and then spending the rest of the night with a bunch of people i don't like

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Hello, May I request a scenario where it's the Eel Guard special event and there's this evening private party with hundreds of people to honor Miko and the chief guards works. And Guardienne gets all pretty for Nevra to dance with her but he is trapped with a bunch of thirsty fan girls and Ezarel dance with her to comfort her in front of everyone and especially jealous Nevra. Just some Nevra/Ezarel rivalry SO SORRY if this is too much I had a dream lol understand if you don't do it thanks still

Hey Anon! I honestly squealed when I saw this request! I love it! Thanks for sending it in!

Anyway, here’s your scenario! I hope you enjoy it!

“Why did I come here?” You murmur, slumping with disappointment as you tried to ignore your dance partner.

Well, he was supposed to be your dance partner. Nevra seemed far too busy entertaining the numerous women surrounding him to be dancing with you.

You’d dressed up so prettily, in a too tight dress and too high heels, just to catch his attention, and you had had it! He promised to spend the evening with you and you’d been delighted. Now you wondered if he’d just been spouting his usual Nevra-isms.

You twisted the fabric of your dress in your hands, eyes downcast as you felt embarrassment burning your cheeks. The urge to leave was strong and you made to leave and find somewhere you could mope in peace when a familiar voice called out to you.

“Why the frowny face, Pumpkin?” For a moment, you honestly thought Nevra had finally come to dance with you, but your hopes were quickly dashed when you spied Ezarel giving you a mischievous smirk.

“Ezarel.” Your flat response caught the elf’s attention, though the grin on his face never faltered.

“Not happy to see me? I’m offended~” He hummed, moving to stand beside you. “Although, I can’t blame you. Let me guess, your prince forgot you, am I right?”

“I’ve been waiting for an hour.” You murmured, looking down. “I thought he’d keep his word…”

There was a silence, as Ezarel studied your face.

“He will.” The words were unexpected, and you found yourself looking up at Ezarel. He refused to meet your eyes as he walked ahead of you, adding over his shoulder, “He’s a man of his word. Even if he doesn’t seem it.”

You could’ve laughed. Did you look so miserable that Ezarel of all people would comfort you? Still, his words made you smile a little, even if Nevra didn’t keep his promise, it was nice to know Ezarel cared enough to cheer you up.

“Thanks, Ez.” The man turned to you, face softening at the small smile on your face.

“…How about a dance?” The suggestion surprised you both, a bright blush appearing on both parties’ faces.

“I-I wouldn’t mind… But are you sure? You don’t like being touched…” He chuckled, taking your hand in his as he led you to the dancefloor.

“I’m a benevolent prince; I can deign to dance with a carriage every now and then.”


Nevra found being surrounded by beautiful women, all fawning for his attention, wasn’t as awesome as he once thought it was. Especially when the only beautiful woman he wanted fawning over him is currently dancing with that blue bastard.

He’d only left your company to stop Chrome from trying to sample the champagne, then he’d found himself swarmed by women, all trying to get him to spend the night with them. He’d tried letting them down gently, but clearly that wasn’t working.

Nevra glanced at you again, jaw tight in irritation as he watched Ezarel dip you, almost growling when he pulled you back, your faces much too close for the vampire’s liking.

“Nevra? Are you listening?” Some busty brunette, he hadn’t caught her name, asked, pressing herself against him.

“Hm? Oh, sorry ladies, but I really have to get going…” He said, a polite smile masking his immense irritation.

“Come on, Captain!” A girl from his guard pouted, “Spend some time with us! I bet we could all have fun~” He laughed lightly, pulling away from the brunette and taking a few steps back.

“Thanks but no thanks. I promised a friend I’d spend the evening with them so…” He tried to escape but was blocked, again, by another woman trying to get his attention.

His gaze by-passed her to rest on you again, eyes narrowing in fury when he sees Ezarel whispering something in your ear that makes you blush.

His fury only grows when Ezarel turns to look at him, a smug smile pasted all over his mug.

The furious sneer he sends back just makes Ezarel laugh, snapping the last string of Nevra’s self-control.

With barely an ‘excuse me’, Nevra forced his way through the crowd of women, his sights set on you and the goal of ripping you away from that damned elf.

