and then some very manly

Our narrow-minded yet cute and manly Donghae~ㅋㅋ


Hyukjae: The next question… Who is the most narrow-minded member in the group?

Kangin: Donghae!!

Shindong: Hahahaha, ok!

Hyukjae: To be honest, do we have to live under Donghae’s attitude and at his disposal?

Kangin: The dorm in not under Donghae’s name…

Hyukjae: Since we have to do things at Donghae’s disposal, we can’t even do whatever we want in the dorm.

Kangin: Normaly among hyungs and friends, we have some very manly and some with good leadership, but when they become norrow-minded at times then it is difficult…

Hyukjae: Yes, just criticizing him a little then he wil…

Kangin: I don’t know how to deal with him anymore… Too easy to get angry…

Sungmin: Love to get mad…

Shindong: All of us don’t like to speak when we are angry, but Donghae will shout, “That’s enough! I am already angry! O am furious! Don’t talk anymore! Enough! I am so mad!”

Sungmin: “Don’t say anything anymore!”

Shindong: “I am very narrow-minded! Don’t say anymore! Enough”

Kangin: Then he will continue to shout what he wants to say!

Shindong: He will say he is narrow-minded, “Enough, I am mad, enough!” What can we do now?

Kangin: It would be good if he can change a little, but I still love very much this narrow-minded yet cute and manly Donghae!

Shindong: Super Junior can’t be without Donghae!

Kangin: Love you!  (c)

Kelsey. Bi. 20. MN.

I love to draw, paint,writing,listen to/sing a wide variety of music, love cats, reading, love interior design (might go to school for it someday??) Some days I feel really girly, other days I feel very manly, it all depends on how I feel that day to be honest. 

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If you message me nudes or ask for nudes and that’s all you’re after I probably wont answer. Nothing personal, just not what I’m about. 

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STARISH reading fanmail, but one member ends up getting hatemail (you decide which member).

