and then the camera turns away

ominous advice for the signs

aries : do not forget to close the doors behind you. things you may not recognize will creep and follow.

taurus : look away from the trees sometimes. they don’t always want to be known.

gemini : a vague feeling of impending doom is normal, but if it’s still there when you turn on the light then hide and lie in wait.

cancer : try to capture the ghosts that float around you. with cameras or your hands or even mirrors if you’re lucky.

leo : rest easy, there will be no wars for you tonight. but watch the crows and listen to their call. yes, they will be talking to you.

virgo : if there’s someone else in your mind, let them talk sometimes. you don’t know yourself as well as you think you do.

libra : sometimes secrets are good things. a burning heart or a pile of bones are not good secrets.

scorpio : you’ll find lots of light switches. not all of them should be turned on.

sagittarius : wrap yourself up in blankets and give the ocean an inch. the caves you’re exploring will still be there when you’re done.

capricorn : do not ever cover your eyes. if you look away, the stars will know, and they will not be able to help you.

aquarius : fold your hands to the sun and listen. find the beautiful thing in closed curtains and sprinkled light shining from a place you cannot see.

pisces : a mirror is not a gateway, so stay awake: old gods are still gods even when they’re silent.

If I was in charge of the Batman movie, I’d make the trailer go like this:

We see Gotham City. Dramatic music plays as the camera pans over the city. You see Wayne Manor, the Batmobile. You see Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, and Superman, standing in a line as Batman walks away. Diana asks, “Have you ever had a team before?” and Bruce doesn’t respond.

Then the music changes to something sadder, nostalgic on Bruce’s face as he turns away from the JL and walks out of the room. A booming voice-over says “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Flying Graysons!” 

A little boy’s voice says, “Try and catch me, you big boob!”

Ryan Potter says, “Batman needs a Robin, Bruce.”

A girl, “I missed this.”

A cheerful girl says, “Enemy of crime and people who don’t like purple.”

Another girl says, “I’d like to see you try and stop me from being Batgirl.”

And a boy says “Tt. You’re shorter than I expected.”

Bruce says, as he is almost completely covered in shadows, “I work alone.”

There is then a montage of someone pulling on purple gloves, pushing on glasses, pulling on a cowl, blue and black fingers grabbing an eskrima stick, a yellow cape being put on, someone’s black mask over her black hair, a gun being loaded.

Then it shows the six of them standing on a roof, just a quick shot, then it goes to the title card. 


then it shows Bruce in civilian clothes, pushing open a door while he’s calling someone on his phone. He freezes, and it shows Dick doing a handstand with Damian balanced on his feet while Tim and Cass are filming it. Bruce sighs. 

“You know what, Selina, I’m gonna have to call you back.” 

Luxury Demesne (m) // Part 1

To be the best means you have to know the best, but what if you are the best?


Pairing: Taehyung x Reader x Jimin // Wealthy!AU, ArrangedMarriage!AU, ChildhoodFriend!AU + a love triangle :’)

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Drama

Word Count: 8788

SERIES: Part 1

A/N: more like obnoxiousRichBastards!AU with dashes of satire. kiss kiss fall in money everybody

Everyone knows that money comes first over everything; well, in your world that is.

The world of flashing lights and shuttering cameras turning your way since you are the cynosure of attention, average citizens freezing up cold to the bone from a mere glance at your deluxe self or anyone you associate with. Your upscale family name circulates the world like wildfire, equivalent to the most polished of extravagant celebrity statuses.

It is given that your family is sitting close to the top of the notable social hierarchy, close proximity behind the Kims and the Jungs - the wealthiest of families who have the title of worldwide money bags; oh, and “crazy rich bastards.” With mellifluous voices and a luxuriant way with words, strikingly good looks as a cherry topper, they associate with their own kind: the sumptuous of it all. Of course, in your world, tying with the middle-class is a complete sin. The wealthy leisurely tosses thousands of dollars out daily for the sole purpose of making headlines and believe it is a heinous crime to wear the same outfit twice. People that fall under the category of “crazy rich” is also said to have an endless thread of luck.

Though, like everyone else, you can only press your luck too much.

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photos by paul zizka in western greenland taken september 2015. notes paul, “i love how the night time can turn familiar places into completely different experiences. i also love all the elements of magic associated with astrophotography - aurora, stars, moonlight - and i’m always blown away by all the beauty that the camera reveals but the naked eye cannot see.’

of note: findings recently published in the journal nature have shown that the greenland ice sheet lost 9,013 gigatonnes of water ice from 1900 to 2010, which led to an overall global sea level rise of one inch. the study also found that from 2003 to 2010, the ice sheet lost 1,305 gigatonnes - a rate which is more than twice that for the entire 20th century. 