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Hi! Your writing is, as usual, absolutely amazing and you post so much and you're absolutely amazing for it! If it's not too much to ask, could you do something where Bokuto, Nishinoya, Kenma and Tendou are reassuring their s/o who is very self conscious about their own appearance and have little confidence? It can be headcanons or scenarios I don't mind, whichever you prefer, dear~ thanks a bunch!!

I’ve come to discover through these that headcanons are, like, the best thing to do ever. Lol, but this was cute, Anon!

Hope you enjoy!

P.s. I just freaking figured out that other people add their own tags when they reblog my stuff and I literally spent about an hour and a half going through my notifications to see what those tags were. I love them. And I don’t know whether to be embarrassed by how much time I spent on it considering I have so many finals to work on! LOL.

Bokuto Koutarou

  • While this boy explodes with confidence, he does know what it’s like to fall into pits of insecurity, so he’d very much make sure to approach the situation very carefully.
  • He’d tell them the way they were feeling was valid - in the sense that society puts these insecurities on everyone - but that they should know that they’re better than anything society can produce.
    • And he’d be sure to tell them everything he loves that society perhaps wouldn’t - the birthmark on their cheek, their head to toe freckles, the beautiful dark kinks in their hair, their curvy figure that he looooves cuddling. And boy won’t stop until he names everything he loves: EVERYTHING.
  • They’ll probably laugh, tell him that they get it and that he has to say that because he’s dating them. Oh no, mistake.
  • It goes from 0 to 100 real fast, because he’s not finished.
    • Their laugh - like, the one where there is no control, where they’re crying and possibly snorting - is his favorite sound, their ability to take on the world so bravely, the way they love so fully, not holding anything back. There is so much about them that is so unique and grand and it kills him that they would even consider he didn’t mean every single word of it.
  • Cuddles, snuggles, and delicate kisses are to be expected afterward. And you better believe he’s spend HOURS just admiring every single part of their body - he’ll kiss every freckle, even the ones you didn’t know you had! - before he takes his time making love to the soul he cherishes to dearly.

Nishinoya Yuu

  • I actually think insecurity is something that might be a little hard for Noya to grasp right away. This kid has almost never been self-conscious about anything, it’s a very foreign concept to him, so catching on to the fact that something is wrong might take some time.
  • And he probably wouldn’t realize how much he’s not helping the situation when they come to him with these insecurities and he brushes them off initially with a, “you shouldn’t feel that way.”
  • That would start the trend of them just keeping things to themselves, because if he’s just gonna blow it off then what’s the point in telling him?
    • I can see it getting kinda bad. They’re fighting for no reason now and they finally snap one day saying how he can just go date someone who’s perfect then.
    • Oh. That’s when it hits him square across the face. And boy, does he feel like the worst boyfriend in the world.
  • From that moment on, this precious bean would try his best to understand what they were going through and be more aware of what they need from him when those moments come on. And he’s a quick learner, taking initiative in snuggle time and providing them with whatever will make them feel loved and wanted - words, physical contact, acts of service - they name it and he’ll do it because he never wants them for feel that way ever again.

Kozume Kenma

  • Really, just really, this kid would know that they’re insecure before they can even figure it out themselves. He had spent so much of his life trying to hide from the insecurities he faced while in middle school, there’s just no way that he wouldn’t see it as clear as day within his significant other.
  • But he wouldn’t bring it up directly, he’d wait for them to come to him when they really needed him. He’d watch them closely though, the last thing he’d want is for them to get too far deep into their own negative thoughts.
    • He’d probably be so wrapped up with making sure they were okay that he would just leave his PSP at home. Everyone is concerned for Kenma’s health - even them - but there are more important things to worry about.
  • Despite his subtle efforts to keep them from falling back into their insecurities, it’s bound to happen - sometimes you just in those moods, ya know? - and they’re breaking down in the middle of their dinner or homework or something just as random.
    • The first time in happened, Kenma panicked. He didn’t know how to handle such an outburst of intense emotion, but he figured it out slowly - and with a LITTLE help from Kuroo?
  • Now it’s just second nature, this boy will let it happen - because you can’t stop the inevitable - and gather up as many blankets he can find to wrap around the both of them where they’re stay burrowed for the rest of the night with Kenma whispered small reassurances and reasons why he loves them that are only heard by them and their surrounding covers.