“This week, we have the popular idol group STARISH!” the announcer proclaimed, an audience filled with women cheering as the men stepped onto the set. The show would accept fan letters for that week’s special guest. Each member was given a stack of letters, picking a random one to read for the camera.
Although I miss your Hayato days, I think I like this Ichinose-san better!Tokiya read aloud. A smile immediately formed on his face, bringing a hand over to hide his joyful expression. “T-This is…To the beautiful fan who wrote this, thank you. I hope to continue being the kind of person you want to watch over.” 
“My turn!” Syo grinned excitedly, apologizing to the camera for messily tearing open the envelope. “Syo-chan–hoi, very informal already–your manly side is wonderful! But some day, can I also see you being cute?” He twisted his lips, meditating on an answer for a brief moment. “The answer is, no. To be honest, I don’t really like it when people call me cute. I want to be seen as a manly man by all my fans. But from what I hear from some people, that alone does make me a bit cute I think?”
“What a bold statement, Syo-chan!” Natsuki applauded. He carefully slid his nail beneath the edges of his own fan letter. “Nacchan, I want to talk about Piyo-chan with you! What is your favorite kind of Piyo? What do you want to see Piyo do in the future?” His face became serious for a moment, startling the other members. Closing his eyes, he turned to the camera. “There is no such thing as a favorite Piyo-chan for me, because they are all equally great to me!” he responded whole-heartedly. “In the future, I’d like to see Piyo-chan go to the moon!”
“As expected of our Shinomi, he always answers with energy,” Ren chuckled, skimming his fingers through his hair. “I suppose I should go next. Dear Ren-sama, oho, this is already interesting,” he cleared his throat and continued, “My heart burns for you, yet it cannot help but extinguish a bit at the sight of you flirting with other women. If we were to be together, will you look at me and only me?” Ren let out a single breathless laugh, clasping a hand over his heart. “My dear, I treat all women with the tenderness they deserve. But should our fates be intertwined, my eyes will only be able to see you.”
“And as usual, you’re being fairly overdramatic, Jinguji,” Masato shook his head at his childhood friend, pulling out his own sword-shaped letter-opener from his pocket. “Cheater!” Natsuki clamored playfully, prompting a smirk from his colleague. “Hijirikawa-sama, you are a handsome man! The way you play the piano and sing, it makes me happy to be the fan of such a cool young master!” His eyebrows furrowed, the MC asking if anything was wrong. “This letter sounds like it is from someone I personally know, that’s all,” he mused, sure to call Jii after the program was over.
“Then I can go now?” Otoya pointed. He gave a thumbs up, having selected a red envelope with stickers decorated all over. Gushing over its cuteness, he opened it up to a paper with rough handwriting. “It’s from an elementary schooler,” he beamed, acting as though he wasn’t having a tough time deciphering the words. “Ittoki-nii is super awesome. When I grow up, I want to play lots of sports just like you!” He could feel the pride and joy swelling in his heart, thanking the brave young student for sending him the thoughtful note.
“I guess I’m last,” Cecil brightly noted.The note he selected wasn’t particularly special. It was a plain white envelope addressed to him. Unfolding to read its contents, a pile of glitter fell onto his lap. “W-What?!” he exclaimed in shock as he stood, those close by brushing the debris from their pants .”Dear Foreigner, go back to your country. STARISH was better when you weren’t there,” he read aloud. A deep frown pressed on his face. The others looked furious as some members of the audience gasped and began to whisper among each other. The producer was about to tell the cameramen to cease filming until Otoya stepped forward to speak. “That’s not true!” he yelled, “If it weren’t for Cecil, then STARISH wouldn’t exist today! It’s because of him that…we were able to learn from each other and grow to accept our differences. Without Cecil we would’ve fought and we would never be able to stand before everyone with smiles!” 
“Otoya,” Cecil whispered in amazement, his eyes widening at the courageous defense. “That’s right! This guy can be a bit of an airhead sometimes, but his heart is in the right place! If you take Cecil out of STARISH, then the joy in our songs wouldn’t be there anymore,” Syo also protested. 
“It’s selfish of us, but as long as those of us here are your fans, we want Cecil-kun to continue singing with us,” Natsuki added. Ren placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder, “By having haters, Cesshi, it means you must be doing something right.”
“I wouldn’t word it like that, but Jinguji has a point. You are a valuable part of STARISH, Aijima,” Masato reassured. “If anyone else wishes to send hateful letters to Aijima-san, then please address them to the rest of us as well,” Tokiya instructed.

Taric's Opinion on Bandle City (in 5 words or less.)
  • Lulu: Whimsical; Childish; Enchanting.
  • Rumble: Resourceful; Scrappy; Tiny; Powerful.
  • Teemo: Toxic; the Antithesis of Life
  • Tristanna: Optimistic; Courageous; Determined.
  • Veigar: Twisted; Dark; Heart of Gold.
Taric's Opinions on Ionia (in 5 words or less.)
  • Ahri: Manipulative; Bewitching Vixen.
  • Akali: Relentless; Brutally Enforcing Balance.
  • Irelia: Determined; Brave; Selfless.
  • Jhin: Cruel; Twisted; Unfathomable Monster.
  • Karma: Enlightened; Faithful; Protector.
  • Kennen: Enforcer; Adjudicator; Boundless Energy.
  • Lee Sin: Peaceful; All-Seeing; Powerful.
  • Master Yi: Master; Graceful; Disciplined; Swift Justice.
  • Wukong: Forceful; Pupil of Wuju.
  • Shen: Enigmatic; Mysterious; Uncertain of Fate.
  • Soraka: Elegant; Faithful; Fallen From Starlight.
  • Syndra: Forceful; Devastating; Dangerous Mage.
  • Varus: Vengeful; Honorable; a Corrupted Soul.
  • Yasuo: Exiled; Tempestuous; Very Intense Hair
  • Zed: Overzealous; Ambitious; Shadow-bound.

Aloha! I’m Adrien, a 22-year-old trans guy from Arkansas. I love art, animals, and gaming.

I’m currently pre-everything (I bind and pack, but that’s all), and it’s frustrating being misgendered all the time, but with the support and encouragement of my friends, I feel more confident about myself and look forward with excitement to the day I’m able to begin medically transitioning.

These are some of my best selfies. I feel very manly in them. c: