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Mr. Barnes (NSFW)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: I hope you have a better birthday than you’re expecting to Anon! And I hope I wrote this in time for it! And I hope ‘in bed’ was a metaphor because you most certainly do not make it that far.

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after that kidnaping post I feel like I need some family comedy in my life. idk I could totally see keith being the person that could read smut with a straight face(as long as it's not directed towards him it's all cool). So one day keith is editing this sex scene and writing constructive criticism for the author and shiro reads it over his shoulder and is scandalize(your reading that at the family table?!) and keith just shrugs and says: how do you think I found out i'm ace?

I am laughing so hard because this is just hilarious! LMAO THANK YOU. This is a great prompt and I hope not to disappoint XD

[The Voltron Family] The three kids were in the kitchen trying to bake cookies with Hunk leading them considering he was 11 now and Lance was 10 and Pidge was 9. Keith was in the breakfast table, monitoring them making sure not to make too much mess on a Saturday morning—all while working on a new author he was handling. It was a bit different from his usual ones, which were young adult novels, but Keith was open to new things—this manuscript being aimed at 18 and above. 

Basically it had smut. The manuscript was thick, and currently he was reading the sex scene and he couldn’t help but criticize it. Not only the writing, but the way the sex was happening between two guys. Keith kept knitting his eyebrows in frustration as he scribbled using his red pen on the sides for notes.

Better think this one through. I don’t believe it could stretch that much. Take this from me, I know. 

This is just honestly too unsanitary. Revise. 

I’m not kink shaming but, this is absolutely impossible to do. Revise or think of another kink. 

Hunk: Daddy Keith, how many cups of sugar again?
Keith: *looks up* Just one cup, baby. *smiles*

Keith went back to reading with a straight face while his kids laughed at how Lance couldn’t get to crack an egg right. 

Keith: Make sure to wash your hands, Lance. And Pidge, pick up that wooden spoon and wash it if you’re going to use it again. *goes back to reading*

Shiro joined them in the kitchen all fresh and clean after his workout. He saw Keith sitting on the stool by the breakfast table, reading while looking so bored but he’d bend down to write a thing or two. The kids spotted him and signaled them to hush it as he walked over behind Keith to wrap his arms around Keith’s tummy and resting his chin on Keith’s shoulder.

Shiro: Good morning, red bean. *kisses Keith’s cheek*
Keith: *hums in acknowledgement* *nuzzles his cheek on Shiro’s* *continues to concentrate reading* 
Shiro: *smiles* *hugs Keith tighter*

Shiro’s eyes wandered on the manuscript Keith was reading and it started out great and then suddenly he read the sex scenes and he detached himself from Keith, looking absolutely scandalized.

Shiro: *taps Keith* *whispers* YOU’RE READING THAT IN THE FAMILY TABLE?!!! *looks at the kids pointedly* WITH THE KIDS IN THE KITCHEN?! 
Keith: *turns around to look at Shiro* *raises eyebrow* You say that as if I’m reading smut to the kids out loud.
Shiro: *blushes* But Keith! That’s so… *whispers* obscene.
Keith: It is. *sighs*
Shiro: How can you read that with such a straight face?!
Keith: *snorts* How’d you think I found out I’m ace? 
Shiro: *gapes* You read por—
Keith: *chuckles* I tried things to see if something’s wrong with me, babe. This… *points at the manuscript* just doesn’t affect me. Or anything sexual for that matter to be honest. Then I accepted myself, I just don’t, yknow?
Shiro: *smiles* And that’s fine, Keith. *hugs* I love you just the way you are.
Keith: *smiles* You cheese ball. *turns back to the paper* Also, this is honestly frustrating. Check this out. This guy thinks he could stretch like a friggin gymnast! No one can be that flexible without proper training and—
Shiro: *rests his chin on Keith’s shoulder* Hmmmm *reads* Oh my god. That’s gross. *points at a scene* How are people this— that is unsafe.
Keith: That’s what I said. *sighs* Mind helping me? You’re more… yanno.
Shiro: *raises an eyebrow* More what, Keith? I’m more what? *smirks*
Keith: This is your area of expertise, not mine. I only have you as my se—
Shiro: *covers Keith’s mouth* *whispers* DON’T SAY THAT IN FRONT OF THE KIDS!!! You’re so scandalous! I’ll help you, okay? Just don’t traumatize our children at the tender age of 11. *looks at Hunk*
Hunk: *looks back at them curiously* Yes?
Shiro: You’re doing great, sweetheart! *takes a seat beside Keith* *looks at his husband* Okay, now which part do you need— *notices Keith staring at him* What now?
Keith: You’re so wonderful, you know that? *smiles fondly* 
Shiro: *rolls eyes* Now who’s the cheese ball here? *bumps Keith* Now lemme see that. *takes the manuscript* 