Tendou Satori

  • I think that with Tendou he might actually be a little oblivious. The kids called ‘Guess Monster’, there are some things that he’s aware of and some that he misses and I feel like this is one of them.
    • Maybe it has something to do with his own past? Like, he knows what it’s like to be self-conscious about who he is and that he holds his significant other up so high that they could never feel that way because they’re amazing, there’s no one out there like them.
  • So when it does end up coming up that their self-conscious of their appearance he is totally floored. Because how can they say that? Don’t they know and see how pretty, no beautiful, no GORGEOUS they are?
  • For a couple days he’s not exactly sure what to do. He knew suggesting besting their enemies as he did when he was younger is not the way to go when the enemy is your own brain, right? But despite not knowing exactly what to do, he never left their side, choosing to console them with his presence at the very least.
    • Tons of forehead kisses and verbalization of his love is how they spend that time. He may not know exactly how to help them gain confidence in themselves, but he can give them all his love - which ends up being one of the main contributing factors to their attitude towards themselves becoming better.
  • Omg, I can just see this tol bean spending a morning in bed with his significant other just covering their face with kisses, smile wide, and every time they try to protest against something he says he just lays another kiss on their lips. Sweet thing will stop them with all his love from thinking less of themselves!

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Congratulations on 1000 followers! I have a preference request: making up after a fight for Fred Weasley, Newt (maze runner), Remus Lupin, and Draco Malfoy. Thank you so much!

Originally posted by writingissatansworstnightmare

During the Fight: Fred’s loud when he’s angry. It comes from living with a big family: he’s quite expressive with his emotions. So chances are, something’s going to break during the argument solely because he’ll fling his arm out without considering the very breakable vase nearby. When you leave, Fred will storm off in the opposite direction to find somewhere quiet and empty where he can calm down on his own. Sometimes George searches his twin out and Fred rants to him, other times he’s alone, left by himself to just shout at nothing until it’s all out of his system.
After the Fight: Fred feels horrible, but he waits for you to find him most times. He’s hurt by the things you said. Your opinions are, after all, some of the few he truly cares about. However, once you do apologize, he’s super cuddly, wanting to just sit on the couch with you in his arms, talking through something far less inflammatory than whatever your argument was about or asking your opinions on pranks he should pull on Snape. He does his best to make you laugh and prays that you will understand just how much he loves you through those gestures.

Originally posted by thefirstgingerdoctor

During the Fight: It’s often at night after a long day of working in the glade. Newt’s very straightforward when he’s arguing with you. He’s so rational and levelheaded it drives you crazy. He doesn’t shout or scream or throw things; he just stands there with his arms across his chest, expression stony and body unmoving. Very few times does the fighting escalate to the point where you both need to leave, but when it does, you’re the one that leaves, heading into the fields to cool off. Newt stays in his room, just lays on his bed and sighs, running back over the argument and trying to figure out what he could have changed. He hates seeing you upset, but he’s frustrated with himself for not being able to contain the situation, so he doesn’t leave to find you right away.
After the fight: Newt finds you in the fields and sits next to you, drawing his knees to his chest and pulling out blades of grass, just waiting until you feel comfortable enough to talk to him. When you do, he apologizes for his part in the argument, tries to explain what he was thinking, but ultimately takes fault for what he did or didn’t say that upset you so. If you accept his apology, he’ll rub circles on your back for a few minutes before kissing you and suggesting the both of you get some sleep. In the morning, you find a bunch of flowers or a flower crown resting where you’re supposed to work.

Originally posted by mrsgarfieldxo

During the fight: Remus is quiet, the type to only mutter snarky comments under his breath. If you’re the same, it’d be a strange fight to anyone watching, one so quiet that some people may not even realize it was an argument. Remus hates fighting, but he would never leave in the middle of one, no matter how angry he became, so you’re always the one to shout “whatever” and storm out. Watching you walk away cools him off almost instantly, but he still usually finds James or Sirius to take a walk around the grounds with, talking about anything but you until he’s calmed down and the guilt over what he said is too heavy to ignore.

After the fight: Remus buys a box of your favorite candies and does his best to find where you went off to. If you tell him to leave you be, he’ll leave the candies next to you and give you your space, apologizing once before disappearing back to the common room, waiting until you’re ready to talk. He’ll apologize as soon as you step through the portrait, grabbing your hands and rubbing circles on the back. After you apologize and thank him for the candies, he pulls you into a long hug, peppering the top of your head with kisses and asking if you’d like to do anything special later to make up for what he said.

