and then strut around the board like it's won

Fowl Moods
  • Student: Why didn't you tell me I earned so many demerits last week?!
  • Me: Because every time I tell you that you've earned one, it's this huge ordeal and you catch an attitude.
  • Student: So?
  • Me: So, it's like playing chess with a chicken. They're going to knock over all the pieces, poop on the board, but still strut around like they won. I'm not playing that game.
  • ----20 minutes later----------
  • Me: Alright folks, you've got about 5 minutes left, let's start packing up laptops.
  • Student: Oh, you'll tell us about time but not demerits.
  • Me: ....yep, do you feel like you won that argument?
  • Student: YEAH! I'm a chicken! *head-bobs authoritatively*