and then someone choosing to acknowledge that fact

Another Chance

Summary: The reader ends up on a double date with Dean. Will they have a good time or will they drive themselves and everyone else crazy?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,979

“I can’t do this. I’m leaving your ass here. Call me when you need to be picked up!” You declare strongly, ignoring the sheer panic flashing across your best friend’s pretty features.

“Don’t you dare. Let’s go!” Jenny huffs theatrically, grabbing a hold of your bicep and refusing to set you free.

“I did not agree to this.” You whine dramatically making your best friend suddenly shoot daggers at you.

“You agreed to go on this double date! Come on, Y/N. This is my first date with Sam and I’m really nervous. I need a buffer.”

“I figured my date would be someone I actually like. Sam has so many cute friends and he picked his god damn brother. What the fuck?”

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Is The White Princess Empowering? 

I love period dramas. Like most things in my life, I blame Xena for that. This past week I was able to watch a special screening of The White Princess through Refinery29. It was an interesting watch. I am not a fan of Phillippa Gregory’s interpretations of the women involved in the Wars of the Roses. However, I do often enjoy these types of shows because, despite it all, I know there are good acting and eye candy. The White Princess was no different and while I was watching it and listening to the Q&A after, I was thinking about how we tell the stories of women in history. Specifically as to how they choose to portray empowerment. This got kinda long, but I hope all my other history lady loving nerds will see where I’m coming from. I’m enjoying the show, but I just gotta call something out…

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PLEASE stop underrating Michael Jackson and his talents. I understand that everyone is not going to like him (only God knows why) or be a fan, but NEVER underrate him. I’m soooooo tired of hearing people say that all he could do was this

While he did moonwalk quite well, he was so much more than a dance move and Thriller. Michael Jackson was an amazing singer, composer, dancer, performer, actor, humanitarian, and innovator. He didn’t just take dances or music from artists before him and “redo” them. He reinvented the things that inspired him. He made them better. He made them stand out. 

Michael had some of the BEST vocals ever. Even as a child he sang with the emotion and passion of a man who had lived for years. He took the time to perfect his talents. He worked extremely hard for all of his achievements. Michael unquestionably deserved the title “King.”

So many artists today cite Michael as one of their main inspirations. I can’t even begin to fathom how people can call him irrelevant. The fact that you’re trying to blur his legacy proves his relevance. In most cases, people end up putting Michael down to try to exalt their fave. This is HIGHLY unnecessary. Firstly, if you are so comfortable with your fave’s position and think they are so talented, why are you trying to put another artist down? You obviously feel like that person is a threat. Secondly, NO ONE compares to Michael Jackson. Stop thinking that they do just because your fave is obviously inspired by him. I promise your fave can still be considered talented in the same world that MJ is considered talented without you undermining his impact.

I just can’t understand why people get so offended by others acknowledging Michael’s greatness. Every time I see someone talking about how amazing he was, there’s always someone waiting to talk about how he’s overhyped. If anything, he’s the exact opposite. As I said earlier, he is mainly credited for his dancing and performing. So many people completely ignore all the great songs he wrote with amazing messages. So many people ignore his videos (short films) that have messages just as strong as his music. So many ignore the power of his voice and how it demands your attention. Why?

People choose to ignore the fact that his “Remember the Time” short film was set in Egypt, so every person in the video was black.

People choose to ignore the fact that “They Don’t Care About Us” was basically him saying, “Black lives matter,” in the 90s.

People choose to ignore that Michael said, “It don’t matter if you’re black or white.”

So in conclusion, I’m not telling you to stan. I’m not telling you to spazz every time you see something MJ related. I’m simply asking you to not be ignorant. Resist the urge to start shit every time someone talks positively about Michael. Understand that he was one of the most talented (if not the most talented) people to ever walk this earth. You’re going to hear about him. His legacy and impact will never die simply because he will never stop inspiring artists, and he will never stop being great. Please just realize that more than one person can be talented and looked up to. You don’t have to put MJ down to make your fave look good. That’s stupid.

Have a blessed day, and stay off of my blog with that bullshit :)

anonymous asked:

I saw your pro-life pose and was wondering on your stance when the mother's life is in danger by continuing the pregnancy? I'm not trying to start anything or be disrespectful, but I'm trying to figure out my own views on abortion and I'm trying to figure out various points of view.

