and then the feels came back

I work at a place that repairs watches. The work itself is great fun, but the customers. Oh god, the customers.

We’re inside of a mall and the place itself is a full square kiosk that you enter from one side through a wooden gate. We’re fully enclosed in here and it sometimes feels like a jail cell(this has relevance later on).

I have so many stories that I could tell, but I’d be here for ages, so I’ll just pick out a few:

Once a frantic woman was pacing around my kiosk as I came back from a break. I opened the large wooden gate, entered in a key code on the alarm system, then unlocked the combination lock on the lower part of the door to let myself in. Once fully inside the kiosk, this frantic woman rushes up to the counter in front of me and gasps “I NEED MY BATTERY CHANGED! DO YOU WORK HERE?!” Like, first off, settle down. It was your average, run of the mill watch, not life threatening if it died. I actually have a regular customer that comes in for batteries who could die if her watch died and was unable to remind her to take her medicine, but this lady was just nuts. And this was already the day from hell and I bit back “Obviously.” Lady. Are you serious? I’m INSIDE the kiosk. I had to use TWO pass codes to get in here. You WATCHED me put them in. I wanted to shake my head and say “Nope! I was walking by and I wanted to know what it felt like to be a miserable peon that answers dumb ass questions all day! Dream fulfilled!”

The second was much more recent, like last week. A young lady came up, likely in her 20’s. She asks my coworker, word for word, “Can you put time in my watch?” Naturally, he was confused. As am I. He asks if she meant she needed the time set(daylight savings time was just a few days away and some people will spring ahead early, I dunno why). She says, “No, I need you to put time in it!” By this point, I’m shaking, laughter threatening to burst out of me. Coworker actually turns to me and stared blankly because he’s confused. She asks again and he turns back and takes a shot in the dark, “Did you need a battery?”

She’s frustrated at this point, “It HAS a battery!! I need you to put TIME in the BATTERY! SO THE WATCH WILL GO!”

I’m dying! Losing it so hard that I have to hold my mouth closed and bend down out of sight. He just agrees with her at this point, it wasn’t worth more arguing. After he’s done, she asks him how much time he put in it. He said he filled the battery up and she was all set. After she paid and left, we both lost it. I wonder what she thinks time looks like.

This job is certainly interesting!

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can I ask why your fanzine is called "Even the losers"? I feel like it's a reference I'm not getting...

honestly i just couldn’t think of a name and tom petty’s even the losers came on shuffle and i was like, “yeah, that’ll do”

the front cover+back cover says “even the losers get lucky sometimes”

Life Was a Song, You Came Along
by rainbowninja167


It’s embarrassing how long it takes Louis to recognize his own song. Niall had sung it as a bright, hopeful love song, and that’s honestly how Louis had always assumed it should sound. But this new voice, slow and rough, stripped of any backing instrument, has infused the lyrics with just the tumultuous mix of fear and defiance that Louis can remember so clearly from the night he wrote them.

It’s not a comfortable thing, to feel like someone is singing all your secrets back to you.

Louis is a songwriter trapped in a lie that could ruin his best friend’s career. Harry owns a record store, distrusts everyone in the music industry on principle, but loves Niall Horan’s newest album. A modern retelling of Singin’ in the Rain.

So I came across this post from @queenofthecrackpit and decided to run with it. Hope you don’t mind me whipping up a short little thing for it, and I hope you enjoy ^-^

Soukoku | SFW | Mafia-era Dazai | Pure fluffy prosey bullshit because that’s all I know how to write. 

There’s things about Chuuya that leave Dazai speechless, in the way he’ll just hang back, watch him, smile to himself and think, How does a person like that feel anything for someone like me. 

It’ll happen after missions where they’re both going to come home dripping in more than sweat, but his boy still has a golden swagger because there’s no enemy of the Mafia’s that can contend with the power behind Chuuya’s skill - ability is one thing, but Chuuya knows what to do with it. That’s the important part; Chuuya can have his cake, eat it, and Dazai will think fondly back on the hours past and how nothing and no one and not a damn thing else could possibly get in Chuuya’s way and he can’t help but grin because only a force of nature could have made a man like that. 

But then, sometimes, the moment is softer, and it’s a wonder to himself how he hasn’t just forfeited his loyalty to the Mafia just to give it all up for Chuuya. 

