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Why each Wolf 359 character would be arrested (Sarah, Gabriel, and Zach’s on-the-fly headcanons):

Yesterday during the March 2017 Patreon AMA I asked the following question in the chat:

“What crime would each character most likely get arrested for?”  This is under the assumption that they were never sent into space and therefore can’t be arrested for stuff they did on the Hephaestus (like murder).  Also, we know one reason why Eiffel was arrested but I have a hard time believing that that was his only scrape* with the law.“
[*Note:  I accidentally wrote scrap in the chat.]

Eiffel:  breaking and entering or disorderly conduct (they joked about Eiffel’s middle name being "disorderly conduct”).
Jacobi:  "Arson.  That’s very clear.“
Maxwell:  Cyber crime.
Hera:  Cyber crime, if not cyber terrorism.
Minkowski:  Enforcing the law while not being a police officer.  
Lovelace:  Extreme speeding ("Tokyo Drifting” adds Gabriel)
Kepler:  "You’ll never catch him.“
Hilbert:  At first they thought "bio warfare” but immediately agreed upon “malpractice” when Zach mentioned him breaking the Hippocratic Oath.
Kepler, part 2:  Insurance fraud or tax evasion (Zach suggested war crimes but Sarah said he’d be able to get away with those)
(At this point you hear police sirens outside of where they’re streaming from and Zach responds “There goes Lovelace.”)
Kepler, part 3:  Gabriel jokes that every year Kepler mails the IRS a threatening photo of himself with the blunt force trauma face.  Zach and Sarah follow up by saying the IRS mails Kepler a tax return check.

Silly headcanon

Kallus didn’t expect to be adopted by Captain Syndulla. He thought it was just a joke between some of the rebellion soldiers. Then in middle of a space fight

Hera : Okay kids. Let get ready, everyone at there station

Kallus : *blink seeing Zeb, Sabine and Ezra getting in motion* Did she just call us…

Zeb : Yep.

Kallus : She realise that you and I are older that her and Kanan?

Zeb : Yep.

Kallus : But…

Zeb: *Grab his arm* Trust me it ways easier to just accept it that try to convince her otherwise. 

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For how long have you been drawing comics?

Ummm since middle school! So about 6 - 5 yrs? Most of my comics were fan stuff, but now I’m doing my own ideas. It’s a lot harder to work with your own concept then to build on an already existing one, but both are fun to do~~

Servamp: Don’t Wake the Eve

Hey guys! Let me just say, the discord chat room is the most craziest place ever! But some hilarious stuff goes on in it! Anyway, this is for @crazyanime3 who I asked to give me a writing prompt. This is an ot3 idea for our ot3 Kuro, Sakuya, and Mahiru…aka Kurosakumahi! This is the first time I have written for them, so I really hope you enjoy it CA3! And same to all of you guys! Please enjoy! 

He was not going to get any sleep because of this. It’s not like he didn’t apricate the two bodies lying next to him, but…being stuck in the middle of someone constantly smacking him in the face, or kicking him in their sleep to his right, and then having to hear the soft snores to his left, Mahiru could not sleep for the life of him. Feeling Sakuya another kick to his shins, the brunet hissed, and softly sat up, glaring down at the green haired subclass. Sighing, the Eve pinched the bridge of his nose, and tightened his fist in sheets as Kuro let out yet another muttering snore. He also talked in his sleep…so this was not going to end well. Letting out a slow breath, Mahiru slowly laid down again, and buried his face into his Servamp’s back, while he tangled his legs with Sakuya’s. Maybe this would stop the other teen from kicking him. Feeling Sakuya shift closer to him, the Eve smiled, but soon yelped at he got head butted in the back of his head. Growling, Mahiru tightened his grip in Kuro’s nightshirt. If he was hit on more time, he felt like he was going to snap.

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Iwaoi Headcanon

Oikawa had a crush on Iwaizumi since the first year of Middle School. Not knowing how to confess his feelings for the boy, he wrote a Love Letter. The boy tried to put it into the boy’s locker but was too nervous and ended up shaking and nearly crying because he was so gutless. Over the years, he wrote several letters but was never brave enough to give them to his childhood friend. After they graduated Hajime helped Tooru to pack his stuff for college. He found a small box and as he opened it he found a bunch of letters, same of them long and others short. You could see dried tears on them or even blood. After Tooru noticed that the boy found all his letters he began to cry, a sad smile on his face. “I tried to tell you how I feel for you since all those years and no you found all the little pieces of my shattered heart.” Was the only thing he could say.

