and then somebody had to ruin it

Important Things to Remember about Van Hohenheim:

  • He was born as a slave and manipulated into being involved in the genocide of his own race, then forced to live with the burden of having an immortal body filled with the crying souls of the thousands of people who had died.
  • He devoted at least a couple of centuries conversing with over 500,000 souls, getting to know each and every one of them, befriending them, and cooperating with them.
  • Hohenheim did not leave his children alone. He left them in the (more than capable) hands of Trisha, where he knew they would be raised well. He trusted that Trisha would be able to explain his absence to Ed & Al without revealing the truth about his body. He couldn’t have anticipated her death, and as he was travelling the entire country he had no way of keeping in contact with Trisha to check that she and their sons were doing ok (this is assuming the Elrics didn’t have a telephone).
  • Hohenheim had difficulty interacting with people, even his own family. He would probably have a very hard time writing letters back home, or talking to Trisha on the phone. He more than likely thought it best to keep his distance 100% until he could return home for fear of ruining any of his relationships with his family.
  • Hohenheim was immortal and had already lived for hundreds of years. A year or two probably wouldn’t have seemed like a long time to somebody with such a huge lifespan. Hohenheim likely still pictured his sons as young children, even after 10 years of not seeing them.
  • When Hohenheim returned to Resembool he expected to be greeted by the love of his life and his two young boys standing at the doorway to his family home. Instead he found a pile of burnt rubble, Trisha’s grave, Edward’s automail, and Alphonse’s empty body.
  • He completely blamed himself for Ed and Al’s attempt at human transmutation and subsequent injuries. He understood that they were lonely, grieving children and in his eyes the fault was all down to him and - taboo or not - the brothers had not done anything wrong.
  • Despite being the most powerful character in the FMA universe, Hohenheim was a pacifist and did not fight or injure a single person in the whole series.
  • He always put everyone else before himself.
  • The things which made him happiest in the whole world were all to do with his children. Alphonse trusting him, Ed and Al helping him on the promised day, Ed calling him Dad for the first time, getting to shake Al’s hand after recovering his body… his whole life revolved around his sons as soon as he met up with them again. He was willing to sacrifice himself for Ed and Al’s sake.
  • He died happy because he was so proud of Ed and Al and he knew that they had made incredible friends who would look after them for the rest of their lives.
  • Without him everyone would be dead.
  • All he wanted was a normal life.
  • Van Hohenheim was not a bad person.
  • Van Hohenheim was not a bad father.


  • He is romantically cheesy as hell
  • He wears glasses just so he looks slightly different to Father
  • He used to fly into an Ed-like rage whenever anyone called him unintelligent
  • The first thing he said to Alphonse after reuniting with him was, “My vintage armor!!”
  • One of the first things he said to Edward after reuniting with him was, “we have the same hairstyle”.

I wish the world wasn’t so cruel and heartless. I wish not giving a fuck didn’t become a world wide trend. I wish people spoke with kindness and knew what it meant to be genuine. I wish social media didn’t take so many lives and ruin so much confidence. I wish money didn’t feed the rich and I wish the poor had a voice somebody cared about. I wish the world would wake up and do something about racism rather than speak on trending topics they know nothing about. I wish knowledge was as popular as followers. I wish Tupac was still alive, to inspire the ghettos’ I wish Martin was here to motivate the youth. I wish things were so different that I’m so consumed in my world wind of “what if’s”.

psa for ppl who plan to stage door after brendons show


i know that sounds really really mean because wow! your idol! your favorite person! trust me, theres so much more than i could of said to him today, but this is soo important.
there was a girl with her mom in front of me (she was 19? her mom was like 56) and they were with us when zack said not to spend too much time - i dont know if this goes for stage doors but we only had a few minutes before their car arrived and they left.
when brendon came out, they spent a good long while talking to him, they made him sign 3 pictures and take a photo AND video. this took roughly a whole minute, and there were about 20 of us there. the unrest of the girls behind me was astounding, and frankly scary - as someone who deals with a lot of anxiety, getting shoved forward was pretty terrifying.
i, along with ONE other girl out of 20 got to properly meet him and take photos. that isnt fair? of course it was stopped for good reason - everybody started crowding and pushing to get to the front. and the only reason the fans did this was because they were scared they wouldnt meet him because somebody had to be selfish and take all of his time in a conversation.

i get how exciting it is to meet him - i cried afterwards. i waited 8 years for it. but you have to be mindful of other fans - we are all there for the same reason. a photo + an autograph + a few kind words shouldnt take more than 20 seconds. please dont ruin this for other people because slowing down when theres no time in the first place gets people really anxious which can lead to someone getting hurt. if one girl taking her sweet time made 20 people shove forward and get restless, imagine 100+ people doing the same thing. its really dangerous and if something happens they wont come out for anyone. please. please make it quick.

BTS Reacts to their Ex Crying on Stage

Request from: 


: Can you do a BTS reaction of him seeing you his ex (also an idol) on stage (or on tv) crying because she sang a song that reminded her of him. Thank you, sorry if you didn’t understand me.

A/N: You’re making me want to write a whole series over this now. I might just do that after this… (Note to self: write extremely angsty idol!reader au.) Also, I really wanted the song to be one of my fave sad songs (which is what my whole itunes account is compiled of), but I found a suitable Korean sad song instead for Idol!reader to sing for the kpop industry.

Important Note: So, when I received this request I imagined that y/n and one of the members were forced to break up, but you both still had feelings for each other.

Song: Heaven by Ailee

Taehyung: Seeing you crying up on stage brings Taehyung to tears he doesn’t realize are rolling down his cheeks. Seeing you now pained Taehyung more than he thought. He’d hoped, really hoped that coming here, seeing you tonight, would break the spell you’d cast on his heart, but he realized now that there was no use trying to hide his true feelings. He really missed you.

Jungkook: Jungkook chewed his bottom lip nervously in attempt to not burst into tears. Your angelic, tear-stained face crippled his heart. You were struggling to sing the song properly, but continued on, as is life, and Jungkook realized that he must do the same. But he wasn’t entirely sure that he could get over you. After all, he was still in love with you.

Originally posted by jungkookfortunekookies

Namjoon: Namjoon couldn’t take his eyes off of you, his mouth agape in complete defeat. He was completely helpless; there was nothing he could do to help you, let alone fix your relationship. He hated how you were up there, trying so hard to remain strong throughout your performance, yet he remained a sitting duck directly in front of the stage; in front of you. There was so much he wished he could do, like pulling you into his arms and reassuring you that everything would work out in the end, but how could he do that when there was absolutely no certainty that things would work out? How could he possibly lie right to your face for the sake of love?

Yoongi: Yoongi couldn’t look at you. He refused to, so he hid his face by turning around in his seat in attempt to ignore everything, but hearing your voice crack killed him. Tears slipped down his cheeks as his small form shook from the power of his uncontrollable sobs. There was never a moment he wished he could stop time until now. He wished that he could forget his career- the thing he had worked towards his whole life- just so that he could run away with you, and keep you safe and happy. Fuck. He loved you so much.

Hoseok: Hobi was too far gone when you started crying. He could no longer control himself the way he knew he needed to for both of your sakes, so he headed off towards the bathrooms where he cried in one of the stalls, still being able to hear your heavenly voice from inside. He hated himself for not being able to control his emotions, but hearing your voice crack, and tears ruin your mascara made him feel wretched. He hated himself even more for being the reason for your tears. He wasn’t sure he could even forgive himself at this point.

Originally posted by featureless-spy

Jin: Jin’s shoulders began shaking as soon as you had made accidental eye contact with him from the stage. The break up had not been easy on him at all. He had fallen hard for you, only for the two of you to be split up in order to keep your image as idols. He didn’t want to be a day without you, and staring into your eyes that night, Jin knew that the feeling was mutual. He cried throughout the performance as you struggled to keep your cool, occasionally glancing over at him with tears streaming down your own face in remembrance of the good times you’d had.

Jimin: Jimin didn’t want to be there, but the boys had dragged him along. He would have been grateful to at least see your face, or hear your voice but you were so broken on stage that Jimin couldn’t care less about what the public thought of them in that moment, if he could only pull you close and hold you until you stopped crying- maybe never letting go at all. However, Yoongi held him back, knowing it wouldn’t end well. Jimin sobbed, wishing he could make your own tears disappear- to take your place so you wouldn’t ruin your own image for the sake of your feelings, but he continued to cry- the tears not letting up even long after you had run off stage.

A/N: Oh god I’m actually crying right now after writing this and putting it together because the thought of the boys so sad makes me really sad. When I was searching for the gifs, I came across one of Jin’s old ones where he was crying right after debut ‘cause he was so stressed and upset and I just afejharheuifg T_T. I’m not okay right now. Somebody hold me. I hope these boys never cry for anything sad or stressful ever again. I wish them a very happy rest of their lives. Thanks again for the ask!!!