It’ll happen after those missions, and after the blood, and once the wine’s all gone and Chuuya’s face is flushed pink in celebration. Chuuya will tell him how he carried the team but he supposes that he’s glad for the help, which easily translates into a thank-you the both of them know is there - 

But then Chuuya will tuck himself into Dazai’s open side, and any snark Dazai would have thrown at him fades into one of those smiles, because how is the same man who was hours ago raining decimation onto their enemies the same man that’s warming him at his side, murmuring about waking him up in time the next morning so they can give their mission reports? The same man who will slowly, deliberately, turn after a few moments of his back pressed against Dazai’s side so it’s his front flush to his as his head rests on his chest? 

Dazai only lets himself think about it long enough to just watch him, snuggled to his side like an over grown cat, before that smile on his face his pressed to Chuuya’s forehead and sleep takes him, too.  

there had to have been one time where rick and daryl came back from a run and daryl was sick of rick’s terrible playlist so he complained to michonne because he thought she would do something about it but instead she tells daryl she actually helped rick make the playlist and loves his choice in music which left daryl with the feeling of betrayal and he realized neither of them could actually be trusted.

*insert here a picture of norrie standing with her hands on the back slightly shacking her head in disbelieve as she looks at all the other ringmasters that came out of nowhere*

“I don’t know how to feel about these people but I do enjoy the growing count of other females in this job….Sadly they are all people I do not want to have around me.”

We have an alien, a Necromancer, a big wooden doll, an animal as ringmaster, etc.

Norrie feels old and more normal than ever

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Before Jian yi disappears do you think he'll try to make another serious move on zhan. Also I feel like even after he returns he'll be the one to initiate everything until zhan actually reciprocates and that makes me kinda sad cuz that's such a long wait lol I really want zhan to surprise Jian yi with a kiss


yeah their relationship kinda resets when they meet again in the future, and i feel like some of it lends to the fact that zhan still feels resentful that jian yi disappeared without a word for years despite his promises that they would go to the same highschool, university, and workplace 

but when he came back he thinks he lied to him about his whereabouts (the deserted island) and definitely holds him at an arms length bc he doesn’t want to get hurt again, which explains why he kicks him out of his apartment etc 

Kendall just got off live but she talked a little about today

They addressed the “hooker” comments and I think Kalani was getting a little upset about it. They worked with a choreographer who has danced with Prince and Beyonce. They wanted to do something different.

They didn’t chose to leave, Abby came back and said she didn’t want to work with them so they left.

Kendall said they were never going back to ALDC, but Kalani and Nia said “never said never.” Kendall seemed really adamant about never going back to ALDC

Nia has some special news! It’s a surprise so they didn’t say.

They have no hard feelings against Brynn. Brynn ORIGINALLY left with the team (hence all the new beginning posts), but the next week Brynn said she wanted her last dance to be at ALDC/with Gianna so she went back. Kalani said it was not big deal because she grew up with Brynn so she doesn’t mind.

They don’t know if the show is ending. They are still filming after this episode, and they will work with different choreographers.

Human!Todd already had abysmally low self esteem, and becoming a deformed monster definitely does not help. Even when Todd’s being nonverbal Dirk can tell when he’s feeling especially hateful towards himself in his panicked whines and painful grimaces. When this happens Dirk will throw cooing compliments his way or even go as far as to wrap his arms around him; knowing what it can be like to feel distinctly other from the rest of humanity.

Some of Todd’s scars are simply white ghosts from scuffles with woodland creatures, but others are much worse. Dirk’s least favorite story to hear (and then replay vindictively over and over in his head) is about a long pinkish white scar on Todd’s back received from an angry shopowner who came at him with a chainsaw. It only grazed him but it still took almost two weeks before it stopped hurting fully.


