors were altogether very strange. However, that is exactly what drew you in. Seven inseparable witch brothers, how beautiful and strange…


One of the youngest, who you always found in the textile shops, fascinated you. Whenever you followed him, you’d find that you were drawn to his cold eyes and long fingers. You watched him circle the interior of the shop, first from the outside until you could no longer stand being a distance away from him. He lured you in. His eyes, whenever they met yours, were blank and empty…almost as if he wasn’t there. Almost as if his body was but a mere vessel. He never reacted to you because in face of these imported fabrics, you were of very little importance, nothing but a small town girl. You followed him around the shop, forming circles as he traced his fingers over the same fabrics again, and again. His hands were large and lovely, and as they skimmed the embroidered cloths, you could see his fingers thrive in the texture of the thick designs. You began to feel dazed, entranced by his spell, which he didn’t need to work hard to capturing you in.


Although not the oldest, this one was the leader (if brothers could have leaders). He made the decisions for the group, or at least you thought he did. You often found him reading in the square. He drove a lot of attention to himself, the women swooning over him and the elders keeping a judging eye on him. But nonetheless he kept alone. Every couple of pages he’d look up and catch you in his gaze. His face remained stern but you could swear upon seeing a slight grin develop in the corner of his lips. He didn’t know you. He had never met you. And yet, he was in total control of you. You always expected him to sit there and you always came to watch, unsure what sort of magic was drawing you near him.


The brightest of the seven could always be found lying in the moors west of town. In looks he most certainly was not the brightest, with his dead eyes and an unsmiling face. However, he liked to lay in the only patch of overgrown wildflowers, which in themselves were mysterious considering that flowers don’t grow in the dead lands of the moors. There was something so wonderful about seeing his milky skin shining under the sun, and his gentle lips curl into smiles of ecstasy as he found peace among the flowers. You watched him intensely, almost expecting him to wake up but completely unsuspecting his deadness upon consciousness. For who could remember the dead among such sprouting life?


The youngest but not one full of fear. This one was evasive. You knew where you could find him, but you  never noticed him get there. If you walked to the treats shop, you would most certainly find the boy gathering his morsels for when he felt peckish. You assumed he felt peckish more often than not, because you came here as often as he, and you were he most oftenly peckish person you knew. You noticed that as he filled his basket, he’d taste certain pieces, eating as he collected his favorites. Watching him eat was a blessing in itself…watching his lips part to welcome a small piece of sweetness, and watching that piece disappear within the darkness of his mouth, was fascinating. How on earth were you to gather your senses when all you could do was stare at a man snack his way through a shop?


The smile on this one could light up stars, and you thrived off that whenever you caught a glimpse of it. He often went to the puppet show in the square, which was the only place you’d ever see that smile. He definitely stood out in the crowd, which was made up of mostly children. There he would be, sitting cross legged on the ground, completely overtaken by the world the puppeteer was creating. It was strange seeing such a grown person smiling among children and puppets, but there he was, uncaring of how strange indeed it was. Part of you started to believe, after getting used to his presence there, that the stories ended in exactly the way he pleased…you had no idea how, but it always seemed that way. However, that wasn’t what lured you in. It was that smile of his that encouraged you to look for him in the crowds. You had never seen anything so contagious in your life. You found yourself smiling whenever he did.


He was the  sweetest of them all. You knew this because out of all seven brothers, he’s the only one who’s spoken to you. If you happened upon his way, he  would acknowledge you with a smile and ask you about your day. His voice never ceased to catch you off guard; it was beautiful. It rang softly between your ears and everything felt at ease. He had captured you in his trance, all by giving a gentle smile and a sweet voice. You often stared at him after listening to his greeting, unaware of time and that it was passing you by. There was some magic in this moment and you never understood what exactly happened when he opened his mouth to speak. All you knew was that his voice entranced you and you were left utterly powerless before him.