*gifs not mine.

wjishing-jimin  asked:

hii can i request the number thingy?49 and 63 with jimin🙈angsty and fluffy in the end ty💕

Prompt request: “We’re just friends.” + “I thought you loved her.”

Pairing: Jimin/Reader

Genre: Angst + Eventual Fluff

Summary: Although Jimin’s been your friend for ages, there’s something, or someone, he’s been hiding from you. You’re not sure what hurts the most–Jimin’s lies or the truth.

Word count: 1.7k words

“Drinks for the cute couple?” the barista smiled down at you, holding up a tray carrying two drinks. The girl was probably not much older than you and Jimin.

“We’re just friends,” Jimin laughed, glancing up briefly from his phone as the barista set the drinks in front of you. “But thanks.”

You and Jimin sat on the patio of a small café, basking in the warm rays of the summer sun. Slowly, you began to nurse your iced coffee, the condensation from the glass dripping onto your hands. Jimin sat in front of you, iced cappuccino on the table, untouched, while he texted on his phone.

Jimin had been on his phone since you had arrived at the café, a huge smile on his face as he stared at the screen. You stared at him while you drank, and he noticed nothing.

You and Jimin had been good friends for several years, ever since you met during freshman year of high school. Your friendship was strong, and hardly anything came between you two.

But you did have your secrets.

Something you intended to hide from Jimin indefinitely was the fact that you were in love with him–you had been for years now. He was an overwhelmingly kind and considerate person, and you were one of the lucky few that got to experience his affection, both emotional and physical. But there were boundaries in your friendship, and you didn’t want to ruin the fragile balance you had worked so hard to create.

Jimin had hidden something from you for years, too. Ever since you met Jimin, he would disappear onto his phone. He was always texting somebody, grinning softly as he did so. In the earlier years of your friendship, you had asked him who he was always talking to. Jimin never failed to avoid the question, and in the years you had known him, you never even learned the name of the person who constantly occupied Jimin’s thoughts.

“Jimin,” you called softly, unable to hide the frustration seeping into your voice, “if you’re going to be on your phone the entire time, why’d you ask me to hang out?”

“Sorry, Y/N,” Jimin said, not sounding very apologetic. He glanced up at you and offered you a small smile, which was nothing compared to the grin he wore when he texted. “It’s just something important. I’ll put my phone away soon.”

You nodded, trying to ignore the irrational pang of jealousy you felt. Jimin had always treated you well, and you were in no position to demand more from him.

After a few more minutes of silence, save for the sound of Jimin’s fingers tapping away, he finally set his phone onto the table and turned his attention to you. Jimin grabbed his drink and sipped loudly.

“So me and the guys were thinking about going to the cottage for the weekend,” Jimin began, speaking around his straw. “Do you have any weekends off? Or can you schedule any time off?”

“I can always get someone to cover my Saturday shift,” you thought aloud, staring into what remained of your drink. “I don’t work on–”

Jimin’s ringtone blared, cutting you off mid-sentence. Jimin jumped, surprised, and checked the display of his phone.

“Sorry, I have to take this,” Jimin said, standing up. “I’ll just be a minute, I promise.”

You glanced away from him, but Jimin didn’t wait for your answer. He walked to an emptier section of the patio, his tone bright as he spoke. The bright sound of his laughter drifted through he air, but it only made you sadder.

A storm of negative emotions bombarded you–you felt jealous, insecure, and worthless. You were more upset at yourself than at Jimin. He could keep whatever secrets he wanted from you. It was your fault for falling in love with him, and that’s why everything he did made you hurt so much.

Your eyes stung with unshed tears, in part because of your pathetic crush. And also because whoever Jimin was talking to would always be more important than you.

Quietly, you stood up. Jimin had his back facing you, chattering excitedly away on the phone. He was far enough away that you couldn’t make out what he was saying, which, you supposed, was the point.

With a heavy heart, you turned away and walked home.

That evening, you had a midnight shift at the department store you worked at. As the seconds slowly ticked by, you felt tiredness seeping into our bones. You kept your mind blank as you paced behind the cash register. The story was completely empty, and there was little to do that would entertain you.

Absentmindedly, you hummed along to the song playing softly on the radio. The final minutes of your shift finally came to an end, and the next cashier arrived to relieve you.

You offered the older woman a smile and a brief greeting, which she returned just as unenthusiastically. The employee room was located in the back of the store. You rushed into the room, quickly changing out of your uniform. Even though it was summer, the night air was cold. You slipped on a light sweater.

There was a back exit to the building that connected with the employee room. You pushed open the heavy door and let it shut behind you. You pulled your hood over your head, dreading the long journey home–you hated walking alone at night–and began walking.

“Y/N,” a voice called out in the darkness.

You squeaked, heart skipping a beat, and spun on your heel to locate the source of the voice.

Jimin stood behind you, not properly dressed for the cold night. His hands were shoved into the pockets of his shorts, and he kicked at the ground with his sneakers.

“Let me walk you home,” Jimin said, catching up to you but refusing to meet your eyes.

“It’s okay,” you replied quietly, hating that your voice sounded so uncertain.

“We need to talk, anyway,” Jimin insisted, staring in front of him resolutely. That is exactly what you were dreading.

“Look, I’m sorry, okay?” you sighed, pressing the palms of your hands against your tired eyes. “I overreacted and that was my fault. I’m sorry I left without saying anything.”

“No, I’m sorry, too,” Jimin said with a sad laugh. He grabbed your arm and forced you to stop walking. He pulled your hands away from your face. “It was rude of me to ignore you like that. I know I take you–wait, Y/N, are you crying!?”

You lifted your hands to your face in surprise. Indeed, your cheeks were stained with warm tears. Blushing, you wiped them away furiously, but your eyes wouldn’t stop watering.

“I’m fine,” you answered in a steady voice that did not match your tears. “I don’t know why I’m crying, but don’t worry.”

“Y/N, please,” Jimin begged, grabbing your hands once again. “Please, just talk to me. I know I’ve been a shitty friend lately, and I’m even making you cry now. I don’t want us to be like this anymore.”

“Trust me, Jimin,” you laughed bitterly, “it’s not your fault. You haven’t done anything wrong, I’m just overthinking things like always, okay?”

“Can you just tell me what you’re thinking?”

You sighed, and a heavy silence fell between the two of you. In the cold, quiet night, Jimin was warm and bright, staring at you with worry and affection. Taking a deep breath, you figured that, for once, you may as well tell him the truth.

“I just feel like shit sometimes,” you admitted, looking away from Jimin’s unwavering gaze. “You’re my best friend–my only close friend, if I’m being honest. I just don’t feel like I’m as important to you as you are to me.”

Jimin pulled you into a tight hug, the breath rushing out of you as you collided with his chest. “That’s not true!” he exclaimed, wrapping his arms around you tightly. “You’re my best friend, Y/N. You’re so important to me.”

You began to cry for real this time, sobs raking through your body. You pulled away from Jimin’s embrace to wipe your tears away. “You never seem happy with me,” you continued shakily. “At least compared to when you’re on your phone. I know you have other friends, Jimin. But we’ve been friends for so long, and you still won’t tell me who she is.”

“Y/N, I can’t tell you who she is,” Jimin sighed, turning to look away from you. “It’s not my choice–I’d tell you if I could. She’s a childhood friend, and our friendship is really important to me, too.”

“Yeah, I got that,” you snorted.

“I don’t know why that’s upsetting you,” Jimin cried, pulling at his hair in frustration. You jumped in surprise at Jimin’s sudden outburst. “She’s one of my oldest friends. I know it’s wrong for me to ignore you when I’m talking to her, but I don’t know why you’re acting so jealous.”

You flinched at Jimin’s choice of words. “It’s because I am,” you whispered, beginning to walk away. “I’m sorry.”

As you hurried down the dark alleyway, Jimin caught up to you and pulled to to a stop again. He turned you around so you were looking him in the eye. “Do you mean it?”

You nodded wordlessly, averting your gaze. In your chest, your heart was thundering wildly. Mostly, you were fearful, but a small part of you held onto the hope that maybe Jimin would return your feelings. “I thought you loved her,” you mumbled.

“Would that matter to you?” Jimin asked, peering into your eyes as if they held the answers. “Talk to me, Y/N.”

“Yes, okay!?” you exclaimed, hiding your face in your hands. “It would. I like you Jimin, and I have for so long.”

“Do you mean it?” Jimin asked after a few moments passed, his voice serious. You peeked up at him through the gaps in your fingers. His face was carefully blank, but you could see him gnawing at his bottom lip. “You really like me?”


Suddenly Jimin laughed, and your hands dropped in shock. He had the brightest smile you had seen on his face in a long time. His eyes turned into tiny crescents as he beamed at you.

“Good, because I like you, too.”

- Girl in Luv

Thanks so much for the request! Sorry it took so long to get to. Hope you enjoyed~

Thinking Straight || Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by ksjknj

Word Count: 2.0k

Genre: Angst

It had been quiet in the dorm room. Quieter than usual.

