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Vanish in the Dark Pt 10

Pairings: None at the moment(Kind of)

Warnings: Language, nothing major

Word Count: 1600+

Summary: Assassin’s Creed AU and Marvel AU crossover.  The Brotherhood has spent years hiding in the shadows keeping the Templars in line as the years pass on. When the Templars company Abstergo Industries strikes up a deal with Hydra, things have to change. The Brotherhood decides to step out of the shadows, reaching out for the help of the Avengers. What could go wrong?

A/N: Yaaassss, shit’s gonna go down next part! I’m excited, are you excited, cause I am! No but for real, I wanna take time to thank YOU GUYS for reading and sending me love! Seriously, it means so much to me! I’m not super close to the end of this series but it’s getting pretty close. I hope you guys enjoy this part! Also, reblogging and like lets me know if you guys like it or not! Enjoy!!

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Part Nine | Part Eleven *Coming Soon*

“Wait a minute. What?”

Y/N had to hold back the eye roll she felt coming on. Tony wasn’t stupid, so she wasn’t certain why he was continuously questioning every shred of information she fed them. Right now, she was trying not to pummel him.

“Do you need a hearing aid, Stark?” Y/N spoke through gritted teeth.

“No. I just wanted to double check. You’re telling me, they’re in a dormant volcano. In Russia?”

“And Georgia. Don’t forget Georgia.” Aubree added, twirling her knife between her fingers. Tony shot her a glare, but otherwise ignored her.

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itsdragonfire13  asked:

Okay, but what if... What if Desmond is actually alive? And like is being held prisoner by the Templars and the whole they took his body video thing is all a lie made to hurt the assassin(they sent a video all about Shay once to hurt them).

I like your idea. They find Desmond barely alive, their first idea is of course to kill him, but why do that? why get rid of someone as important as he is??? What if instead they hock him up to a machine and the whole “Oh we are using a subject blood for the memories” is a lie and deep down on Abstergo HQ there is a room where a commatose Desmond is being keep continuously connected to an animus that feeds up all Helix console memories. 

if you cant picture edward kenway in his fucking boxers dancing and poorly singing to talk dirty to me while he thinks he is home alone you are lying to yourself and need to get the fuck out of my face

Grand Theft Auto V, like all the other entries in the GTA franchise, is a game that lets you live out all the criminal fantasies that have ever lived hopefully only inside your head. The one thing you can’t pretend to be within the game’s universe is a serial killer (what you’re doing would be considered more of a spree killing) but you can find one lurking in the background, if you know where to look.

In GTA5, you can visit an abandoned house that was once owned by someone named Merle Abrahams, and spray painted on the wall is an ominous message: “THERE WILL BE 8.”

If you go inside, there’s another message painted on the wall: “8 IS JUST INFINITY STOOD UP.” And on a nearby rock, you can find a bunch of graffiti of 8s or infinity symbols, as well as a poem.

So already you can tell that there’s someone out there who has a weird obsession with the number 8, and who has made the genius observation that 8 looks like a sideways infinity symbol, so we’re obviously dealing with someone whose powers of deduction are second to none.

5 Video Game Easter Eggs That You’ll Wish We Never Found

Assassin's creed series:Honest trailer script

From Ubisoft…the company that killed prince of Persia with no proper ending.

Comes a game just like prince of Persia …but this time, with no ending.

Assassin’S CreeD"“

Prepare your for a conspiracy dark mysteries historical game, where two great secret organizations are fighting over the humans free well, while they both responsible for all the famous historical events in the world, whit both sides totally convinced on their moral codes.

Until…you discover that they both been used by a strange god like creatures that came before us and created us as slaves, and now one of called Juno is trying to destroy our world in put in some place called the gray. Wha…what?

But don’t be afraid, as the creed of the assassins “Nothing is true, everything is permitted” is the only hope to save our will and world, while it’s actually the same creed that might destroy us all.

Meet the Templars. The great secret organization that try to control the world and think they are the good guys…. I mean seriously since when the good guys try to control the world.