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this chloe and nino stuff has gone beyond breaking my heart and is now tearing it to shreds and viciously stomping on it until it's reduced to a pulp and fRANKLY i love you for it. keep it up, my malevolent friend.

And yet, this unrequited situation isn’t nearly as depressing as them dating, Chloe’s fears rearing their ugly heads, her leaving him in the middle of the night, and not being found until years later when Prince Ali calls Adrien and tells him Chloe is at his place and there’s nothing the doctors can do for her anymore.

Sometimes a little bit of angst saves us from Chloe dying in Nino’s arms. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Hello~ BrOhm.

    It was a regular, bright day for Bryce Mitchell McQuaid at the coffee shop he works in. He loved working at the coffee shop not only because his parents owned the coffee shop and get free stuff but because he sometimes meets new people. He’s been trying to find a partner but never really likes the girls’ that come into the coffee shop. Although, he does seem a bit interested in some guys. But sadly, just like the girls’, he doesn’t see anyone that catches his eye. Not until a mysterious man entered the coffee. He had dark brown hair, a gray sweater, black jeans, black converse, and a small bandana covering his mouth and in the middle of the bandana, there was an omega symbol (Ω).

   He sat down in a booth and opened his phone. I stared for ten seconds until I felt someone punch me in the arm lightly. “Hey, stop eye raping our customer and go tell him what he wants,” Minx said. She was a worker here and one of my weirdest friends ever. I looked at her and shook my head. “I’m not ‘eye raping’ anyone. I was just, um, examining him to see if he was any trouble.” I said. She raised her eyebrow and then rolled her eyes. “Whatever you say just take his order, Bryce. You totally have a crush on him.” Minx said and left before I could say anything else. I took my little notebook where I write down the order with a pen and walked to the booth.

   “Hello, my name is Bryce and I’ll be your waitress today. How may I help you?” Bryce said as he wrote down something on his notebook. When Bryce looked up from his notebook he was staring deep into the mysterious guy’s hazel eyes. It reminded him of his favorite drink, sweet caramel frappuccino with chocolate chips inside. “It’s my first time here so, what do you recommend?” He said in a sexy husky voice. “Um, well my favorite is the sweet caramel frappuccino. It’s really good.” I said and he nodded. “Then I’ll have that. By the way, one of my friends told me you guys make the best cheesecake muffins?” “ Yes, we do. Would you want one?” “Yeah sure.” “Alright. Anything else?” “Maybe a little bit of company?” He said and Bryce lightly blushed. “I, um, haha, yeah sure. I don’t see why not. I’ll be back with your order.” Bryce said and wrote everything down while walking away. He hit a chair by accident and looked behind him to see the mysterious man looking at him. Bryce gave the man a small clumsy smile and started walking away.

   When Bryce started preparing the frappuccino Minx came out of nowhere and stood next to Bryce with a small smirk. Bryce looked at Minx and raised his eyebrow. “What is it?” Bryce said and Minx shook her head. “Oh, nothing. I was looking at you and the guy talk. So, you like him don’t you?” Minx said and smiled. Bryce just blushed and Minx patted his shoulder. “Don’t fuck up Bryce. That’s all I’m saying.” Minx said and went to take another order. Bryce didn’t say anything and grabbed the cheesecake muffin fresh out of the oven and the frappuccino.

   Bryce was carrying the muffin and the frappuccino to the mysterious man and when he placed the two items he smiled. “Alright here is your order. Anything else?” Bryce said. “A bit of company like I said?” He said. “Oh, right,” Bryce said and laughed while sitting down. The mysterious man chuckled at Bryce’s adorable laugh. “So, Bryce is your name, right?” He said. Bryce nodded and smiled. “I didn’t get to know your name. May I please know your name?” Bryce said. “I go by two names. You can call me by my nickname, Ohm, or you can call me by my real name, Ryan.” Ohm said. Bryce nodded and kept on smiling. “I have a question, Ohm. Why do you wear a bandana?” Bryce said. Ohm just shrugged his shoulders and looked at Bryce. “I don’t really know. It has been a big part of my life that I’ve gotten used to it. I guess I have to take it out if I want to eat, huh?” “I guess you do. By the way, the muffin is fresh out of the oven so it might be a bit hot on the inside.” Bryce said and Ohm nodded. He pulled down his bandana and Bryce saw his perfectly trimmed beard. When Ohm took a bite out of the muffin his eyes widened a bit and then looked at Bryce. When he swallowed the muffin piece he’s been eating he smiled. “This is amazing. I might come here often.” Ohm said. “Thank’s. I bake them myself actually.” Bryce said with a small blush. “You’re amazing for making these muffins. Actually, you’re a genius.” Bryce laughed at what Ohm said and the two ended up talking about random stuff for about an hour.

   Ohm’s phone got a text and when he saw who it was his smile faded a bit and then faced Bryce. “It’s one of my friends. They’re telling me to join them somewhere.” Ohm said and stood up followed by Bryce. “Well, it was nice meeting you, Ohm,” Bryce said. “Yeah, I had a great time. Hey, how about if you give me your phone number?” Ohm said. “Yeah sure.” Ohm handed Bryce his phone and Bryce typed in his number. When Bryce finished typing in his number he handed Ohm his phone and smiled. “Sweet. Well, how much are the frappuccino and the muffin?” Ohm said. “Oh, you don’t have to pay. My treat.”  Bryce said which made Ohm smile brightly. “Thank’s Bryce. Well, see you later man.” Ohm said and pulled his bandana up to his mouth again. Bryce watched at Ohm left the small coffee and for the rest of the day, Bryce’s smile never left his face. Especially when he got a text from Ohm, inviting him over to play some video games with his friends.

I post motivational stuff every day, but liberals and so-called ‘socialists’ just don’t want to put forth any effort at all.  Even with a body like this, you just can’t reach them, and if you do get them to work out a little, you can’t even get them to hold onto any gains at all.  They think I’m 'stupid’.  Sad.  Sometimes I wonder if I truly am evil, especially when I’m in the middle of fucking.  Those thoughts just make feel like I’m ready to break out into a hot sweat, and thinking that way makes me more aggressive for some reason.  They’re afraid of freedom and want to pretend that they care about helping others.  Yeah man, well I guess if you can’t make them want to try, you can at least smack that ass a little harder.  Some nights I love to rage out and flex that crab pose when the lights are low.  Just feels good to let off some steam…or turn up the steam, I guess, depending on the mood I’m in.

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Okay omg so I saw the stuff about bro and me, being someone who has little to no control over her curiosity, just sorta hm *searches up bro strider on your blog* AND I FOUND S O M UCH GOOD EVIDENCE TO HELP SUPPORT MY STANCE THAT BRO WAS ABUSIVE like legit my friend doesn't believe me and I'm aboutta Fite a hoe.... sorry for another long message lmao (also I've decided to use Alexander as daves middle name from now on as well) <3

yeah dude my #strider rambles tag is full of the stuff. i dont talk abt it a whole lot anymore bc i made all the points i was gunning to already and people have given tf up on fanon bro (in my circle anyway) so its not super relevant buuut its also handy to always have it if i (or anyone else) need references.

I have quite a few messages in my inbox and message box asking me to how to get started. I want to answer these, but in order for it to be really helpful I have to put quite a bit of effort into it, and I don’t have extra spoons often. I’m in the middle of drafting a masterpost for my advice in getting started with the kind of witchcraft I do. There’s already plenty of vague how-to-witch guides that cover things in a general manner, and I’m getting the feeling that I am being asked in the way that I have been because there are people needing specific advice about the kind of stuff that I do.

While I’m working on that though, I’m thinking of going through my blog tags and reorganizing them with more specific tags, because right now they are pretty vague. If you have any suggestions in that regard, let me hear them. :)

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Idk I grew up in the hood and I couldn't really help but do "dangerous stuff" I ended up okay but looking back I really could have killed myself/others around me Lmaoo.

Actually maybe doing dangerous shit is a poor person thing because all the middle class kids I knew would play video games and go to the mall and stuff

Happy birthday @nightsofllyn, you beautiful enabler and wonderful writer and friend <3 You’re to blame for the beast that this AU has become in my head so here’s my gift back to you for that, stay beautiful and have the best birthday ever <3


You can fight like Yeager, fly like Ackerman but you’ll never be better than Commander Erwin

Mass Effect AU with Shepard!Erwin, the legendary commander and Jack!Levi, the psychotic biotic.
Krogan warrior Mike, Asari huntress Nana and Salarian scientist Hange are implied.


― Japanese skater Katsuki Yuuri: Grand Prix Final silver medallist.

Dedicated to the one and only @katsuukis who never fails to surprise me, and whose giffing style inspired me to try something new.