Originally posted by nellaey

During the fight: Draco’s mean when he’s arguing, no matter who it’s with. He knows your weaknesses, your insecurities, and he uses them against you if you push him far enough. He’ll say it all with a sneer, his defensive attitude automatically kicking in to protect him. When he sees the pain on your face, he feels horrible, but he’s too far to apologize now, not while he’s this upset, not when you’re the one sitting there taunting him, so he takes it one step further, goes for the kill shot by saying something along the lines of “What are you staring at? Surprised that I noticed what everyone else can?” The stunned anger on your face makes him nauseous, but he just turns around when you leave, pretends he isn’t in pain.
After the fight: Typically, a fight of this caliber usually means the two of you spend a few days apart, ignoring each other in the corridors, pretending not to see one another at lunches, acting like the other never existed. It’s not until one of you can’t stand the silence anymore, that you/he shows up at the other’s door. There’s no mention of the fight, no apologies or agreeing to forgive one another. You just pretend it never happened, though often you’ll find Draco buys you a nicer gift and is overall a bit sweeter, running a hand down your arm more or complimenting how you look when he normally wouldn’t. The fights are infrequent, but they somehow only result in bringing you closer as arguing is one of the only ways for Draco to be honest about what’s scaring him. What scares him almost more than anything, though, is losing you, so he does his best after fights to prove that he loves you more than you understand.

@waytooinlovewithfandoms I hope you like this!

aaaa so my last contribution to voltronwhumpweek (free day) was supposed to be a Lallura sickfic, it didn’t quite come together but this happened instead :’3 I also just wanted to say thank you so so much to the mods for making such an incredible and positive event, I am still going through all the amazing content even now! I had so much fun and will be flailing all over the place if it happens again, it has all been so fantastic and made my whole week ♡

Lance & Allura sick!edition


Lance is one of those people who’s still really cheerful when sick- he prefers being in the company of others to waiting it out alone, he’s not super embarrassed about symptoms and can laugh about being slightly gross etc. So he’ll happily visit Allura’s room and be all sniffly, still wanting to do her hair and so on (the styles get fantastically complicated when he’s stressed but very romantic/flowy when he’s not feeling well). Allura sometimes makes him wear a pair of her socks to keep warm, or she’ll make them both a whole bunch of tea when Lance has been talking non-stop for hours and then can’t stop coughing/spluttering (he’ll do that watery-eyed no-no-I’m-totally-fine handflail and keep trying to chit-chat even then).

Allura’s also figured out that Lance really appreciates small gestures of affection when under the weather (hugs, pats on the back), so though he doesn’t always ask for them, she’ll pull his legs over hers if they’re watching a film, or gently massage his temples or the bridge of his nose if his sinus is aching from being stuffed-up. If the cold isn’t too bad Lance won’t want Allura to worry about it (or genuinely doesn’t think there’s anything to worry about), and he’ll sometimes make his sneeze fit of 4-5 sound more high-pitched/vocalised at the end to make her laugh, or bless himself in a comical way if it accidentally takes him by surprise. Though Lance notoriously gets in trouble for not-covering, he does make an effort if he’s cuddled-up under Allura’s blankets, generally by pulling-up his shirt in whatever way he can.

Allura doesn’t mind Lance crashing out in her bed when he’s ill, he kicks/fidgets a lot but sleeps better when she’s there, and Allura needs far less sleep than him anyway. If he has a fever he’ll wake up a few times (Lance loves hearing these stories in the morning, he’ll make the most cryptic statements which Allura will spend vargas trying to decipher, only for Lance to later be like- ohhhyeah! I read that in a christmas cracker once!), but when he does wake up, Allura will get him to drink some water or blow his nose and then quietly tell him things about Altea until his shivering gets a bit better and he falls back to sleep in her lap.