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  • Little: *crying*
  • *daddy calling on skype*
  • Daddy: hi baby girl! How is my princess?
  • Little: *sniffs*
  • Daddy: princess turn the camera on
  • Little: okay daddy *sniffs*
  • Daddy: who made my princess cry? What's wrong baby? I'm coming over.
  • *knocks*
  • *opens door*
  • Dadd you: *hugs baby girl* let's cuddle and then tell me what's wrong, okay.
  • Little: the voices are back daddy. I feel so sad used unloved isolated uncared for ugly and tired *cries more*
  • Daddy: *in dom voice* princess look at me
  • Little: * looks up with tears in her eyes*
  • Daddy: listen to me. You are beautiful and I'm always here for you no matter what. I'm just one call away. I love you and care for you. Come, let's get snacks and feel alone together princess.
  • Little: okay daddy
  • Daddy: *cuddles little and kisses her forehead* I'm sorry you feel used princess but please know I love you okay? And that you're beautiful.
  • Little: yes daddy.
  • Daddy: now smile for me!
  • Little: no..
  • Daddy: the tickle monsters coming for you...
  • Little: catch me first daddy. *runs around the room giggling*
  • Daddy: *catches little*
  • *tickles little* there's that beautiful giggle that I love princess

Wang Gae Park Gae PDA
Markie, why do u turn the camera away kkk
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If (most of) Sherlock has a, like, overarching literary thesis that’s broader than “love conquers all,” I’d have to say it was something along the lines of “he who controls the story controls reality.”

(We set the tone in asip with “ugh daily mail” and Mycroft turning security cameras away to threaten John.)
I prefer to do my own editing. (Baskerville)
I love newspapers - fairytales.
The press will turn, Sherlock, and they’ll turn on you.
That’s what you do to sell a big lie, you wrap it up in enough truth to make it believable.
I don’t have to have proof, Mr. Holmes, I just have to print it.
I have an interview with the Sun, but I haven’t made it up yet.
Did you miss me? Did you miss me?
The illustrator is out of control. I had to grow this mustache so people would recognize me.
Thats not what happened at all – oh, we can doctor a little bit of security footage.
You’re about to solve a big one – Yeah, until John publishes his blog.
Have you ever wondered, in any part of your addled brain, if you’re being played for a viral ad campaign?
(All the promo vids of monitors glitching and doing the crt shutdown-flash)

And like, that is a brief off-the-top-of-my-head list.

Then you get into clues we were flashed silently, but weren’t called out to us until later - we SAW the shaving cream behind the cabbie’ ear, the London A-Z in both flats, Sherlock taking sugar here and making John tea there, the word Liar in Mary’s tag cloud. We didn’t *observe* them, but they were there all along. But the storytellers controlled how those facts were presented, to create an impression.

Or, take the scenes that weren’t shown, but we know they happened. *Know it* know it, not blog, not hearsay. At least one previous canceled date with Jeanette and one search of Sherlock’s things for drugs in ASiB, and probably many. Half of Sherlock’s plan in TRF that led to him reciting the judge’s guilty sentence along with the judge. Dancing lessons. (Sigh.)

If you can control which scenes are shown, which are buried, and what context everything is given, you can control public perception of reality. You can make them look at a dog and see a hound. Which is what I’m hoping happened to us on Sunday.

But if you believe these two idiots have been in love since the beginning… hasn’t this been happening to them for 130 years?

I was hoping THAT’S what everyone had gotten wrong, that they were determined to set right. Not just THIS adaptation, but all of canon; a lesson on how to read subtext and framing and observe what we’d been seeing all along: a man out of his time.

I hope it’s not too late to land this plane.


“Shoulda recorded this for Cap. Do they have cameras in here?”

Alternative Ending: After Team Cap’s jailbreak, Tony sends schematics for a new Vibranium-based arm as a peace offering. Because I recognize the council has made the Stan Lee cameo of a Cap movie about Tony Stark, but given that it’s a stupid-ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it. Also, everybody takes turns checking up on Bucky in Wakanda.

imagine it’s the second period in a game where the Falconers are playing the Capitols. The Falconers are ahead by three goals, so no one is really worried, they’re just gonna defend and ride this one out.