I heard that during Euros Komova claimed she’s ‘back again.’ I can tell her one thing: we’ll be happy to take her if she’s really back. But I don’t think she’s going to work hard enough to produce the results we want from her. We’ve been waiting for her for a long time, so let’s not get our hopes up.
—  Okay as much as I hate VRod she is literally all of us in this bit about Vika lmao
A Guiding Light to Take you Home

2. Consequence

AO3 |

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Irene Belserion/Anna Heartfilia

“How..?” Irene’s voice cut through the silence like a knife. Disbelief clouded her mind, Anna was long dead, yet here she was in front of her, there was no denying Anna was real; she had certainly proved it.

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ok ok ok

The only thing I can think of at this point is that they’re deliberately holding out on Bellarke interaction to intentionally and slowly build it back up to a climax in the finale.

Their last interaction: “If I don’t see you again–” “no, you will” was a HUGE moment. One that even had Bob saying at his recent con that the writers seem to want the audience to think Bellamy is in love with Clarke.

Think about that for a moment. After talking around it FOREVER, Bob actually said something like that. That is a GIANT step forward. Almost TOO much of a step. The writers HAVE to back off or they (and excuse me for being crass) will blow their wad too fast. XD

So they’re dialing back for now. Taking bellarke back down to a slow simmer after that sudden spark when they last interacted.

Frustrating. But imagine the satisfaction of the moments we’ll get from them at the end of this season, AND next season. Epic

It feels so great to be alive again.

I was dying over the proposals for my undergrad dissertations. I have two because taking two degrees in four years seemed like a smart plan. HAHAHA

And I can write again, my face is healing and I don’t need to cover it up or hold it together anymore.

But I’m back. I think I’ll start with asks and go from there. :)

What did I miss?

Never Again

Once Castiel is back on earth his phone pings with over 100 messages, 80 missed calls, and nearly as many voicemails. He swallows hard as he reads some of the newer messages.

Shit, Dean was so mad at him and he’s going to be even more upset when he realizes where Cas had been.

He takes a breath and calls Dean, who answers on the second ring even though it was past 2 AM.

“CAS, YOU SON OF A BITCH! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!” Dean yells out on the other end.

“I’m sorry, Dean. I’ve been caught up with Kelly.” Cas says.

“Caught up with Kelly, huh?” Dean asks, “Well we got a lead on Kelly and you didn’t seem too caught up then, so don’t even think about lying to me Cas. Where have you been?”

“What do you mean you had a lead on Kelly?” Cas asks confused.

“We had her, then Dagon showed up and whisked her away again. We could’ve really used your help Cas and if you were there we, maybe, still would have had her.” Dean says still angry.

Cas frowns, how does he tell Dean he was in heaven.

“I… uh… I’m sorry I wasn’t there.” Cas says starting off.

“I don’t care if you’re sorry you weren’t there, I just want to know where you’ve been. It’s been a rough couple of weeks since you’ve been gone and I could have really used your help or even your support but you didn’t return any one of my calls or messages, man.” Dean says.

“I’m sorry Dean but I cannot tell you right now.”

“Cas, you son of a bitch, come meet me right now! I need to see you. I can’t have this conversation on the phone.” Dean says, sighing.

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It’s almost as if Gabi is shovelling her meal into her mouth without pausing for breath; and Falco watches her with a concerned expression. It’s too excessive and she starts to cough, much to Falco’s panic.

He pats her on the back in an attempt to help and exclaims, “Take it easy! We’re not on rations, you know?”

Gabi’s coughing fit soon passes and she gulps down some water to help. As she turns to Falco, she grins and says proudly, “I know! But I want to grow up to be big and strong like Reiner, so I need to beef up!”

To add emphasis to her words, the young girl raises her arms and flexes her muscles; her actions make Zofia and Udo laugh in-between bites of their food.

Reiner is sat nearby, but on a different table, with fellow senior warriors. He overhears the children’s conversation and it makes him smile.

But then, it’s like something cold cuts through him; he can only remember when he was young and naive, and wanted to be brave and selfless like Marcel. He wanted to be like Marcel so much that he threw himself in harms way when they were in Utgard; and for what? To save someone that would later try to kill him in Shiganshina.

Reiner puts his fork down on the table; suddenly he feels like he’s lost his appetite.