Sorry it took me a bit to answer, Anon. In all honesty, I hadn’t put as much thought into this issue as I should have, so I wanted to do a little research into the medical conditions and collect my thoughts.

First, it would be important for any mother in that situation to look into all her options and seek a second opinion. I’ve read of a few cases where doctors would (for various reasons) jump to terminating the pregnancy without all the information, and then later turn out to have misjudged the situation. (Here’s one article.)

This is a dilemma, with no “right” answer. Two lives are in danger. If the mother decides against surgery to remove the baby, then both she and her baby have either a high risk or certainty of dying. (And what if there are other children now left without their mom?) If she chooses treatment, only her baby dies. (That sounds terrible to say, only a baby dies.)

To me, this is very different from abortion. Abortion is dehumanizing the baby, or saying that one person’s life is less important than another person’s (or people’s) comfort.

In this situation, it’s acknowledged as a tragedy. It is a tragedy to avoid a greater tragedy.

I guess what I’m saying is…it’s the mother’s choice. It’s the family’s decision to make, and they shouldn’t be forced one way or the other by someone outside. And I would not condemn a mother for choosing treatment to risks ending the pregnancy, in order to save her life.

I appreciate your asking my opinion, and the fact you’re asking. “The one who asks is never lost.” It’s important to look at all the sides before making decisions, so I’m glad you’re doing just that. I hope my answer was helpful, at all.

anonymous asked:

So I'm writing something that's kind of sci-fi but also very Avatar the Last Airbender style and I have three main characters from three different backgrounds and origins but they were all born in the same supernatural way. My main problem is figuring out how they all meet. Do you have any prompts of characters A, B, and C meeting under unconventional circumstances?

That sounds very interesting. I love fantasy/supernatural/sci-fi stuff, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a huge fan of Avatar the Last Bender. So you’ve got me intrigued. So there are many different ways you could have them meet, in fact your options are limitless:

1. You can have them all meet in a very common place like a mall or a classroom. Take the classic ‘breakfast club’ situation and place them all somewhere they are forced to acknowledge and bond with each other. 

2. Literally running into each other is always a fun one. If someone or something is trying to capture all of them, for reasons unknown, and they end up bumping into each other, they most likely would choose to team up, if they realize they are all being chased. 

3. Saving someones but. This one can be either very funny or very serious, and usually helps display personalities right away. When one or two characters are in an obviously bad spot, and the others save them. 

4. Prophecy. If you’re working with fantasy or supernatural realms, the ideas of fate or prophecy pushing the characters together is always an option. It doesn’t always have to be a spoken or written word like the typical prophecy, it can also be an unseen or maybe even seen force that pushes the characters together. For example, all of them being chased to the same location by random chance by something that might not really be there. There’s also visions or dream like prophecy in which the character sees the other before they actually meet (Since you’ve already mentioned ATLA. Think the swamp episode, where Aang see’s Toph, only to realize later she is meant to be his earth bending teacher.) 

And here are a couple prompts for these kinds of situations: 

1. A:“Why am I here again.” 

B: “The same reason we are all here.” 

A or C: “This wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t the two of you who were in here with me.” 

2. A:“Watch where you’re going!”

B: “Me?! Why you weren’t paying any attention either!” 

C: “None of us were paying attention! But if you start paying attention now, you’d realize we should probably keep running!” 

3. A: “You know, your really rude for someone who almost died right now.” 

B: “They are right, a thank you would be nice. After all, we did save you.” 

C:”Yeah well, I am not that safe yet, I’ll thank you when you get me away from this place.” 

4.A:”Do I know you?”

B:”No, I think I would remember someone as annoying as you.” 

C:”No, No he’s right. We’ve definitely met before. I recognize you. I recognize both of you..” 

5.A: “What are you doing in my house?!” 

B: “This is your house? I must say it’s very lovely, you have a great eye for furniture.”

A:”Oh, well th-Thats not the point! What are you doing here!?”

C:”Were hiding! Now if you two dont shut up, we’ll be caught and we’ll all be in massive trouble!” 

I really hope this helps and I wish you luck with your writing! If you have any other questions, or something isn’t clear, please feel free to contact me!  

all I ask, at the very least, is for someone - maybe Aaron himself - to acknowledge the fact that Aaron could be with someone else?? that he could leave Robert and walk away.

like someone - I don’t care who - being like ‘you do know you could have other men right? you don’t have to stay with Robert’ and Aaron saying ‘I know I could.. but I don’t want other men, I want this one. I’m not staying because I feel obligated or anything, I know I could leave. I am choosing to stay because that’s what I want, because I love him and because being with him makes me happy, believe it or not.’

idk just please can we have something like this?? 

luminousalicorn  asked:

wait, so are you in fact allowed to duel foreigners? do you have treaties allowing that?

