and then she was all mad at him after

Them: *fake caring* I’m sorry you guys that must be hard for you! 

Me: So Eurus decided to torture Sherlock by forcing him to say the words he has most trouble saying to the woman who wants to hear them the most because he knows it would bring an incredible amount of heartache not just to her but to him because he cares about her. She made him go almost mad at the thought that she would die and then teased him about all the complicated emotions she saw him feel after he got her to say I love you to him. And it still didn’t drive them apart as she is seen happily walking into 221B in the end because ah lookie they still care and they’re still friends. Yeah so hard I’m so sad I’m not gonna be reading every single fanfic written from here to eternity. 

Possible outcome for this dreaded scene from (presumably) “Just Friends”.

  • The person off-screen Marco is holding hands with is Jackie.
  • Star and Marco are not aware of how awfully close they are: they always act like this, because they’re friends and that’s what they do.
  • Jackie notices Star and Marco’s chemistry and gets reasonably upset. Not mad, but upset, and leaves the stage.
  • Marco goes after her and tells Jackie to accept that Star is part of his life and that she should trust him more about this.
Tyrian's Fate

So, in lieu of what happened in “Punished”, I think I should probably let you guys know what I think will happen to Tyrian. Y’know, since his childish, poetic, and psychopathic nature has made him the best character to grace Volume 4 with his presence.

No, I do not think that Tyrian is going to die.  Will Salem be angry? Yes.  Will Salem punish him?  Yes.  Will the others make fun of him for it?  Hell yes.  After all, he will return empty-handed, disgraced, and crippled, and he’s given away information about Salem herself.  But will she kill him?  No.  Why?  Because he’s the best soldier she’s got.

Let me explain.  Sure, Cinder is the Fall Maiden, and Neo (if she’s still alive) has some mad agility skills, but Tyrian is on a whole new level when it comes to fighting.  From what we’ve seen, Tyrian almost never stops moving.  He’s light on his feet, his balance is incredible, and from what I’ve seen he’s as agile as Qrow.  Now this is all well and good, but there’s one thing that sets Tyrian apart from other really good fighters, and it’s not the venom in his tail.  He’s insanely good at fighting (pun intended)…but he’s blind.

Okay, probably not completely.  But I read that scorpions’ eyes work a lot differently than ours do, and that some of them even use vibrations in the ground to “see.”  So his other senses are vastly enhanced because of that. You can see several things that point to this: 

  • Look at his eyes.  Usually RT uses eyes like these to portray very strong emotions (ex: Weiss concentrating when summoning the Knight, Ruby when attacking Roman, Qrow when telling Ruby and the others to stay back, etc).  But they’re never made as small as Tyrian’s.  There are two reasons for this: either he’s on a constant maniacal high (which is very possible) or there is something physically off about them.  
  • During the legendary Qrow vs Tyrian fight, there is a moment when Tyrian uses his tail to wrench Qrow’s weapon out of his hand and lodge it in a wall, leaving Qrow defenseless.  Or so Tyrian thought, because before he can do anything else, he gets several fists to the face (fists adorned with metal rings, might I add) and he doesn’t even try to defend himself in any way.  He couldn’t hear them coming.
  • After Qrow punches and kicks Tyrian back a few feet, Tyrian allows Qrow to just waltz over and get his weapon from the wall.  Notice Tyrian’s position at that time: his hand was on the ground and he made a noise of frustration. He was trying to feel the vibrations in the ground but couldn’t because Qrow was out of his range.
  • But when Qrow lays his hand on his weapon, there’s a small metal sound and Tyrian looks up, grinning triumphantly, as if to say “Found you!” 
    • If Tyrian is especially good at detecting things through metal sounds, then that could explain why he was so good at deflecting Qrow’s weapon and Ruby’s bullets. Also his “oh sh*t” face when Qrow’s weapon half transformed to get itself out of the wall. 
  • Tyrian falls right through a roof when he lands on a wooden rafter that was obviously broken. 

So basically, Tyrian is like RWBY’s version of Toph.  Let’s stop and think about that for a while, hm?

But what impressed me even more was that Qrow was able to figure it out, because I didn’t realize it until after I rewatched this fight several times.  I think he made the connection when Tyrian easily dispatched Ren and Nora when they ran in to help.  That’s why he told them not to come closer (it also could have been because he didn’t want them to get caught up in his bad-luck space).

I mean, seriously.  They couldn’t even touch him.  And he didn’t even try.

So yeah, back to the point.  Tyrian’s not dying anytime soon.  I fully support the theory that Salem will give him a Death Stalker stinger to replace his old one.  Josh Grelle, the voice actor behind Tyrian, claims that there’s one final scene that Tyrian’s in (in Volume 4) that will bring with it a whole new level to Tyrian’s insanity.

And he will hopefully be back in Volume 5 for some more crazy fun times.

Look, Irene instantly INSTANTLY realises that John is into Sherlock. It’s her job, after all, figuring out what people like. She purposely flirts with Sherlock TO MAKE JOHN JEALOUS AND PUSH HIM. She knows it will drive John mad: all the texting with that text alert noise, sleeping in Sherlock’s bed, wearing his dressing gown = ALL THINGS JOHN CANNOT DO

Teenagers Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak  being so completely in love with each other. And walking down the hall holding hands, or even just linking pinkies. Cas always wearing Dean’s over sized letter man jacket, and kissing him before and after games. Always cute and chaste before, but then a running leap into Dean’s arms after, wrapping his legs around his sweaty boyfriend’s waist and kissing the daylights out of him for all of the stands and the team to see.

And Dean will always get called out in class for staring at Cas and not paying attention. But eventually Dean stops being embarrassed and just plainly states that he can’t help it- his boyfriend is too beautiful. Making Castiel blush, but then Dean just kisses him right there in class (not too much of course) and the teacher wants to be mad but she can’t because they are both so adorable.

Cas and Dean being all curled up together on the couch. Castiel falling asleep on Dean. Eventually Dean falling asleep too. When Mary and John find them they just smile and throw a blanket over their son(s).

Both of them having a picture of each other as their lock screen. Dean’s of Cas focusing intently on a drawing, his face is a little scrunched up, and his glasses are falling down his nose a bit. Castiel’s of Dean driving Baby while singing Taylor Swift very very enthusiastically. They both will stare at their screens when they miss each other.

Just Dean and Cas in high school being the cute in love dorks that they are.

i absolutely do not perceive sonja as an “enemy”, quite the opposite. it’s so obvious the girl genuinely cares about even. they had been together for four years and god knows how much they’ve been through, spending more than half of their teenage years together. she cares about even so much that she’s gone through all this trouble to reach him, after he cheated on her and left her. and she was very respectful to isak on the phone, so this wasn’t about her calling to let anyone know she was mad. honestly she seems like a sincerly good person and i hope we get to see her again because i get the feeling that she’s a positive influence in even’s life and i don’t want him to lose that 

okay but

“lucifer is the best partner i have ever had.”

he doesn’t even know at that point that she’s basically trashing her chance for her dad’s killer to go to jail, rather than betray him (i.e. with both of them, they will do absolutely whatever they have to to save the other, but not tell them.) he doesn’t know what mom offered her.

he just knows she’s still kind of mad at him, she’s been thinking his relationship with charlotte will destroy the trial, she knows she’s losing and won’t get what she wants, and yet… she is sitting there. on the stand. looking at him. choked up. telling him that he’s the best partner, and that she hopes he can count on her as much as she does on him.

after mom was all “she doesn’t care about you and she’s not worthy of you and she doesn’t feel the way you do, which by the way, is adoration.”

the devil is being told he is the best partner. he is depended on for something and not just that, but by her. someone – the woman he loves and has done so much for – relies on him this much. the fallen angel who has been, by definition and for so long, alone. being told, in public, to his face, not thinking he deserves it, that he is chloe decker’s other half. (OBVIOUSLY NEITHER OF THEM ALSO KNOWING ANYTHING ABOUT THE ACTUAL SOULMATE/MIRACLE THING.)

this woman who is so deeply, truly good.

do you ever just cry.

Chapter 13 made me think that Sangwoo really killed his mother although he didn’t plan it. I think he planned to kill his father but killing his mother… I think it catched him by surprise. I think that she told him she’s leaving but by herself only because he was old enaugh to take care of himself? or he resembles her of her husband too much? Or maybe she tried to protect her husband when Sangwoo tried to hurt him and that made him so mad that he lost control, because how could she, after all these years of abuse, defend him? I think that would be also the reason why he’s still thinking about her, hearing her, seeing her when he’s alone or in distress and his thought keep coming back to: why, why you did this to me?