At first you didn’t think anything was different. You had arrived at the dorm like any other day, assuming all of the boys had been asleep. It wouldn’t have been the first time you had come over only to find out that they were all sleeping during the middle of the day.

But as you pushed the door open to Namjoon’s room, you noticed that neither him or Yoongi were there. The two would usually end up passing out together, despite not being room mates because that’s just the way they were. You had come to accept it as did the rest of Bangtan.

You were confused for a few seconds as you stepped further into the room. There was a part of you that was hoping to find any sign that Namjoon had left a note for you. A few times before, when they had left for dance practice and Namjoon invited you over, he would leave a note on his bed letting you know when he would be back.

As you took a few steps closer to the bed you felt a pair of arms wrap around your middle and you yelled in surprise. The person quickly put you down and spun you on the spot. You were surprised to see Namjoon standing there, a huge smile on his face at your reaction. There was no doubt that he was trying to hold back laughter at seeing you scream like that.

You slapped his chest lightly, pulling away and going over to his bed to lay down. Namjoon watched you for a few seconds before walking over as well and sitting down next to you.

“I really hate you sometimes, you know that right?” You questioned. He just smiled and shook his head, knowing that you were joking around. There was no way you would ever be able to hate him and he knew that. There were special things that he was able to get away with and this was one of them.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could do like a hc for the RFA + others asking MC out in high school? Idk why but I think it would be pretty cute :) Thanks, and I love your account!!

Omg, a high school AU ^^
In Saeyoung and Saeran’s case, just imagine they were taken from their mom and adopted by somebody else when they were young so EVERYTHING IS HAPPY.
Also, in Zen’s case, he didn’t drop out, obviously.
These turned out WAY longer than I had planned lol

-You knew Yoosung got lots of secret admirers and date offers. It made you… jealous.
-You wanted to ask Yoosung out too, but you weren’t ready. You were too nervous. What if he just denied you like he denied everyone else? Would it ruin the friendship you’ve built over so many years?
-Because of that, you decided you wouldn’t ask him out. You didn’t want to put your friendship at risk.
-Yoosung, however, was going through the same kind of doubt.
-He has had a crush on you for years but he doubted you felt the same way. Sure, girls were on their hands and knees begging for him to date them, so he shouldn’t have such low confidence, right?
-Nope. Even though people would fuss over him, he knew in his heart you didn’t love him back.
-So, sadly, it’s a while before he actually asks you out.
-He’s tired of wondering “what if” and imagining a future with you he might not even have.
-He asks you out on a normal day. You were eating lunch together in the school’s picnic area outside. There weren’t many other people, so it was perfect.
-You sat on opposite sides of the table. As you chatted over lunch, Yoosung grew nervous.
-It’s now or never.
-“So, um, _____, I have something to tell you.”
-You swallowed some food. “Okay, what’s up?”
-You were obviously a bit nervous about what he was going to say, but he was ten times more scared. His heart was hammering away as he took a deep breath.
-“I hope this doesn’t change anything, but, _____… I really like you. As in… I was wondering if you’d like to be my boy/girlfriend…?”
-You swear you almost choke on your food.
-“What? Me?”
-Yoosung nods. He looked so terrified, like he was preparing for you to laugh at his feelings and call him names. He’s scared that you’ll never want to see him again or that he creeped you out, really, his mind is playing worse case scenarios.
-“…Yeah,” you smile. “Yeah, I’d love that. I didn’t think you’d ever ask… I’ve actually… had a crush on you for a while.”
-You nervously scratch the back of your neck and mumble that last part.
-Yoosung shoots up from where he sat. “Really?! You’ll be mine?!”
-You chuckled. “Yes, Yoosung. I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine.”
-He’s blushing like mad.
-He runs over to your side of the table and engulfs you in a really tight, loving hug.
-He is so relieved.
-This is the best day ever. His dreams are all coming true. He can’t stop smiling for weeks.
-At school, he doesn’t like too much PDA. Just hand holding and occasional kisses on the cheek, forehead, or temple are enough for him.
-You help him with his studies, and he helps you with yours. Both of your grades benefit.
-He loves taking you out to parks for dates. It’s his favorite. You go there very very often.
-Everybody that knew him, even just a little bit, notices that he is so much happier now that the two of you are dating.
-Cutest couple in the yearbooks will likely be the two of you, as long as the kids that had crushes on him before don’t hold a grudge.

-Zen was an obvious bad boy in high school. (ALSO A THEATER NERD). It wasn’t uncommon to hear girls whisper about him either.
-It’s surprising he wasn’t reprimanded for his gang activities. Somehow he was still here.
-You didn’t drool and lust over him like some girls did. You had more innocent intentions.
-You had dreams of going on dates and holding hands with him. Sometimes, you would imagine what it would be like to marry him.
-Your own daydreams would fluster you.
-For the longest time, you doubted he even knew you existed. But, one day, he saw you sitting alone outside the school on a bench, reading a book from the library.
-He sat next to you.
-Such a simple, two letter word, but it made you question if this was reality or a dream.
-“Hi,” you said back.
-“I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Hyun,” he held his hand out. A handshake would have normally seemed formal, but now, with him offering it, it felt gentlemanly.
-Your heart caught in your throat as you put your hand in his. Your hands fit so perfectly together like you had imagined they would.
-“I know. I’m _____.”
-“I know,” he smiled and gently shook your hand. “I’ve seen you around, but, why are you out here all alone? A lovely girl/boy such as yourself shouldn’t be left alone like that. You never know what kind of bad people might show up.”
-“…Like you?”
-His eyes widened
-“Uh, that’s not what I meant. I’m harmless, really! I just meant a creep might start talking to you.”
-You raised an eyebrow.
-“I’m not a creep though! Definitely not!” you suppressed a giggle at how flustered he was. “Ah… I’m not really helping my case, am I?”
-After his rambling of ensuring that he was not a bad person (which you never thought he was, you were just messing with him), you both talk for what feels like hours.
-After that, you guys talk more often during school. You become a bit flustered anytime he compliments you, which he does pretty often.
-You both quickly become best friends and your crush on him only grows. You had a good influence on him, too. He didn’t do nearly as much gang activities as you two became close.
-Time goes on and you’ve been best friends for three months.
-He finally gathers up courage to confess his feelings to you.
-He meets you on the same bench he introduced himself to you on after school one day.
-Nobody else was around, so it was perfect.
-You sat together and carried a normal conversation before Hyun spoke up and told you “I have a question for you, _____.”
-You grew nervous. “Okay, what is it?”
-He took a deep breath. He was surprisingly nervous because he really wants this to go well. The patient but slightly worried expression on your face made his cheeks turn warm. You looked adorable. His heart picked up speed.“Don’t think I’m weird, but… I’ve had a, uh… a crush on you since I first saw you. A-and it’s only gotten bigger since we became friends. So, _____… will you be my boy/girlfriend?”
-You were frozen and staring at him with wide eyes. “Really?”
-Hyun nodded. “Yes, but you don’t have to say yes. I understand if you don’t-”
-“I do.”
-“I’d love to be your boy/girlfriend, Hyun.”
-His heart skipped a beat. He couldn’t believe his ears. “Seriously?”
-You laugh. “Yes, you dork.”
-He smiles the biggest smile you’ve ever seen and gives you a giant hug. “You’ve made me the happiest guy ever, _____. Thank you so much.”
-You were both hugging, smiling, blushing messes, but you were also the happiest people on earth.
-After that, at school, lots of PDA.
-Kisses, hand holding, hugging, cute nicknames, longing stares, all of it.
-You’ve caught the attention of many less than satisfied staff members that always yell at you.
-Hyun’s gotten written up so many times for kissing you during school.
-The girls are jealous of you, which makes him very protective over you. He would hate if you compared yourself to them.
-He quits his gang and lives a much quieter life. Like I said, you have a good impact on him. His grades improve with your help and you cheer him on at every theater performance. You bring him flowers every time and he keeps them until they are practically disintegrated.
-You bring him lunch everyday, or you pay to buy him lunch, because he never eats lunch.
-He takes you on so many dates. Any location you can think of around town, he’s taken you there.
-It’s likely you’d be voted for cutest couple when year books are released if it wasn’t for the jealous girls.

-She was such a quiet kid, but she wasn’t necessarily shy.
-She quietly completed all of her assignments on time and didn’t let conversing with her classmates distract her. She was a very hard working kid. Everyone knew she was, too. Sometimes they’d take advantage of that when they had to work in groups. They’d make Jaehee do all of the work. It, frankly, pissed you off.
-Out of class, however, you and her talked for hours.
-You had both been best friends since the beginning of your freshman year when you asked her for directions. It turned out you had some classes together, so you hung out often, including at lunch.
-You both had the same group of friends and they all knew that you both had crushes on each other.
-They would constantly tell the both of you to make the first move, but you both denied every time.
-“You should totally ask out Jaehee.”
-“But what if she doesn’t like me?”
-*everyone collectively face palms*
-With a lot of convincing, they finally get Jaehee to confess to you.
-She’s never been more nervous in her life. As your friends suggested, she was going to meet you before school in the back of the library and confess to you. It’s the most secluded place in the school, so you were guaranteed privacy.
-So, you met her there first thing in the morning.
-You could tell she was on edge when she stumbled over her words while trying to say “good morning”.
-“Jaehee, are you alright? Is something bothering you?”
-“No, everything is okay,” she smiled. “I’m alright. I just… wanted to talk to you about something.”
-Anxiety bubbled up in your chest. “Okay, sure, what’s on your mind?”
-She guided you to sit down on one of the chairs and then took the seat next to you.
-“Listen, _____… this is really hard to say. I, um… I’ve…”
-She has rehearsed over and over again in the mirror last night, why is she struggling to get the words out now?
-“_____… I…”
-You put your hand on hers and gently said “Jaehee, whatever it is, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want-”
-“I really like you, _____!” she blurted out.
-She immediately turned red and stared at your hand on hers. The sudden contact and the way that you spoke to her… it kind of forced the words out of her.
-“You do?”
-She nodded. It’s too late to turn back now. Her heart was going faster than ever as she waited for you to respond.
-“That’s a relief.”
-She looked up at you. “Huh?”
-“I’ve always wanted to be your boy/girlfriend.”
-She took a minute to process what you had confessed. Then a huge smile spread across her face. “So, you’ll be my boy/girlfriend?!”
-“Yes, of course,” you giggle at her.
-She hugs you tightly. “I’m so happy I could cry.”
-“Let’s meet up after school and go out, okay?”
-Her heart sped up even more. Not only did you just accept to being her lover, but you just asked her out on a date. You.
-Her poor heart can’t take it.
-She agrees. You both have an amazing first date that you will remember quite literally forever.
-At school, she is scared to hold your hand or show any PDA because she’s afraid of being judged.
-Eventually, she can’t stand not being able to hold hands in the hallways or sneak kisses when the teachers aren’t looking, so she gives in and does it anyway (with your consent).
-The other kids, thankfully, don’t pay any attention to you both as you happily walk hand in hand to class together.
-The only kids that do pay attention to you are your group of friends that aggressively ship you two.
-As you’re walking, you’ll sometimes hear “AW YOU GUYS ARE GOALS” or “(SHIPNAME) IS CANON" from across the hallway.
-Or whenever they see you and Jaehee even near each other, they awe and do heart hands to you two.
-You get peace when you’re away from them, though. That’s Jaehee’s favorite; getting to be alone with you.
-Also, study buddies!!!
-You guys do homework together everyday.

-Relationships were never something Jumin thought about in high school.
-Well… at least we wasn’t supposed to…
-He ever thought of relationships as anything necessary. They seemed pointless and he had no interest in them.
-But, when he looked at you, he understood the fuss about being in a romantic relationship.
-You seemed to have some affect on him that nobody else did.
-You gave him feelings he never knew were possible. He was very confused.
-You and Jumin had been friends for years and over that time, he developed feelings for you.
-Jihyun was actually the one who asked Jumin about you. He saw how Jumin acted around you and asked him about it. In response, Jumin asked him about what his strange emotions are. He had a feeling they were romantic, but he had no previous experiences to confirm or deny it.
-Jihyun, thankfully, cleared things up.
-In high school, he only ever hung out with Jihyun and you. You got along with the both of them perfectly.
-Jumin was often cold, even as a teen. But, when he was with you, he was warm. He showed a weakness and vulnerability to you he didn’t show anyone else. You were one of the only people he would share his worries and personal issues with without hesitation.
-There was something about you that drove him insane. He wanted to be able to call you his. He was a bit perplexed by those kinds of thoughts, but he had them so often, he got used to it.
-He eventually accepted that he can’t be satisfied with only being in a platonic relationship with you.
-With Jihyun’s encouragement, Jumin decided to confess to you.
-It was unlike him to give in to such personal emotions, but he couldn’t stand not being able to tell you he loved you, or kiss you, or hold your hand, or protect you, or hold you in his arms…
-Yeah, he was a hopelessly in love mess because of you.
-But he had a ginormous crush on you.
-He told you to meet him at a park near your school after school one day. You assumed he just wanted to hang out, which also meant you assumed Jihyun would be there too.
-When you got there, you were surprised that it was only Jumin.
-“Hey, Jumin,” you greeted him. “Is Jihyun coming?”
-“No, actually. I wanted to talk to you.”
-You became visibly worried and took a seat next to him on the bench he was resting on. “Okay, what about?”
-Honestly, you had also fallen desperately for the cold, unpopular Jumin Han. Everyone saw him as an unlovable robot, but you could see who he truly is. You can see his threads.
-That was another thing he loved about you; you could see the real him that nobody else saw.
-“I just have something I wanted to get off my chest.”
-You nodded cautiously for him to continue.
-“______, I’m not sure how to say this, so I’ll just say it…”
-You nodded again. Your eyes were wide and the nervous expression on your face made Jumin even more flustered.
-“_____… I love you.”
-He watched as your eyes almost popped out of your head.
-“I want you to be my boy/girlfriend.”
-It was like him to be so straightforward, but he actually had a crush on you too?
-“Are you serious?”
-“Why would I lie to you?”
-You smiled and hugged him. “I would love to be your boy/girlfriend, Jumin. I… I love you too. I have for as long as I can remember.”
-Your words and actions made him stiffen. Though he was calm and collected on the outside since you arrived at the park, he’s been a nervous wreck on the inside, and the fact that you actually accepted his feelings and reciprocated them makes the world stop spinning.
-“Why would I lie to you?” you mimicked him.
-He chuckled. Jumin Han chuckled.
-He hugged you back. “Thank you…” he said in a whisper.
-From then on, at school, kids were surprised to hear that Jumin of all people got a boy/girlfriend.
-The most emotionless kid in school has a date? How?
-He holds your hand a lot, which is how kids figured out you two were dating in the first place.
-If anyone ever picks on him about it, you stand up for him, of course.
-He sends you good morning and good night texts every day, even if he sees you at school too.
-He’s also a fan of long phone calls with you if you’re up for it.
-He keeps your relationship secret from his father for a while, but he eventually finds out.
-He doesn’t approve of it because Jumin is supposed to have an arranged wedding when he’s older.
-However, Jumin will not let you go even if it costs him everything he has.
-His father can’t change that he is going to spend the rest of his life with you.
-Rebellious teen Jumin, yes?

-Being best friends with this kid never had a dull moment.
-He had a sense of adventure you’d never seen before. You’d often get random texts from him to come meet him at various places without any context other than “I have an idea.”
-It’s wild.
-He was also the most understanding when you would vent your problems to him, no matter what they were.
-He would always defend you if you ever got picked on and vise versa.
-So, obviously, you developed a crush on him quickly.
-Saeyoung, too, has an undying love for you, but has always been too doubtful of himself to confess to you.
-He truly wants to be able to take you on dates and do typical teenage couple things with you.
-He never thought it would be possible for someone as amazing as you to see him as anything more than a friend, so he took a romantic relationship out of the question.
-a little birdie told him that you have a crush on him too.
-(the little birdie was Saeran lol)
-So, with the spark of hope the only thing on his mind, he sucks it up and decided to finally make a move.
-He told you to meet him in the school’s courtyard during the lunch break because he wanted to talk to you.
-Anxiety ate you up the entire day. What could he want to talk about? Did you do something bad? Did something bad happen to him? Is something wrong in his family life? Does he want you to leave him alone?
-Luckily, when you meet him, he’s smiling at you.
-“Hey, glad you made it.”
-“Yeah,” you replied, obviously nervous. “What did you want to talk about?”
-“Oh, I just wanted to test a theory.”
-You assumed it was another ‘I have an idea’ type of thing again so you calmed down.
-“Oh? What’s your ‘theory’?”
-Saeyoung holds your hand and doesn’t say anything.
-You can feel your face growing warm. “What are you doing?”
-“Hm… judging by your embarrassment and red face, my theory is more than likely correct…”
-“What are you talking about?”
-“_____, do you have a crush on me~?”
-“What?!” you practically screamed. “I do not!”
-He put his hand over his heart and you could see tears in his eyes. “I’m… I’m hurt… how could you say that, _____?”
-You panicked. “Okay, okay! I’m sorry, I do! I really do like you, Saeyoung!”
-Now it’s his turn to turn red. He smirked. “So I was right!”
-“Yeah…” you avoided his eyes.
-He smiled gently at you and held your shoulders. When you met his eyes, he continued.
-“_____, will you be my boy/girlfriend?”
-“Will you?”
-“You mean, you like me too..?”
-“Well duh. Why else would I ask you out?”
-You were overjoyed. You gave him a huge smile and tackled him in a hug. “Of course I’ll be your boy/girlfriend!”
-At school, Saeyoung likes to give you kisses on the cheek. He also refuses to walk through the hallway without holding your hand, unless, of course, it makes you uncomfortable.
-He still invites you out places saying he has an idea, but they usually turn into dates, and are surprisingly romantic, at least to you.
-One time you made a date out of visiting a gas station at one in the morning to buy snacks, then sitting in the parking lot of a closed shop nearby, chatting, cuddling, and eating snacks.
-Honestly, the most fun you’ve ever had.
-He gives you corny, punny pick up lines often.
-“Did you get those jeans on sale?”
-“Uh, no.”
-“That’s too bad. They’re a hundred percent off at my place.”
-(my best friend used that on me once and it’s been an inside joke ever since, I’m sorry)
-Probably the goofiest couple on the whole school.

V: (this one is a bit cheesy whoops)
-Of course you had a crush on Jihyun. He was only the nicest, most generous boy in your entire school, or maybe even your entire town.
-Oblivious to you, he also has a hopeless crush on you.
-The only person that knows is Jumin. Jumin helped him rationalize his thoughts because he was so hopelessly in love with you he wanted to drop everything and ask you out.
-He sees no point in waiting to ask you out. If you don’t like him back, he’ll understand and back off. It’s better he get this out of the way. Nothing’s going to change if you’re both just waiting for the other to confess, so it’s better he just do it and get it over with.
-That being said… he’s really nervous.
-He wants to be with you forever so he’s scared you’ll reject him and he’ll never see you again.
-But, its better to take the chance than to never bring it up and let somebody else take you from him.
-He arranges for you to meet him first thing after school in the front of the school.
-When you go there, you assume he just wanted to hang out, but he’s holding flowers.
-You walk over to him. “Jihyun, why do you have flowers?”
-“Oh, they’re for you.”
-Your eyes widen slightly and he hands them to you. “Why..?”
-“Because… I wanted to ask if you’d be my date to the dance coming up…”
-You had completely forgotten about the school dance. I guess you forgot about it because you didn’t plan on anyone, especially Jihyun, asking you to it.
-“Oh…” you mutter while you stare at the flowers.
-“You don’t have to. Don’t feel pressured. I’ve had really special feelings for you for a while now and it would be an honor to take you to the dance.”
-“Jihyun…” you can’t think straight. You’re too busy trying to convince yourself you’re not dreaming. “This is so sudden…”
-“You don’t-”
-“I would love to go with you.”
-He gasps and smiles. “Woah, really?”
-“Yeah, I’ve… liked you for a really long time too. I just never imagined you would feel the same.”
-The night of the dance was something that will stay with you forever. You wore matching formal attire and spent the whole night with each other, laughing and chatting the night away.
-Afterward, he took you out to get ice cream.
-“So, Jihyun,” you said, “does this mean we’re officially boyfriend and boy/girlfriend?”
-He laughed and nodded. “Yes, dummy.”
-At school, Jihyun loves holding your hand. Once he was even caught holding your hand during class and got yelled at. The whole time you tried so hard not to laugh.
-He takes so many photos of you.
-You like to make dates out of driving around looking for places to take amazing photos together.
-Did I mention he gets you into photography too? (Unless you’re already into that like me lol)
-Your photos together might even end up in the school year book if you’re lucky.
-Photography dates always end with going out to eat, or sometimes just driving through a fast food joint and sipping on slurpies while watching the sun set.
-He makes it a necessity to tell you he loves you everyday. Also, he loves kissing your forehead or the tip of your nose.
-It’s common for him to kiss both of your cheeks before finally pecking your lips, then pulling back and giving you a loving smile.
-He feels so lucky to have you.
-His parents aren’t very in the picture of Jihyun’s life, so you don’t have to worry about that.
-His sister loves you though.

-He didn’t talk much at school. A lot of the kids didn’t even know what he sounded like.
-But, you were his best friend, so whenever he was with you, he talked endlessly.
-You both had a habit of rambling to each other. It happened so often that you were both positive you knew every single detail about each other.
-And Saeran was in love with every detail about you.
-You even helped him through when his anxiety or depression became too much for him to handle on his own.
-He’s never thought much about relationships but hormones do strange things.
-Whenever he’s with you, he gets such a warm feeling in his chest.
-He denies it and distances himself from you when he gets shy and flustered because he’s a tsundere.
-You notice he gets uncomfortable around you and you think he doesn’t like you, which hurts a lot because you’ve developed feelings for the sweet guy.
-You back off and don’t initiate hugs or give him lots of compliments like before.
-Saeran is actually really sad about it.
-Do you not like him anymore?
-His brother notices him looking glum one day and asks him about it.
-He sighs. “_____ hates me.”
-“What makes you say that?”
-“She doesn’t act as affectionate as she used to.”
-“Well, didn’t you use to get angry when she did before…?”
-“Yeah, but…” he stops. “Wait, is that why? Does she think I don’t like her?
-“I think she does. She asked me about you the other day. She wanted to know if everything was okay because she said you’ve been acting strange.”
-Saeran face palms so hard at himself.
-“God, I’m an IDIOT!”
-So he texts you and asks you to meet him outside near his house. (You live close).
-To his surprise, you actually show up.
-He stands from the sidewalk he had previous been resting on while he waited from you and stands in front of you.
-“_____, I wanted to apologize.”
-“Hm?” you tilted your head slightly. “What for?”
-“I hurt your feelings, didn’t I? I know I used to yell at you to get off of me when you hugged me or I would tell you to shut up when you said something nice to me, but I didn’t mean anything by it. I really like you a lot and when you were nice to me, it made me nervous and it confused me.”
-“…You like me?”
-Saeran froze. “Did I say that..?”
-“Yeah, you did.”
-“U-uh…” his face flushed with embarrassment. There was an awkward silence before Saeran spoke up again. Now is as good a time as any, isn’t it? He can’t really turn back now…
-“_____, will you date me?”
-Shocked, your eyes flew open. “What?”
-He didn’t repeat himself. He was surprised he managed to say it the first time.
-“You really mean that?”
-Saeran shot his eyes up from the ground and stared at you in disbelief. “Wha- seriously?! You… you like me too..?”
-“Uh, yeah. I’ve liked you for a long time now. Thanks for noticing.”
-Saeran smiled and laughed before hugging you tightly.
-Your cheeks heated up because his smile and his laugh are the cutest things in the universe.
-He starts rambling about where you should go on your first date, when and where your next dates should be, etc. relationship things etc.
-You’ve never seen him this happy. Not even Saeyoung has seen him this happy.
-During school, even though he’s not a fan of PDA, he plays with your hair a lot.
-Teachers get onto him about keeping his hands to himself. He stops messing with your hair just long enough for the teacher to leave, then continues what he was doing.
-After school, he always walks you home and gives you a goodbye kiss on your forehead.
-Also, everyday he tells you he loves you.
-Even if it can only be over text message or phone call, not a day goes by that he doesn’t remind you you’re the most important thing in his life.


(A/N): I’ve been listening to Postmodern Jukebox and I was inspired by their songs. I wrote it this morning and now, after I stopped thinking about some bad things, I was able to post this story. Enjoy! :)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x f!reader

Summary: Tony made (Y/N) sing at his vintage party even when she hates his parties. 

Warning: fluff

Words: 4200+


Originally posted by natpekis


               “(Y/N)?” Tony appeared next to the woman who was sitting on a chair in the kitchen, reading her favorite book – Anna Karenina. She was alone only for five minutes when someone-Tony-had to come to the kitchen and ruin the moment she had with the book. For the last four hours, somebody wanted something from her. She didn’t look at him, trying to ignore the man. “I know I’m annoying but I want to talk about the party I’m organizing this Friday evening,” he put an angelic smile on his face. “I know you love my parties and I know you are going to love the idea that popped into my head and that is why I know you will definitely come to the party.”

               She took a deep breath and lowered the book, giving him a look of pure annoyance. “Fine, talk, you have two minutes, not more,” she quickly checked the time on her wrist. The truth was, she hated Tony’s parties. They were loud with music that wasn’t her cup of tea; there were always a lot of people that made her uncomfortable. Wearing a slutty dress wasn’t something she appreciated and she definitely didn’t want men’s attention. Her only wish was to have one man’s attention but clearly, that wasn’t happening anytime soon.

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1999: Somebody Told Me

Request by anon: 1999. Dialogue: “No. It’s always been you Dean.”

Word Count: 1216

A/N: I’m not too sure about this one. I couldn’t really capture the feeling of this song. Mostly because I haven’t ever been able to figure out how this song makes me feel or what it’s really about. Online people say it’s about how hard it is to write songs when he has writers block (or something like that) but that just doesn’t really mesh with the words or the actual music and that might be why I like this song so much. I can listen to it over and over and still not know what is happening in my brain when I hear it. But lemme tell ya, it sure makes it hard to write.