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Number 94 for the drabble challenge?

94. “I had a bad dream again.”

**You didn’t give a pairing so you get poly sanders ;) **

A sniffling pulled the two cuddling men from their private world, causing them to turn towards their source- the crying boy in the doorway.


“I had a bad dream again.”

Logic and Morality both went and gathered the younger into their arms and lead him back to their bed.

“I’m gonna go get some tea,” Logic stood up, but Anxiety grabbed the hem of his shirt and tugged.

“Prince already has,” He sniffled.

As if he heard his name, Prince entered the room with a mug of steaming tea in his hands and handed it to Anxiety, wrapping his hands around Anxiety’s own shaking ones and helping him take a sip.

They all four sat in silence while Anxiety drank the tea, and when he had the entire mug drained, they all wrapped him in a hug, and laid back with him on the bed, holding him in the middle.

They knew from past experiences that it was best not to press Anxiety for information now, not when he was still so shaken up; but to comfort him. Hold him firmly, whisper sweet calming words, hum softly, and just be a reminder that he wasn’t alone.

In the morning, they could hear about his nightmare, but for now, they would simply stay by his side, as a reminder. As a comfort. 

As a good dream.

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May I please have some Murdoc stumbling upon and observing their very musically shy s/o playing the harp and singing, a talent he had no idea they possessed? *skips away* thank you so much! <3

(my fave back again with another request welcome)

Murdoc Niccals: Murdoc’s ears perk up at hearing an instrument that he knows none of his band members play ringing through the house, and takes a quick glance around to make sure neither the TV or radio are on. He slowly works his way through the house (as if the unknown instrument might strike him down at any second) and peaks through each room, until he finds the one. 

He almost speaks up but when he sees you entranced in playing the harp, he decides to keep his mouth shut, and leans against the door frame to listen closer. It’s a calm, pleasant sound that makes him feel a little soothed, it sets his soul at peace for the few more minutes he gets to listen before you notice him standing there. He grins as he walks over to you, pointing to the harp and asking, “Trying out for the band, love? You’ve got the part.” 

Broken 11B

Trigger Warning: Domestic Violence

Broken 11B

You were smiling as Wanda and yourself exited the building, she was asking what movie you guys should watch. You started to answer when you noticed the patrol car parked directly in front of you and your words stopped mid-sentence. “You ok Y/N” Wanda questioned.

“Sorry Wanda” you muttered softly, “Looks like I won’t need you to take me home, Brock is here”

“It’s really no trouble” she smiled, “Especially if he is still working”

“Thanks again Wanda” You gave her another smile, “I will see you tomorrow, we can talk more about Friday” you slowly made your way over to the patrol car and the driver’s window rolled down.

“Get in” was the only thing Brock uttered to you as he rolled the window back up. You nodded and went around to the passenger side and slid in.

The drive was silent, and you bit your lip in anticipation you didn’t know what Brock was thinking and it made you nervous. Once he pulled into the driveway he got out of the car and made his way into the house not even giving you a backward glance.

You took as deep of a breath as you could before you opened the door to follow him inside. He rounded on you as soon as you walked in the door. “How did she know that you needed a ride” his voice calm caused you to steel yourself.

“She was driving by and saw my car still here, she stopped to see if everything was ok. I told her my car wouldn’t start” you lied.

“Oh, so she just happened to be driving by, why would she stop and check on you huh” his face was so close to yours that your noses were touching.

“She knows that I am always punctual” you whisper.

“Did you ever stop to think that if I wanted you to leave the house I would have been here to take you to work, or Jack would have” he slammed his fist into the door beside your left ear.

“I didn’t think you would mind me going to work Brock”

“You didn’t think, that has always been your problem Y/N, Its why you need me to take care of you” his hand was resting on the left side of your neck

“Sorry” slipped past your lips before you could stop it

“Sweetheart, one day sorry isn’t going to be good enough” he told you as he moved his hand to your throat and gave a squeeze. You fought to stay calm but your fear won out as you started to struggle to get away from his hold and he laughed, but let you go. “Dinner” he commanded as he walked up the steps and headed toward your shared bedroom.

You took a deep breath, and tried to still your shaking hands as you made your way into the kitchen to cook dinner. Your hands trembled the entire time you were chopping vegetables and when it came time to plate the meal you had prepared you did so slowly so that you didn’t spill anything. You carried it to the dining room table and sat it down at the head of the table just as Brock was making his way into the room.