My Gency Domestic AU

-Angela is a workaholic doctor

-Genji is a househusband and takes care of everything at home

-He gets very lonely while she’s working

-Literally runs to her when she gets home because he misses her so much

-Both really want children but have to figure something out because Genji is sterile.

-She’ll come home smelling like sweat, hospital, and tired and he’ll still bury his face in her neck and nearly cry because he missed her so much

-He started out a HORRIBLE cook but really wanted to learn to make food so she could come home to a nice dinner after working all day, so he took secret lessons from Mei to surprise her.

-Even when he gets mad he can’t bring himself to yell at her

-When she’s mad she just gets up and walks out, which scares the fuck out of him because like, what if she never came back?

puffinator-0  asked:

my favorite moment in history is when Thomas Jefferson tries to he freinds again with Abigail Adams and she roasts him in the 19th centuries greatest call out letter "Affection lingers in the bosom long after esteem has taken flight'

assuming that this was in response to the response abby got when she sent him that letter in 1804 saying that she was sorry that his daughter, polly, had died, then she was TOTALLY in the right because the letter she sent was very guarded and explicit in being like “we’re still not friends though”, and in the letter he sent he acted all buddy-buddy and then went on to say how he was also mad at john for the who “midnight judges” thing

basically they sent a couple of angry letters to each other after that, and then stopped all correspondence until 1812, when john gave in and wrote jefferson

but seriously look at how she FLAMED him:

I have never made felt any enmity towards you Sir for being elected president of the United States. But the instruments made use of, and the means which were practised to effect a change, have my utter abhorrence and detestation, for they were the blackest calumny, and foulest falshoods, I had witnessed enough of the anxiety, and solicitude, the envy jealousy and reproach attendant upon the office as well as the high responsibility of the Station, to be perfectly willing to see a transfer of it. And I can truly say, that at the time of Election, I considerd your pretentions much superior to his (Mr. Burr’s), to whom an equal vote was given. Your experience I venture to affirm has convinced you that it is not a station to be envy’d. If you feel yourself a free man, and can act in all cases, according to your own sentiments, opinions and judgment, you can do more than either of your predecessors could, and are awfully responsible to God and your Country for the measures of your Administration. I rely upon the Friendship you still profess for me, and (I am conscious I have done nothing to forfeit it), to excuse the freedom of this discussion to which you have led with an unreserve, which has taken off the Shackles I should otherways have found myself embarassed with, - And now Sir I will freely disclose to you what has severed the bonds of former Friendship, and placed you in a light very different from what I once viewd you in.

Angela Who?

//GET IT TOGETHER. Listen, I’m here for Jealous Liv. Angela can stick around in my book. Angela seems genuine, and she even asked for Olivia’s permission before pursuing Fitz. I hate the people who support Zilla’s crazy ass “Feminism” that results in Fitz being traumatized. All Fitz did was love Olivia’s ungrateful ass and she broke his heart so many times. Olivia can’t get mad when she was fucking Jake’s lame ass even after he choked her out and participated in the killing of Fitz’s child. There are so many things wrong with the
Olake ship. Jake is a fucking serial killer, and she chose him over Fitz. Fitz built her a Mansion, got a divorce for her, and he even declared WAR for her. Maybe Angela deserves to he a recipient of that love until Olivia gets her act together. She’d better hurry it up. She’d better hope Fitz doesn’t fall in love with Angela. Her time is running out because I bet you that Angela would drop everything and move away to go be with Fitz. I love Angela’s character, and I hope she will give Olivia a shove in the right direction. She needs to see that Fitz won’t be dangling by her finger forever. I am a HARDCORE Olitzer, but Fitz deserves happiness atleast until Olivia wakes up.

“why is it Wook, of all people?”

Wang So is angry not because Hae Soo of being in a relationship, he is mad because of who was a person with whom she was in a relationship.

Wang Wook

Person who is responsible for his suffering, pain; who killed his brother, was one of the main masterminds behind Euns murder. He ruined many lives, including his. Wang So is in pain because Hae Soo blames him for many things when he just wanted to bring justice and protect her; she says that even despises him sometimes, that she afraid of him after all that they have been through. She sees a monster in him when the real monster is Wook. She was willing to marry him, she is ready to marry Jung when she rejected So three times. He sacrificed so many things for her, almost died for her twice, he was ready to give her the whole world but still he’s not good enough for her and doesn’t deserve forgiveness, acceptance. He gave her his heart, his soul, he dedicated the whole his existence to her and now he feels betrayed. It isn’t his wounded pride or ego, it’s an utter heartbreak of his because his whole world has just collapsed.