The eldest and most mysterious. You never truly knew where to find him, he just somehow appeared everywhere. It was part of the amusement for you, feeling that no matter where you were, he would be there. It was almost a safe kind of feeling. But the most mysetrious of all was the fact that whenever he dissapeared from places, he left small paper hearts behind. You never knew the reason. People suspected that he was a womanizer and flirted with the town’s young bachelorettes. However, you had an inkling, deep down inside, that he was leaving paper hearts for one specific person. Perhaps he was a hopeless romantic who, without love, had no reason to live . Perhaps he had lost someone long ago…someone special to him…someone he could consider a one person army and supporter. The thought always made you sad but nonetheless you enjoyed watching him, unsure what to make of his unlimited and unfiltered love.…

Second spooky post is up! I really, really enjoyed this one~ Hope you all do too!I plan to make this into a series, so think of this post as a teaser.

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Let me tell you about my town...

Because honestly it’s a pretty freaky place. I mean, we are legitimate Night Vale/Gravity Falls level freaky. Here are just a few things about our town you all should know that gives it these qualities:

-It is currently the middle of summer and 40 degrees Fahrenheit and dropping
- There are frequent ghost sightings throughout the town
- A few poltergeist
- Our state office literally has a place to register to be a vampire
- Honestly no one even notices when freaky paranormal things happen
- If you go to the darkest parts of the town there are people who summon demons for you. Like drug dealers but with demons
- Last school year the field by the school caught fire and burned up the entire field unnaturally. What makes it unnatural? Well, according to documents by the police and fire department, and since I saw this the next day at school, the fire was already out by the time they had got there and the fire had actually stopped abruptly in a line. Almost like it hit a wall but there was nothing there.
- There is a haunted Bell tower where some guy fell to his death and his corpse got sealed in the walls.
- We have a house out here where if you open all the doors and one person stands at the front door and another at the back, and one of them shot the other it would just immediately hit the other person
- There’s a Ghost train that goes by my house every once in a while. The ghosts are dressed on 1920s fashion. They’re quite nice.
- The last time I saw a deer come through it ate a squirrel
- The coyotes can climb fences. Not like how a dog would climb a fence though. More human like.
- There’s a pizza parlor run by the mafia. And two of the sons just “left” permanently.
- Back when I was a baby, apparently the town had a curfew since there was a large dark “something” roaming around. I asked my mom a few years ago what happened to it. She said that it just disappeared one night.
- And finally, at night, when the stars come out, they always are brighter than other places. Even out in the country, they are not as bright.

So yeah.



  • wet lined paper
  • because he needs to write 281 apology letters to kyungsoo
  • but accidentally spilled kyungsoo’s tea on his paper
  • 282 apology letters now


  • a calculator
  • because he has trouble calculating how much sehun and jongin owe him
  • also because he wants to calculate how much those baek shoes cost
  • he wants to also buy a rolex for baek’s birthday


  • a red pen
  • because he wants to doodle blood all over the bathroom
  • so he can convince junmyeon that baek has his actual fucking period
  • also to doodle red dicks on everyone’s foreheads when they’re drunk


  • a stapler
  • so he can staple beagle line’s mouths shut
  • not that cruel but he also needs to staple a new recipe together
  • because he wants to cast chanyeol into an eternal slumber


  • a highlighter
  • so he can highlight everyone’s highlights
  • also so he can highlight the part where chanyeol signed to buy him food
  • isn’t jongin such a highlight to exo ???


  • a backpack
  • because he needs something “his style”
  • also so he can throw it at maknae line
  • and annoying people


  • a mini glue stick
  • so he can glue exo back together ):
  • also so he can glue his undies back together
  • damn it those undies can’t stand such manly perfection


  • whiteout 
  • so he can whiteout all the screenshots where he was called girly or pretty
  • also so he can whiteout yixing’s mispronunciations bc layhan
  • also bc it reminds him of another white substance if u know what i’m sayin


  • a pair of scissors
  • so he can cut the ties between him and his clothes
  • damn it we wanna see the mystery baek’s been speaking so highly about
  • long sigh


  • hot glue gun
  • so he can forcefully glue exo back together
  • yixing step aside i have a fucking gun
  • insanity unfolds in the dorm bc “hE HAS A FUCKING GUN”


  • a binder
  • so he can document every single ghost and cockroach in the dorm
  • also to hang on the wall so everyone has scheduled showers
  • isn’t he just so organized ???!?!/1/!?


