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good choice

for day 27 of @snowbaz-feda!! and for @yoitssimonsnow ^__^ (now do ur hw)

length: 226

genre(s): fluff

triggers/warnings: none

simon needs a new mousepad

a/n: thank you to @cherryonsimon for the beta and also inspiring this lmao


“What about this one?”

I crane my neck to look at Snow’s laptop screen. He’s got the Amazon site pulled up and is looking for a new mousepad. (He lost his old one in the move.) “Why is it covered in scabs?” I ask.

“That’s pepperoni,” he snorts, “it doesn’t look that bad.” He still clicks the back arrow and starts scrolling again.

“Get that one,” I say, pointing at a blue mousepad with white snowflakes. “It’s just like your name.”

“That’s clever, Baz,” he says dryly, and I smirk.

“I try.” I reply, and flinch when he starts poking my arm.”

“Look! You can make custom ones! Like submit your own picture and everything!”

I roll my eyes. “What would you even chose, Snow? A bloody scone?”

“I might,” he says defensively, and switches tabs to google pictures of scones.

“Crowley, I was kidding.”

“Never joke about scones with me, Baz.”

“Are you really going to make a scone mousepad?

He grins. “I might.”

* * *

A week later i sneak up behind him at the kitchen table, where he’s using his new mouse. Underneath is a mousepad, a custom one just like we talked about. Only instead of a scone or a goblin face, it’s a picture of the two of us. My heart swells and I kiss the top of his head.

“Good choice.”