Aside from occasional exhaustion from piloting the castle through untold dimensions of time and space, Allura hardly ever gets sick. When she does she’s both practical and stoic about it, and is often caught between knowing she needs rest to get better (to help the team), and knowing that isn’t always possible, because the team needs all hands on deck. Allura doesn’t exhibit symptoms as obviously as the human paladins, which often means they don’t notice a mild/moderate cold. But Lance always notices. Allura will seem slightly quieter, take longer to decide on something, or second-guess her decision when she does. She’ll also smile more, in that firm, reassuring way that honestly is really reassuring, but that Lance has come to realise means she’s trying hard to be strong about something. Allura sometimes feels that she worries Coran enough, and though Lance strongly disagrees and knows Coran would too, he doesn’t make her self-conscious by drawing attention to every sniffle. Instead, he’ll try and catch her alone and ask if she’s okay. Lance knows the answer is always going to be yes, but he still wants Allura to know he’s there for her too.

On those rare occasions when Allura catches the team space!flu, she’ll keep to herself as much as she can get away with, and isn’t fooled by Lance’s 1001 reasons he needs to visit her for urgent advice on combat moves/Altean history/face masks, but quietly appreciates him checking-in to make sure she’s still alive. The night Lance found her drenched in sweat on the bathroom floor was one of the worst Allura remembers, but Lance sits with her for what feels like forever, tells her funny stories from his childhood and keeps making sure she drinks water, just a small sip at a time. At one point the fever almost makes her cry, which feels as ridiculous as it does embarrassing, but every time Allura throws up or tries to apologise, Lance is just like ‘uhhh have I even told you about the time I cried at___? threw up at ___? cried and then threw up because I was crying so much?’ until Allura realises that she somehow feels better and in spite of everything he’s actually made her smile. Later Allura goes to thank him (she’s worried her thank you sounds too reserved, it means more than she can say), but then Lance hugs her back, and Allura knows that he knows she means it. And it matters to him too.

Yeah, so, hmm, throwing this out here, it’s the beginning of an Andreil AU where Neil made the call to his uncle after his mom’s death, which means he never went to PSU. It means gangsters and all that, a bit of a dark take on the boys and all.


“And there’s all these cafés and bars just a few blocks down the street, you can get on the subway as well or take a train, it’s a great location,” Nicky chattered to a jet-lagged Andrew. “Erik and I fell in love with the place!” He motioned to the tiny room after he threw open the door. “Well, here it is, your new home!”

Andrew looked at the twin bed, the only thing which would fit into a space that one really should be calling a closet and not a guest room, then set down his suitcase. “Great, now get out.”

Nicky’s grin slipped. “All right, so it’s not much, but we were lucky to find the place, really.” He sighed when Andrew just continued to stare at him. “You know where the bathroom is, towel’s on the bed, we’ll try not to disturb you in the morning and help yourself to anything in the fridge.” He made as if to approach Andrew then thought better of it. “I’m… I’m glad you’re here, really.” He offered Andrew a nervous smile. “Things will work out, you’ll see.” Then he finally got the damn hint and left.

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Don't Drink The Jungle Juice (Requested)

It’s Friday night and you somehow manage to end up at a house party with your best friends. You usually spend the weekends watching movies and eating loads of junkfood, but you all agreed you would try something new this one time. You’re in a strange kitchen looking for something to drink when you see a bowl filled with liquid and a large amount of fruit. It looks like fruit punch so you decide to grab a cup and take some for yourself. Before you can dunk it in, you hear someone say,

“I wouldn’t drink that if I were you.”

You turn around to see a very attractive guy standing in the kitchen with you. You remember seeing him mingling with people earlier. “Why not?”

“It’s this mixture of a whole bunch of alcohol and fruit. They call it jungle juice, it gets you wasted really fast. Unless you knew that and want to get smashed anyway…”

“No! I was just looking for something to drink! I thought it was punch,” you shake your head at how naive you can be sometimes. You say to yourself, “Sneaky bastards. This is the reason I don’t go to parties.”

You figure the guy would be gone by now but he hears your last comment and asks, “Then why are you here?”

You sigh before admitting, “My friends and I sort of agreed to it. It looks like they’re having more fun than me though.” You remove your eyes from the guy and look at your friends laughing hysterically with drinks in their hands. You know you should be having a good time but it’s so annoying how quickly they left you by yourself.

You snap back to reality when the guy says, “You don’t have to drink to have fun at parties.”

“I know, it’s just not really my scene either way. Especially since I don’t know anyone here.”