  • a new laptop
  • so he can sell exo on ebay for the modest amount of $3
  • he’s honestly so tired at this point
  • also to buy more coffee beans bc maknae line ate all of them

BNHARAREPAIRWEEK DAY 3, Ghost Hunting Todomomo

  • Shouto is a college student, who got dragged up to an old mansion in the woods by his friends Mina, Kiri, and Kaminari (they chose him because they wanted to drive up there in a car with the right look, and Shouto’s sister’s SUV was exactly what they wanted so they convinced him to come and drive them in his sisters car)
  • When they get there, Kaminari is sick from car sickness and bad leftovers he ate the night before, so he has to stay in the car
  • The planned to split up between the four of them, and Kiri and Kaminari go one way while Shouto and Mina go the other, but since Kaminari’s sick they can’t do it anymore
  • Instead, Shouto goes off on his own while Mina and Kiri team up
  • About 2 hours later, Shouto’s just been wandering the house aimlessly, just looking at things and being rather bored
  • He then notices, that underneath a wall, is a sliver of light
  • After looking at the map on his phone and finding out there’s no room there, he starts trying to see what is behind it
  • He finally finds the secret lever, and steps into the hidden library behind the swinging wall
  • The light is coming from an eerily burning candle, placed on an antique candleholder rusted with age, sitting on a splintered oak table across the room from him
  • Cautiously stepping in, Shouto shines his flashlight about and finds an oddly colored bit of carpet… and it looks a little like dried old blood
  • Deciding not to go near the possible blood spot, Shouto instead scans the dusty books on the shelves, leaning in close to try and discern the old fading letters in the binding
  • He scans through at least two bookshelves, when one particularly interesting book catches his eye
  • Unbenknownst to him, the seconds are slowly ticking down, and the numbers on his watch moving forward, until, just as he’s about to touch the spine-
  • A female voice cries out, and Shouto retracts his hand on instinct, whirling about to see who had shouted at him
  • His vision is obscured however, as dust is swirling around the room along with discarded pages, clouding his vision and inabeling him to see
  • Finally, the dust settles, and Shouto lowers his hands- and eyes widen, as they look upon a newly furnished, not a speck of dust around- library
  • With a woman, standing where the blood had been
  • Shouto’s immediate thought is that she’s beautiful, with long black hair, and mature onyx eyes with lashes long and delicate- but the thoughts of her beauty where quickly whisked away and replaced with complete and utter confusion.
  • The woman tentatively steps forward, an apology on her lips for shouting, and Shouto can only nod in acceptance, his mind still trying to figure out what was going on
  • He finally moves, as the woman, smiling at him pleasantly, sits down at a plush chair that was new
  • He looks out the secret wall back into the hall, where he sees with a jolt that it’s still wrecked and old, while the library is now new and bright
  • The woman starts talking to him, her voice rather excited as she asks him who he is and how he got here
  • Her language is rather old, and her accent a little off, but the most peculiar thing about her is how she just appeared
  • Shouto pinched himself, making sure he wasn’t dreaming- and then he stepped forward cautiously and asked her who she was
  • She hesitated, before telling him her name was Momo, and then she switched it back to him
  • She beckoned him forward, gesturing towards the other seat across from her eagerly
  • “Please sit, I only have an hour to talk and I have so many questions!”
  • An hour?
  • “Why only an hour?” Shouto asks, sitting cautiously and she smiles mornfully at him
  • “Because that’s the only time I can be corporeal.”
  • And then she went and explained to Shouto how she died
  • She died right here in the library, exactly where the blood spot had been and where she had first appeared
  • And Shouto realizes, rather calmly, that he’s talking to a ghost
  • His brain strangely accepts that fact easily, and he only nods and then starts answering her questions about what had changed since she died
  • He explained cars, and tv’s, and he let her hold his flashlight so she could examine it
  • An hour passes quickly, and four o'clock is almost upon them when Shouto finally notices the time and tells her
  • Momo grows sad, her eyes falling as Shouto tells her he better be leaving to
  • She tells him goodbye, and thanks him for telling her- he’s been the first alive person she’s seen in 90 years
  • As Shouto’s leaving- and the dust is starting to pick up again- Momo calls for him to wait
  • She pulls out the book he had been about to touch- and hands it to him gently, a warm smile on her face as she thanks him again for talking to her
  • Four strikes- and Momo disappears in dust, leaving Shouto alone- holding a book that still is as freshly pressed as when she handed it to him
  • He finds his way back to the car- meeting up with Kiri and Mina along the way
  • And he can only shrug as they ask him why he looks so strange (the book feeling heavy in his pack)
  • They drive back home- and Shouto sleeps the entire night and day away
  • His dreams filled with carriages and a strange, yet familiar voice, laughing with joy as music played- and the carriage driver beckoning someone to sit with them
  • He awoke for classes feeling unusual, and he put the book Momo had given him carefully on his bedside, before leaving
  • Shouto came back later, after all his classes were finished and the sun was setting
  • He was tired. Sleeping for so long had not ridden him of the weird feeling in his chest, and the day had been torture with how out of it he felt
  • He had a strong desire however, to go back that night and see Momo again, but he pushed that idea away. It was to illogical, he was starting to believe that he had fallen asleep, and everything with Momo had all been a very realistic dream
  • Yes, that had to be it. And the book currently sitting on his side table was probably one his sister gave him that he had left in his pack
  • His brain satisfied with that answer- Shouto unlocked his front door and walked in-
  • -To the sight of Momo floating above his bed, reading the book
who ya gonna call (when you’re drunk off your ass) pt. 1