Jack is on the bench, resting his chin on the top of his water bottle as he watches the players skate by, working out plays idly in his head. Suddenly a familiar tune plays and he smirks as he looks up at the jumbotron as a couple kiss for the camera. It switches to a couple, obviously just friends, who get booed when both look away from each other embarrassed. Then the camera switches to the Falconers bench, more specifically him and Poots who jump a mile when they see themselves on the screen.

Jack feels a blush rise high on his cheeks as the crowd erupt into cheers, and sneaks a peek at Poots who is staring straight ahead. The cheers begin to turn to booes and jeers as its evident that neither Jack or Poots have any interest in kissing each other, both out of respect for Bitty (jack is out to his team fight me).

Just as the heckling begins to die down, the crowd losing interest, Jack sees a figure skating towards the bench at top speed and before he can react, the figure jumps the boards and grabs his face, kissing him more forcefully than Jack has ever been kissed in his life. When Jack opens his eyes again, Taters lopsided grin meets him and he mumbles through his mouthguard, “Couldn’t leave Zimmboni home without kiss!!” Before planting a kiss on Poots’ cheek and returning to the ice.

The screaming and cheering of the crowd can only be matched by the noise created by the Samwell Men’s Hockey team, as they watch from the Haus couch in Massachusetts.


clary fray + gay pink aesthetic

[Caption: A moodboard composed of 9 images. The main colours are pink, black and white.

In order: a pink rainbow pin; a pin of a hand holding a knife on a pink background; Clary’s bare legs, upside down; a black angelic power rune, on a pink background; a picture of Clary, turned away from the camera with her hair in a braid; a pin that says “artist”, on a pink background; Clary’s back - she is wearing a black bra; a patch with “pow!” written on it, on a pink background; a pin of a coffee cup, saying “I need coffee” in black letters.]

RFA Sending Nudes..?!


- You were just lying down, bored out of your mind, rewatching episodes on netflix

- Your phone buzzed, and you rolled over, holding your phones with arms stretched upwards 

- You saw a picture from Yoosung and decided to open it

- Seeing the picture of him… without anything on… was certainly shocking, and you dropped the phone onto your face yea we all did that before

- Was it accidental..? With flushed cheeks, you inspected the photo

- His face seemed a little red, and he was avoiding looking at the camera

- Was it intentional then? Either way, you couldn’t see the blonde boy the same way again

- When you saw Yoosung, both of you turned red and looked away 


- You were just sitting down, reading a book or maybe a fanfic when your phone buzzed

- Seeing that it was a photo from Zen, you put away the book and opened it

- The photo of Zen winking in the mirror, nude, made your jaw actually drop 

- It wasn’t accidental. The wink said it all. 

- You couldn’t help but stare a little at his muscles, and the message that came afterwords caused blood to rush to your already reddened cheeks

- “Don’t stare too hard honey~” 

- You closed the image, but you kept unconsciously thinking of it, along with the teasing message

- Next time you saw Zen, you felt your face heat up, yet he would pretend nothing happened


- You were just doing some doodling, nothing too special, when your phone gave out a high pitched beep

- You lazily reached out, and opened it, seeing a message from Jaehee

- You opened it and… wHAT THE FUCK WHAT

- The typically prim and proper Jaehee sent a picture wearing… nothing?

- You assumed it wasn’t on purpose, but you still couldn’t help but be shocked

- You dreaded seeing her, but it didn’t seem like she recalled what she sent 

- Trying to hide your blush, you peeked at Jaehee one more time 

- When she saw your eyes, you could have sworn that her cheeks reddened a little bit


- Jumin was always a bit… suggestive… but he rarely did an obviously scandalous action

- So when you got a picture from Jumin, you were expecting something like a photo of Elizabeth the III 

- But you got a picture of Jumin with only a smirk and a black tie on 

- You felt your jaw drop, and nearly typed something back, but decided to force yourself to take shaky deep breaths

- You had to mentally slap yourself because you kept glancing at his nude body despite your better judgement

- Seeing Jumin at the RFA meeting made you blush instantly, your mind constantly 

- Jumin wouldn’t stop winking at you, causing you to blush which made Zen pretty upset


- You were just doing a youtube video marathon, when Seven sent you a photo

- You clicked it open, and gasped at the sight

- Seven was winking at the camera with a smirk, with a casual Seven style pose

- The picture would have been just a little friendly selfie…. if he had clothes on

- You took a deep breath, biting your lip a little at the photo

- You closed the image, and went back to your videos, desperately trying to get your mind back on track 

- Later, Luciel tapped on your shoulder, nearly eliciting a scream from you, and said something that made your face burn red

- “Hey MC, did you like the selfie I sent you?” 

Cut it here again just in case (unknown, V, and Vanderwood)

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Characters: Jimin x You

Genre: ceo!jimin || arranged marriage (I have no idea at this point)


next part 

It is tiring to be standing in front of all these people. All of them looking up at him expectantly, waiting upon his next words like hungry wolves. He is the bait that is dangled in front of them, and once he is dropped, they will pounce and devour until nothing is left.

The cameras flash again in his face, and the white spots swarm in his vision. Loud chatter fills his ears from his spot on the stage and he resists all temptation to turn on his heels to walk away. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

Amongst all the chaos, he is slightly calmed down by the sight of one person who remains unmoving. You stand – stoic and without expression – hands folded in front of you in a manner that is the same if not more serious than him.

“Jimin,” he hears you say the two syllables.

They fall flat, a name that over the years has accumulated many emotion but now, contain nothing.

He looks at you, standing beside him with your face towards the crowd in front. With a deep breath, he walks up towards all the reporters and opens his mouth. They all drop silent and wait.

“Yes, we are divorced.”

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In Watercolor.

Originally posted by bangtan-so-far

pairing: photographer!yoongi x reader [ m
wc: 3,121
genre: fluff, implied smut

Rainfall, midday, and a head of wet black hair sticking to a pale face; hidden behind a camera lens that catches multiple strikes of lightning tens of kilometers away. A rumbling, grumbling sky; tens of shivers that run through your body as you stay, unable to move, just stay. Your eyes are locked on him and his camera lens is locked on you, and then a flimsy raincoat that clings to his lanky body that strangely keeps him warm enough for him to not shiver in turn. Shades of violet, crimson, violet, silver light up in the background as your sneakers stay glued to the ground, damn it, your socks are soaking wet, and so is your hair, and so should his camera. He doesn’t seem to care.

A bright flash washes out every dark hue you could see, instead filling your vision with specks of whites and lights. You stand your ground, baffled, blinking to fight away the temporary blindness; blinking to offer him a confused look – that is, if he is able to actually see anything in the middle of wild rain pour.

“I’m sorry, did you- did you just take a photo of me?” You yell over the violent pattering of the rain against the soil, squinting to fight away cold droplets falling onto your face – that is, if he is able to actually hear anything.

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Arashi’s medley started well enough.  And then…

There seems to be someone who keeps looking down or away from the camera.

It’s so clear he’s trying hard to hold it in…

And I start breaking a little when Riida goes to support him…

And his eyes are already red by now.

And it’s Sho-kun’s turn to reach out to our middle child…

And then Neens…

… and it’s Jun’s hand going towards Masaki in the right-hand corner.

Why are you crying Masaki~~~ Your members are rooting for you Masaki-kun, so take heart.  Even if the results didn’t turn out as hoped, we appreciate your efforts.

*stands and claps wildly even as tears drip down her face*

Cr: Kouhaku 31.12.2016


Lens of Time: Velvet Worms—Secret of the Slime 

Physics and biology meet to create one of the world’s strangest weapons: the slime cannon. 

With their chubby bodies, soft, padded feet, and slow-motion gait, South American velvet worms appear pretty harmless. Unless they’re hungry, and you’re an insect.

Over millennia, these ancient creatures have evolved a pair of hunting weapons unlike any other in nature: dual high-speed canons capable of jetting viscous slime onto their prey from up to two feet away. Delivered with such power and speed, the velvet worm’s slime canon takes the element of surprise to new levels. And because the goo is delivered through narrow, flexible tubes and expelled with such tremendous force, it can cover a vast area in a matter of milliseconds.

Until recently, biologists still didn’t know exactly how these slime canons work. But then Andres Concha, a Chilean physicist who studies the physical mechanisms in biological systems, turned his attention to velvet worms. Concha and his team used high-speed cameras to film slime canons in action.

(via: bioGraphic)

  • *The Warden flirting with Anders in Awakening*: I'm pretty, I'm here, I'm available!
  • Anders: *wink wink*
  • *Hawke flirting with Anders in DA2*: Hi handsome!
  • Anders: *dramatically turns his face away from the camera* This is the first time you've flirted with me but I can already tell that hurting you would break my heart *dramatic sigh*