“Well I’m Dylan, so now you know one person.” Dylan waves his hand in front of you and smiles.

You smile back and continue the conversation with, “Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N. Are you friends with the person who lives here or something?”

Dylan places his hands in his pockets while shaking his head. “Not really, I just showed up like everyone else. I don’t think half the people who go to house parties actually end up knowing the person throwing it.”

He makes a good point. You don’t want to end the conversation, he’s extremely good looking and does seem like a jerk unlike the other guys there, so you say the find thing that comes to your mind. “Do you go to a lot of parties?”

He shakes his head again. “I’m more of an introverted and shy person, parties sort of make me uncomfortable.”

“You’re shy? I don’t believe that.” You roll your eyes at him. “I saw you flirting with some girl earlier. You had your arms around her shoulder.”

Dylan looks confused for a second when he asks, “What girl? The short brunette I was standing with?” Once he realizes who you’re talking about, he starts laughing uncontrollably. “That’s my sister! I was mocking our height difference!”

Your eyes grow wide and you become filled with embarrassment. You’re happy the girl he was talking to is just his sister, but you still feel stupid for jumping to conclusions. “Oh gosh, I’m sorry! This is really embarrassing. I can’t believe I just accused you of flirting with your sister.”

Dylan is still laughing but he settles down and says, “I mean, it’s definitely a first… But it’s surprisingly not the worst thing someone’s ever accused me of doing.”

You talk to Dylan for the rest of the night and exchange numbers before you both leave. The next day, he calls you up and asks you on an official date.

4 Months Later

You’re walking through a park holding hands with your boyfriend of four months. You saw how lovely the weather would be and decided to take advantage of it by spending some time outside. When you finally settle on a tree to picnic under, he turns to you and says, “Hey. you know what I was just thinking about? The day we first met. I saved your life that night.”

You’re confused at where he’s going with this. “You do remember we were at an innocent party, right? How did you save my life?”

“You almost drank that crazy concoction in the kitchen, remember?”

“Oh right! I forgot all about that!”

Dylan is about to take a bite out of his sandwich but stops midway. He smiles to himself and then looks up at you. “Looking back on it now, I’m glad I went to that party with my sister. If I didn’t I would have never met you.”

He leans toward you and you share a sweet, intimate kiss. 4 months ago you would have never thought a party could end up becoming so sentimental to you. “I feel the same way. it’s crazy how one decision can change your life.”

Give Me Love - Chapter Six

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five |

I have one more complete chapter of this I think, then half of a draft of one more part, so I’m running out a little. I wont quit this, and I won’t leave it for too long, but it might take longer than it has done to appear.
I am, however, writing another story (I put a little passage of it up on that Q+A thing) and I’m also working on a prompt that someone sent me, so I can post those instead because both of those should be done soon. Hope you enjoy this chapter :)

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Okay for the birbs AU: Jack and Gabe meeting each other really early on. Like REALLY early on in their childhood. They spend a few weeks as friends before Gabe has to move away again for some reason but meeting that pure cinnamon roll always gave Jack enough hope that blackbirds had a place in the world too. Of course, when they meet again as adults, they don't quite remember each other... uwu

This…I…I really needed this…Thank you anon and I’m so sorry for taking so long to answer ; w; Me hopes yu enjoy ; v;

Being four years of age is a terrible thing for a child to endure bullying. But somehow, Jack has gotten used to it. Going home with split lips, scrapes, black eyes, plucked feathers and even broken nose is something normal to him. It’s better than to spend time at the house, at least. If he is quick enough, then only a few scratches top. But if he isn’t, well…

That is to say, Jack hasn’t expected the pummeling from the surrounding kids to stop when one of them manage to grab one of his tiny wings. Another boy, burly and not older than seven, but bigger than any other kid, bodily hauls the one that’s having a choke hold on Jack, and shoves the rest away.

“Don’t ya have somethin’ better to do?!” He snaps, raspy even at such a young age, skin brown like aged cider and at least two heads above the tallest child in the bunch. But it isn’t his statue or his voice that scares them. His wings, as white as snow, puff up in a threatening gesture, making him larger than he already is. The bullies squeal and scramble, leaving a beaten up, disorientated Jack on the dusty road. Clucking, the sound comical even to Jack’s ears, the big kid squats down by Jack’s side and helps him sit up.