It’s not an area of law that’s been thoroughly tested, because dueling foreigners is generally considered beneath one’s dignity, like hunting deer with a sniper rifle.

Established facts: I certainly couldn’t go duel a foreigner in their own country, nor would I try to. But yes, it would be legal for me to issue that challenge and legal for them to accept, and if they turned me down and I kept formally escalating, eventually they would have to choose between accepting the challenge and leaving the country immediately.

What’s not yet established is what happens if the challenge is issued and acknowledged and then the person visits Ereith. Locally, if I were to contact someone who lives in another city and tell them that if they ever visit the capital I’m going to fight them, and they acknowledged that I’d said that, showing up in the capital would constitute accepting the challenge.

(This only applies when the location of challenge is where I live and the person I’m challenging does not also live there. If I’m visiting my family on the southern coast for a week and I develop a grudge against someone from the next town over, I can’t make them fight me if they show up in [location redacted to preserve some semblance of anonymity]; if I’m at home in Tsiannedai and I develop a grudge against my neighbour, they won’t automatically accept a challenge just by continuing to be in the same place where they themselves live.)

I don’t currently plan to be the test case on that question, but the temptations have been strong today.

11 Powerful Mantras to Attract True Love and Happiness

Written & Edited By: Power of Positivity - Website

Everyone on this Earth deserves love and happiness, but many people look for these things in the wrong places. Believe it or not, both of these represent states of being that anyone can achieve by focusing their thoughts and intentions on love and happiness, and then following through with action.

Many of us feel disconnected and frazzled in our daily lives, often looking for something more that can’t be found in a job, a salary, material items, or other relationships. In fact, we often overlook one of the most powerful sources for love and happiness – ourselves! You can unlock more of your “superpowers” by utilizing the following mantras to reconnect you with your spirit. These can also help you remember that you have the capability to shift any negative or heavy thoughts into transformative, positive ones.

Use these 11 powerful mantras to create love & happiness in your life:

1. “I love myself, no matter what.”

I use this affirmation daily to help me remember that even when I make mistakes or have negative thoughts, I will love myself through it all. If you allow love to move through you, you will be able to express that love more easily to others. Simply put, we all actually ARE love, so saying this mantra aloud each day will remind you of your true state of being and bring you peace in times of both triumph and adversity.

2. “I am an infinite being, capable of extraordinary things.”

Most of us go through life limiting ourselves and not fully owning our potential. When you say these words to yourself, you become aware of your own power and will have a lot more confidence throughout the day to accomplish goals. Remember, you were created for a specific purpose, and the Universe is waiting for you to realize that and unleash your true power as a human being.

3.“I am in complete control of determining my emotions.”

When you let people or circumstances control your feelings, you deny yourself the ability to control your own emotions. You give away your power and allow other people’s opinions to destroy your state of mind. If you decide each day to become your own master and take charge of your feelings, you will immediately feel happier knowing that nothing outside of you can ever take away your bliss.

4. “I AM.”

How many times have you or others put a label on who you are? Probably more times than you can count. Labels only serve as ways to categorize people, because we were all taught from an early age to describe people based on characteristics. However, when you do that to yourself, you automatically negate your individuality. You place yourself in a box, bound to the implications of that label. For example, let’s say you feel depressed, so you tell your mom “I AM depressed.” Of course you will feel that way since you have placed that label on yourself. However, by choosing to acknowledge the fact that you exist, you can simply say “I am.” This takes an enormous weight off your shoulders once you give up the need to subscribe to a label that someone else created.

5. “I accept abundant love, happiness, and positive energy into my life.”

Just by saying this, it will automatically lift your energy levels and get you in a positive mindset to start the day. Everyone deserves an abundance of joy and love in their lives, but not everyone believes it. You must believe that you are deserving of positivity, love, and abundance in order to receive it. The Universe responds to your energy every second, so make sure you put out into the world what you would like to receive.

6. “I am not a drop in the ocean. I am the entire ocean in one drop.”