im jumping on the social media/group chat AU. this should be about 5 chapters and includes character perspective switches when there’s an actual scene opposed to a purely chat format the entire time. The emojis are able to be seen best on a web browser opposed to on a phone, and even better on ao3 but I’ve tried to get them readable here.

the primary ship of this fic is Sirius x Gasolina by Daddy Yankee who are we really kidding here

2k | ao3 

Remus Lupin to Lily Evans

Remus: room 347 right?

Remus: because I am at 347 right now

Remus: and the sign on the door says “paranormal studies”

Remus: but it’s written in eyeliner. maybe crayon. wtf.

Remus: and it looks like no one’s here.

Remus: Lily what the fuck is this?

Lily: no, you’re at the right place. Don’t know what’s up with the sign though…

Remus: so this isn’t the room for paranormal studies

Lily: no, like, there was a real sign the other day, not sure what happened to it       

Remus: Okay. But that still doesn’t explain why you told me to meet you here. You said this was a club for people like us.

Remus: was more under the impression you meant queer, not crazy.

Lily: just go inside you utter goblin

Lily: be there soon xoxoxo

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 i started playing Skyrim again and I used the Live Another Life mod and so my Khajiit woke up in the middle of the woods after being mugged and left for dead, wandered around, found a dead bandit and a horse, rode the horse and fled from a pack of wolves AND a saber cat, found a friendly-seeming Inn and sold all the food on her person to be able to afford a bed. The saber-cat then materialized INSIDE THE INN and i had to PUNCH IT TO DEATH because i had no weapons except my MEATY CLAWS and then a ghost came out of nowhere and told me to go find his sword. I said okay.

I got lost and found Markarth and somehow became part of a rebellion and got arrested and then got some cool feather clothes for helping the Forsworn kill Ever Single Guard In The City after I shivved a guy for them. I fled and found a mine and punched Every Forsworn To Death and took a guys heart and then ate it for Science. The people who owned the mine thanked me and gave me money so I could buy a dog.

I love Skyrim