Song 1999: Somebody Told Me by The Killers

“What’s up with Dean?” You asked, biting off the end of a celery stick. “And when did we run out of good food? Shouldn’t this healthy, produce crap go first? I mean, it’s not full of preservatives like the good stuff is.”

Sam scoffed. “It’s good for you.”

“Doesn’t mean it’s good food,” you countered, searching the cupboards for some peanut butter. Anything to make this green water stick taste good. “Seriously, please tell me Dean went to the store for something edible.”

The silence that grew after your question made you suspicious. Putting your search on hold, you spun around and eyed the youngest Winchester who was looking too entranced by whatever was on his laptop screen. “Sam…”

“He went out.”

“For… food?”

Sam finally looked up and heaved a sigh when he saw that you weren’t going to give up. “On a hunt. Said he needed some alone time or whatever.”

That definitely wasn’t good. “Dean only needs time alone when he’s emotional. You’re telling me that you let an emotional Dean Winchester go on a hunt alone when his judgement isn’t always the best?”

“I, uh, yeah?” Sam scratched the back of his head, avoiding your eyes. “Look, Y/N. Dean can handle himself—“

“He nearly died on the last hunt. The only reason he’s still alive is because we had his back.” You stormed out of the kitchen and quickly packed a bag in your room. Sam followed, trying to calm you down and explain that Dean would be fine, but you refused to believe that.

It wasn’t that Dean was a bad hunter. Quite the opposite. He was an exceptional hunter. But lately he’d been off. He was avoiding everyone and sulking around. You barely saw him anymore, and you missed him. You used to spend every waking moment together.

“Where did he go, Sam?”

“He told me not to tell you.”

“But you get to know?” You hadn’t expected Sam to know where Dean went. You thought Dean would have just left without telling anyone. But apparently he’d told Sam. Which meant that he didn’t need time alone. He just needed time away from you.

Well, he wasn’t getting away from you that easy. “Samuel Ricardo Winchester—“

“Not my middle name.”

“—You will tell me where Dean went or so help me Chuck, I will torture the information out of you.”


You pointed your car towards the hotel Sam said Dean had booked a room at, but then you saw the Impala parked at a diner, so you quickly changed your plans. Dean was not about to leave that diner without telling you exactly what was going on with him lately.

The bell above the door tinkled when you walked in, drawing the attention of a passing waitress. “Good morning! Booth or table?”

“Um,” you glanced around the room, searching for the familiar sandy hair. “I’m actually meeting someone.” Then you spotted him and nodded towards the booth he was in. “There he is!”

Walking over, you tried to plan out what you were going to say, but you couldn’t get very far. Once you made it past the initial greetings, you couldn’t even begin to guess how Dean would react. And you used to know him so well.

“Hey, stranger.” Your voice had Dean’s head snapping up to look at you in disbelief as you slid into the other side of the booth. “How’s the case going?”

“Good.” He grumbled, taking a bite of his breakfast. “You don’t have to be here.”

“No, I do.” Forgetting all pretense of small talk and politeness, you dove right into the nitty-gritty argument with your friend. “Wanna know why?”

“You’re gonna tell me anyway.”

“I’m here to tell you that you need to get your head out of your ass and suck it up.”

That definitely wasn’t what Dean expected. He just stared at you for a minute, trying to piece together your blunt statement. “Suck what up?”

“Whatever the hell is going on with you! You’re never around anymore. You barely ever talk to me. And I miss you. I miss talking to you and hanging out with you.”

Dean sullenly stabbed at the waffles in front of him. “Seems like you’ve got someone else to talk to and hang out with.”

“The hell you talking ‘bout?” Your whole life was spent with the Winchesters. The bunker, the Impala, the neverending string of hotel rooms… You were never not by their sides.

He looked between you and his plate a few times before sighing. Your eyes went wide when he pushed his plate away. Dean Winchester not finishing his meal? This had to be something big.

“I’m talking about how you’re always on that damn phone of yours. And you always wanna hurry back for your stupid weekly dates with whoever you keep texting. I’m not the one who’s never here anymore. Now that you’ve got a boyfriend that you never talk about, you’re never here.”

The more he spoke, the brighter you could feel your cheeks becoming. This wasn’t something you wanted to admit to Dean. Sure, he was your best friend, and it wasn’t like this was anything to be embarrassed about, but you just knew that he would tease you incessantly once he knew.

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” you mumbled. Now it was your turn to look down at Dean’s half-full plate. If admitting this would save your friendship, then you could withstand the teasing jabs that were sure to follow. “I’m in a book club.”

He drew back in surprise and pursed his lips. “Come again?”

“A book club, Dean. A fucking book club, okay? I download the books on my phone and read them on all of the long ass car rides and in our downtime. And the meetings are held each week. I get to be normal for a few hours and gossip with some women in town. I get to be around other women, not that I don’t love you and Sam, but it’s still nice to have a little break.”


Finally daring to look back at him, you saw how his thoughts were translating onto his face. Eyebrows drawn together in confusion slowly smoothed out when he finally reconciled what he thought was going on to your explanation. His lips slowly turned up at the corners before jerking back down when another thought obviously crept into his brain. 

“So… no boyfriend?”

“No. It’s always been you, Dean.”

As soon as the words passed your lips, you wanted to take them back. That was admitting too much.

So you hurried to cover up your slip up. “I mean, you’ve always been my best friend. I’m not going to replace you with anyone.”

“Right,” he drawled, eyes narrowing thoughtfully. He opened his mouth a few times, starting to say something, but seemed to stop himself when a pink tint crept onto his cheeks. “So, book club, huh? Do you read those trashy romance novels?”

“Shut up, Dean.” You rolled your eyes, relieved that he hadn’t commented on your slip-up. You weren’t quite ready to risk your friendship like that quite yet. “We good now?”

He pulled the plate towards him and took another bite, chewing happily. “Yeah. We’re good.”

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psychiclianna said to the-modern-typewriter:
Hi!! I loved that prompt about the villain meeting the hero’s lover and I was wondering if you still had more like it…

Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:
Do you have any prompts for a villain trying to seduce and steal away a hero’s lover?

1) “Oh…” The villain’s eyes lit up. “They think you’re soft. A soft, kind, just the right level of feisty but still needs rescuing damsel.”
The lover’s jaw clenched as the villain grinned at them. “
“But I know your secret,” the villain sing songed. “You’re about as soft as comic book quicksand.”

2) “It must be so tiring, always having date night ruined, always having them dash off to save somebody else and have the whole world take priority over you. If you were mine, you’d come before everything,” the villain promised. “You’d be the most important thing in the world.”
“That’s cute, but I put the world first,” the lover said. They shifted their files in the arms. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m suppose to be in court.” They met the villain’s eyes, flatly. 

3) “Must be a real drain on your relationship to always be the sidekick.”
“If you think a wife is a sidekick you know fuck all about a healthy relationship.”

4) “Let me guess,” they said to the villain. “You’re going to give me some twisted version of the break their heart and I’ll kill you speech.”
“Oh, death would be the least of your worries. But, no. Actually I was going to give you my blessing.”
The hero’s lover wasn’t sure at which point they had asked, wanted or needed the villain’s blessing. And yet their mind still stuttered blank. 

5) The lover snorted. “If only your vile heart was as pretty as your words, you might just stand a chance.” 
“So you admit you think I’m pretty?” the villain returned, flashing a dazzling smile. 
Despite themselves, the lover laughed. Maybe they could see why their partner and this monster had once been friends - and for a second, their chest ached. Oh, if only it was that pretty a story.

Drunk and In Love

Imagine~ You and Kai are together and he shows up at the Salvatore house and everyone finds out. 

Word Count: 886

You and Kai had been together for a few months but seeing as he was the new big bad, you both decided it was best to keep it to yourselves. Right now you were staying at the Salvatore house as neither of the brothers were willing for you to get hurt seeing as you and Bonnie were the only witches willing to help them. 

The whole mystic falls gang was currently sitting in the front room having drinks and generally having a good time. Nothing had happened with Kai recently, thanks to you, and they took that as a reason to celebrate. 

After a while when all of you were quite drunk and you were all lounging around on the couch, you and Elena giggling at each other whilst the others looked over at you confused. 

Your phone began to ring breaking out of your trance of giggling and you pulled your phone out of your pocket, Kai’s name appeared on your phone so you walked into the kitchen hiccuping lightly. 

“Hey, where are you?” Kai said, a small amount of concern in his voice. 

“I’m somewhere. Where are you?” you replied, trying to sound sober but your hiccups and giggles gave it away. 

“Are you drunk?” Kai asks clearly seeing through your attempts to make him think you were sober. 

“No. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” you said, following your sentence with a hiccup. 

“I’m coming to pick you up. Where are you?” Kai mumbled and you could tell he was reaching for his car keys. 

“Oh woah there tiger. You do not want to come here, a lot of people hate you right now and right now they are all sitting in the room next to me.” you said giggling. 