Rumi originally said this, and the meaning behind it still holds true. Essentially, it’s saying that you are not just a part of this universe, but you ARE the universe. You are not just a part of the ocean, you ARE the ocean. You are both a part and the whole at the same time. You have a significant role to play in this existence, and the whole Universe would be altered if not for your presence here on Earth. If you believe that, it will greatly help you along your path in life. You must believe you matter to believe you’re worthy of both love and happiness.

7. “I love myself exactly the way I am.”

Regardless of where you’re at in life and where you want to go, love yourself anyway. Be kind to yourself anyway. Even if you want to lose thirty pounds, or make more money, or change careers, or live elsewhere, realize how far you’ve come and be thankful for what your journey has taught you so far. Take away the conditions surrounding the love you give to yourself, and instead practice unconditional love. Loving yourself no matter the circumstances takes courage and practice, but if you give yourself permission to love the entirety of who you are, you will attract that energy back as well. Plus, it will give you a greater sense of self-worth.

8. “I will stay true to who I am at all times.”

It’s easy to cave into peer pressure and just go with the status quo to avoid making waves. However, this will only stifle your true spirit and make you feel disconnected with yourself. Be brave and stand up for what you believe and what you feel in your heart to be true. Not only will you increase your self-respect, but others will actually respect you more for standing up for yourself, even if you’re standing alone.

9. “I am thankful.”

I call this the “attitude of gratitude.” It’s so important to remind ourselves often of all our blessings in life, because we can easily take them for granted and focus on everything we don’t have instead. If you want to feel happy, just be mindful of all your blessings, and remember all those things you have that many don’t: food, water, shelter, clothing, safety, etc. Get in the habit of expressing your thanks to the Universe, and you will soon find you have even more to be thankful for.

10. “Every day is a new beginning.”

If you feel like you have taken the wrong turn in life, remember each sunrise gives you a chance to take the right turn. Each day you wake up holds endless opportunities for you to make your life the one you want to live. You can create the reality you want out of any circumstances, and if you can read this right now, you have the same chance as anyone else at manifesting the world that you want to see.

11. “I will observe myself, free of judgment.”

We can either be our own best friend, or our own worst enemy. It all depends on our outlook about ourselves. If you look at yourself as an incompetent, anxious, negative, unworthy, untalented individual, your reality probably won’t be that enjoyable to you. You will see everything as you see yourself: dark, dreary, and hopeless. However, if you simply acknowledge the fact that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, and realize that mistakes and imperfections come as part of the package deal, you will experience a much more positive reality. Learn to look at yourself without having to comment. You don’t always have to have something to say about yourself – you can simply sit back, observe, and allow the Universe to flow through you.

Shared With Love. Peace & Blessings, Our Journey to Balance

@dawowbearfeminist i thought i’d already responded to these this morning but i did it on mobile so of course it fucked up and i can’t find what i said but here’s the gist of it:

of course, they are at fault if they misstep and 100%, people can choose not to follow them. i’m not saying people have to keep watching after they were hurt by something the game grumps have said. for instance, after that rape jokes episode, if someone were to decide that that was the last straw and they didn’t wish to continue watching them, then they are of course well within their rights not to watch them anymore! but the fact should be acknowledged that that was apologized for multiple times and a trigger warning was put on the video after people expressed their concerns about it. after all that to call them out for being horrible people because they make rape jokes makes you the shitty one, not them. they acknowledged that a mistake was made and apologized and i haven’t heard a single rape joke since, and i guarantee you if they ever did and people came to them sharing their discomfort with it, the same steps would be taken.

people can’t just go around flinging accusations like “racist” and “transmisogynistic” and calling them terrible people when none of those things are true. just because you dislike someone doesn’t mean it’s right to go around spreading lies. people are pulling up receipts of them saying ignorant shit which are all from- surprise, surprise- YEARS ago. it’s fucking ridiculous. it really just seems like it’s become a huge part of tumblr culture to call people out for some mistakes/blunders they’ve made in the past and slap these labels on them for it, as if people can’t change or ever make mistakes. the game grumps have shown time and time again that their intention is NEVER to hurt people and they’ve always shown a willingness to learn from their mistakes and take steps to not make that same mistake again. it’s like some people don’t even care about that- they just want to look for reasons to hate. 

so that’s my issue here. people can dislike them and their humor, not want to watch the show, etc. but to call them awful people is absolutely false. 