“Oi, ya ok?”

Sniffling, because even though he is used to it, Jack is still just a child, and all of this hurts.

“Oh no, don’t cry!” Despite his earlier confidence, the other boy flusters, petting Jack’s chubby cheeks clumsily, “Here, I’ll carry ya home, yea?”

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Home bad!!! Noooooo!!!”

For a moment, the older boy seems petrified, gawking at the huge rolling tears down dirtied cheeks. But he puffs up after sometime, wiping off the grimes on Jack’s face, “Kay then, where ya wanna go?”

The childish wail quiets down to pouting hiccups, because crying too much would get him hit again, Jack stares up at the boy with huge blue eyes, contemplates as much as he can with his little kiddie mind.

“I know a pwace.” He says eventually, swiping under his nose with his fist, “But you not tell people, yeah?”

That has been one of the very first smile Jack has ever received, “Deal.”

Gabi is only here to visit a relative. Someone from his Papi’s side, he says, who happens to marry someone sooooooooooo far away. Jack has been sullen, but he is happy, too, to finally have a friend. 

Gabi talks a lot, about everything and anything he see or thinks of. He talks about the endless cornfields that are strange to him, the beating sun, the rural dirt roads, the town that is too tiny and the people that all know each other. After that first day, Jack is surprised when Gabi constantly coming back to that little abandoned groove of trees he often hides in. And he brings snacks. Cookies, candies even packets of chips hidden in his backpack.

Jack is certainly awed. But that still isn’t the best thing about Gabi.

Despite Jack being a black bird, Gabi offers to groom his wings. He already has groomed Jack’s wings that day he rescued Jack from the bullies. And gosh if that isn’t the best feeling in the world…

“It’s nice to help people out when they need it. And ya clearly do need help.” Gabi announces, as if it is the most important thing ever, combing out the tangled mess of feathers with his small hands, while Jack munches on a cookie. The little blonde pouts then, crumbs sticking to his blushing apple cheeks.

“But I can’t help you.”

Gabi snorts, “Not with those sticky fingers ya won’t. ‘Side, my Ma already fuses ‘bout ‘em enough. They’re so clean they itch now.”

Jack goes silent. That must have been nice. But maybe not as nice as Gabi is helping him now, under cool shades of pine and crunching on the tastiest cookie Jack has ever had.

“Ya like?”


“Ma makes ‘em!” Gabi puffs up his white wings proudly, “If she has time, she might make churros, I betcha have never had anythin’ as awesome!”

“It sounds awesome.”

And they are. They aren’t piping hot like Gabi has described, but the feeling of cinnamon-coated sugar melting at the tip of his tongue is something that little Jack would never forget. Neither is the triumphant, tooth-gaped grin Gabi shows him when Jack stuffs his face.

“Aren’t you ‘fraid of my…” Jack has asked, gesturing at his tiny obsidian wings.Everybody else does. It’s why Jack is always hit so many times. His momma told him so. But Gabi just shrugs.

“They’re okay. Not as cool as mine, but they kinda match, ay? Like day and night.”

Jack hasn’t understood at first, but his own grin his as bright as the sun when he does, when Gabi stretches his own wing to touch his. 

Jack can’t remember a time when he is so happy.

But everything must pass.

He can’t remember a time when he has been this sad. Not even when people call him names or hurt him. Not even when he is hungry and isn’t allowed to eat. And he can’t seem to stop crying, even when Gabi hugs him for the first time, white wings enveloping his scrawny little form whole.

“Be brave. Stay strong.” The older boy says, even though his voice sounds rougher than usual, almost swallowed in the sharp keening sobs Jack is making, “The world’s big, y’know? Too big, so there’s plenty of space. Even for a Black Bird. If these suckers don’t want ya, then well, too bad in’it? When ya grow up, ya can always come find me. I’ll always have a place for ya.”

Jack is too choked up in his crying to answer, too choked up to even say goodbye.

He never comes back to the groove again, but every word Gabi told him, he remembers. Even when the boy’s face, tooth-gaped smile and tan as aged cider, and wings of a Guardian Angel fades from his frail memory. 

Jack lives and he endures. And when he runs away from home at fourteen, some of the words still gleam in his mind, like morning dew on bruised grass.

There is a place in the world. Even for a Black Bird.

I will always have a place for you.