“I’m going to take it at the Salvatore home. I’ll be there soon babe.” he said and you could tell he had a small smirk on his face, he always did when he called you babe. He knew you hated being called babe, it was so tacky and it just annoyed you. 

So Kai took that as an opportunity to annoy you, so now all he does is call you babe. 

“Ugh, stooopp.” you groaned, a small giggle escaping your mouth as you pictured Elena in your head. 

“Sit tight.” he said and then the line went dead. 

You made your way back into the front room and plopped yourself on the couch, resting your head on Bonnie who was sitting next to you. 

“Who was that?” Damon asked, him being the most sober out of all of you as he had a rather high alcohol tolerance. 

“Somebody. Nothing for you to worry about.” you said, as you and Elena exchanged glances setting you off into your giggling trance. 

Around about 10 minutes later the door swung open and there stood the man who you’d spoken to on the phone to. Everyone’s eyes landed on him and everyone groaned at their one good night ruined. 

“Heyyy.” you said waving your hands in the air. All of your friends knew you were friendly with Kai but not the type of friendly it actually was. 

“We’re going home.” he sighed as he walked over to you. The rest of your friends turned their head to you, looking at you for an explanation. 

“Woah, not with you.” Damon said standing in front of Kai, preventing him from reaching you. 

“Come on,” Kai said, a smirk growing on his face, “babe." 

All of your friends head swiveled to look at you, their face full of confusion. "Kai.” you said, your face going a fluorescent shade of pink making the smirk on his face grow. 

“Babe?” Damon said, it coming out more of a question than a statement. 

“Oh she didn’t tell you? We’re kind of a thing and I think she kind of likes me or something like that.” Kai said sarcastically, you’d wanted to keep it a secret for so long and here he was spilling the beans. 

“U-Um I-I…” you stammered, not sure what to say and your drunken state really wasn’t helping the situation. 

“Don’t bother talking baby girl, me and Y/N have been together for a few months now and before you kill me for being here I just came to pick her up.” Kai said, your face burning up  when he called you baby girl. 

You slowly stood up, knowing there was no bother in arguing with Kai. You smiled to your friends as their eyes were wide open in surprise. 

“I guess I’ll see you guys later.” you sighed turning to Kai who still had a huge smirk on his face. “and wipe that smirk off your face." 

His smile turned into more of a grin as you walked up to him. You walked into his chest and he wrapped his arms around you, making sure everyone in the room understood that you were his. 

"Kai, stop making a scene.” you groaned into his chest a small hiccup escaping your throat. 

“Okay, okay. I’ll return her later.” Kai sighed, as you began to walk towards the door. Leaving all of your friends confused as to what on earth just happened.

Song Imagine: Just A Friend To You // Megan Trainer

Request: Tyler or josh x reader based on the song ‘just a friend to you’ by Meghan trainor ? ❤️❤️❤️

Why you gotta hug me
Like that every time you see me?

Why you always making me laugh
Swear you’re catching feelings

Tyler Joseph is the most annoying person you have ever met. His stupid face and his stupid hair and his stupid voice and his stupid everything.

And you and your stupid emotions had to go and fall for him. For your brother’s best friend. For your best friend.

Everything is just so stupid.

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Commish for @jamie-jim-jam who requested some hurt/comfort.

Want a commish? Hit me up!

“Incoming, Hog.”

The biker snorted and glanced over his shoulder. Off in the distance, distorted by the bikes dust trail, black spots were drawing near.

“Hang on.” he grunted, and twisted the throttle. The bike roared like a demon and ate the ground, leaving the potential threats in the dust.

Or so they thought.

Junkrat yelped and nearly pitched out of the sidecar as Roadhog screetched to a halt.

“OI! Hoggy, whats the idea?!”

“Tire spikes.”

He’d barely seen the glint of wicked spikes in time. Stretching across the road and a good distance to the side, gleaming thorns of metal bristled.

And the ambush was sprung.

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anonymous asked:

Hey I just remembered when Jughead was at the sheriffs station and they already ha his records from him 'trying to burn the school down' but could you write a different version where he was trying to do something nice for betty like maybe everyone forgot it was her birthday except jughead so he got birthday candles for her or something like that where it ends up with him almost burning down the elementary? Thanks!!

Alright, another prompt is here! I loved writing this one because it gave such a nice backstory to Jughead’s juvenile detention center incident and Bughead as kids are just adorable! Plus, I snuck in there a lot of FP and Gladys (and some Alice mentions I’m sorry I can’t help it) because I really love writing about their family dynamic; I have a lot of headcanons about them in my mind. So thanks anon for sending me this amazing idea! I hope you enjoy it!! ❤️

P.S. I know all of you see Neve Campbell as Jughead’s mom but Cole ruined me after mentioning Eva Green for the role so yeah, that’s who I was picturing in my mind while writing and I have FEELS!

 Bright, cold and impersonal.

He had guessed two out of three right.

What he never would have guessed was that he of all people would be sitting with the head hung low in this cold and impersonal room; the police interrogation room.

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anonymous asked:

Users are accusing game devs/pubs of not taking action against trolls/harassers/jerks/etc in their online games after sending reports on the assertion that banning 'em = cutting off potential recurring revenue streams of those troublesome users via DLC or microtransactions, F2P or retail (this notion is continually perceived as such regardless of being dealt w/ behind the scenes). I based it on NeoGAF topic id 1346676 on Overwatch. Thoughts? What differs those types of users from cheaters?

The only real difference is that griefers and cheaters break different rules. That’s about it. Remember, griefers are net negative when it comes to value to us - through their actions, they actually destroy more revenue (usually by chasing away other players) than they bring in. It’s in our best interests to stop them. And we do - usually, there is some sort of punishment. But there’s a lot you don’t see that’s actually going on behind the scenes that might make you feel like there’s a lot more toxicity than there actually is. There’s also cognitive issues that can crop up. But the main thing isn’t that we’re not willing to permanently ban people because we want their money, but that reforming toxic players is a lot better result than any other possibility.

So first, let’s talk about percentages in aggregate. Imagine that you’re playing a team multiplayer game like Overwatch, Dota, Counter-Strike or something along those lines - you join a game of 9 other random people. Let’s also say that you’ve had a lousy day and are on edge - maybe somebody cut you off while driving home, somebody took the last cupcake from the kitchen, you got an exam back with a lower score than you expected, or the girl you like turned you down for a date. Whatever the reason, you’re feeling angry and then you see Rando #7 do something stupid and losing the game for your team. Normally you would be fine, but your day is already so table-flipping awful that you just snap, cursing that player out. Congratulations, you were a jerk and ruined 9 other peoples’ game. But that’s ok. Most of the time you aren’t a jerk. Let’s say that 95% of the time you are not a jerk. But every so often you have a bad day, and it just happens. You’re only human, after all. We all get mad.

Well, assuming the other 9 people in the game are also as human as you (with a 95% chance of having a decent day), what’s the percentage that at least one person among all ten has a table-flippingly bad day? It’s actually about 40%. Two toxic games out of every five you play does can certainly give the impression that the community is awful… and that’s just via probability. It’s very common that toxic games cascade - by spreading the hate to the other 9 players, they turn on the frown beams in their next games too, triggering others who trigger others…  This can make the community seem like it’s a lot worse than it actually is - remember, all of the players in the original game are well-behaved 95% of the time

There’s also more to it than that. Game studios are at fault too, though not for the reason you think. A lot of gaming companies have a rather bad policy of never giving details about punishments to players. Most of the time, any sort of punishment we give (be it a warning, a temp ban, or a permaban) is often very vague. Punishment without a clear reason often leads to even worse behavior. Most of the time, it’s because they feel that they were unjustly punished… so they lash out. Riot’s done research into this with their Player Behavior team - 50% of players who were told why they were punished did not do it again. 70% of players who were shown evidence of their misdeeds did not relapse. But too many publishers and studios will hand down a vaguely-worded email or message without a clear reason. That’s frustrating, and it causes bad behavior.

Yes, there are some people who really are unrepentant jerks out there, and we do go after them when we see them. But there’s also a lot of people who are just having a bad day, or who didn’t get a clear reason why they were punished and act out on it. It isn’t really about the fact that they’re paying customers - it’s because they aren’t all jerks. Channeling player behavior in a positive direction isn’t easy, but it is something that publishers and devs are exploring.

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The Met Gala

I was sitting at home, in my small apartment waiting for my friend Justin to come by. I had known Justin since I was 19, which wasn’t such a long time since I recently turned 20, but it was like we had known each other forever!

It usually took Justin about 20 minutes to get here, but weirdly enough he was late, and usually he was never late?

I decided to call to see what he was doing, but he wouldn’t pick up his phone, which made me worried, but not even a few minutes later I heard a knock on my door. I went out to my door and opened it, there he stood, looking good as always. Okay, I might have had a little crush on him ever since I met him, but I knew I wasn’t his type, so I just acted like nothing was happening.