edit: i wasn’t trying to imply that YOU specifically were the one that said they’re horrible people for making rape jokes, i was using the general “you” meaning anyone who says that is in the wrong

How to be truscum:

- Worship cishet patriarchy
- Pretend everything mainstream society says is 100% indisputable fact
- Throw a fit every time a trans person is doing something other than hating themselves and wallowing in The Dysphoria™
- Pretend that dysphoria is rigidly defined and doesn’t very from person to our person or throughout our lives
- Act like an alt-righter
- Get all your trans history wrong, pick and choose which bits to acknowledge when it suits you
- Pretend doctors are godly and not at all humans who get things wrong or who have historically oppressed trans people, the mentally ill, and disabled people alike
- Throw a tantrum when someone dares attempt to modernise the discourse or theories surrounding gender and transness
- Attack nonbinary people for being “not trans enough”
- Just in general be an ignorant fucking fool with no concept of revolution or liberation
- Use outdated and offensive terminology because How Dare Anyone Ever Change The Discourse
- Pretend every nonbinary and/or nondyphoric trans person is Cathy Brennan in disguise, rather than her using your fear against you


An open letter to white mothers;

Dear white mothers, 

The very second that you choose to have a child of color, each and every one of your views must change. The facts that you have learned as a white woman are not invalid, and they are not irrelevant but you must acknowledge the vast and complex differences between your life and your child’s. 

So white mothers, I must plead; please do not speak for your children. You may speak up, I encourage you to speak up for your children, but not over. Your opinions and view points are entirely different than that of someone who has faced a completely different prejudice. Do not take words from their mouths, and do not take the air from their lungs. 

Each and every day your child will pick up micro-aggressions that have been ingrained into you as normal; listen to them when they point them out. They notice the way that other white people’s eyes linger on their skin, the slant of their eyes, the width of their nose. They know the way that this country hates them. 

You want to raise a child who is intelligent, and fair. That’s good, but the first step is to inform them of ways to make sure this world is fair to them. Again, I plead. Listen to your children. For gods sake, hold them close and listen to every word that comes out of their mouth. 

You may cry, you may stomp, and you may be afraid. But never let that get more important to you than your own child’s worry. 


From a Woman of Color who used to be a Child of Color who’s opinions were silenced by her white mother. 

anonymous asked:

You: Lucas loves Maya. Lucas: It's always been Riley. I really like you Riley. I choose you Riley. Me: ????

Y'all are all about these really pretty surface level sound bites, but it’s like you never acknowledge context, which is unfortunate because context is as crucial to your ability to understand a story as dialogue is.

It’s always been Riley.

Sweet sentiment. Really. Except for the fact that he basically dismisses that in his very next breath when he says, “Except it was Maya who did that for Riley because that’s who Maya is.” He essentially diminishes the importance and validity of Riley’s always by making a comment about who Maya is, before proceeding to put jelly beans on her side of the scale, thus balancing it (Rilucas shippers are really good at ignoring the importance of the scale coming up balanced.)

It’s like rilucas shippers forget that more happened in that scene after Lucas said that it was always Riley. That isn’t where the scene ends and what he says about Maya as a rebuttal to it “always” having been Riley is a pretty massive whammy, especially when you acknowledge the importance this show places on understanding who someone is in relation to romantic feelings.

Again, sweet sentiment, but that’s not where it ends…

I really like you Riley.

Again, sweet sentiment and not something I’d dispute about the character’s feelings when it was said 40+ eps ago, but how exactly does that take away from the fact that he could, in fact did, have legitimate, though admittedly not 100% understood, romantic feelings for Maya???

I choose you Riley.

Again, sweet, except…holy lack of context.

This was not a decision Lucas came to completely on his own with no outside influence, which, if you’ll remember, was stressed by the writers in New World as the right way for a couple to come together:

Relationships are supposed to be about two people who make the choice to come together by themselves. Of their own free will at the right point in time.

Unfortunately for Riley & Lucas, that’s not what happens for them in ski lodge.

The decisions made in Ski Lodge (which the writers have already stated were not the right ones…and if you’re paying attention, you’ll understand this more after Goodbye) were a result of major emotional regression, mixed in with a healthy dose of Maya pushing Lucas. Don’t get me wrong, do I think Lucas had oscillated back in Riley’s direction by the start of Ski Lodge 2 after clearly leaning towards Maya in Upstate? Yes, but do I think that would have been the case without Maya’s emotional regression kick starting his emotional regression? No. And do I think he would have moved forward with that decision without Maya’s push? No.

