and then the funeral

Kanan Sanchez places a word ‘sound’ over the stone at the Garden of Legends section of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery
during Chris Cornell memorial service.

GotG - Ravager Funeral

As beautiful and amazing as the Ravager Funeral the rest of the clans held for Yondu, I think it would have been even better if Stakar actually boarded the Eclector and offered his condolences to Peter and Kraglin face to face. He would have been able to meet the boy Yondu kept and raised and pay his respects to his old friend in person.

Also it would have been cool if he presented Peter and Kraglin with a tribute of some sort as Yondu’s next of kin; like when they give a flag to the spouse or children of the fallen soldier. 

Does anyone else just kinda want to kill themselves just to see who would actually care? But then you remember if you did that, you’d hurt the few who actually care. So your like… Nah I’ll wait.