“Hey Y/N/N,” Justin said as he attacked me. We had actually not seen each other for a while because of Justin’s tour, but it was fine.

“Hey,” I said, then I went inside my apartment and sat down on the couch.

“So, you know I have this event in like a week, right?” Justin asked me as he sat down beside me.

“Yeah, you’ve been talking about it since forever,” I told him with a chuckle. Justin chuckled, too, then he cleared his throat and looked me directly into my eyes.

“I just found out Selena is coming, too,” he told me, which made me furrow my eyebrows.

“So?” I asked him, which made him sigh.

“You know I’m still in love with her,” he told me, which made a big knot form in my stomach. I gulped and looked down at my lap.

“What do you want me to do? I can’t do anything about it” I told him, then I grabbed the TV-remote and started looking through the different channels.

“You can do something about it, go with me as my date,” he told me. I turned around with my mouth wide open.

“Are you serious?” I asked him as a smile formed on my lips.

“Yeah, then maybe Selena can see that I have "moved on” and then she’ll get jealous, and then we’ll get back together,“ he told me with a big smile. I rolled my eyes, but eventually I nodded my head and faked a smile.

"Sure, I’ll go with you as your "date”,“ I told him as I rolled my eyes once again. Justin smiled widely, then he pulled me into his arms and hugged me tight.

"Thank you, you have really saved me,” he told me, then he pecked my forehead and grabbed the TV-remote.

Tonight was the night of the big event that Justin had invited me to. I had used the whole week trying to figure out what to wear until Justin finally told me that it was a formal kind of event.

I decided to let Justin see a side of me he had never seen before, so I went all in with the makeup. Also instead of just curling my hair, I decided to also wear a hair chain. My whole outfit was kinda boho, and I honestly loved it! I was wearing the most beautiful navy blue dress from Koh Koh and my shoes were from Louboutin.

And as a surprise for Justin, I had gotten a lip piercing, which was totally not my style, but I honestly loved it, it complimented my lips, there, by the way, were these really cool ombré lips.

Justin picked me up at 9pm, in a limousine. When I had opened the door for Justin he literally dropped his jaw.

“Whoa,” he said as he kept looking me up and down. “You look absolutely stunning!” he told me, then he took a step closer and pecked my cheek. “Thank you,” I told him, then I grabbed my clutch and went out of the door. Justin closed the door behind us. he was completely shocked, which made me smirk. I had mainly got this dressed up to impress him because maybe that would make him realize what he’s missing out on. A girl’s allowed to dream!  

Justin opened the door into the limousine for me, then he got in himself.

The whole ride he kept complimenting me, which I had nothing against, it just made me feel good.

“But seriously Y/N/N, you look really good!” Justin said, which made me blush, but only a little!

“Justin, I think I’ve got it now! You’re not used to seeing me like this” I told him with a chuckle. “I’m not, I mean even though you aren’t wearing outfits like these every day, you’re still really beautiful,” Justin told me. I furrowed my eyebrows and giggled.

“You think I’m beautiful without all of this?” I asked me as I pointed at my makeup and clothes. Justin nodded his head and grabbed my hand.

“Of course,” he told me, then the driver pulled up in front of the red carpet.

“What is this event exactly?” I asked him as I looked out of the window.

“The Met Gala,” he told me, which made me widen my eyes.  

“Why didn’t you tell me before?!” I asked him as I started squealing.

“Because I knew you would react like this, and then you would deny going with me because you would realize your biggest celebrity crush would be there,” he told me. I immediately stopped squealing as I realized Zac Efron would be there.

“OMG, I’m not going with you! Zac can’t see me like this, I look horrible!” I told him as I started hyperventilating. Justin chuckled, then he opened the door and went outside and onto the red carpet. He reached out his hand for me to take it, I hesitated a few seconds, then I grabbed his hand and let him help me out of the car. The screams around us got wider as we walked down the red carpet. After taking a few pictures Justin saw Selena and ran off leaving me standing there completely alone, but fortunately, Zac came down the red carpet. He saw me staring at him and came over to me.

“Hello, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before, what’s your name beautiful?” he asked me as he grabbed my hand, then afterward he placed a kiss on it.

“Y/N,” I told him. Zac looked up at me and smiled. “What a beautiful name,” he told me.

We started talking, and I told him he was my all time favorite celebrity, but unfortunately we got interrupted by Justin.

“Y/N, are you ready to go inside?” he asked me. “You just go, I’ll be there soon,” I told him, then I went back to my conversation with Zac.

“But we need to get some other pictures taken,” he told me, then he dragged me away from Zac. “I’m sorry Zac, talk later?” I asked him. Zac chuckled and nodded his head, then he waved and turned around.

“Why would you drag me away like that?” I angrily asked Justin as we waited in line to get our picture taken.

“Because you were supposed to help me get Selena back, not flirt with Zac!” he told me. He grabbed my hand tightly, which made me groan.

After we got our picture taken we went inside. We sat down at our table, where Justin immediately started apologizing. Throughout the show, I believed Justin was forgetting everything about Selena. We both truly had an amazing time, and the night ended way too soon. Justin and I were now on our way back to my place, but when 20 minutes had passed, and we were still not at my house, I realized something was going on.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked Justin as I looked out the window.

“Nowhere”, he told me, but soon a recognized the street. We were on our way to his house.

“Why are we on our way to your house?” I asked him as I leaned back in the seat.

“I heard you say that you thought the night had ended way too soon, so I thought we could continue the fun at my house,” he told me. I smiled and nodded my head. “Sounds like a plan,” I told him.

We arrived at his house a minute later. Justin helped me out, then he said goodnight to the driver. He grabbed my hand and followed me up to his door. Butterflies were flying everywhere in my stomach, which made me smile. Immediately as we had gotten inside Justin did something unexpected. He pulled me into his arms, then slowly he leaned in towards me.

“What about Selena?” I lowly asked him. “She made me realize that I wasn’t in love with her, I was in love with somebody else,” he told me, then he placed his lips on mine and slowly we started making out.

“Do you realize that this could end our friendship?” I asked him. Justin just nodded, and then he kissed me again, which made me smile.

“I don’t mind ruining our friendship now that we can have a relationship” he told me, then he picked me up and carried me into his living room and laid me down on the couch.

I finally got my prince, my one and only!

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Please tell me what you think - I hope you liked it? ♡ Happy easter to everyone, and to those who doesn’t celebrate easter, just happy Monday, if a happy Monday even exists? ♡

“And you will find in everyday life that there is a very clear distinction between people who always seem to be self-possessed and people who are dithering and nervous and don’t quite know how to react in any given situation—always getting embarrassed. Because they have their lives too strongly programmed! 

This is a common marriage argument: ‘You said you would do such-and-such a thing at such-and-such a time, and now you’ve changed your plans.’ [It’s] not that the change of plans really caused any inconvenience. [It’s] just the feeling that when you say you will do something at a certain time you ought to do it at that time come hell or high water! Well, that’s being very unadaptable. That’s being a stone, kind of sticky thing. 

If it after all doesn’t matter when we do it, and somebody is offended because the time has been changed, that’s simply because they are attached to punctuality as a fetish. This is one of the great problems. This causes many automobile accidents—men rushing home to be on time for dinner when they stayed late either working or they had to stop for a drink at some bar…

… or when the girl feels that she has a fussy husband and she feels she has to have the dinner ready at exactly a certain moment, she ruins the cooking! She’d rather be a faithful wife and a bad cook.

I hope I’m not treading on any toes!”

There is no V in LOVE

[My submission for k-to-the-pop’s writing contest]

GENRE: Angst, AU, slight fluff

SUMMARY: You’ve been in love with Taehyung for the longest time, but love doesn’t always get a chance to happen the way you want it to.

WARNING: Suicide mention


Originally posted by mvssmedia

You used to think that love was like a fairy tale.

Of course, everybody did as a child – but you, even at a young age, had fantasized about an everlasting love so strong that it could not be scratched. You dreamt of a love so powerful that you couldn’t feel anything else but it only. Love was such a pure and beautiful thing to you when you were young. But that was such a long time ago.

As a child, you thought love was glass slippers and magic mirrors and rosebushes; you couldn’t wait until you grew up to meet your own Prince Charming. You thought love was so easy to grasp onto and to keep a hold of. You didn’t know back then that love could make you unhappy, or that it could break your heart.

But it did anyway.

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Jason Todd/ Red Hood X Brazilian!Reader- Kori’s Friend

Here’s your request @mah1c !!

Warning: Swearing (I think??)

“This is starting to piss me off,” Jason started, reloading his pistols while taking cover.  “How many times do we have to save the world until it stays safe?!”

After he reloaded the gun, Jason jumped off of the roof of the building and grappled to the ground where the heroes were along with the Outlaws.  Roy was busy with Batman attempting to deal with the alien ship that was closing in on the city, and Kori was MIA.  She had said she was leaving to get a friend to help.  He didn’t even know Kori had friends that weren’t him or Roy.  

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