“If you care about me, go find Riley.” Maya tells him that if he cares about her, he needs to find Riley. And, so he does.

8 words for you, Anon: “She’s the one who sent me to you.”

Ya’ll gotta stop looking at these bits of dialogue like they exist in a vacuum. They don’t. There’s a whole bunch of context that happens around it and that is what tells you the story. 

I think that to believe is to acknowledge that it’s a choice in that present tense and that doubt is always an option. You’re not dealing with a fact like one plus one equals two—I’m gonna choose to believe that. It’s kind of one of those things where you are choosing to believe that someone loves you. That is always going to be your choice. So for me, I think that’s what makes the faith that I have volatile and explosive and dangerous and troubling. That’s what most of my songs are about.
—  Jon Foreman

A while ago I was asked about my favorite underrated Clexa scene. While it has been talked about, I still feel like it largely gets overlooked when we have various Clexa Weeks and whatnot that have that as one of their questions/tasks. 

So, uh, here it is. Gifs are from this post by supercanaries because I was too lazy to make my own.

Yup, it’s that one. And this is a long one so it’s after the cut.

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It’s kind of hard dating someone you really like knowing for a fact that the relationship has an expiration date… You take the time you have and love every second of it but in the back of your mind it’s a small painful feeling you just refuse to acknowledge. Then when it hits you it’s like an explosion of pain. Right now I choose to ignore.

anonymous asked:

Is it impossible to talk about how white people or men or whatever might have societal advantages because of certain systems without personally insulting said people??

When you think like this you’re really just insulting the intellegance of everyone, including yourself.

Making blanket statements of who’s privileged and who’s oppressed is the first thing you are doing wrong. Why do you want people to “check their privileges” anyway, making people feel some type of way about how they were born? And why would you want to convince people that they’re oppressed or underprivileged or whatever you wanna call it…because of how they are born? You’re killing 2 birds with 1 stone here and not in the good way. I thought going after people for how they were born was wrong? That’s what the gays and blacks have always said but…not no more?

And money is the only privilege that matters anyway. Money can open doors for you regardless of what you look like, money is power. This seems to always go ignored in this narrative and I know why- it would kill the agenda to acknowledge that money makes the world go round. Not race or creed or gender, sex…money.

You shouldn’t be trying to make generalizations like this anyway, look at things from a person to person standpoint. Me, a black bisexual mentally ill trans guy, I have more privilege than the heterosexual cis white guy who sleeps at the bus station every night and doesn’t know where his next meal will come from. That alone should be enough to break your logic, and I can toss out a bunch of them. Pretty sure Obama has more privilege than some white lady who works night and day at Walmart to make ends meet. It’s not so simple as you would want it to be.

If you wanna try and make this black and white then you will fail, that is not the reality we live in. The reason it is insulting is because it’s really, really, like omfg seriously just plain stupid. To everyone. I don’t appreciate people trying to claim I’m underprivileged, it makes me sound weak and helpless, and I’m not any of that. And on the reverse, someone who worked hard to be where they are, you’re just choosing to ignore all that they put in to get what they want in this life. And if I were them, I’d be pissed.

The fact that y'all out here running your mouths any kind of way towards “the oppressors” should tell you something, try that shit in the 3rd world and see how long you’re allowed to go on… see how long til someone checks your privilege and makes you acknowledge your place, the place they think you should be in an actual oppressive society. Probably kill you, depending on how you look.

Ugh…let me stop here before this turns into a full on rampage. To answer you: You dont. Stop being that person, it’s arrogant and narrow-minded for you to pretend to know a goddamn thing about someone else’s life then to try and tell them to recognize how good they got it based on how they look. Not to even mention that you’re wrong anyway considering the “systems of oppression” WERE NOT “created by straight white men” or do you have such little faith in every other demographic that you basically think they had nothing to do with how the world works now? That’s insulting too.

Omg there’s just so much wrong in this narrative, just let me stop here before I never do. Stop looking at people like they owe you anything or like you owe them anything or like you deserve something…. stop.

Did you know that race relations were actually going really well before this wave of stupidity? We were going good 10-20 years ago, til all you assholes wanted people to check their friggin privilege all the time…now we’re back to square one, and you’re part of that problem for holding this type of bigoted mentality. Everyone else is trying to look at people like they’re people, not some “intersection of privileges”, a collection of descriptors or whatever the hell. Give it a try man.