Samantha Ruth Prabhu | The Sleepover | Part 2

When I reached the car, my sister’s friend had already gotten out of the car and changed into a crop top and skirt from who knows where. She jumped up and gave me a kiss the second she saw me coming. Again, I grew a huge hard on which hit her leg, and she stopped kissing me. She smiled and told me to drive us to the beach and forest nearby. It was a short drive, but I could feel her eyes staring at the bulge on my sweatpants. As much as I tried to hide it, it just popped right back up.
Once we got there, we took a seat in the sand near the forest. She told me how she’s always noticed how I’d always check her out any time she came over. She told me how she knew about the time I stood outside my sister’s room staring at her while she had her head stuck in her shirt. She said how she knew I was coming and did that to give me something to lose sleep over night. Then, she lay on my lap and told me to do whatever I wanted to her. The whole moment felt so surreal.
We were in the forest for about 5 hours, doing all sorts of things to each other when my sister called her friend. She told her she felt a little hungover so she and I went to go get something to help her feel better.
Once we got back home, my sister and her friend spent the night together doing girl stuff, while I was in my room thinking about everything that happened and jacking off. I’m guessing I fell asleep halfway because when I woke up, my sister’s friend was on my cock, covering my mouth with one hand, shushing me with the other.
It was 2AM when I woke up with her on my cock, and when she left my room it was 7AM, and only because we heard my sister getting up. It’s a good thing my room is downstairs, or else we would have been caught for sure.

Rebecca Sugar, I am so sorry I take you characters and draw them in too many political situations. I will stop it, because I feel uncomfortable and think that it’s not fair. In the next time I will use my originals. Preper for it!)

Meanwhile the biggest meeting is happening in Russia! I am so proud of my people who came out on the streets and speak out their opinion and claim protection their rights and liberties. It is the coolest thing I’ve seen in Russia.

We’ve waited enough! Turn back our money, education and voices! or We force you do it!


I have good news!  Saika accepted my application, so they are trying me as a new chef.  I’m very excited for this opportunity and, so far, it feels like things will work out very well.

The evening after my interview, Chanto invited me back to demonstrate what I can do.  There were a few customers who came in, but some part of me suspects he called them to come as part of the test.  One of the women had a notebook and seemed to be taking particular notice of everything she ordered.  Maybe he called for a food critic to score me… but when it was barely my first official night on the job?

Would someone do something like that? Hmm…

Windsday night was their usual busy night.  I admit, it took a few moments for me to adjust to taking care of a crowd again, it’s been so long since I had to leave uncle Mamoru’s ryokan or had much for busy work, I’d almost forgotten what it was like.  But it was a refreshing change, and everyone at Saika is so very organized.  It may not pay as much as what I was used to, but the stability is good, and for now, this is all I can ask for.


I’m currently working in a quarry for two months, and I’m on week two but I’m still making doctor who jokes, and I just came up with a “back to the old grindstone hurr” joke, so this time is gonna be solid pun material, i can feel it

I just came out of my salt cave session and wow…
I am so at peace with myself.
I feel so cleansed and grounded but energetic as well! They had the zero gravity chairs, so I leaned myself back and just closed my eyes and focused on my breathing. That 45 minutes felt like 5! I totally lost myself inwards and just let myself be at one. 😌🙏🏻
I had such a lovely experience. I can’t wait to go back and, perhaps with myself, just meditate and cleanse myself. I’m looking forward to see if it helps my breathing and skin in the long run too! 💕

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To your anon who feels they're being pushed away from Niall & back to Harry because of stans - that's how I felt, in reverse, when This Town came out and some harries called him a snake for releasing it so close to Another Man. They're still dragging him for things he said in interviews, they've called him a flop who mentions 1D/Harry for relevance, & I've seen asks saying that he copied Harry's love for old rock bands (like, wtf???). I like Harry but his stans have dimmed my enthusiasm sadly.

yes exactly. but let me reiterate REAL quick, you will not see niall stans hating on harry in that manner. hell, no one ever really shits on him at all? but it’s obvi okay for that to be done endlessly to niall. THATS OKAY! but it’s somehow not okay to want equal recognition from the media for niall for his hard work and the countless good things he does…

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Oh shit holy fuck that omen Noctis Drabble gives me life. I love how he's punished each of them

I’d like to thank Squeenix for making the ‘See no Evil, Speak no Evil, Hear no Evil.’ such an easy leap to make and for making it so, in this context, it’s easy to imagine each bro losing a big part of themselves while fitting the theme. 

In my head it plays out with Ignis going blind and Noctis snapping. He no longer wants to be part of the Astrals came, no longer wants to save anyone. He rejects his destiny and darkness covers the land. All he wants is to keep his three closest friends safe and sound, which he manages by retreating back to Insomnia, to the citadel, and imprisoning them. And making it so they can’t help each other, knowing full well they’d never leave each other behind. 