Brock sat down and started eating, he didn’t even wait for you to bring your plate like he usually did. Once he was finished he locked eyes with you, “Jack will be taking you to work the rest of the week” he told you in his no-nonsense tone, “Captain Fury ask me to work night shift the rest of the week”

You nodded but didn’t say anything the vegetables that you were chewing suddenly tasted like ash in your mouth.

“Is that going to be a problem for you” he raised an eyebrow.

“No” came your soft reply, “but if it is out of his way I am sure Wanda” You started only to be cut off with him slamming his hand down on the table.

“Do not encourage this Wanda, I do not want her in our business. Do I make myself clear” he ask you leaving no room for argument you nodded your head. “Now clean the kitchen, and then you can go to bed” He pushed his chair back and headed down the hall to the den.

You got up from your spot as quickly as you possibly could. Your ribs were still achy but you didn’t want to give Brock anymore reasons to be angry with you tonight. You washed the dishes by hand and wiped down the counters before you made your way upstairs to bed.


The next morning found you lying alone in bed when your alarm went off. Easing out of bed you found clothes in your closet to hide the bruising and made your way to the shower hoping that the warm water would allow your muscles a slight reprieve.

Once done you dressed yourself in the bathroom, you didn’t want a repeat performance of what happened last time that Jack was picking you up. After finishing getting yourself ready for work you made your way down stairs. You quickly sliced some fruit and put half in the fridge and half in Tupperware for lunch for yourself. You laid out a bagel by the toaster and quickly wrote a note to Brock letting him know that fruit was in the fridge ready for him knowing that he would want a snack before he went to bed before his next shift.

You jumped when you heard a knock on the front door. Taking a deep breath, you went to the foyer, slipped on your shoes, taking your purse from the closet and opening it forcing a smile for Jack Rollins. You cringed as he looked you up and down before he moved out of the doorway for you to come out. You locked the door and followed him to his waiting car.

As he pulled into your work, he gave you a smile. “Maybe we could get an earlier start tomorrow, leave us plenty of alone time” You quickly got out of the car after that statement, knowing that if you out right refused him he would make up a lie and Brock would make you his personal punching bag.

Work thankfully was busy and you didn’t even have time for more than a passing hello to Wanda, and before you knew it, it was time for you to leave. You left quickly and made your way to the parking lot, Brocks cruiser familiar and made your way over getting in quickly. “I only have time to drop you off Sweetheart” he explained as you buckled your seat belt. You nodded not wanting to draw his ire, “Jack said traffic almost made you late this morning, he suggested that you leave earlier”

“I was on time” You told him softly.

“Are you implying Jack was lying Y/N” he asks his eyes flashing as he turned to you.

“No” you muttered and felt like a child. He nodded his head.

“If your good for Jack, maybe you can earn your car keys back” Brock told you when he pulled into the driveway to let you out. You bit your lip, and forced a smiled on your face.

“Have a good night at work” You whispered as you made your way inside. Once the door was locked behind you, a sigh escaped and you vowed for the rest of the night you wouldn’t think of the likes of Brock or Jack.

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GOT7 Reaction #2

 Request:”…GOT7 reaction where they get in a huge fight with their so and say something really hurtful but regret in an instant when they see their so start to cry…”

soo, I finally downloaded the snow app! Let me know if you guys want to add me <3

Mark: He stared at you realizing that you were crying because of something he said. He watched as the tears rolled off your face and fell towards the ground beneath you. He looked at the floor feeling the feeling of guilt take him over. He quickly went towards you and wrapped his arms around you before letting you go to make sure you were okay. Your eyes were still puffy and red but your sniffles and tears had came to a stop. He took this time to apologize to you.

“This will never happen again. I don’t want you to cry because of me ever again”  {ignore the caption on the gif}

Originally posted by 1996yj

Jaebum: He tries to take back his words immediately. He never really liked seeing you cry in the first place, so now that you were crying because of him, it was game over. He gave you a kiss on the forehead and quietly said something in your ear. Knowing that you were upset with him, he let himself out the room. He felt bad bc of the way he made you feel and knowing that you didn’t want to see him at the moment.

“I just want you to know that I said those things out of anger and didn’t mean them at all. I’ll be in the other room if you need me. I Love You.”

Originally posted by saranghaeyojw

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Red Velvet Reaction To Getting Back With You After They Cheated

Irene: I think she would get back with you but she would feel so guilty that she would hate herself a lot. She would she you walking around with a sad face and she would feel awful. It would be hard for her to live with herself and she would think a lot about why you forgave her and would probably think of taking a break from your relationship.