Are there some instances where someone has a privilege over another? Ofc. But are you really gonna turn to someone and be like “my life sucks cause you’re white and I’m not” like learn to take some responsibility for your own life and quit trying to blame the world for your shortcummings. Grow up. Work harder. Figure out how to navigate this world without stepping on others.

Ok for real, I’m hitting post now.

Actually no, last thing: Almost every instance of “privilege” or “proof of systematic blahzieblah” has been disproven countless times, so when is this shit going to stop? And what exactly does checking ones privilege even do for anyone? I check it and now what? Your ego has been stroked? What do you even expect to come out of this other than putting someone on the defensive for the assumptions you’re making about their life? Like literally, it’s checked, now where do we go? How has this actually solved any problems? Has it made anyone’s life better on the other side? What is the friggin point?

UGHHH ok, I’m done

The dynamic between Beverly and Will is so interesting right now–and it always has been, really, but especially so given recent developments.

It’s Beverly’s job to know when the pieces don’t fit, when some parts of the puzzle have been superimposed and belong to a different solution. Beverly’s a woman who’s extremely good at her job–she’s excelling in a male-dominated field because of a mix of very hard work and natural instinct. She’s trained to see little irregularities–a piece of hair among the stitches of a suit, a little bit of shrapnel where it doesn’t belong, some foreign fibers in a corpse’s wounds–and that carries over to her way of thinking. So she can sense when something is wrong, as it is with the whole Will-is-the-Chesapeake-Ripper situation. And, of course, being Beverly, she does her job here too–interpret and further explore the evidence, not just gather it.

That development has yet to occur, but there’s no doubt it will–and not just based on the previews. Because when Beverly sees Will, she doesn’t treat him like a murderer, regardless of the fact that she found the evidence for this. She’s apologetic in her phrasing when she mentions the topic, even: “I’m not sure how I feel about seeing you, now that you know what I do.” What she does, being, of course, finding the evidence that incriminates Will. So we know, of course, it’s not that she’s just ignoring the problem, because Beverly has seen the “facts”. She discovered them and brought them to the FBI’s notice. Which means, consequently, that she is acknowledging them, but that she finds something to doubt about the conclusion they point to, as she goes to see Will anyway and chooses to treat him with none of the hostility one might expect from someone in her position–ostensibly betrayed by a close friend with all the proof that he is guilty held in her palm.

Because Beverly views the world objectively, but science is not limited to laboratory work. It’s a practice of objective observation, and Beverly is constantly looking at her surroundings through such a lens. So when she looks at the facts, Beverly’s looking at the incriminating evidence, but she’s also looking at her own experiences with Will:

When Beverly looks at Will, she still remembers his air of nervousness when he called her to the Georgia Madchen crime scene in the middle of the night. She knows that Will–at least, the part of Will that she has seen–is incapable of committing these murders. There’s no logical reason for Will to call her and tell her that he’s lost time and needs her help to ground him and help him if he’s not being fully truthful with her. She knows he’s scared of losing time, and while she’s not entirely sure she can trust who he is during those intervals, she trusts him when he’s Will Graham as she knows him, when he’s slightly unstable but still Will.

So when Beverly goes to see him, it’s because she trusts that he is still, at least in part, the Will Graham that she knows. That Will, furthermore, is someone who wants to help people–it’s the reason he stayed at the FBI past his breaking point. The case files she brings are there in part because it’s practical to get Will’s help, and Beverly is a woman of science and practicality, but also because Beverly knows it’ll help Will. Helping on the case, talking with her about something other than his dubious innocence gives Will a sense of a return to normality, and that’s, at least in part, what he needs. Will needs to be grounded, and she grounds him, because Beverly has an air of practicality about her that is much different from all of Will’s other contacts at the FBI. Beverly isn’t a psychologist, and she doesn’t talk in flowery metaphors. She’s not trying to psychoanalyze Will or figure out what’s going on inside his head, because that’s not what Beverly does.

Beverly is helping Will the way she knows how–grounding him in reality and normality–and that’s exactly what Will needs. Beverly knows it, too, because Will’s basically told her all this before–at the Georgia Madchen crime scene. Because when Will needs to be grounded, Will calls Beverly. So when he can’t call her, Beverly comes anyway.