Wang So thinks that Hae So has never really loved him, that he was naive and delusional living in this fake love. All those happy memories are not real.

He was broken but now he’s completely destroyed. He has experienced happiness, love, joy of friendship only to lose it forever.

And now he’s alone, abandoned, desolated and betrayed.

I’m not mad at Soo for leaving, I wrote about that many times. I just don’t understand why she was so cruel with So. I really hoped that her leaving will be more peaceful and all about noble idiocy. Furthermore, my main problem with Soo is how friendly she was with Wook when even (pure light cinnamon roll) Baek Ah couldn’t stand him.

I will go down with this ship, as you can see.

fuck, mick is finally calling out the legends on their shit treatment and they turn on him AGAIN despite how he literally just defended them AGAINST snart when he realized his dead best friend was REAL

the only one who’s showed even a remote amount of respect for him is Amaya and she hasn’t been around as long AND she was the one so obsessed with justice and the greater good and whatever and she still saw the good he’s done


Evan Peters x reader (Requested)

You had met on the set of American Horror Story. Being friends was easy, he made you laugh all the time. You made him laugh too. It was a match made in heaven. At the red carpet on the opening of the new season, you announced you two were dating and going to work on the next X-Men movie together. Nothing could have been better.

During the after party of the red carpet you saw her. Emma… you had nothing against her but you knew she’d go a bit mad about you and Evan dating. “Hey” she smiled and hugged you. “Congrats on the news” she said as she drank some wine. “Though it is a bit sad. Announcing your dating and then him slipping me a note that he wants to meet in the bathroom. Not that this is the first time” she showed you the note and it looked like Evans. You didn’t say anything as she walked away. Towards the bathroom.

You trusted him. He trusted you. It’s how you two worked. Yours eyes scanned the room for him, once you spotted him, you began to head towards him. Only to find him following Emma into the bathroom.

You know that sound of when you drop a glass and it breaks. The sound echos about the room for a moment. That’s what your heart was like. Broken into a million pieces. You left the party then, not answering anyone’s calls or texts.

Weeks past, the day growing closer for when shooting the movie would start. You were dreading it. You didn’t want to see him. You couldn’t. You hadn’t spoken to him since that night. He called, he texted, he sent people over. You refused to see them all.

Finally it was the day of shooting. Your first scene was of course with Evan. “[Y/N]” he whispered. “Why haven’t you answered me, my calls, messages. Why did you break up with me…” he was worried. “Just do the scene and leave me alone” you replied bitterly. Really you wanted to melt into his arms, but you couldn’t. He had cheated and had done all the time you two were together.

Shooting went on like this for a while and no one dared bring up what was happening. One night however you heard a knock on your door. Opening it you found Evan standing there. His eyes red and puffy. “Please…I can’t do this anymore” he begged. He held up a note. “I didn’t write this…I would never write this!” He insisted.

You let him inside then. Wanting to hear him out. “She was jealous” he started “and thought that if we broke up I’d go back to her. I haven’t and I never will” he told you. Taking your hands in his. “Please. Give me another chance”

“No” you whispered making his face fall. Tears coming to his eyes again. “It was me who made the mistake. Me who started this fight…you have to give me the second chance”.

He leaned in and kissed your lips softly. “Your forgiven and it’s forgotten” throwing your arms around his neck and hugging him. Everything was made better.

what really gets me in the bamon scene is that feeling that lingers there, that if he didn’t walk away three years ago things would’ve been different now and they could’ve been more and i just look at bonnie’s face through his speech and it’s written all over her face, that ‘we could’ve been together by now but you ruined it’ and it shows why him leaving made her mad, not just because he abandoned her but also because if it weren’t for him, they’d have been in a better place right now and damon knows this and regrets it in the way he looks at her after promising he wouldn’t leave again. that bitterness, knowing that it doesn’t make a difference now cause she isn’t his anymore but he promises anyway cause he’ll take whatever he can take

Repeat after me: Severus Snape didn’t choose to become a Death Eater because of Lily Evans.

Severus Snape spend his Hogwarts years in a house full of soon-to-be Death Eaters. Lily wasn’t there to always protect him, Lily was, in fact, in Gryffindor with the heroes and the Hogwarts most favorite boy band.