They see that the humans are very stupid and need someone to guide them, forgetting the terrifying fact that they are also human beings.

Meet Desmond miles the greatest assassin of his generation that will take us to the end….or for the half way of the series because Ubisoft decided that they don’t need to care about the story anymore.

Access the Animus, a machine that allow you to go to the past and do some full synchronization optional objectives, and get ready to meet cool assassins such as Ezio Auditore and some others one night stand assassins that they only there because Ubisoft couldn’t make Ezio live forever.

But don’t worry yourself about getting a sequel for your favorite not Ezio assassins and listen to one of the best music that ever made in a video game like: jesper kyd’s “Ezio family”. And the other composers’ great works like: “Ezio family” in different themes.


*the game where the story was good but the gameplay sucks

*the game that everyone loves

*the two games that follow the game that ever one loves

*the game that people hate because it don’t have Ezio

*the pirate game with assassins crossover

*the buggiest game ever

*And…GTA in Victorian London.

Not starring…

*Desmond miles anymore.

*jesper kyd anymore

*that atmosphere you loved in the old games

*Connor/Shay/Arno/Aveline endings.

*Feudal Japan game

Assassin’s Creed: see you next year!

If being angry at someone who likes something else has become so inextricably bound up in our own pleasure in things that we love, it would go a long way toward explaining why debates about previously nerdy cultural objects and pastimes have become so heated — even at a moment when there are more of these objects being produced at a higher level of professionalism and consumed by larger audiences than ever before.

The numbers are undeniable. In television, the number of scripted shows on cable alone has risen 1,000 percent in the last 15 years, and that figure does not even account for the rise of aggressive new players like Netflix and Amazon. When a graph charting the growth in the number of video games released each year was circulated in 2010, the curve was so dramatic that Kotaku’s Luke Plunkett wrote that it made him feel overwhelmed. Superhero movies have also seen a steady climb in the market share they command.

Nobody is asking that Marvel and DC stop making movies and television shows about male superheroes until we have enough Black Panther, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Wonder Woman movies to constitute parity or proportional representation. Instead, the request is that, in a market where the appetite for superhero movies seems to be infinite, a few of these non-white, non-male characters get some of the slots in an ever-expanding roster that may stretch as far out as 2028.

Explicitly feminist video game critics, like Anita Sarkeesian, and producers of alternative video games like Zoe Quinn, are not actually calling for video games that involve violent, exploitative or indifferent behavior towards woman to be yanked off the market. Instead, they are suggesting that the market still has room to expand, and that some of that expansion might come from a different sort of offering, be it more playable female characters in franchises like “Assassin’s Creed” or more choose-your-own adventure and casual gaming options with new perspectives.

And the boom in television means that there is more vastly more content out there than any critic can consume, much less any viewer who also has a job and a personal life. If we want to glut ourselves on our television genre of choice, we can watch our fill and still have there be plenty of room in the programming schedule for innovative offerings like Netflix’s prison drama “Orange Is the New Black” to be breakout hits. Tony Soprano and his ilk do not have to die so Poussey and Taystee can live.

Maybe this is a period of adjustment, and flag-flying geeks and nerds will emerge from this upheaval in a better place. Maybe people will see that the video game industry can survive both expansion and criticism. Maybe “Game of Thrones” fans will recognize that the show’s essence will survive even with fewer naked, threatened women on screen. Maybe the bomb threats will stop.

—  Alyssa Rosenberg, “Geeks have become their own worst enemies." 

I think it’s ridiculous that people actually think that representation should matter with video games but literally. It really does! Being native american myself, seeing that Ubisoft made Connor literally got me interested in the whole series. It was kinda like “Hey he looks like my brother/neighbor/cousin, and his mum looks like mine!” It was like looking in a mirror, but in a good way. It gave me a feeling that “hey someone like me could be the main character, I could be the good guy.” But now with Edward being white and these new guys being again white, its like, what happened to all that diversity? I know I don’t really want to support the franchise anymore if they decide to keep making all their protagonists white males… 

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