Ardyn is probably somewhere, feeling mighty fucking salty because yeah, buddy, no death for you. Look what you did, you broke a perfectly good prince. Now he’s got anxiety, and you know, is a little crazy.  


replied to your post

“@harunnn replied to your post “[[MO I came back to tumblr because I…”

I don’t want you to got to jail… but I agree that is a problem. I hope it freaks him out, seeing you ready to fucking fight him. Maybe that will get the message across??? (althought I hope it doesn’t get to this!!) that’s a long time… jesus I don’t think i’ve hated another human being like this. i physically feel unwell. ah man… i just want you stay safe. and you can’t tell any of your family members what’s going on? that this psychopath is following you around?

I hope I just don’t see him. Haru… when we broke up he stalked me in every way he could to contact me, went so far as to contact my mother on facebook to get to me, and I told him AT LEAST 10 times to “leave me the fuck alone.” He had the conversation with Brandon about “getting me back” A WHOLE YEAR AND A HALF after we had broken up. 

Haru… even if I put a knife in his arm he is not going to get the hint. 

Yeah that seems to be the overwhelming majority opinion. Every time I speak of him, everyone in the nearest vicinity snaps their necks and feels an overwhelming surge of hatred.

I have not told anyone in my family about what he’s done and I would prefer not to. The most I’ve talked about it is on here, with essentially strangers, but even then I cannot go into specific detail about it without having a panic attack and throwing up so. No. 

I’m too terrified to tell them because I don’t think they’ll believe me. Or they’ll ask for concrete evidence which, as I’ve just stated, I can’t give, nor should I be expected to give. 

I’m just assuming he won’t do anything because of Brandon, but also because if he were to try something he would have done it by now. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.



Notes: I feel very warm and happy after writing this.


He heard him before he could feel him, pressed against his back, arms around his neck.

“Nico… stop.”

Even though he said that, he was already used to the hugs. It didn’t really bother him anymore.

“Master, you came to visit?”

They were currently in the arcade room. Both were the only ones in there.

“Not really…”

In fact, Liang decided that he had to visit Rock. Qi and he tagged along, too used to it. He could have stayed with them, but they were training. Well, with the exception of Qi. He was laying around, like always.

Upa didn’t want to stay with them, so he asked Rock, where Nico was. The answer wasn’t unexpected, after all Nico loved games. But he didn’t expect to see Nico sitting there doing nothing, until he noticed his presence.

“What were you doing?”


The answer came almost immediate, and it made Upa wonder.

“About what?”

“About everyone!”

And Upa blinks, not sure what to think.


Nico suddenly stops and looks straight at him. The boy’s stare is quite intense and Upa gets curious. What is bothering the boy that much? In that moment Nico speaks up.

“Everyone… has been behaving weird.”

“Weird? How?”

“They have been more smiling. Not that they shouldn’t! But… they are more excited?”

Upa is surprised. He never noticed how observant Nico could be. Then he smiled, as he proceeded to answer.

“They are. It’s Christmas after all.”


“Yes, Christmas. Everyone’s waiting for presents or cards from their families. I’m sure it was like that last year.”

“Now where you mention it…”

Upa can’t help the warmth filling him. His family send him a letter months ago, telling him they already had a present for him. That all was only possible thanks to Samon.

“Ah! Master looks happy!”

The qigong master blushed, looking to the side.

“A-and what? You’re probably happy as well! Your family surly is going to send you something…”

“Eh? But I’m an orphan, master.”

Upa’s eyes widened and he turned his head to look at the other.

“An o-orphan? So you lost your parents…,” he whispered, shocked.

“Actually, I don’t remember.”

The previous warmth he had turned to cold once he heard that sentence. He felt genuinely guilty.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what? You don’t make any sense, master!”

Upa blinked, starting in shock at the smiling boy.

“But… doesn’t this make you sad?”

“Like I said, I don’t really remember them. Master, right now, you’re more family than they!”

“… family?”

Nico continued with a smile. “They are either death or they didn’t want me. That’s all, nothing more.”

Suddenly, it was clear to Upa why Nico behaved like a child.


“Anyway! Master is happy because of Christmas, right?”

Upa couldn’t reply, the words wouldn’t come.

“Upa is happy, right?”

For a moment everything stopped. His eyes widened in realization. Nico called him be his given name.

“… Yes,” he said, as a blush adored his face. He couldn’t help but smile, “I’m very happy.”

“Then I’m happy as well!”

The warmth returned, but it was stronger than before.