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Look,,, Paradise by Jinyoung is a bop it’s that tropical beat feel , laid back groove which is HONESTLY SO ON POINT like I CAN. NOT. deal. I just am so proud of Jinyoung and all he’s accomplished - he’s been acting and doing a solo career but still putting out a song an album and this one sounds so mature and well done I’M just like TT

Silly redraw for AU where Hughes is alive (because the whole fandom loves that one yes? yes); it’s about 1920 and Roy is posing for pictures for his campaign as East City governor. And Hughes is inopportune.

@roymaes this one is in your honor.

#HughesPhotobomb for 2016 plz.


“That day he didn’t want you to remember him as the king. In what time you had left he wanted to be your father.”

the signs' secret bias wrecker
  • ok i checked and i don't think this has been a thing yet but i might just be stupid but requested by anon!
  • aries: dino
  • taurus: mingyu
  • gemini: minghao
  • cancer: seungcheol
  • leo: joshua
  • virgo: woozi
  • libra: jun
  • scorpio: seokmin
  • sagittarius: seungkwan
  • capricorn: jeonghan
  • aquarius: hoshi
  • pisces: vernon

tawghasa  asked:

What's this about a space lesbians novel??

Friend, I’m glad you asked.

Two years ago yesterday, on Feb. 20th 2015, I was taking prompts and wrote and posted a small lesbian nwalin SciFi AU ficlet. Bad Decisions.
(looking at it now and I’m cringing a bit because I’ve edited the final version and made it better, but it is what it is.)

It was a fun story, and it got caught in my brain. I really wanted to write it! However, being such an AU it hadn’t gotten much attention, which made it easier for me to choose to write it as an original novel. Which I did. @braidedribbon and the Fun Stealers chat read it and cheered me on as I went along, which was very helpful in keeping me motivated.

@asparklethatisblue and @hattedhedgehog made Tons of art for it, most of which can be found under my tag Lesbians IN SPACE. My favorite is probably this photoset, which I feel does a great job setting up the characters.

Anyway, last year I submitted the story to LT3 and it got accepted! It’s called Rescues and the Rhyssa and according to my contract it should be out by this fall (if not sooner).

The current book blurb:

Cadan is cousin to the King of Nidum star system, and his favorite weapon to needle the Imperial forces encroaching on their territory. With her combat implants and a reckless streak the size of a planet, Cadan has never failed him.

Pan Sophi, Captain of the Rhyssa, is a smuggler who makes her living off the tensions. With her mostly nonhuman crew behind her, Sophi’s always on the lookout for the next deal. Anything to keep flying.

They only get along when they’re falling in bed together. Otherwise the clash between Cadan’s idealism and Sophi’s harsher worldview always results in a fight.

When the King’s children are kidnapped, disappeared without a trace, Cadan knows that only Sophi has the skills to help her get them back. Together they navigate the highs and lows of the star system, various alien societies, and their own explosive relationship in a race to find the royal children before full war can break out.

I will be spamming it on this blog and my author blog a lot as soon as it becomes available for preorder.

Thanks again for asking. Now you know.

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