and then someone trolls me and unfollows

So I’ve noticed that quite a few people I’m following are reblogging/getting asks with senseless trolls about the whole “Bowie was a pedophile” thing (which is one of the biggest contradictions to a person’s character and art that I’ve ever heard in my life lmao). But honestly I think as a fandom we should stop giving the trolls attention. Don’t get me wrong, I love defending my favorite musicians as much as the next fangirl, but since we’ve already given SO many posts dedicated to disproving these really pathetic allegations, it’s just time to ignore it. I know I’ll probably get asks saying “oh just unfollow the people reblogging it,” but I don’t want to do that if I like the blog, and I shouldn’t have to give up something I enjoy because someone else is trying to ruin the fun.

Long story short, I think we should just ignore it altogether, and like all trolls they’ll go away once they aren’t getting a reaction out of people imo. Love all you kooks, and it’s too late to be hateful! (:

So reddit just banned R/fatpeoplehate

I know that this isn’t the kind of blog to have this message, but fork it. So…

R/coontown, a sub for racist options about AAs is fine…

R/cutefemalecorpes, a sub for necro-philia is fine…

R/picsofdeadkids, and r/watchpeopledie is fine (it’s dead people)…

Not to mention the hive of r/beatingwomen and the crown jewel of shit: the red pill, that is alllllll fine.

But point out the gluttony, slow death of 69% of out population by a preventive sickness that only affects the rich and lazy is unnatural and sick? That’s going too far. Fuck reddit.

Reddit, you have lost another user. I’m kicking the habit so I can get my life back in line. Every mile I run, every wight I lift, it’s for you, fph. And I’m not holding anything back now. No more pussyfooting around any more, I’m giving my chubby friends shit for being a waist (get it, it’s a fat joke) of life. I’m giving my skinny friends shit for taking about ham-planets. I’m taking my rightful hate to real life.

If you are fat, or have any sympathy for fat people, then you might de-humanize me as some basement troll. But in truth, that is not the case. The thousands of FPH subscribers are your friends, your family, your boss and everyone you pass on the street. If you can not stand to follow someone who sees the truth, then unfollow me and tell me via ask. Then, you will be forced to say that you are an enabler of death. Gluttony kills more than smoking. Skinny movies stars don’t make people get anorexia, fat cows do.

Good fuckingfucktard day, (hopefully) shitlords, and for the fat “people”, remember that gluttony is one of the seven sins, on par with killing someone and cheating on your SO.

I’m seeing a lot of foodkin posts lately, so… I think it’s about time I came out to all of you, who I really am. This might sound stupid but I need to stop hiding it.

I am a schnitzelkin. More specifically, an Austrian schnitzelkin. 

My triggers are 

  • Beethoven
  • Fryers
  • Knives
  • Forks
  • Uncooked schnitzels
  • People who eat schnitzels (if you are one pls unfollow me)
  • Violins
  • Abused schnitzels
  • Austrian chefs

anonymous asked:

lexa blamed the arkers for landing on their grounds, lexa pushed someone off a tower for defying her, she brought up how Clarke killed the mountain people forcing her to relive PTSD and continued to call her wanheda even if Clarke didn’t want her to, she manipulated clarke with her whole love is weakness spiel, who is the abusive one here??

hi bloopy! thanks for coming into my inbox and asking me to talk about abuse even tho I said it makes me uncomfortable. your fandom is always very classy! but since you insist, let me break this down for you:

lexa blamed the arkers for landing on their grounds

hmm,,, the arkers landed on the ground and immediately burned down an innocent village. it was an accident, yes, but how are they supposed to know that? they were nice enough to meet clarke for a truce… and then jasper started shooting at them. wow… lexa is such a fucking bitch for not trusting them, right?

lexa pushed someone off a tower for defying her

omfffg…. do u realize…. he was the ambassador of a nation that was marching against her army??? and she still let him be in the meeting,,, yet he continued to disrespect her. she had to send a message or she would seem weak. i don’t see u complaining that bellorni blorke killed 300 innocents in their sleep to “””send a message””” but that’s not the point… i don’t see how politics enters in to emotional abuse but thanks for reaching bc it just shows how much u don’t have a leg to stand on

she brought up how Clarke killed the mountain people forcing her to relive PTSD and continued to call her wanheda even if Clarke didn’t want her to

 ?? ? ? ?? ? ?? ? the only reason she brought it up was because A) the ice nation was AFTER HER HEAD and B) because clarke brought up the mountain first????? she was calling lexa out on her shit,,,, omfff how dare lexa tell her side of the story,,,, what an abusive lesbian bitch

she manipulated clarke with her whole love is weakness spiel

oooh h h h  my god….  hoooly ,,, , , ,this is my favorite argument tbh. i love it. lexa was told love is weakness from the second she popped out of her mom’s hoo ha and started bleeding black blood. i’m fucking laughing bc… u know why she told clarke love is weakness? because she fucking believed it herself. she was empathizing with clarke. they both lost someone special to them, and lexa was empathizing with her, and giving her advice on how to cope. i can’t,,, even deal w this……. she literally did the exact opposite of emotional abuse, empathizing and listening and understanding, and yet… . .. wow

anyways,,, catch a block from me next time u troll my inbox with this shit after i specifically asked you not to bring this up bc it’s triggering to me. i’ve stayed on my blog, if u don’t like what i post unfollow me and dont come at me. i dont come trolling on blorke blogs listing the reasons i think bloop is manipulative and toxic. stay in ur lane and i’ll stay in mine thank u!!!!

astralconsultant replied to your post: every time someone gets all buttfluste…

“every time someone gets all buttflustered over g3s, I just wanna draw more of ‘em.” OH MY GOD G3 IS LIKE THE WORST THING I WILL TOTALLY UNFOLLOW YOU IF YOU DO NOT STOP THIS AT ONCE. HOW DARE YOU #DISGRUNTLED #DISMAYED

I know you’re joking but I get legit angry messages about this, it’s amazing. normally I ignore it or assume it’s trolling but sometimes I just gotta shake my head at how ridic it is (and then draw more g3 ponies out of spite)

if the internet has taught me anything it’s that some people get really really mad if you like stuff they don’t (and vice-versa)

anonymous asked:

On average, how many people do you block a day? Also, would you say that you've probably been trolled by the majority of those you block or do you think it is their real opinion?

I literally block so many blogs and IP addresses a day counting would be useless.

To be honest, Blocking is so fun and easy!💚
You don’t even have to second guess it, just click the trash icon and it says “do you want to block” and Ta-Da they irrelevance is gone. I don’t even think about it I just do it. On my personal and all my side blogs.

Some spewing any type of racial hate or ignorance? BLOCKED.💁🏾 An anon wanna start asking irrelevant or distasteful questions? BLOCKED 😇 You wanna start acting sarcastic and annoying? BLOCKED.😃 Someone trolling hard? BLOCKED 😱 Attempting to make me feel bad in my own inbox? BLOCKED 😈 If a person has a salty attitude?BLOCKED.😜 Someone literally said “u have one more strike before I unfollow u guys. I’m just letting you know to be careful what you post because we as followers don’t have to follow you forever” hell, I did the third strike for them Blocked them right then and there😊! *pretends I’m Oprah handing out free blocks for everyone*

Like, cyber bullying is so easy to stop… plus the fact that I can’t take it seriously because youre not even doing it to my face. Like, it’s behind a computer screen! I find it comical… I know I should take it seriously, but cyber bullying just don’t work on me like that 😂😂😂😂.

Disclaimer: Not every person we block ends up on our blocked list we have posted.

- Susie 😘