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It’s time for another giveaway~

I have a LOT of dice hanging around this house doing nothing–doubles of sets I already have, doesn’t fit my aesthetic, whatever the reason, they’re perfectly good but didn’t make the collection cut. So, I want to share them with someone who’ll appreciate them! The winner of this giveaway will receive one full pound of random dice! (I’ll pay shipping.) The actual number will vary depending on the mix, but that’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 dice


  • Must be following me! New followers count too.
  • Likes and reblogs both count for an entry! You may reblog as many times as you like.
  • You can get a THIRD entry by submitting a picture of your own dice to my blog! (One entry per person this way.) Depending on how many submissions I get, not all may be posted, but every single one I receive will count for an entry.
  • Do not tag your reblog as “giveaway,” it can lead to the notes getting messed up and no one wants that.
  • Winner will be chosen by RNG on October 1st, 2017.
  • You MUST have your askbox open and MUST be comfortable giving me a shipping address.

**This giveaway is not affiliated with tumblr in any way**

submitting my fave tom pic of all time for the drabble thing! ily thx u for writing ❤️

i loved writing this!! thank you so much for submitting this picture of tom and i hoped you enjoyed your small drabble!!

beads of sweat were dripping down my head as i finished my last set of box jumps. my thighs were burning but i loved the feeling, especially working out with tom. i loved the competition. 

“yes babe!” he cheered on as i continued jumping up and down, on and off the box. tom cheering just made the feeling even better. knowing that the person you love will support you no matter what.

tom and i always had each others backs, when he’s on the red carpet i support him but when I’m in the gym he supports me. this is my red carpet and even since he was casted as spiderman he and harrison have been doing my daily trips to the gym.

when i finally finished the box jumps a large smile formed on my face as everyone began clapping. i was a very knowing face around my gym and i had just completed my goal. tom and harrison have me high fives as i took a long sip form my cold water bottle.

infant of my i could see harrison walking towards the bench press but tom was no where in sight which was odd since those two are conjoined at waist. it was then that i felt a presence behind me and the familiar touch of tom was pressed against my back.

“that was hot” was all tom whispered in my ear before pressing a soft kiss to my neck and walking around me to join harrison. my breath was caught in my throat, tom rarely did that especially in public. i could already tell that tom had a cocky smirk on his face as he walked infant of me. 

“y/n are you coming?” harrison asked from the other side of the gym while he was seated on the bench press. i could tell that toms walk slowed down and he turned his head around and looked at me with a dark hungry look.

“yeah babe the day has only begun” his smirk widened at my reaction and i quickly started walking. 

two can play at this game. 

it was undeniable that tom look very hot with his messy gym hair and his sleeveless shirt showing off his large sweetly muscles. i decided that it was met turn to have fun. i knew i had an effect on him and i would do what he’s doing to me right now. I’m gonna use it to my advantage.

i walked infront of tom swaying my hips back and forth as we both made our way to harrison. i could hear him let out a slight groan behind me almost as if he knows what he started. 

tom walked past me, “this means war darling.” 

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My small stim toy collection!

Banner is by devious-aesthetic!

[Image Description: Five small toys are sitting on a bed with leopard print sheets. The first one is an all black zuru fidget cube by antsy labs. The second is a tan kawaii plush cat ball, “Neko Dango,” with tiny ears and brown stripes on its head. The third toy is a shiny metallic light blue fidget spinner. The fourth toy is an off brand “fidget widget,” also a fidget cube, with a blue body and red miscellaneous buttons. The last toy is a small cup of play-doh. The cup has a yellow body and a light blue lid. End of description.]

[ϟ] Introducing PlayNCT

PlayNCT is a new platform where you can enjoy GAMES and DIY’s related to S.M. Entertainment’s newest boyband Neo Culture Technology, otherwise known as NCT!

There will be a new GAME or DIY every Thurdays at 11PM KST. By submitting your answers to the games or by showing us your results of the DIYs, you will be able to let your blog shine on our special winner throne (see top of the blog) or receive actual prizes (merch, fansite goodies, phone cases) which will be given out to the winners in the near future.

Game Guidelines

  • Submit your answers through a reply or by reblogging the post and adding your answer to your reblogged post to make a chance!
  • Answers and winners will be announced on Sundays at 11PM KST. The winner will be randomly chosen and will receive an offer to let their blog shine on our special winner throne! (Actual prizes will be given out soon!)

DIY Guidelines

  • Make and finish the DIY!
  • Submit and show your creation by adding a picture of it in a reblog or make a new post and tag it with #PlayNCT.
  • Your pictures will be used to make a collage which will be later uploaded to the blog. The pictures will be chosen randomly.
  • The winner will be announced on Sundays at 11PM KST. The winner will be randomly chosen and will receive an offer to let their blog shine on our special winner throne! (Actual prizes will be given out soon!)

* You can also submit your answer or creation in a reply to the tweet on twitter of that particular game or DIY

PlayNCT is an extension of FY! NCT (NCTINFO) and is also hosted by the admins of FY! NCT. Direct all your questions about PlayNCT directly to PlayNCT and not to FY! NCT or AskNCT.