Snape learned about blood purity and Lucius Malfoy helped him with the bullying and if not all, then a good part of his house friends all turned in Death Eaters after Hogwarts.

LILY EVANS LET GO OF THEIR FRIENDSHIP BECAUSE SHE KNEW HE WAS GOING TO BE A DEATH EATER IF HE CONTINUED IN THAT PATH. He wasn’t mad because she “friendzoned” him. He already was choosing to become one and AFTER she abandoned him he saw himself in a world where all of his friends are all Death Eaters.

Don’t come near me saying that he could have choose another path because lmaooo his bullies are glorified and loved in the Order of Phoenix. If I was him I wouldn’t want to help those people too.

Now, repeat after me again: Severus Snape didn’t become a Death Eater because of Lily Evans. This isn’t a high school drama get over it.

Luffy will never let anyone touch Nami! 851 SPOILERS

so, just when Opera come to torture Nami, I want to highlight the “ironic” sense, certainly to not make the scene seem so awful for the children. And don’t forget One piece is not a seinen manga.  I talk about it now cause I want to explain an other thing which come after (just in case of some people arguing with - But Luffy insult her of “selfish person” …-) Please we all knows what is ironic what is serious

And  the panel which come after this is just…Oh my feels!!!

Look at this rage from Luffy, No one can dare touch Nami or Luffy will be mad! This panel show us that  HE IS WORRIED TOO! 

But she doesn’t care at all, she doesn’t went see him rap his hand, that all! She more worried for his safety then Her safety! And this is a serious dialogue where Nami proove how Luffy is important to her <3 

In blue we can see how ironic the scene turn into, But yelling “don’t be so selficsh” to Nami isn’t insulting her here. He want to save her fast before the end of the time and she doesn”t want either? She prefer died than seeing luffy tearing his hand! 

And that’s why she is obviously sad (what could she do to save Him from him?) do you see all this sad tears from her.

And this, until Jimbei save them, she is still crying!  (and thanks god! Luffy can hug her with his two arms!) Hopefully Jinbei kick Opera’ass, don’t imagine if Opera had try to hurt Nami, Luffy will not just kick his ass!!

but A chapter with two main Hint from Oda just almost confirmed LuNa <3 

isn’t our lovely queen and king the LONE SITTING DOWN ON A THRONE

and isn’t our beautiful navigotor who only have eyes for Luffy<3? look at her hand near to her heart when she looks at Luffy what a love i’m almost jealous XD! 

My thoughts about “Requiem”

Requiem gives me too many emotions and here’s why.

Zoe Murphy has known her brother for as long as she could remember. Maybe when they were younger, they were close. After all, their parents took them out for picnics as kids. Somewhere along those lines, a major event must have happened to Connor, making him spiral into madness and eventually taking out all of his internalized emotions on everyone else around him. (My guess is that he was struggling with sexuality mainly because of all the subtext implied in the musical, but nothing is outright said about this.) 

Anyway, that thing (which was never explicitly specified) must have changed Connor a whole lot. He became this sarcastic, out-of-sorts kind of character that would literally yell at Zoe for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It was then that Zoe started to develop strong feelings of hatred for her brother.

She KNEW her brother was a monster. Years of experience had told her that her brother, Connor Murphy, was a monster. In her mind, that’s all she had ever known. So, imagine how it must have felt like for someone like Evan to come out of the blue and have him say such kind and out-of-character things about her brother. To Zoe, it’s almost unbelievable that Evan is talking about the same monster that she had known for years. Part of her must have known it wasn’t real, but Connor is her brother, and Zoe needed to hold onto something good for once. She needed to believe that Connor was just some misunderstood kid who didn’t know how to let out his emotions in a healthy manner. She needed to believe what Evan was saying.

Now, imagine how heartbroken she must have felt after finding out everything that Evan told her about Connor was all one giant lie. All of the nice things. “All my hope pinned on Zoe, who I barely even know”. Everything. It wasn’t real. Imagine how heartbroken Zoe must have felt after realizing that her brother was truly a monster and not just some misunderstood creature. Imagine finding out that her brother really never did care about her.

It must have been heart-wrenching.

Calm Down.

You hadn’t heard from Sebastian all day which was weird, because even when he was full of interviews and appearances, he always made time to at least text you telling you that he loves you. You weren’t sure if you should be worried or if he was just extra busy. Your mind went through all the situations he could be in; in trouble or just answering questions. 

Keep reading