Originally posted by dumblets

Seulgi: She would think that she doesn’t deserved your forgiveness and she would calculate every move she does just so she won’t get the risk of hurting you again.

Originally posted by dumblets

Wendy: She wouldn’t accept it at all. One part of her would want to get back with you but the other would fear that she hurt you again. She would think a lot and would even talk to you to see if that’s really what you want.

Originally posted by fyi-wenrene

Joy: She would be happy at first but after some time you’re together again she would notice that you never looked at her in the same way you did before she cheated. She would feel like you’re unhappy and that you’re still extremely hurt.

Originally posted by princesseulgi

Yeri: She would find it weird that you don’t want her to stay away from you. Obviously she’d be extremely grateful for the second chance you’re giving her but mostly of the times she would think that you’re not so happy as you were before and would constantly think that you deserve something better.

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howdy ho can i have some face sitting headcanons for the cowboy, gabriel reyes, and jack morrison? or just oral headcanons? thank you!


McCree absolutely loves giving oral, loves it. He’s greedy and just can’t get enough of you and is more than happy to let you sit on his face, In fact he’s probably the one who asked you is you wanted to try it out because he’s loves it. He’s very good at it too. He can make your legs shake with only his mouth and tongue(maybe fingers)


Pretty good with oral, probably second best and one of his favorite things is holding you down by your thighs while you squirm and shake, begging him to slow down, that you can’t take anymore while he makes you come again and again. The position he doesn’t really care about, whether you lie on your back/stomach or if you ride his face.


Decent at oral but not very enthusiastic about it. He doesn’t mind it and he does enjoy giving oral, but he enjoys the full sex instead of the foreplay. That being said, the position doesn’t really matter to him, though he does prefer to have you lay on your back rather then having you sit on his face. But he wont object if you want to.

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I'm reading the Ciaphas Cain books and I'm wondering if we're meant to take them at face value; that is, Ciaphas is a coward who lucks his way into glory time and time again? Or is this the mis-remembered looks back of a true hero who saw so much of the horrors of war that he simply can't comprehend his own bravery and courage and hides in denial as an old man, unable to face the actual truth of what he did?

That’s an interesting one, since most people assume the former, but really the latter is even more fascinating. I think I like that one more.

Good Grief - Chapter 3

Jungkook makes a habit of showing up drunk to a nearby flower shop. Bad puns and fluffy pining ensue.

Or, a college!au in which BTS are all frat boys, Namjoon is a science club president,Jimin just wants a good party, and Jungkook is hopelessly fascinated by the girl who takes care of flowers in her free time.

author’s note: aaaand we’re back folks, with chapter three! it get’s a little dramatic this time around, so just a fair warning!! i hope you enjoy it, and once again comments, tips, and critiques are all appreciated!!

disclaimer: all mentions of the university in this fic are purely pulled from my ass— I don’t claim to know anything on a deep, spiritual level about university clubs, classes or frat parties. Side characters, that aren’t specifically Bangtan Members™, are all made up and therefor fictional .

words: 5k

If you’d prefer reading on AO3 the link is here

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Funny how when a male and female character are similar in their bickering and flaws, but only the female gets called out for it and hated... This fandom (all of them actually) is nuts sometimes.

That’s, unfortunately, the way of the world, and it’s something my eyes are open wide to and I’m trying to change. I’m changing it about my own way of thinking and trying to change it about other people’s as well.

I think with me, personally, it’s not a man vs. woman thing, so much as a Eugene vs. person antagonizing Eugene thing. I am extremely pro Eugene Fitzherbert, and I often have to take a step back and remind myself that he, too, is flawed, and that he’s not always in the right (which makes him an interesting character, and I like about him. I like my characters to be flawed).

Cassandra’s behavior has been pissing me off lately, but after I cool off and look again, I’m usually not as mad as I was the first time around. But the things is, I like her like this. I like her as this screwed up, flawed person with all this room for growth.

Lately, I’ve been comparing her to Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender. I could not stand him when the series began, but over the course of three seasons, he not only grew on me, but rose near the top of the list (no one will be able to beat Sokka and Iroh, though). And given that, I am extremely willing to give Cassandra the benefit of the doubt for well over a season. The fact that sometimes I like her and sometimes I don’t is actually a selling point on her for me, because it means she’s complex and acts like a real person. Are you telling me that you don’t know anyone who sometimes you like and sometimes you don’t?

But anyway, yes. Society’s habit of excusing a man’s behavior, but not a woman’s, when they act essentially the same way is a hard truth that I’m making efforts towards changing, even if it’s only one person at a time.